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Paul Hickey is a business leader, digital strategist and web developer who is starting to get loud while documenting the journey of helping businesses grow. We talk Google Analytics, Social Media Content Creation, Facebook Ads, SEO, Paid Search, Web Design and more, as well as the occasional interview with business owners, marketers, educators, entrepreneurs and just overall badasses. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 177: How To Create An Exit Intent Pop Up On A WordPress Site: Data Driven Daily Tip 289
Attention Marketers and Small Business Owners: the data is overwhelming that you should not bombard users with pop-ups that prompt them for their email addresses upon immediately accessing your website.To many it feels intrusive. They've visited you, and you're already asking them for something. Gross.BUT, there is a web design / digital marketing tactic that the data says works EXTREMELY well, that is non-intrusive.If you've ever been to a website, browsed around for a minute or three, then moved your mouse to close out that browser tab or enter another URL into the address bar, there is a slight chance that you are prompted at that moment - the moment you try to exit the site - for your email address.This, my friends, is called an "Exit Intent" pop-up, and this video shows you how to install one on your WordPress website.Things you'll need:1. A WordPress Website 2. The Pop-Up Builder Plug-in for WordPress 3. The Gravity Forms Plug-in for WordPressWe always say that high school kids can build websites. Why would a small business or mid size brand with a small marketing team pay a professional team like Data Driven Design to do it for them? This is one of the many reasons why. We are thinking about how to help you use data to grow your business and acquire new customers. Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by The Infatuation and Anchor
Episode 173: Can An Alexa Skill Be A Business?
Can An Alexa Skill BE A BUSINESS, or Should It Be An Extension of a Pre-existing Business?From my interview with Amazon Alexa's Chief Evangelist Dave IsbitskiIt can be either for sure.Interesting Scenarios:1. Account Linking – businesses can use their existing APIs and accounting systems, etc. to link up with a voice-based Alexa Skill. That’s how something like ordering a Pizza online works. The user already has an account, the user just says it, and the Pizza company with the Alexa Skill just charges through their pre-existing system.2. Amazon Pay Integration – small businesses can sell things online and use Amazon Pay. Dave adds: “what’s interesting about the Amazon Pay Integration is meeting your customer in the moment. Let’s say I have a podcast about running shoes, and I could say on the podcast “would you like to buy these right now for 50% off on Amazon.”3. In-Skill Purchasing – Games do this, selling power-ups and turns, etc.“Another interesting example is working maybe with an age demographic that skews higher,” Dave says. “Let’s say your business fields a lot of calls, and it’s a huge cost center for your business, when in fact, if they could just talk to you, that would completely solve it!”Perhaps the most interesting part of the conversation for me, happened when Dave started talking about the fact that current data and analytics from websites and mobile devices are only really based around what the brand or business has allowed the customer to do.“The top three things users do in my mobile app are these things. Right, because those are some of the only things you’ve allowed them to do. With Alexa, it’s different, you can get data around what they’re asking you about. For example, you may give your customers 100 different conversation paths. When you see a drop off at a certain point, you know your customers were looking for something that wasn’t there. You learn as you go, and you improve, in a very different way than with web and mobile apps.” Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by The Infatuation
Episode 169: How Should My Business Use TikTok?
During one of our weekly Data Driven Q and A sessions with partners and clients, Gaye Lynn Wilson, VP of National Pro Fastpitch, asked a great question - how should our business leverage TikTok to promote an upcoming event? In this case the event she was referencing is the 2019 NPF Draft, scheduled for April 15 in Nashville, TN.First of all, to set the stage for my answer, I talk about TikTok. What is it, exactly? Well, if you had heard of the lip syncing app, TikTok purchased and now basically is, according to Variety and courtesy of, has more than 80 million US users, and almost 800 million users when you include its international audience.Reference: if you remember the six second video app Vine, TikTok is like Vine, combined with Carpool Karaoke (a short on the Late Late Show with James Corden).Service providers, like Dentist - Dr. Chithra Durgam DDS have used, now TikTok to promote their businesses, and Sports and Entertainment companies like NPF can definitely leverage their assets in terms of players, mascots, cheer squads, coaches, etc. to create short, fun videos with music that are relevant to their brand.The example I talk about in this video refers to using the players "at bat" song or future "at bat" song, in the case of NPF draftees, and having them create short music videos where they lip sync to their future at bat song.What I don't mention in the video is that it could also be used to take highlights and simply chop them up in post production to make them shorter, like top 10 plays, but only showing 1-2 seconds of each play.I think the biggest thing to remember though is that leveraging TikTok is just like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest and others.... IT'S ABOUT CREATING THE CONTENT CONSISTENTLY and making it relevant and native to the audience on each platform.It's not about simply "being on a platform to check the box." It's about meeting your audience where they are, with a message that's relevant to them and doing it consistently over the long term.The actual question is:How can you repurpose your current content to consistently make it relevant to an audience on TikTok that you're ready to engage with over the next 24-36 months? Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by The Infatuation
Episode 168: Interview With Amazon Alexa Chief Evangelist Dave Isbitski
For almost three years I've been making Data Driven Daily Tips, useful pieces of information for Small Business Owners and Small Marketing Teams to learn Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Blogging, Content Creation, Instagram Growth Strategies and more.There are almost 300 "DDD Tips" now, and they've taken many forms. Originally shot on Instagram Stories and saved down and uploaded to YouTube, and reposted in blog form on the website with written transcriptions, the "tip" has now evolved into a simulcast YouTube Video and Podcast with audio ripped down and published via The YouTube video now is post edited into IGTV format requirements to ensure omnipresence on all socials, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Medium.comThis latest version of the "tip" is a first. It's our first with a guest. And this guest is an important one, so we took about 45 minutes together via Zoom Conference. Myself from my office in Valencia, Spain, and Dave Isbitski, Chief Evangelist for Alexa at Amazon and Alexa Marketing Employee #1, I assume from his office in Seattle.Here are the main highlights of our conversation:On helping brands figure out "what does this all mean?" - "Alexa is not a smart speaker revolution, it's about connecting with your customers."Talking about what it's like to help build a community of Alexa Developers via the Alexa Developers Console and the Alexa Skills Kit. Also, the Alexa Voice Service. -Alexa Voice Service is where you put Alexa into things. This can be done with Windows machines, Sonos speakers, Cars, Headphones, Homes, etc. So Alexa Voice Service basically extends the amount of Alexa-enabled devices that exist. Right now, I think of Echos and Echo Dots as Alexa-enabled devices. Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by The Infatuation and Anchor
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