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Author: New Rising Media

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Welcome to Learn Something - an official podcast of hosted on by me, Jason England. In every episode, I promise you will learn something new, weird & wonderful about technology, science or geek culture!
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The last episode about video game facts was the most popular one I did, so let’s give you another 6!
Well well well, it’s been a while! Learn Something is BACK and I’m covering a topic recommended by one of our listeners - space. Leave me a voice message on Anchor to recommend your own topic. Check out my blog on
To celebrate me getting a press pass to Insomniac Gaming Festival, here are 5 of the weirdest facts about video games you will ever hear!
I was hoping to research a special theme, but I’m sweating too much and my productivity has gone way down. So instead, enjoy 5 completely bizarre facts!
It’s the 70th birthday of the NHS - our incredible health service that guarantees treatment for every person regardless of age, gender, financial status, race, etc. Here are 5 weird and wonderful facts!
My Birthday Break...

My Birthday Break...


Taking the week off for my Birthday 🎂Call in with your birthday shout outs!
From scratch and sniff discs to a SEGA PlayStation, Sony’s juggernaut console has had an interesting life... Here are some of the more stranger moments of said life!
On this week’s episode of Learn Something... Why iPhone users get more sex than android users, what the former lead singer of Blink-182 has been up to and the curious tale of the Gladiator sequel!
New Rising Media is a finalist in the UK Blog Awards. Since they are happening tomorrow, I got a little too nervous/busy and forgot to research any topics... Therefore, I’ve poached their blog hour questions and turned that into a podcast! Here is the story of new rising media.



Look at the gadgets you have. Chances are you feel confident enough to tell me when the first one of its kind was invented... For many of those guesses, you’d be so very wrong! In this week’s Learn Something, allow me to drop some history knowledge on you...
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