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Author: Nick Fike & Leighton Dubbeld

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This podcast takes an extremely unique approach to addressing questions within Christianity and life in general. Join hosts Nick Fike and Leighton Dubbeld as they dive deep into tough questions and address an array of topics.
26 Episodes
In this episode, Nick and Leighton dive into the conversation that has been plaguing the Christian community for the last couple of weeks. John Chau was a missionary to a remote island called the North Sentinel Island where there is a people group that have never been exposed to anything other than their culture and traditions. They are completely un-westernized. John Chau felt that God called him to be a missionary to these people and ultimately die. This episode talks about that church's role in creating the psyche that we are responsible for every human soul. Its called the Great Commission right? Possibly John Chau just committed suicide. 
In this episode, Nick and Leighton make their comeback with humor but poignant conversation. This episode tracks heavily towards politics with lots of stuff in between. Is social media making us feel more important than what we might actually be? Sounds pretty depressing. Should we always voice our political opinions for the world to see on Facebook?
Where have we been? That's a great question. Tune into Season 2 episode 022 to find out. We have big things coming. We also explain why we have been MIA for 6 months.
On this episode we jump around a bit as we get back into the swing of things.
This episode focuses on the church. Has the church been ruined? Have we become too much of a business? Find out what Nick and Leighton think.
On this episode we discuss anti conformity, the christian music industry, whether or not we should 
In this episode, Nick and Leighton discuss some very hot button topics about being "fat" and being a Christian. Obviously the church does a poor job at teaching the fallacies of gluttony but are we just being too insensitive? The church as a whole promotes unhealthy living when it comes to eating. Are we just way too critical?
In this episode we talk about the common lie told to children. The lie that Santa is real! We also discuss how Christians should be generous, but also how we should approach giving money to beggars with great care in order to have the best impact on them. All of this combined with a guest appearance from Ebenezer Scrooge makes for a great episode. 
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