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Author: Melvyn Tan

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By creating videos on LinkedIn, Melvyn has used the platform to build a personal brand and launch his digital agency, Befinity Media. Listen in to learn more about how you too can get discovered, expand your influence, and grow your business on LinkedIn.
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What worked 6 months ago isn't working anymore. Logically you'd think you need more tactics to drive more sales, get more customers, and grow your business. Truth is, what you need isn't more tactics but this.
I share my 3G of what I enjoy most about Christmas. I know it's a tad early but hey, we all need something to look forward to don't we?
Back on Anchor, maybe?

Back on Anchor, maybe?


After a brief, okay maybe not so brief, hiatus, I'm back to checking out Anchor.
What is your definition of success? Did you know the word, business, is actually made up of two words in Chinese? Have a listen!
You've got a friend who is a creative individual. But how do you support him? Buy his work! Yes, but what else could you do to support him? That's what we'll share about in this episode.
What's the difference between a self-employed and an entrepreneur? Well, whatever the difference is, you don't have to choose between the two. With technology, you can do the work and still earn money while you slept.
What is money to you and what does it mean to you? I also share my thoughts about how to engage your people!
EP 2.4 Job Or Business

EP 2.4 Job Or Business


In this episode I share my experience about creating a JOB rather than a BUSINESS. Also, I share the strategies on how to get unstuck.
I'm saying, don't take things to the next level. Instead, do this.
One skill all good entrepreneurs must have is empathy. Having empathy doesn't just help you see things from the frame of reference of your attitude. Having empathy also helps you win. And sometimes having empathy is the reason why you'll succeed when others failed.
2.1 The New Routine

2.1 The New Routine


Why starting a new routine helped in alleviating anxieties.
This is the start of Season 2 and I'm pumped 💪 about sharing a tip a day on how to reinvent every day, because reinvention is not an event. It's a lifestyle.



In this episode, I'm broadcasting from Singapore. Talked about what to do when you are starting out and I read my children a story!



Good morning from London 🇬🇧
Do you still need a website? Well, it depends.
I want to know which is more valuable to you?
What if you can never fail. Would you have acted differently?
Are you documenting your journey? Perhaps you can learn a thing or two from John Wesley Powell.
Enough! Others are already doubting you. Stop doing it to yourself! You are good enough. Now, get back to work.
Are you more of a creator of content or a consumer of content on the Internet?
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