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Total Wellness Radio: Enjoy Great Health Naturally

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Total Wellness Radio interviews Natural Health and Wellness Practitioners from around the World. Our focus brings hope and awareness to our listeners, explains the potency and efficacy of natural approaches to chronic illness and puts them in touch with leading Natural Health Practitioners making this happen!

Our business is 3 fold.
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The Reset your Thyroid and Reverse Hashimoto's series with Divya Gupta, starts April 1st and is focused on providing you simple strategies to increase your energy, replenish your hair and relieve constipation so you can thrive! You're about to get insider training from top experts in their fields. Here are just a few topics for the masterclasses that you won't want to miss: ➡️ Knowing the basics of thyroid performance (from yours truly) ➡️ Why doctors drop the ball in treating the thyroid ➡️ Hypothyroidism: Becoming an empowered consumer of your health ➡️ Quick Start Guide to the Thyroid Reset Diet ➡️ The powerful yet forgotten thyroid hormone T2 ➡️ Long Covid and Hashimoto's ➡️ Beyond Breathing: How to improve your thyroid health one breath at a time and 23 more incredible topics! !
Dr. Dominic Brandy is the Founder of Natural Insights Into Cancer. He has been a practicing medical doctor for 42 years running a plastic surgery/ medspa/ anti-aging practice during that time. He has published 76 scientific articles and 9 textbook chapters in the medical literature; written many consumer articles; and given over 200 lectures at international medical meetings. Five years ago he was diagnosed with a blood cancer called “multiple myeloma”. Like all cancer patients, after the shock he started to get his life and spiritual priorities in order. “We all know we are going to die, but when it's right there in front of your face, it's a lot different.” Dr. Brandy had one advantage over the rest of us. Medical school and a lifelong history of reading and studying about diet, exercise, and supplements and their relationship to good health. “Natural Insights into Cancer” is Dr. Brandy’s ongoing project to share with you what he has learned through scouring the medical literature about what can be done naturally to fight this dreaded disease. Because Dr. Brandy had directed The Skin Center's anti-aging division for the past 25 years, he already had a solid foundation of knowledge about health and nutrition before his diagnosis. Moreover, health and nutrition have been a passion of Dr. Brandy since the age of 10. So you will be getting information from a medical professional who has an intense passion for learning as much as possible about health, nutrition, and ways to fight cancer naturally. He shares his knowledge through his website; his Instagram site @cancerveggiedoc and Facebook page Dominic Brandy. He offers virtual consultations and 24/7 cancer coaching through his website. He is also a sought-out speaker. Dr. Brandy is also the author of an amazing book Beat Back Cancer Naturally. This book includes 5 Scientifically Proven Natural and Plant-Based Ways to Prevent, Survive and Thrive with Cancer.
BEST-SELLING AUTHOR & LEADER IN THE ANTI-TOXICS MOVEMENT In his powerful new book Raising Healthy Kids, DAVID STEINMAN, one of America’s premier environmental activists, shows how today’s most popular items — from bubble bath to cereal to cleaning products to snack food — are contaminated with unacceptable levels of chemical toxins and pesticides, and he proposes alternatives and substitutes to keep your family safe. Never-before-seen test results are revealed for major brands like Johnson & Johnsons, Kellogg, Tide, and Clairol, and General Mills that identify exactly which products contain ingredients that are dangerous. David shares the connection between beauty products as well as food items and how they can cause reproductive health issues in pregnant women, and that environmental exposures, particularly in schools, can have a profound impact on babies’ and children’s development. David shows all of us who are consumers of these products how to make smart choices to protect our children and ourselves. Raising Healthy Kids is an inspiring, informative, and user-friendly book that will help every family reduce their toxic exposures and ensure their health and well-being. To bring further awareness, David publishes HealthyLiving Magazine and serves as the director of the non-profit Chemical Toxin Working Group (Healthy Living Foundation), which advocates on behalf of consumers by bringing legal action and litigation to remove chemical toxins from products.
History has produced many amazing healers throughout the world. Dr. John Christopher, the School of Natural Healing in Utah was on the top of the list of Who’s Who Herbalist throughout the entire United States. The information in today’s episode is just a brief discussion on just some of the many amazing preparations and healing philosophies. This man taught all over the world. As always, we appreciate you tuning into Total Wellness Radio!
For centuries, all over the world, remedies have been used very successfully from the botanical field to support normal function during cold and flu season. In this episode, we touch on just a couple of natures, most powerful remedies. Remedies which are nontoxic, non-habit forming and produce no ill side effects. As always thank you so much for tuning into Total Wellness Radio.
One of the most profound and impactful protocols every single person we’ve worked with benefits the most from is proper bowel, health, and bowel cleansing. Be sure and ask for our write up titled “Death Begins in the Colon”. This is a free resource which describes the historical relevance of bowel health, as it relates to structural health, hormonal health, immune system and digestion, along with many other areas of proper performance. As always, thank you so much for tuning in and have a wonderful and blessed day.
E424 Proper Digestion

E424 Proper Digestion


Clinically by far, this is one of the most addressed concerns people come to us with. The majority of digestive concerns could be resolved if they would develop good digestive habits. That’s right, how you eat, determines how your body can respond digestively along with some other factors on proper food, combining, and, in this episode, we cover the mechanics and chemistry behind proper digestion.
In today’s episode, we capture the audio version of our Weekly Facebook, LIVE series, Wellness Wednesday. You can tune into on both our Country Doctor Nutritional Center Facebook page or Country Doctor Herbals wholesale page. Thank you for tuning in and be sure and leave a comment and let us know what other topics you would like to hear about on our weekly Wellness Wednesday broadcast.
Drawing from her 15+ years of experience in the corporate world, Divya understands the challenges of conventional well-being approaches. Her health journey began with the removal of her gall bladder at 20, and a Hashimoto's diagnosis at 25. Faced with the conventional "pill for every ill" approach, she witnessed her mother's health decline with similar illnesses, compelling her to take control of her health to avoid a compromised quality of life. Fueled by her passion for health and wellness, coupled with a desire to make a positive impact, Divya has become a wellness advocate. When not empowering clients, she indulges in hiking, culinary creations, yoga, and exploring new destinations. Based in San Jose, California, with her loving husband and adventurous 8-year-old son, Divya's life is a testament to the transformation she brings to others, unlocking the full potential of their well-being. - Social Media Links Instagram: _@divgupta LinkedIn: Facebook: W: Link to upcoming Master Class:
Tamara Krouse is a Certified Traditional Naturopath in Parsons, KS. She has worked as a holistic health coach since 2016, has recently completed her education at Trinity School of Health, and is launching her first brick and mortar practice in January of 2024. Tamara brings old-world techniques to a modern world, including but not limited to Nutritional Kinesiology, RBTI, and Biofeedback to get to the root cause of chronic illness and disease. Phone: 720-885-7918 Email: Facebook: Insta: Website:
E420 For Practitioners ONLY

E420 For Practitioners ONLY


This episode we captured the audio version of the monthly wholesale zoom roundtable with Dr. Dan. Each month we conduct this meeting with wholesale account holders from around the country. This allows us to keep them abreast as to what’s going on with the lab, Practice BluePrint, and a variety of upcoming activities they want to be aware of. This episode is typically not going to be geared so much for a consumer, however, you may find it interesting to know some of the behind-the-scenes information we practitioners deal with as we develop our wellness practices. Whether you’re a practitioner or a layperson, as always, I Thank You for taking the time to tune in to Total Wellness Radio.
Marieke Steen is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) and Master Restorative Wellness  Practitioner (MRWP) and she’s empowering busy women in midlife by teaching them how to balance their hormones naturally. She works with functional lab tests to uncover food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, microbiome imbalances, toxins and hormone imbalance. She is the author of the Hormone Balancing Cookbook and Hormone Harmony - a program that helps women feel more energized, lose weight, sleep well and end the anxiety, irritability and depression!. She has been featured in the Hormonally Speaking & the Brain Lady Speaks podcasts as well as the 2021 Hormone Summit. When she isn’t geeking out about hormones, the brain and longevity, you will find her traveling, outside in nature, cooking, hunting herbs and veggies at the farmers market, exercising, trying new relaxation techniques or hanging out with friends.
As a dedicated Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I bring a unique blend of academic rigor and holistic wellness to my practice. I hold a Master's degree in Psychology and a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, which I have artfully integrated into my health coaching journey, broadening my understanding of holistic health and its profound impact on our lives. My professional foundation is firmly rooted in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I embarked on comprehensive studies as a health coach. This institute's methodology emphasizes two core nourishment approaches: "Primary Food" and "Secondary Food," unlocking the secrets to wholesome well-being that go beyond what's on your plate. I proudly hold the title of a full member of the UK International Health Coaching Association, a testament to my commitment to professional excellence and unwavering dedication to my clients' health and happiness. However, my journey extends beyond these credentials. I am the founder of the "Healthy Rebel Movement," a testament to my belief in three transformative principles: 1. Self-Care Rebellion: It's time to challenge the belief that prioritizing self-care is selfish. By embracing this rebellion, we become better equipped to support and care for others. It's about adopting stress reduction techniques, mindfulness, nurturing healthy relationships, and providing space for self-reflection. 2. Nourishment Revolution: I advocate bidding farewell to restrictive diets and fleeting solutions. The Nourishment Revolution is about reclaiming your relationship with food and adopting a nourishing, sustainable approach. This movement involves consuming whole, nutrient-dense foods, listening to your body's wisdom, and discovering the joy in the mindful act of eating. 3. Lifestyle Liberation: Our sedentary and stress-laden modern lifestyles need a shake-up. The Lifestyle Liberation movement encourages us to break free from these shackles. It's about seamlessly weaving movement, exercise, and joyful activities into your daily routine. It's the quest for balance, the exploration of novel ways to engage your body, and the celebration of the incredible benefits of an active lifestyle. I am on a mission to empower and inspire, helping individuals revolutionize their health and well-being from the inside out. With a foundation in psychology, philosophy, and integrative nutrition. You may contact Denitsa at:
It was during a deeply personal journey of self-discovery that Lauren found her true purpose. Despite her success, she recognized persistent struggles in her own life that weren't improving, no matter how hard she tried to change them. This realization led her to the path of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®). Through experiencing remarkable results in her own healing, Lauren also rekindled a childhood dream she'd held since the age of seven - becoming a therapist. Balancing two thriving businesses and a young family, Lauren embarked on her studies at the Marisa Peer School of RTT®. Today, she specializes in guiding individuals and groups towards personal growth and transformation, leveraging her expertise in RTT®, Mindset Coaching, energy work and somatic movement in her practice, RISE Therapy.
Corinna Kromer was born and raised in Greece, educated in England and the U.S. and has been living in Colorado for 25 years. She is the founder and CEO of Inspired Health Energy Medicine & Coaching, an educational platform for women looking to heal and thrive in life. Corinna is a certified Energy Medicine professional, Wellness, Trauma & HeartMath Coach, and an NLP practitioner. She is also the developer of the ETC- Lucid Hypnosis system; a safe, fast, and efficient way to understand and process chronic pain and traumatic life experiences. Through her unique 12 Steps to Freedom coaching program, she teaches women how to restore their life, and re-discover health, joy and vibrancy. For the last decade, Corinna has been offering her time at a local Veterans clinic where her Healing Touch treatments are focused on PTSD, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders and Chronic pain. Corinna brings together her life experiences, education and multi-disciplinary trainings to promote healing and deeper connection in our world. She is passionate about educating people on self-care and its values and strives to promote a culture that is focused on wellness and inner joy. Contact Corinna by visiting her website at
Mary Collette A corporate attorney turned healthy eating advocate, Mary Collette has worked in the healthy eating field for over 30 years as kitchen coach, blogger, speaker, healthy cooking instructor and author. Besides a previous book and software program, she has developed and presented several online courses around meal planning, healthy convenience cooking, creating and cooking from a healthy pantry and the KitchenSmart® strategies. Mary's many "on-the-ground" experiences, both in client kitchens and the cooking classroom, have given her first hand insights into the struggles and challenges faced by ordinary home cooks trying to implement a healthy diet. Witnessing these struggles has put her in a perfect position to offer and speak about the new solutions in her upcoming book, A New Eating Culture. Visit Mary at
Todd Bailey has dealt with chronic pain his entire adult life. What started as high school sports injuries (and surgeries) eventually led to 20 orthopedic surgeries. This constant pain not only restricted his physical activities but also prevented him from enjoying many things he loved. Prescription and OTC meds would help for a time, but their benefits were short-lived, and their side effects were harsh and harmful. Merely masking the pain with pills wasn’t working. He had to find a better way to manage pain and inflammation. He needed real healing. Nature is abundant with plant extracts and other substances for soothing inflammation, calming nerves, and alleviating pain. However, their potency is limited if they're not efficiently absorbed by the body. Enter DMSO, a solution that addresses this absorption challenge and offers much more. Alone, DMSO combats inflammation and pain. But its real power is in its ability to amplify the absorption of other substances, enabling enhanced therapeutic effects. This discovery was pivotal for Todd, leading to innovative formulations and the relief he desperately sought. This journey inspired our guiding principle at Herbal Mana to help people like Todd to "hurt less, live more." Todd Bailey co-founded Herbal Mana to help relieve chronic pain sufferers like him. He is CEO and is uniquely qualified to serve as Chief Product Tester. You will find these exclusive formulas at:
This amazing young couple have embarked on a personal health improvement journey, which is producing amazing results not just in their overall physical health, but in their emotional and mindset habits as well. Collectively, losing over 90 pounds in 2023, they are a true testimony to what can be done when you put your mind and focus on a consistent plan of action. Be sure and comment on this and other episodes of Total Wellness Radio as we are here to inspire and inform our listeners as to what is truly possible in Natural Health.
Christine Garvin, MA, NE, RWP is a Functional Nutritionist based in Asheville, NC. She weaves together her personal health journey – including a fibroid surgery that nearly killed her – with her training in functional health and nutrition to help women heal their gut and get empowered when it comes to their hormones. She has been featured in Health, Shape, Parade Magazine, and MSN, among other outlets. She is the host of the popular podcast, Hormonally Speaking, works with clients all over the world, offers self-guided and group programs for gut healing and hormone health, and presents on stages throughout the US. Learn more at
Carolyn Gross has been a Chaos Researcher for 25 Years! Her expertise addresses the Global Shuffle from the Pandemic, that has redirected all our lives. As an Award-Winning Speaker, Author, and Reinvention Strategist, she has been seen on NBC, ABC and Lifetime TV. Her thinking & health approach is 'just a little bit ahead' of most, as she wrote her latest book Rise Above the Chaos before the pandemic and healed stage 3 breast cancer without surgery 20 Years ago. In her Keynote Presentations she presents strategies to offset the adverse reactions from intensive-immediate crisis to instill productivity as we all re`calibrate our lives. Carolyn helps companies, associations and health professionals redefine their lives to rise above the chaos and lead the way. Her latest book: Rise Above The Chaos and Retreats in Palm Springs, she helps people redefine their lives while maintaining their health and mental stability. She offers mental fitness strategies helping those working in crisis to be proactive rather than reactive with team & self-care protocols to reinstate productivity. visit her website: or