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Event Horizon has got a commendable cast (Sam Neill AND Laurence Fishburne!), fabulous set design, a fun high concept and incredible gory special effects to make it a sci-fi/horror classic. Support the show (
John Carpenter's remake of Howard Hawks' 1951 film The Thing From Another World didn't do well initially on release, but now is thought of as an absolute sci-fi/horror classic. With a solid cast and some of the best horror special effects ever put on screen (yass Rob Bottin) this film is stupendous from start to finish.Support the show (
Based on the "true story" of Travis Walton, who was abducted by aliens for 5 days in 1975 in Arizona. The film boasts an impressive cast including James Garner, Robert Patrick and DB Sweeney, and one of the most truly terrifying alien abduction scenes ever put to screen.Support the show (
Alien "Space Kitty"

Alien "Space Kitty"


Ridley Scott's 1979 is considered a classic for a reason - the camerawork and design is awe inspiring, the special effects still look incredible, and the acting is top notch. A perfect blend of science fiction and horror that plays just as well today as it did 40 years ago. Support the show (
This Swedish vampire film blew horror fans away upon it's release - it dreary Scandnavian setting is so unique, and it features angel faced psychotic boy for a hero and a vampire who's been 12 for a very long time for our heroine, this film is marching to the beat of its own sad drum, and we love it! Support the show (
Stephen King wrote this flick especially for the big screen, and his good buddy Mick Garris directs. It follows a pair of supernatural, immortal, incestuous sleepwalkers as they search for a female virgin to suck the life force out of - and find such a girl in the form of the luminous Madchen Amick, hot of the set of Twin Peaks. Support the show (
Coming in the wave of J-Horror, this film is scary as all get out and is even scarier because it is based on actual Japanese legends. Both Julia and Teri are terrified of this one - which is saying a lot. Gore, ghosts, grudges ahoy!Support the show (
This week Julia corrupts Teri by watching George A. Romero's Martin. They gush over how into Martin they are. What's your verdict, hot or not?Support the show (
Julia loves this film and is thrilled to be able to talk about it - Mike Flanagan directs and Karen Gillan stars in this little seen, but extremely excellent film surrounding the Lasser Glass, a murderous mirror that distorts reality. Smart, scary and original!Support the show (
An official Horror Movie Notebook Selection - this film centers on a group of schoolgirls staying up all night to raise money for their school, but the spirit of a serial killer is stalking them as well. It's...very...wandery.Support the show (
Horror Movie Survival Guide leaps into modern horror with 2017's Happy Death Day, a super fun horror movie take on Groundhog's Day - when Tree is murdered, but wakes up again in the same day - she realizes she has unlimited chances to solve her own death.Support the show (
On this episode we welcome a new horror survival protegé, Teri Gamble, into the Horror Movie Survival Guide fold. Julia and Teri dive into the classic, Stanley Kubrick's, The Shining. Surprisingly, Teri had never seen this film and it wasn't in Julia's horror movie notebook. Kubrick's masterpiece in madness follows the Torrance family as they become the winter caretakers of the Overlook Hotel, a haunted house if there ever was one. Stephen King's story give rich material for Kubrick to play with, and the performances from Nicholson and Duvall are truly astounding. A film that proves that horror can also be art!Support the show (
Tod Browning's follow up to Dracula is a film that feels as fresh, modern and horrifying today as it did in 1932. Following the loves and losses of circus folk backstage, this movie reels you in and doesn't let go until the ghastly finale.We also say goodbye to our lovely Marion as she moves on from Horror Movie Survival Guide. But, this does enable Julia to corrupt another victim into her den of horrors. Bwhaahaahaahaahaaaaaa.Support the show (
Perhaps the perfect haunted house movie, this black and white stunner from Robert Wise sets the bar for how to film a ghost hunt. Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Russ Tamblyn and Richard Johnson star as a quartet determined to find out if Hill House is, indeed, haunted. Is it? Go on, guess...Support the show (
The freaky Freeling family is back in this sequel to the smash hit, plagued again by ghosts trapped between dimensions who desperately want the light of that little cutie Carol Anne. Spectacular practical effects ahoy!Support the show (
A low budget horror film that feels like a higher budget film solely on the quality of the actors involved - John Heard, Kim Griest, a bombastic Daniel Stern, and even a cameo by a baby faced John Goodman! This film puts the grit in gritty 80's New York City, oh and did I mention there are cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers involved?Support the show (
It's a Stephen King/David Cronenberg mash up! Throw a little Christopher Walken in the mix and you are headed towards The Dead Zone! Walken's Johnny wakes up from a coma with mysterious psychometry powers and must decide how to use them for good. Or stopping evil. Support the show (
Marion and Julia are so happy to finally get to cover Fade to Black, one of their very favorite, under seen horror films. Dennis Christopher slays the role of Eric Binford, a lonely film fanatic whose line between reality and fantasy snaps as he begins dressing as film characters and murdering those who have wronged him. A fabulous concept, and fun execution! Highly recommended!Support the show (
Julia, Marion, and producer Teri wish all you horror movie survivalists a happy 2019! Thanks for listening and we will keep bringing you horror movie survival tips and trivia in the new year!Support the show (
George Romero's final film in his "Dead" trilogy, following Night and Dawn, this film is a perfect continuation of the zombie apocalypse and where humanity winds up. We love that Romero is more concerned with the ramifications of a zombie takeover on the humans than on the creatures themselves. A fantastic film.Support the show (
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Tre'Lisia Tre'Vette Lollis

before I listen to their podcast I always watch the movie first, so it feels fresh.

Aug 17th

Denise Kitashima Dutton

The Devil's Tupperware is a great band name.

Aug 29th

Kyle Tesky

I second The Thing!

Aug 20th

Denise Kitashima Dutton

KILL IT WITH FIRE Not just a meme. A Final Girl survival tip.

May 4th

Anthony Steht

what about, The Thing?!?

Mar 7th
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