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Author: Doctor Notorious

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Welcome to the Notorious Jokecast a Gonzo podcast with Doctor Notorious, your pilot and guide through a wide range of topics and comedic adventures sometimes alone sometimes with friends, hang on for the ride.

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217 Episodes
Summer Solstice Invocation

Summer Solstice Invocation


Solstice Dawn Invocation we do a casting for Solstice outside in our temple, light some sage and receive the magic! --- Support this podcast:
Doctor N and Lil'Extreme chat about stuff like Anchor and being creative or being not creative and Louis CK and is he a dick or rolled over by the court of current opinion? Plus 7-11 Big Bites. Ah Yeah. Listen to Lil Extreme Support this podcast:
Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras


Some short calls about Mardi Gras. Enjoy 😉 --- Support this podcast:
Calls you get when your back from a long absence, a check in with Bernie Sanders and a tale be told, bout two boys at the Apple Scrapple Festival circa 1992. --- Support this podcast:
I shall return

I shall return


I shall return... soon --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to a special Jokecast Christmas Episode. With special guests as two of the three wise asses Spidey Hec and Mr. Tourretteski check out their podcasts on Anchor and other Platforms. We head back to the time of birth, when all awaited a savior, so it was written and three sorta wise men left gifts in a manger, so it was written. So what then? Now we have that answer. Support this podcast:
Notorious Rants about Sci Fi and Fantasy Sex Scenes at 5am in the morning because that is what he does. --- Support this podcast:
Listen in as we talk about thanksgiving and how a cookie helped make me realize how privileged we are here. --- Support this podcast:
Tiny Bear Bible 2

Tiny Bear Bible 2


It’s time for the New Testament as read by Doctor Notorious --- Support this podcast:
The word of God as taught by a bear. --- Support this podcast:
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