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Author: Donna Grindle and David Sims

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In today's environment of data breaches, identity theft, fraud, and increasing connectivity, HIPAA Privacy and Security rules are a responsibility to your patients and your clients. HIPAA isn't about compliance, it's about patient care.
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Each year we take the week off on Thanksgiving and share a replay of an episode we want to share. This year it seemed appropriate to share our original predictions for 2020 that we did just before the world turned upside down with a pandemic. In a few weeks we will evaluate how we did but for now, catch up on how naive we all were just a few months ago.
Just because a story isn’t about healthcare or HIPAA doesn’t mean they don’t offer some important news for folks in healthcare to take note. Marriott and Zoom cybersecurity cases were just in the news. We all need to take note of them and pay close attention to what happened. Oh, and there is a new one in healthcare that does include a vendor. More info at
Every time we think we get ahead of the current news more things happen! More enforcement news, more ransomware specific warnings, more cyber threats to worry about. Let’s get to it!  More info at
Tamika Bass joins us today to discuss the importance of effective communication skills. We have spent a lot of time discussing that it is everyone’s responsibility to participate in cybersecurity protections. One big issue in making that happen is to have tech teams communicate effectively with non-tech teams. As Tamika says “if there is no understanding then communication didn’t happen”. More info at
Hard to believe that we are rolling out our 6th Halloween episode! This year you get to help figure out the costumes at the network office party. Can you guess what all the cyber costumes are saying? More notes at
More HIPAA COVID examples, another OCR action announced and it is the last week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Time to get informed and #BeCyberSmart about connected devices. More info at
We get to week 3 of #BeCyberSmart NCSAM. We had no idea when we made this plan that OCR would start dropping settlements at the same time. After a pretty quiet year they announced more settlements in September than they ever had in a single month before. Again, we have a lot to review! Reminds me of one of my favorite movie quotes: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  Ferris Bueller More info at
Our commitment to include #BeCyberSmart each week this month did not anticipate that OCR would set a record for resolution announcements in September. This week we give you info to plan for next week’s activities for NCSAM plus a review of the Athens Orthopedic resolution agreement. A lot to cover! More at
The first week of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2020 is next week. The theme: If You Connect It, Protect It. How can you use it in your organization? We cover that plus OCR’s 5 resolutions in one announcement reiterating their commitment to patient access rights. For more info:
We missed the boat on National Insider Threat Awareness month in Sept: Insider Threat Mitigation but we are not going to miss NCSAM this year. Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart and If You Connect It, Protect It. are going to be all over the place here in October. More at
There is so much going on right now it is hard to keep up. I know there is a lot of activity when we can’t keep an eye on everything! There are several stories that I think we should all be aware of but the big headline one is about HIPAA changes coming in 2020. However, it isn’t the only one about changes that you should be aware of also. More info at
This episode is the continuation of our Cybersecurity Tales Part 1 last week. We get into more discussions about real world cases involving cyber attacks the team at Black Talon have been called for data breach response. This part is where David really started getting scared! More info at
Recently we talked with Gary Salman, CEO of Black Talon Security. Our discussion was lively and full of great stories and tips. There was so much there we decided to break this into two episodes. This is part 1 and next week we will share part 2. Let’s get started on cybersecurity tales! More at
After teaching our 3-day HIPAA Boot Camp we were pretty exhausted. In this episode we are discussing the interesting things David found when reading articles about cybersecurity myths.  More info at
Here Comes Trouble - Ep 268

Here Comes Trouble - Ep 268


Today we are going to cover what we expected to see start happening after the rush to convert us all to work from home. The discussions about our concern that no one was paying attention except the criminals is starting to come to fruition.  More info at
Everywhere we turn this year we are dealing with chaos and stress. Can we all just sing Kumbaya and make it go away? If it was only that easy.   Just because craziness has happened doesn't mean HIPAA goes out the window. As we all try to navigate the unknown we can not forget that the criminals thrive on chaos like this. If you aren’t protecting your information a data breach becomes almost inevitable. It is important to understand the data breach costs you are looking at when one occurs. More info at
These new settlements from OCR should be new required reading. There is very little guessing about their expectations in these CAPs. Specifically mentioning encryption requirements and mobile device management is not ambiguous at all. Things are getting real folks! More info at
There are plenty of things happening that you should be aware of including a new settlement announcement from OCR. This and more things happening out there you should know about! More info at
So happy that we are finally doing this show in time to remind you to use the free security awareness training resources available for October which is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). There are a lot of free resources available to promote security awareness under that program released each year. Today we are discussing how to use these resources to  work out a plan for your training through out October!   More at  
The threat of ransomware continues to be a major issue for all businesses. MSPs were a gateway for mass cyber attacks in 2019. Make sure your IT provider is using the new guide specifically for them produced by NIST and NCCoE: PROTECTING DATA FROM RANSOMWARE AND OTHER DATA LOSS EVENTS. While we are at it there are a couple of articles relating to ransomware’s impact on insurance coverage that we need to bring to your attention. More at
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