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“Beating the Odds” is a podcast full of inspiration and advice from minority entrepreneurs that have overcome obstacles to build successful businesses. Each episode details their journey to success, and the issues that can sidetrack a business. Many of the challenges are unique to minority entrepreneurs while others are faced by all business owners. Some of the companies featured are large, some are small; but each story provides valuable lessons and inspiration to anyone who wants to succeed on their own. Listen, learn, and beat the odds!
7 Episodes
Darrell Tsabetsaye is a Native American business owner and successful entrepreneur who started, grew, and sold a family-run business in his hometown of Zuni, New Mexico, and is now launching an organic marketplace that will re-shape the grocery industry in New Mexico. Listen now to hear his inspiring story of entrepreneurial success!
Former NFL star and two-time Super Bowl champion Tyrone Poole is now finding success as an entrepreneur. Listen to his inspiring story of how he has become a business owner, speaker, author, inventor, and athletic trainer. 
With less than $1 in her bank account, African American entrepreneur, Felita Poole built a multi-million dollar business that employs more than 80 people. Hannah's Home Care Agency is now a well establish, respected firm in Seattle, Washington.
Growing up in a household of African American entrepreneurs, Raechele Gray witnessed the hardships that come about when building a business. Rather than being deterred, she embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and built Greater Works Design Studio. She now employs designers from all around the world. Check out Greater Works Design Studio's at
From small town Texas, Amber Ybarra embarked on a journey that included many states and different jobs. Now back in Texas, she owns and operates a thriving construction company. Listen and learn about how she adapted to create a successful business that employs dozens of workers. 
Born in Cameroon, Africa, Dora moved to America as a child with her family. She is the founder of Lux Global, an international event planning company with offices in Atlanta, London, and soon Paris. Listen to her inspirational journey to success.     Dora is another example of a successful minority business owner / entrepreneur. We appreciate her willingness to share her story to inspire future entrepreneurs and to serve as a role model for the minority business community.       If your company needs an affair or event planned in Atlanta, please reach out to Lux Global. Dora and her team will take care of you.  
Dave Anderson went from being homeless to hosting a successful radio show and authoring a best selling book. Now as The Business Bully, he inspires minority entrepreneurs and hosts the annual BullyCon event. Listen to learn more about his journey from the streets to the stage.
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