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Author: Von Chucwuemeca

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I break down marketing concepts and related topics into digestible morsels. Need help with your marketing? Let’s talk: Support this podcast:
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A reference group is a collection of people that someone uses to form his or her or opinions. There are three types of reference groups and we are going to explore it and this podcast --- Support this podcast:
Consumer behaviors vary greatly from country-to-country, even when looking at the most developed of countries. --- Support this podcast:
Images invoke the feelings that serve the positive emotional responses that motivate consumers to buy a product or service. --- Support this podcast:
Starting a podcast is easy, and in this podcast we are going to go over how to get a podcast started with the application Anchor --- Support this podcast:
Guerrilla marketing puts your message right in touch with the consumers of your product or service. --- Support this podcast:
What makes you choose one brand over another? In this podcast we go over the mere exposure effect and how it influence your decisions. --- Support this podcast:
The 4 types of media we consume and the vital role they play in our day-to-day life and interactions. --- Support this podcast:
Squarespace makes it very easy for you to put together a website and it is recommended for a lot of people however there are other reasons why you may want to build your own website and we discussed that here. --- Support this podcast:
Domains and hosting environments are what becomes necessary when you are building your website. We talk about what those two are. --- Support this podcast:
Most common PPC campaign mistakes can be easily rectified. With extra awareness, time and effort, you can adjust your optimization strategy to focus on ROI instead of CPA and get better results. With some changes to the way you approach your PPC activities as a whole, you can fine-tune your funnel and get higher-quality conversions. --- Support this podcast:
Companies must be able to show GDPR compliance by May 25, 2018. --- Support this podcast:
The GDPR covers a lot of the identifying information which companies like Facebook and Google use to identify you. --- Support this podcast:
Why does the GDPR exist?

Why does the GDPR exist?


Public concern over privacy is the short answer to that question. --- Support this podcast:
GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. --- Support this podcast:
The more we are exposed to various storylines, and various narratives, the better we can create new storylines and the new narratives --- Support this podcast:
It can be easy to underestimate the complexity of digital marketing. Most people only see the end result of what is often a large effort from multiple teams within a business. Today, digital marketing is accomplished by strategizing around the different types of media at your disposal. --- Support this podcast:
Video marketing 2018

Video marketing 2018


Effective ways of using video marketing for your products and services in 2018. Video catapults your messaging to the 21st-century, engaging both the eyes and ears of your customer base. --- Support this podcast:
Facebook boosted post?

Facebook boosted post?


What is a Facebook boosted post? How do you ensure that more than a few people actually see the post that you post on your Facebook page? --- Support this podcast:
Using cognitive bias to improve your social media postings and marketing. #CognitiveBias --- Support this podcast:
Website security

Website security


We’ve heard of many large companies getting hacked, and the repercussions are severe because you basically lose business. As a small business you need to stay on top of this, and stay proactive let’s talk about it on this podcast #WebsiteSecurity --- Support this podcast:
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