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Ed's (Not) Dead Podcast - The All Things Education Podcast

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We're not your average education podcast.

Whether you're a teacher, parent, education wonk, or concerned citizen, this is your place to learn about the hottest issues affecting education, like reform, teaching tips, policy, and more.

Your three hosts, Robby, Pete, and Casey, rarely agree. That's what makes it fun. What we do share is a profound commitment to improving education.

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A Farewell to DeVos (606)

A Farewell to DeVos (606)


Last episode of the year - the guys bid adieu to Dear Betsy by ceremoniously going through all of her "accomplishments" as ed secretary: Congressman Robert C. "Bobby" Scott has represented Virginia’s third congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1993.  Prior to his service in Congress, he served 15 years in the Virginia General Assembly. Congressman Scott currently serves as the Chairman of the Committee on Education and Labor. In this capacity, he is advancing an agenda that improves equity in education, frees students from the burdens of crippling debt, protects and expands access to affordable health care, ensures workers have a safe workplace where they can earn a living wage free from discrimination, and guarantees seniors have a secure and dignified retirement.  
We Need a Marshall Plan for our Schools Topics: what would we like to see Biden do for education? Two Outsiders Emerge for Ed Secretary And we interview Mr. Greg Cruey, a West Virginia middle school social studies teacher, about his thoughts and his role in the Washington Post piece that featured him: And his ideas for school reform / push for local community schools!
The dudes discuss: The merits of free college under a Biden-Harris administration - we discuss the ins and outs of free college based on an EducationNext piece - We also interview Kimberlee Carlile who is the director of Talent Ready Utah. This GOED program helps build the Utah workforce while providing students with increased career and education opportunities. Through the Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connection program, 27 students have been partnered with Switzerland's Stadler Rail to help guide career development. Most recently, the Utah Legislature allocated $16.5 million in CARES act money to establish the ‘Learn & Work In Utah’ program. This initiative includes support for the Utah System of Higher Education’s Custom Fit program and several other workforce training programs to provide education and training to displaced workers.
1. What determines if and how schools reopen? Trump Voters: 2. We prognosticate for the Biden Administrations' pick for Dear Betsy's replacement. 3. No Senior Year for You!
Ed Is Flat (402)

Ed Is Flat (402)


The Education Revolution Awaits - Tom Friedman: Guest: Dr. Diana D'Amico Pawlewicz is a historian of education and social policy. She is an assistant professor in the Educational Foundations and Research Program at the University of North Dakota. Dr. Pawlewicz’s research explores school policy as social policy and centers on fundamental questions around equity, race, power, and the role of institutions in creating or disrupting inequality.
College = Therapy? (401)

College = Therapy? (401)


The Ed's Not Dead team is back and stronger than ever for the premiere episode of season 4. The dudes discuss: * How is the pandemic "new normal" impacting teaching and learning? * Is college over reliant on social emotional learning and a focus on "mushy gushy" data points? Casey facilitates an amazing quiz between Robby and Peter, where Robby trounces Peter and regains an award of our END quiz show!
We bring back Dr. Johann Neem to discuss his recent piece in USA Today about COVID19 and the threat to our public education institutions as we know them. The gang also discusses a Washington Post opinion piece from a small town Arizona superintendent regarding the challenges of opening up: 
We discuss the Grade-Level Expectations Trap - via @Shareaholic Should we be teaching to where students are? Or should we be teaching students based on curriculum and grade-level established expectations? We also interview Former Obama Education Secretary John King about the nationwide systemic challenges the coronavirus is presenting school systems and communities, and what our schools will look like post-COVID19. And as a bonus, we interview prospective MCPS Board of Education member, Sunil Dasgupta about his hopes and expectations for his seat on the Board of the 14th largest school system in the nation.
We discuss David Lopilato's article in Bethesda Beat: "Let's Reconsider How We Do High School": What should systems do with regard to standardized testing, antiquated grading systems, and school rankings? Diane Ravitch is a Research Professor of Education at New York University and a historian of education and a former assistant secretary of education under George H.W. Bush. She is the Founder and President of the Network for Public Education (NPE). Diane’s Blog is and is a go to for the most current progressive thought pieces in education today.
Using the Valerie Strauss WAPO piece, we discuss the ins and outs of what a return to school will look like while still in the thick of the COVID19 outbreak: We also invite Andy Hargreaves on the show to discuss what he perceives as the major impacts of COVID19 on our education system psyche, as well as his new memoir coming out in June, "Moving."
The dudes discuss the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on schools, families, and communities across the country, chat about the extent to which smarter teachers = smarter students (based on an EducationNext piece by By Eric A. Hanushek, Marc Piopiunik and Simon Wiederhold: The dudes also get to interview Lynne Harris. Lynne is a Registered Nurse and educator who is running for the at large seat on the board of Education in Montgomery County Maryland. Lynne is currently a teacher of the Healthcare Professions at Thomas Edison High School of Technology. Prior to being a teacher, Lynne served as the President of the Montgomery County Council of PTAs.
The gang is recording remotely this time due to the ongoing pandemic / COVID 19 issue. The dudes discuss the short and long term impacts of the pandemic on our schools and communities: Assuming that most if not all districts will be out of school for extended amounts of time, what does teaching and learning / school supervision look like from a district and school level? Is online distance learning the way to go for all age groups, including elementary? How much should parents be homeschooling? Try to recreate school day or just do whatever? What is the best way for students to catch up next year on what they have missed this year? We conclude with a Dear Betsy segment: "Betsy DeVos has a problem with numbers"  
Peter, Robby, and Casey begin the show with a dive into presidential politics through a recent Chalkbeat article: The 2020 Cheat Sheet: How do the current presidential candidates measure up in terms of educational policy platforms - the gang lugs out a Price is Right "spin the wheel" to discuss a variety of ideas within the democratic party. Finally, the gang interviews Natalie Wexler, author of the recently published book: The Knowledge Gap: The Hidden Cause of America's Broken Education System--and How to Fix It. They discuss the worthiness of teaching skills vs content and the observations of elementary classrooms for Natalie's book that drove her to have concerns over our education system.  
We may not have been a podcast for a decade, but we have been discussing what's hot and impactful in education for the better part of a decade. Follow along memory lane with us as we discuss and analyze the biggest education news stories of the past ten years.
Beware, NAEP is Here! (305)

Beware, NAEP is Here! (305)


NAEP Articles Discussed: Brookings Institute: The NAEP Proficiency Myth NAEP Myths vs Facts: Interview Biography: Ricardo Cano covers California education for CalMatters. Ricardo joined CalMatters in September 2018 from The Arizona Republic and, where he spent three years as the education reporter.
What are the top issues affecting teachers and public education right now? What can be done to strengthen public schools at the federal and state levels? Will there be a tipping point when we, collectively as a nation, make the decision to fully fund our schools? Have we finally jumped the shark with data and value added evaluation systems? What's the next "big thing" in education?
Teacher Tips How to bring mindfulness into the classroom. What does mindfulness look like/sound like in the modern classroom? Applying mindfulness to mundane classroom tasks: Mindfulness Resources from Edutopia Mindfulness in High School
The Wrath of Khan (Academy): To what extent is Khan Academy replacing or supplanting regular classroom instruction? What are the upsides and downsides of the increasing use of services such as Khan Academy on student learning and the teaching force in general? During today's episode, we use the Chalkbeat article entitled: "How Khan Academy, the popular free tool for students, wants to play a more official role in America’s classrooms" Interview with Lee, high school student: Last week, Jeremy Adams from the LA Times wrote an Op-Ed complaining about how kids don't like reading anymore. Meanwhile, an incredibly well-versed student from across the country wrote an outstanding and pithy response that summed up the generational difference succinctly. Dear Betsy is back! From the Washington Post, the gang discusses how incredibly awesome and amazing back to school tour by Dear Betsy that doesn't really include public schools: "Where Betsy Devos Started her back to school tour says it all about her agenda"
The gang's back for Season 3! Check out our season premiere episode where we discuss the legacy of Robby's dad, Dr. Alan Dodd, and spend a whole bootload of time discussing the Kim Brooks NY Times piece on how we are ruining childhood "...children today are more depressed than they were during the Great Depression and more anxious than they were at the height of the Cold War." Episode Resources: Feedspot Top 20 Podcast! Seven ways parents and educators can improve kids middle school experience: We have ruined childhood:  
Show Notes: Part 1: We discuss Suevon Lee's (@suevlee) recent piece about teacher shortages in Hawaii: Are solutions for the persistent Hawaii teacher shortage a model for the nation? Part 2: The dudes interview the one and only Peggy Brookins, President and CEO of NBPTS. * What should we know and hear from you about possibly attaining national boards?  * In some of NBPTS' published research findings, researchers examined the distribution of board certified teachers in six states—California, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio and South Carolina. It was noted that except for California, "board certified teachers are not equitably distributed across schools that serve different populations of students. In five of the six states examined, poor, minority, and lower-performing students are far less likely to have the opportunity to benefit from the teaching of a National Board certified teachers than are their more affluent, majority, and higher-performing peers." As president and CEO, what is your vision to address this inequity? * Are their formal/informal ways that district/school leaders can support teachers? * Using your magic wand, what would you like to have happen federally in regard to education policy? 
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