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5+ years of basilisk baiting
24 Episodes
Don’t forget to review and subscribe, and tell your friend who’s moving house on short notice and therefore wasn’t able to get their podcast up in time. In this episode: Exponential backoff for rental disputesThe hassle of bulkTableware travailsTai LopezThat French guy who ate stuffThe circularity of ThingsModern MonertheresaPinboards all the way downcursed Memhaz MocapDom Cum’s Hentai Camgirl LegionCum On InLaser MeasurerType Of Guy TheoryWarhammer AdjacentStar Wars MediaSpyMeSatArt AttackGas UpdateJosef’s Hidden InheritanceThe Estate Of Terry Nation
Don’t forget to review and subscribe, and tell your friend who’s now old enough to be frustrated that all the places on the internet they remember being for them are now for teens. In this episode: Cruft SectorsWatchmenSteves JacksonMake Your Own Fighting FantasyPokemon DerivativeDoors that iris openBud Smith, “Work” Irony: That’s How They Get YouPodcasting in the darkHousesearchThe Fridge Of Knowledge Of The Core Of KnowledgePeter Is DeadPeter Hitchens Orwell AwardsDom Cum Worked ShootThe Adventures Of Stick Salesman Opposition To The English Poor LawsThe Relentless Picnic – Watch/Irish/MenRadio 4 Theme TunesMitch Benn Being Alan Partridge Video—I’ll level with you here, I could not be arsed to go through the literally hundreds of videos on Mitch Benn’s Patreon to find one video of him messing around with a remote control skylight blind in an Airbnb. Patreon is such a slow site and the thought of carrying on was so dispiriting I decided if you want to
A sad post-episode coda to Adam’s story of baking a cake Don’t forget to review and subscribe, and tell your friend who’s heard about the show but not listened, but they’ve heard the name loads and they’ll only listen to one episode because the others couldn’t possibly live up to it. In this episode: Adam’s cakeJosef sends good vibesRewards are indirectly coupled to effortLabour party nominationsThe correct attitude to spiritsMushishi is greatNeverhooda brief review of This Is How You Lose The Time War BombermanAdam’s flat searchThe Chaotic DuoHave Cats Not KidsCats (2019)Green GoblinAdam Recommends SeaciderCaramel : chocolate ratioArgus Liveblog Of Brighton Coronavirus OutbreakProjected Death TollNUKEMAP A new “spin” on global warmingIf… The Lights Go Out Politics engagement metricsBeef Powered PoliticsAddiction Chatinevitably, vapingThe Dangers Of SugarBullet Journal BeefCrypto Nonsensenoclip.websiteTame Impala – Lost In Yesterday https://www.y
Don’t forget to review and subscribe, and tell your friend who’s worried that maybe we’ve just lost something and culture is irremediably anti-intellectual In this episode: World Of ContentWorld Of Washing MachinesWorld Of AnnotationsWorld Of APIWorld Of DC MotorsWorld Of NoncesWorld Of LiftsWorld Of ShownotesWorld Of Antique MemesWorld Of Tableware World Of 80 CaloriesWorld Of MailWorld Of Brands World Of Patrician Capitalism World Of Stolen Business ValourWorld Of Zero Punctuation World Of DisruptionWorld Of The Cyanide Of The Pip Of The Core Of The Apple Of The Tree Of Truth Of The Garden Of Delusion Of InnocenceWorld of Roger DeanWorld Of CarcinisationWorld Of CrabsWorld Of Convergent EvolutionWorld Of Afraid You Might Taste Something LagerboyWorld Of Fabric SoftenerWorld Of PubsWorld Of RoundsWorld Of Chomsky World Of Golden AgesWorld Of Great PhilosophersWorld Of Shostakovich World Of Joe Rogan World Of Flavour World Of Scathing LRB Reviews World Of Thinking Correct
Don’t forget to review and subscribe, and tell your friend who’s always reading stuff online, seemingly without ever remembering the exact point. They remember the feeling of the point, though, and isn’t that basically the same thing? In this episode: Flanders and SwannThinking AheadThe smell of burning motorIdea compatibilityTHE DRESSDebt, in a broader senseThe relationship between thoughts and emotions‘Of an X’Disconnect from timeThe Habit StackNootropics of ThoughtThe White Light Of The BrainThe Cummings OperationAlternative Search Engine – MojeekGoogle Got BadCYBER VEGANThe Veterinarian MoodMORE CYBERdom cum bloga tangerinewhy ayeYou Can’t Choose To Be TradRemembering the pointJust Be NiceTotal Benefit EvaluationIs Steve Jobs Amish?Guardian minimalism excerpt. Bang and OlufssonTungsten StringsThe Concept Of PokemonPokéjobberDetective workThe David Byrne -> David Lynch -> Errol Morris spectrumPre-meditation
Don’t forget to review and subscribe, and tell your friend who doesn’t think you wouldn’t get it? They just don’t want to go to the fuss of explaining it right now and it’d sound weird and maybe bad and you know what? Forget it. No, seriously. In this episode: CGP Grey Native American video – THANKS A LOT FOR MAKING ME LINK THAT JOSEFRicher Sounds The Hard SellNew ModelsStructures and ForcesGeometric dandruffJosef’s cool penNot even a continuuminternet web page .io article (this wasn’t the one I was thinking of though)josef dot oneCanonical memoryRave at the Booth MuseumJohn Berger Aeon article Ways of SeeingAbout TimeHoppy Or NoppyTurn the marina into a desalination plantInformation Marxism Will It Blend for analogiesContent Collapse articleNeural network for guardian writers Adam blackpills himself Is your zero half full?Lizard WorldLizard like an electron Laptich The Little Shoemaker in: EntropyRing hairstyle man2038 apocalypse Matt Stoll
We’re back. Yanis strongly endorses this show. Don’t forget to review and subscribe, and tell your friend who does still listen to tech podcasts, but just to keep up with “the scene”, y’know? He’s not the leaving-flowers-at-the-Apple-store-after-Jobs’-death kind any more. In this episode: Adam gets mad at bloggersJosef predicts the Big Trends of the 2020sHave the 2020s started yet?Josef describes a complete theory of metamodernismThe Algorithm Sent Me HereNakedFlames – Record Collection 7 Lumpy SoupJosef’s book, The Internet Is A Trampoline, coming 2021Make Your Own SiteFOAF Blogs ruined the internetEverything Is A HomepageInfinite TikTok Sugar heuristic CRINGEVideogames Ruined Our BrainsSavescumming LIFEPolitigram TALK TO YOUR OLD PEOPLE Adam And Josef Go Hippy
S02E017: Robotspierre

S02E017: Robotspierre


download mp3 podcast feed itunes
Late again, sorry. I have been busy and tired. download mp3 podcast feed itunes Extreme Haunts
Hey folks, it’s two weeks late for no real reason. download mp3 podcast feed itunes We have a Discord! Join it! thinking fast and slow article robert heaton blog post (can’t remember which one so linking to the whole blog) cassetteboy apprentice five books mbti #wooferendum econonimist weed article
download mp3 podcast feed itunes We have a Discord! Join it! metro newspaper article wh smith travel article (I think this is the right one) elon factory headbutt article scottish sleeper train article boris article marshmallow experiment is wrong calling all units shannon strucci fake friends gourd girl reddit relationships united for change
download mp3 podcast feed itunes We have a Discord! Join it! word order article national coal board advert national coal board shirts british rail corporate identity manual
download mp3 podcast feed itunes We have a Discord! Join it! no cards and we were both slightly dozy so there wasn’t too much in the way of shownote material, but the last 3 minutes of talking are some a material so hang on for that
S02E011: dog days

S02E011: dog days


download mp3 podcast feed itunes We have a Discord! Join it! sorry folks we were sunfucked for this one. we talk about jeff wayne’s war of the worlds and diy, there aren’t really any shownotes. that said, after I said that thing about marginal utility I realised it sounded wrong, but then I looked into it read an article where some libertarian nerd was talking about it which ended with him saying marginal utilities can’t be directly compared because “some people in the financial sector’s self-esteem is tied directly to their earnings, and besides, look at that picture of scrooge mcduck at the top of the article, he certainly seems to be enjoying himself”. google it, I’m not joking.
S02E010: Thicchrome

S02E010: Thicchrome


download mp3 podcast feed itunes We have a Discord! Join it! article about aging washing machines relentless picnic patreon in the dark political podcasts article bill gates reading list EPIC music
download mp3 podcast feed itunes We have a Discord! Join it! weird sims thing doctor who and the pirates Jarabe Tapatío dan ryckert pirates battlefront 3 trailer



download mp3 podcast feed itunes We have a Discord! Join it! recently discovered pokémon rom nintendo fake wiki dwarf fortress cat sickness bug proust questionnaire sean proust questionnaire episode
S02E007: The Raw Nugs

S02E007: The Raw Nugs


download mp3 podcast feed itunes “It’s not about the meaning, it’s all about the aesthetic” We have a Discord! Join it! videogames youtubers essay youtubers parents essay GDPaRty photonic induction on the beach nevil shute umberto eco ur-fascism essay umberto eco episode of relentless picnic blit basilisk story yanny and laurel monoliths lolcats wikipedia violent newgrounds games article john roderick wiki lightning map the defenestration of prague “History isn’t even written by the victors, it’s written by the nerds”
S02E006: Monetize

S02E006: Monetize


download mp3 podcast feed itunes We have a Discord! Join it! malaysian election list of some dodgy stuff stallman has said (reading this, I’m not actually sure some of the beeps I put in were necessary! but I’ve already put them in now and I cba to edit them out. otoh you’ve learned something about the order in which I do the editing and finding links for the show notes, so there you go) stallman rider amia srinvasan sex article dark intellectual article, site maoist rebel news in the club crooked timber idw post ready player one podcast episode the altered zones people’s new website grimes/elon musk article 50 cent tweet monoliths
download mp3 podcast feed itunes We have a Discord! Join it!   rodney king’s quest waypoint article joystiq podcast hanson mmmbop mbmbmam do by friday youtube plagiarism video powderpaint josef doorbell video joe gould’s real secret four lions “good” poster tory momentum article matt levine bitcoin theory money stuff
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