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Interviewing different marketers, every episode covers different marketing channels from SEO, Paid Social, Paid Search, Programmatic, Bussiness Development, PR and much more.Having Marketers share their insights & growth experiments, stories around user growth and digital marketing tools.
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Podcast questions 1. A pleasure to have you on the show tina, can you tell us a little about yourself and background in growth marketing? 2. How do you perform UI UX experiments on the website? Do you start with an objective and then hire beta tester and then analyze the result? Meaning do you have a framework in place? 3. What’s your insight on what is Neuromarketing?
Podcast Questions. 1) What Skills Do growth Marketers Need at work? 2) How should Growth Marketers manage expectations? 3) What Metrics do you look for when investing / Acquiring a startup?
Podcast Questions 1. Something I’m dying to ask are you related to Neil Patel? 2. You are currently the MD at ramp ventures, were you have fostered all these startups can you share the success story behind and tell the audience what these products are? I mention this as I worked for freebusy a competitor in 2016. 3. How do you build a growth team & do you Sujan have a growth framework that has enabled you to be this successful in business and growth
Podcast Questions 1. Pascal thanks for being on the show can you tell the audience a little bit about yourself? 2. You helped as their head of growth raise €10 million can you share how you guys accomplished that? 3. You Built a telegram community of 14.000 members, how were you able to grow it to number? 4. Finally, can you share with us how you grew your current growth slack community to what it is now? What channels did you use to grow it? Growth Hacker talk slack group: Panda Chrome extension: Growth Hackers: Moz Blog:
Podcast Questions: 1. Thank you for so much for joining us on the show can you tell us a little about yourself? 2. So you have a wide experience in product development, can you took me about the 3 main used PD methodologies used these days (Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Deployment) 3. How do you run product team when developing a product like how does a normal sprint look like? Viresh Narain:
1. Let’s talk Grow and Convert it’s a fully-done-for-you content marketing agency. you fully take over a company's blog, create their strategy, produce content for them, drive traffic to their posts, and convert their traffic to qualified leads. you teach the same strategies that you use for our clients on our blog and have grown our agency completely off of content marketing- without any outbound marketing/sales, or salespeople. Please explain to me the how you go about creating the content? 2. Distributing the content? 3.Converting traffic to leads? Benji LinkedIn profile: Growth and convert site:
Podcast Questions Episode 1 1. Prior to getting into what you do now, whilst doing research about you I discovered you worked at ThinkApps, by which you helped them grow solely through content marketing. In 6 months, you took their blog from 0-35,000 unique visitors and were closing 5 and 6-figure contracts directly off of your blog. In a year we grew your domain rank from 0-41 (ahrefs) and your work was featured on the GrowthHacking Podcast, 9to5 mac, NYTimes and other top publications. First of all can you tell us what thinkapps does and how did you accomplish everything I mentioned above? 2.Before Thinkapps you worked at vistage whilst at Vistage you developed a prospecting program using LinkedIn, grew their paid social marketing from 0 to over $200k in yearly spend (bc of low acquisition cost). How did you manage to do that? 3.Can you talk to us about Wordable you co-founded the company in April 2016. It was acquired in Nov. 2017. you grew the company to over 500 customers within the first month of launch and grew it month over month until we sold it. How did you do that? Benji LinkedIn profile: Growth and convert site:
Podcast Questions 1. I have to say I’ve been to Antwerp it’s a beautiful city, Ricardo thanks for being on the show, can you share with us how you got into doing growth? 2. You worked at an agency called The growth revolution, as a growth agency based in Belgium how did you guys go about acquiring customers/clients? 3. What does your analytics toolbox made off? 4. What marketing channels would you recommend startups in the Saas ecosystem to pay attention to in 2018? Ricardo Ghekiere:
Founder & CEO of Credo, connecting businesses with the right marketing provider (agency or consultant) to help grow their business. Previously he was the senior growth marketing manager at Trulia Rentals, overseeing SEO, email marketing, and native app growth. Long history in the marketing/tech industries since 2010 until today Podcast Questions John thank you so much for being with us on the podcast, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you start credo? As your the founder of credo that helps to connect business with people, let’s say someone is looking for an SEO consultant to come on board and increase the company's organic traffic, what do you look for in an SEO guy when trying to hire him? How do you negotiate a good rate as a digital marketer with a company? So the marketer gets the better end of the stick? GetCredo: John Doherty Twitter:
Podcast Questions 1. You Generated growth over $3m in Crowdfunding. 2m Downloads for Apps, $100k MRR / $1m ARR for SaaS at can you share how you did that? 2. How did you achieve $1m In revenue in the first year at 3. How do you develop a growth framework at a startup? 4. It is a pleasure and honor to have you on the show bro, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what Coincircle and is? 5. How do you build growth teams? 6. Let’s talk about Coincircle how did you create your initial growth to what it is now?
Podcast questions So many questions to ask haha, how did you get your initial growth story for both freeensimian & Can you share how was acquired, what were metrics that avent looked for to acquire such a startup? What retention strategy did you have at Links in the podcast: - Great Podcast - Great book about human relationships and compassion through listening: - Talk about an innovator - this is SO good -
1. Let’s start off with some easy questions, how did you grow viral loops to what it is now? 2. What are some growth experiments you're going to run for customer acquisition strategies in 2018? 3. How do you structure your growth experiments? 4. Where do you see growth going in the future? 5. Where do you go to consume growth content
Podcast Questions 1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what is industry drive? 2. As an audience development director what does that job entail? 3. Talk to me about email marketing? Does that still work for B2B cold outreach? 4. What’s your favorite email marketing software and what are the retention flows your setup to keep users in your product based on your experience with different products? 5. Finally, what are some new paid social channels you would recommend listeners tin the B2B industry to try?
Podcast Questions 1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself that I didn't cover in the intro? 2. How did you grow one of the largest marketing group on Linkedin ever? 3. How do you distribute the content you create? 4. Where do you see the next wave of social marketing channels to come?
Questions 1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 2. How do you generate a majority of your site's traffic? 3. What are some quick fixes sites that can add to improve their conversion rate on landing pages (adding social proof, live chat widget etc) 4. What retention strategy do you have at 5. What does your marketing software stake look like? Promoter Link:
Podcast Questions 1. Can you tell us a little a bit about yourself and your experience 2. Let’s talk media planning what is a media plan ? and how do you go about creating one? 3. Coming from the agency world, how did you guys generate leads/clients? Emily Email:
Questions - To start off how did you become a Snapchat influencer? - Have you seen the power/reach of snapchat decrease in the past year, as IG is becoming stronger? - How can you measure conversions on snapchat? As you can’t just put a pixel to fire once someone lands on a browser and it’s in-app when someone sees the ad? - What do other social media platforms you think will be rising in 2018/19?
Podcast Questions: - Before speaking about podia, you previously worked at groove as the CMO where we went from 0 to $500K+ in MRR using content marketing, can you tell about that and how did you accomplish that? - Now podia, I can see using similar web your traffic grew by about 70,000 visits from Nov to Dec can you tell us what you used to accomplish that? - What are some customer acquisition strategies you use at podia to grow your customer base? - What are some marketing changes/challenges you see coming in 2018? - Finally, what would you recommend marketers today to study and learn to become better at there jobs in the new future? Twitter: Len's Email: Podia:
Fomo episodes sponsor: Questions - Can you tell us a little about yourself and about sales hacker? - Let’s talk SEO what in 2017 did you see to have the most impact on organic traffic and what do you assume would have effect in 2018? - How do you setup a great organic SEO future for your site, looking at similar web most of your traffic is attributed towards organic search, was wondering how you did that?
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