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Stephanie Bernthal [@beyondsportcoaching] is a professional counselor + former D1 field hockey coach who shares more about how current events + social media are affecting college students mental health as well tips for being an informed consumer of the media around us. Notes: -- Insta Account To Check Out: @AllSidesNow-- Self Compassion Practices: -- Follow Stephanie: @Beyondsportcoaching -- Reach out to Stephanie:
Colleen Bordeaux [@colleenbordeaux] is BACK on the podcast... this time, talking about her move to LA, what she learned during her career sabbatical + her newest community: Growth Incubator. Colleen's passion is exploring social + emotional intelligence + making work better for humans. If you loved this episode, make sure to check out The CHAARG Podcast Episode #89 + read her book "Am I Doing This Right?"Notes:-- Am I Doing This Right?-- #89 With Colleen: Am I Doing This Right?-- #80 With Jenny Westercamp: Sports Nutrition, Dietetics, + Fat Burners-- Book Recs: The Four Agreements, How To Love-- Doc Rec: The True Cost-- Growth Incubator-- Talking Point Cards-- Your Space Made Great
David Sherry [@brandswell], a brand consultant + coach, shares advice on the *three M's* -- money, mental health, + marriage. Something to note: David is not a financial advisor or licensed therapist... in this episode, he shares his own philosophies + opinions based on his own exploration!Notes:-- Connect With David On Twitter: @_brandswell-- David's Newsletter-- More On David-- #112 with David: The "Choose Yourself" Method, Building A Brand, + Finding Mentors-- #113 with David: Coaching, Tools For Entrepreneurs, + Landing Your Dream Job-- Budgeting + Investing Apps: Copilot, Acorns-- Investment Accounts: Wealthfront, Betterment-- Book Recs: I Will Teach You To Be Rich 
Pierre DeBar, bodyworker + mindset coach, talks all about the power of the mind + body connection... + how tapping into your heart is the most powerful tool of all. He shares specific tips + tools on how to access heart intelligence -- grounding, hypnosis, journaling, breathwork, + more! Notes:-- Book An Appointment With Pierre-- Book Recs: The Celestine Prophecy, The Anatomy of The Spirit-- Barbara Brennan School Of Healing-- Energy Medicine University-- Heart Math Institute-- Box Breathing-- Dr. Joe Dispenza-- HAP Training-- Doc Rec: Earthing Movie
Lauren [@themodernastrologer] is back on the podcast... talking about one of her newest passions: feng shui! Of course, we also talk about astrology, her 2022 predictions, + spirit babies ; ). Lauren has a new group astrology community -- Astro Curious, that you should definitely check out! Notes: -- Book A Reading With Lauren: Episode #78 With Lauren: Human Design, Energy, + Elisabeth's Reading-- Episode #58 With Lauren: Birth Charts, Saturn Return, + Moon Phases-- Episode #118 With Lauren: Insights On 2020, Astrology Myths, + Moon Rituals-- Lauren's Workshops-- Join Astro Curious -- Book Rec: Spirit Babies
Katie Daleabout [@katiedaleabout], author + podcast host of Let It Out [+ co-host of Spiraling], started one of the first health + wellness podcasts ever! She shares what podcasting was like *back in the day* + how her career path has evolved. One of her career pivots was starting *kits" for her community -- two of them being on breakups, which we deeply explore in this episode. Use code CHAARG for 50% off any of her kits!Notes:-- Katie's Website-- Let It Out Podcast + Spiraling Podcast -- Minnesota Starvation Experiment -- Katie's Kits use code CHAARG for 50% off!-- Book Recs: Let It Out, Anti Diet, May Cause Miracles, Text Me When You Get Home-- Doc Rec: The Center Will Not Hold-- Insta Recs: @chrissstttiiine, @marleegrace, @timsimeone-- #16 With Simi: Healing Your Relationship With Food-- #62 With Alexis + Simi: Intuitive Eating, Food Triggers, + Birth Control-- #106 With Simi: Finding Freedom With Exercise, Movement Menu, + MotherhoodLet It Out Episode Recs:-- Lathan Thomas(AKA Mama Glow)-- Gabby Bernstein-- Gabby Bernstein returns on Why The Universe Has Your Back, the election, & how to be a Spirit Junkie in the times we're living in now.-- 17 Quick Fire Questions With Gabby Bernstein -- Josh Radnor on creativity, spirituality, & the in-between-- Everything we've learned about meditation so far with Kelsey Mccormick
Paige Willis [@paigeawillis], founder of Undone, shares her yoga journey that eventually led her start Undone, how her relationship with God has influenced her as a yoga teacher, why the corporate world has been a gift to her, her thoughts on Black representation in the wellness space + how the wellness industry can be more inclusive, + so much more! If you're in Chicago, take one of Paige's classes at Y7!Notes:-- Undone [@undonebypaige]-- Y7 Studio
*Trigger Warning: This episode will include discussion of disordered eatingNatty Donohue [] shares her vulnerable story of hitting rock bottom -- which soon led her to find CHAARG + start a CHAARG Chapter at West Chester. She shares how CHAARG changed her life [+ her campus!], + gives many tips to Ambassadors! Natty is now the New Chapter Trainer at CHAARG, + shares more about that role, as well!Notes:-- Start A CHAARG Chapter! *Apps Due = August 15
Lindsey Simcik [@lindseysimcik], host + co-founder of Almost 30, shares her career journey that ultimately led her to start Almost 30, moving from NY to CA + then back to NY,  how speaking her truth related to clearing up her skin, why she started the course "Sacredness Of Being Single" + all the gifts she learned during her season of being single, + so much more!*33.40: If you want to head straight to the Q+A On Sacredness Of Being Single!Notes:-- Almost 30 Podcast-- Join The Course: Sacredness Of Being Single-- Sacredness Of Being Single-- 3 Practices To Build Self-Trust-- Lindsey + Sean On Growing Their Relationship Roots-- Cancel Culture, Moral Superiority, + The Woke Cult With Africa Brooke-- An Open Letter: Why I'm Leaving The Cult Of Wokeness
*Trigger warning: this episode will include discussion of PTSD + relationship abuse [04.30 - 28.00]Abby Perez [@ab_solutely] is a CHAARG member at UIC... + used to be on exec at Creighton, as well! She's a mental health + activism advocate. Abby shares her mental health journey, why she decided to take a gap year, + advice on activism in college. She is so inspiring + welcomes everyone to reach out to her, especially to discuss volunteering!"The world took me where I needed to be + I couldn't be happier."Notes:-- Reach Out To Abby: @absolutely_inchaarg-- Abby's Recourses: The Absolute Good-- Morgan Harper Nicoles-- Maya Angelou-- Domestic Violence Lifeline: 800-799-7233
Alissa [@alissaannbeck] is a mental health therapist who answers all of your questions on therapy -- how to find a therapist, affordable therapy options, how to support a friend in therapy, + more! Notes:-- Get In Touch With Alissa: Episode #2 With Alissa: What's It Really Like To Be A CHAARG Ambassador?-- Episode #69: Live Mental Health Month Panel -- Episode #93 With Alissa: Anxiety, Therapy, + Career Transitions-- Therapists To Follow:Sara Kuburić, MA, CCC. @millennial.therapistNedra Glover Tawwab, Therapist. @nedratawwab Vienna Pharaon. @mindfulmft Lisa Olivera. @_lisaoliveraTiffany Roe. @Heytiffanyroe-- To find a clinic in your local area, contact the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) HelpLine or go to Your primary care physician can also provide recommendations in your community!-- Therapy Apps: Talkspace + Betterhelp-- Psychology Today-- National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  800-273-8255
Anna Goldman [@inner.glowing], a holistic women's health NP, is back on the podcast answering all of your questions on women's health -- from advice on women's health conditions like STDs + cysts... to fertility awareness + menstrual health, + more!Notes:-- Prenatal Vitamins: One A Day, MyKind-- Menstrual Products: Honest Tampons, Thinx Underwear, Cramp Bark, Spearmint Tea, Vitamin B Complex, Vitax-- Book Rec: Women Code-- Aviva Romm MD-- Natural Cycles App-- Mama Glow-- #130 With Anna: Women's Health: All About Birth Control, Hormonal Imbalance, + Herbal Remedies-- Book A Consultation With Anna Via Phone/Zoom, DM @anna.naturally or @inner.glowing 
Laura [@laurathomaswrites] + Adrian [@adrian_on_spaceshipearth] are back on the podcast for the third time [!!!] sharing relationship advice. They share: what to do when you're in a relationship lull, why it's important to give your partner space, what they do when one of them is working with depression, why Adrian doesn't like the word "compromise" [+ what to do instead]... + many more specific tools that they use in their relationship!Notes:-- Laura Thomas-- Adrian Reif-- Episode #50 With Laura + Adrian: Breakups, Jealousy, + Growing Together-- Episode #51 With Laura + Adrian: Marriage, Conflicts, + Compromise-- Episode #129 With Laura: Healing From Grief, Contract With The Universe, + The Magic Of Well-Being
Jackelyn Ho [@jackelynho] -- fitness expert + founder of multiple wellness companies, shares her non-conventional entrepreneurship journey... + how she navigated career conversations with her parents. Jackelyn answers all of your questions on group fitness training -- like how to get over the fear of public speaking as an instructor, tells the story of how she fell in love with rock climbing [hint: it has to do with American Ninja Warrior!], + shares what it's like to work with her sister, Cassey Ho of Blogilates... + so much more! Notes:-- Jackelyn's Website-- Sweat Experience -- Pop Pilates-- monoptk-- Jackelyn’s American Ninja Warrior Video-- AFAA Personal Trainer Certification-- Listen To Jackelyn On Rock The Boat Podcast-- Podcast Rec: Reply All-- Book Rec: Dear Girls -- Doc Rec: Free Solo-- LA Fitness Recs: Steven Arcos [yoga], Erica Giovinazzo [crossfit], LA Boulders-- Workout With Jackelyn On NTC: 12 Minute Total Body Refresh, 8 Minute Simple Morning Energy Flow, + 10 Minute Easy Unwind Flow Workout
Erin Gallagher [@eringogallager], Founding Partner of @haveherback -- shares her career journey that ultimately led to starting Have Her Back. ++ she shares so many amazing career tips: importance of creating "non-traditional" resumes, how to negotiate your salary, why you need to find both sponsors + mentors in your career... + more!Notes:-- Have Her Back
Kristine [@cali.kristinesc] is BACK on the podcast after 2+ years... + sharing so many updates -- moving to California, navigating unemployment during quarantine, + a love update! : ) Kristine's intention for 2020 was "wondrous love" -- she takes us through the process of creating that intention + how the journey played out. You'll love this story! Notes:-- Episode #12 with Kristine: CorePower Yoga Instructor, Yamas + Niyamas, + The Law Of Attraction-- Episode #22 With Kristine: Summer Solstice, Mala Beads + Setting Intentions-- Book Rec: The Universe Has Your Back-- Episode #61 With Cindy, Revealing Soul: Auras, Channeling, + Tapping Into Your Intuition-- Insta Recs: @girlandhermoon, @themodernastrologer, @nadinejane_astrology, @astroccult, @revealingsoul-- Dynamic Flow Tues 3PM + Sun 10AM PST -- CorePower Live-- The Class
IB [@ibonitt], founder of refinecltv, shares her *lightbulb moment* that led her to become an entrepreneur, what purchasing power is + why it matters, advice for women + minority business owners, the importance of building community, + more!Notes:-- refinecltv directory, @refinecltv-- Chicago Recs: Grail Cafe, Butter Dough, South Shore Brew, Eleven Eleven, Semilla's Plant Studio, Shudio Shop +Studio, Healthy Hood, People Church-- IB’s Playlist-- Insta Recs: @refinecltv, @BlackPeopleEats, @BossyChicago,  @UndoneWellness, @sacredbychrisrenee 
Jessica Zweig [@jessicazweig] -- Founder + CEO of SimplyBe, shares her journey to becoming a personal branding expert, how her leadership style has evolved, + all about her book: Be: A No-Bullsh*t Guide To Increasing Your Self Worth + Net Worth By Simply Being Yourself... + more! We are giving away a copy of Jessica's book -- check out our instagram for more details!Notes:-- SimplyBe, @SimplyBeAgency-- Jessica’s Book: Be: A No-Bullsh*t Guide To Increasing Your Self Worth + Net Worth By Simply Being Yourself-- Book Recs: Radical Candor, Traction, Desire Map-- Documentary Rec: 1619-- Insta Rec: @Elizabeth.April-- Podcast Recs: The Skinny Confidential, Goop, Expanded With Lacy Phillips-- Influencers vs Thought Leaders: What's The DifferenceSimplyBe Podcast Episode Recs:-- Awakening To My Own Medicine-- CEO On Her Worst Day -- How to Elevate from the 3-D to the 5-D + Communicate with Aliens with Elizabeth April-- How To Become a Quantum Creator, Bust Through The Matrix and Ride the 'Lit Train' with Shaman Durek
Krista Williams [@itskrista], host + co-founder of Almost 30, has been on CHAARG's dream podcast guest list for awhile... + it's so exciting that this episode is now live! Krista shares so much incredible wisdom -- the tool she uses to elevate female friendships, how she navigates her ~never ending~ body acceptance journey, the pros + cons of being recognized, what shadow work is [+ how to work with it], + so much more!Notes:-- Almost 30 Podcast-- Krista's Life Edit-- Find Your Human Design-- Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map-- Book Rec: Women Food and God, The Food TherapistAlmost 30 Episode Recs:-- Body Love Everyday With Kelly LeVeque-- Your New Formula For Manifesting Your Dream Life With Lacy Phillips-- Working With Shadow, The Four Steps To Magnetism + Manifesting Opulence With Lacy Phillips-- Live With Lacy Phillips: Manifesting, Magnetizing,+ The Shadow Self-- Shadow Integration + Manifesting With Lacy Phillips -- The Truth About Our Relationship With Krista + Lindsay -- Human Design + Deconditioning To Find Yourself with Jenna Zoe
Elisabeth [@etavierne] + Sarah [@sarahkclem] dive into all of your cold weather running questions... AND, announce details + updates of CHAARG Run Club! : ) PSA: Registration closes January 29!Notes:-- Join CHAARG Run Club-- Try The Sample Guided Run-- Grab The CHAARG x Cold Weather Running Bundle-- Connect With Lydia Nader-- Article: Will Running Outside Make You Sick?-- Article: Itching Skin In Cold Weather Is Normal-- See All Cold Weather Running Essentials
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