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Episode 43 - How do I Write Consistently? by David Sherry
Name Change! This show is now "no agenda." by David Sherry
Episode 42 - The Golden Lever for Growing your Network by David Sherry
A new approach to sales/marketing/copywriting that puts your customer on the same plane as you, and puts you in a position of support.
Feels Right Feels Wrong (an Audio Note from the Desert) by David Sherry
A new series on mindset that helps you accelerate your work, without a full agenda.
Tim Urban started Wait but Why, a popular web blog that takes difficult to understand concepts and breaks them down through thorough analysis and stick figure drawings to make it fun and engaging. I spoke with Tim about how he built his blog to millions a views a month, and how he makes a living writing and sharing these posts. Check out his blog at
Michael Ventura is accomplished in many areas, from running a succesful New York City agency called Sub Rosa to speaking and coaching and community building with Corvis Medicine and his retail shop Calliope. The thing that ties them all together? Empathy. Here's the latest in my series of interviews with those I call "non-conformist empire builders". Check out his agency below.
I first came across Miki Agrawal at a conference called the Do Lectures in California, and I was blown away by her energy and just how many businesses and projects she had in the works. Miki owns multiple e-commerce companies, is a speaker and author and helped start a farm to table pizzeria in NYC. We discuss how to break taboos as a form of starting businesses that empower women. Check out her work and upcoming book here:
I sat down with Paul Jarvis to discuss a bit about his early career, his upcoming book company of one, and how he launches courses and software products through his email list. Paul Jarvis is an accomplished freelancer, internet teacher and blogger. His Sunday dispatches are a must-read weekly email for anyone looking to improve their craft as a creative. He's got a new book on the way, "Company of One" and you can sign up for his email list here.
Last year I took a sales training course from an incredible teacher, speaker, author, and business coach, Matt Kimberly. Today I have him on the show to discuss his work, and how artists should start thinking about sales. You can check out his work below and hop on his email list (one that I love to receive). Enjoy!
Alexandra Franzen is a writer, consultant, and entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. Her writing has been featured on websites like Time, Forbes, and Newsweek, and she’s been mentioned in places like The New York Times Small Business Blog, The Atlantic, and Inc. We chatted about what to do when the going get's tough, and her new book - "You're Going to Survive". It's a book about how to deal with discouraging situations in your career, and how to build more resilience and keep marching towards your goals. The book has been called "uplifting and encouraging" and "your new best friend on a bad day." It's available for pre-order now. I had a blast with this conversation and I think you will too.
A quick riff on why you don't need to pay attention too much to social media followings, email opens etc..
Today I speak with a business coach I've worked with for about 3 years. We talk in depth about some of the patterns he sees for where most people get "stuck" and blocked, and about what a good coach can do for you. I'm sure I'll have him back again sometime, so feel free to send along any future questions!
Today I riff off of a question from a listener about networking, and I supply 8 ideas for building out your network, almost all of which I've used myself. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions you want answered on air, thanks!
Joanna Galvao runs an agency that makes sites for some of our most known independent creators. Her agency, Gifs Design Studio, quickly grew to a team of 8, but like all fast growing companies, with a few hiccups along the way. We discuss some of what she learned in the early days of hiring and how to create a team that cares about you. I found her advice to be practical and spot on from the perspective of how to care for your team and build a workplace you love. There were a few books mentioned: Leaders eat last - Simon Sinek Radical Candor - Kim Scott Check out her site!
I was recently on a podcast hosted by Matte Black, and there was one section of that show I wanted to recreate and share with you on the show so you didn't miss it. It's 5 rules, and concepts that I've picked up along the way that have helped me keep making progress as a creative. Let me know your thoughts, lata!
This episode I talk about how we often make things a big deal in our minds, which leads to stress and what we can do to avoid that. I also discuss acting natural on social media and the trap we can fall into there.
Should I be on my grind? Should I allow things to present themselves in my life? Today I talk about how I approach my work, and a breakthrough I had from a quote I heard that helped me feel things out in my work the way that works best for me.
In this show I talk about how I think about building partnerships to grow the awareness of your brand. It's one of the best ways you can get traction with your company or project, but often people approach them from the wrong perspective. I share a few ideas on how I look at building partnerships. Enjoy!
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Teal Brooks

Thank you so much for being real. This podcast is very helpful for me. There's so much hype about success, instant success. I was constantly feeling alone and inadequate. But things take time!!! Thank you!

Dec 20th
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