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Help Me With HIPAA

Author: Donna Grindle and David Sims

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In today's environment of data breaches, identity theft, fraud, and increasing connectivity, HIPAA Privacy and Security rules are a responsibility to your patients and your clients. HIPAA isn't about compliance, it's about patient care.
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Social media and PHI get the OCR spotlight in the latest settlement announced.  Reading these settlement agreements provide the best guidance from OCR which is why we always take the time to get those details for you.  How much have you considered about your social media policies and how your staff understands their responsibilities? More info at
Bad luck breaches? - Ep 225

Bad luck breaches? - Ep 225


Is there such a thing as bad luck breaches?  Most of us don’t expect luck to rule our world although I will always take good luck if I can get it.  But when bad things happen sometimes we say it is due to a string of bad luck. Can data breaches be due to one of those strings of bad luck? For more info go to
The first patient access settlement has been announced by OCR.  Director Severino mentioned they would be putting an emphasis on this issue and we now have the first enforcement come through.  What should you learn from this settlement? It included some interesting corrective action requirements. More
January 14, 2020 marks the end of life for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 operating systems. Have you done your SRA to make sure you have things covered? What about home computers, should you be worried about those? In this episode we review what this end of life for Windows OS means and what you should be doing in the 4th quarter of 2019 to prepare for it. More at
We always talk about the need for a culture of compliance or culture of privacy and security. Today we talk about 6 things you notice when you have built a culture of compliance. The 6 comes from 3 x 2 which means there is clearly no rhyme or reason for the selection today. More at
When working on a plan for this episode I had two different sources drop some insider breach issues in my lap.  When I added those to the news stories we are already following involving insider issues, it was clear the topic was meant to be.  Multiple cases and reports are out — the topic I must cover is because I am reading about insider breaches everywhere around me. More at
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) and it is a perfect tool to feature security awareness with your workforce and clients.  You can not beat an opportunity to run a month long awareness program that provides EVERYTHING you need for free.  Today we discuss what the program includes and how to use it in your office. More at
We discussed the patient rights to access medical records a few episodes ago.  Since then, a new study came out that says a majority of providers are not complying with patient medical records requests.  I have also gotten more questions about law firms demanding to pay only $6.50 for medical records requests. We are  discussing these issues with specifics about fees for patient requests in this episode. More at
When you work with outsourced IT or Managed Service Providers (MSPs) you need to vet them closely to make sure they truly do understand what HIPAA requires from your organization.  Here are seven questions to ask your IT team about HIPAA. For more info go to
The Ponemon Institute has produced an annual study of data breach costs. This is the 14th year. We have used it as a guide for a lot of information over the years. The data has consistently been helpful for us to understand what are the key drivers in data breach costs, remediation, and response. If you can find what the major factors include, it is a great way to determine your priorities in investing resources with the biggest impact. Let’s see what we learned from the 2019 version sponsored by IBM. More info at  
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