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Author: Von Chucwuemeca

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Hey I’m Von with Sambuno, and I, together with my guests delve into everything (politics, psychology, people, etc) and tie it all into marketing, it’s concepts and related topics in digestible morsels. Tune in.
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The increased reach, intricacy and stealth quality to the current nature of information weaponization paints an even more stark picture of the future if not actively pushed back against. There is a drastic need for increased education and vigilance.  Learn  More:
We're subject to cognitive biases, those annoying glitches in our thinking that cause us to make questionable decisions and reach erroneous conclusions. In general, a cognitive bias is the thinking pattern that occurs because of the way we process information and this thinking pattern develops accordingly due to our own preferences and experiences. They can cause us to behave irrationally without noticing it. Learn more:
In general, a cognitive bias is the thinking pattern that occurs because of the way we process information and this thinking pattern develops accordingly due to our own preferences and experiences. They can cause us to behave irrationally without noticing it. And it is used in marketing to a ridiculously frightening effect. It's important to understand it, how it affects us and how you can use it as well.  Learn more here:
In building an e-commerce website, if it is possible to leverage the integrated offering of such a platform like Shopify and to a lesser extent, Etsy and Squarespace, then that is the best option. An all in one managed system provides the various structural elements that ensures security, performance, and integrity in an e-commerce business.There are two main elements within the payment processing function, now let’s delve into the complexity and perhaps simplicity of these two. Learn more:
On a recent client project, we were caught between options and had to assess a solution that would be better going forward. From the perspective of cost, manageability, server requirements, and customization potential, we had to consider and implement an e-commerce solution that would be able to sustain a business that generated considerable revenue online. Read more here:
Authenticity is generally the best policy. But as with much else in life, the middle way is best. Be sure to balance your openness with the needs, expectations, and yes, sadly even the biases of your audience. Connect with me @
Methods to help you prep for any nerve-wracking performance, whether it's a pitch to investors or a public speaking engagement. Learn more and visit us @
Whether you’re trying to quickly adapt to a remote management situation, or settling into the role for the long-term, the same fundamentals need to be put in place to build solid communication, performance, and employee growth. Learn more about my experiences working remotely as a digital nomad:
Some nice tips for staying productive and sane while working from home, collected from our listeners, readers and followers.
Podcasting is a superior marketing tool in this day and age. Today it’s important to begin the process of repurposing your blog posts into podcasts:
You can optimize your site structure to make it easier for search engines to find all of your content. Learn more at:
Google says not to disable your website altogether. Although business owners might find it tempting to turn off their websites to avoid paying fees or disappoint customers they can't serve, Google says that this might harm your website rankings when the site is brought back online.
During a moment of crisis that we are experiencing at this point, leverage your business to be a solution, an alternative, and a trump card. People should look to your business as a beacon and not a shadow of doubt. Market your business as a helping hand, as a reinforcement of troops, and as the lighthouse amidst the dark seas. You can also read it here:
A crisis on this scale can reorder society in dramatic ways, for better or worse. Here are a few of the ways that COVID-19 may and will change the world permanently.
U.S. government, tech industry discussing ways to use smartphone location data to combat coronavirus
Covid-19 and Crisis.

Covid-19 and Crisis.


This is a random extrapolation on crisis, the crisis that we are all currently experiencing, and what a crisis means.
Entrepreneurship is a risk and thus it has the potential for failure. And if we consider entrepreneurship without the failure aspect involved then we are negating 90% of what that journey is about. Most success if not all success comes out of failure and we should talk more about it.
Maybe you have created a new product or service and are ready to release it to the market. Or maybe, you are looking to create something new to provide to your customers. Whatever the case may be, its not possible to put out a new product or service on the market and expect for it to immediately be successful without doing the necessary and prerequisite mountain of work. Even Apple had to innovate, research, develop and take the risk on releasing a new cell phone form factor to the consumer market. You can also read about it here:
Lead generation, the name almost makes it sound like machinery and… it is. By understanding the process involved in generating leads, it becomes all too easy to see it and to understand it as a machine with various parts that need to be lubricated in order for the system to work holistically.
Google shopping is the most effective, efficient and targeted method to reach the audience for your products in regards to your ecommerce store. Not to mention, it is the most cost effective.
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