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Total Wellness Radio interviews Natural Health and Wellness Practitioners from around the World. The focus of this podcast brings hope and awareness to our listeners, explains the potency and efficacy of natural approaches to chronic illness and puts them in touch with the Natural Health Practitioners making this happen!

Our business is 3 fold.
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Tarashaun Hausner is the founder of ‪‬ (please link ‪‬ to She credits using a blender daily for helping her heal an unhealthy relationship with food. A passionate advocate for healthy living, she is committed to helping others pursue optimal wellness and heal their bodies with clean eating. She offers several programs to help people get healthy including challenges and a whole foods 7 day Blender CleanseTM.WEB/SOCIAL Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:
Sarah Adamo was the proud wife to the late Jacob Adamo, for 15 years. Jacob was the Author of 2 books on inter personal communication and spoke on the same subject. Sarah is Mama to their 7 amazing children, 5 of which were delivered by Jacob and born at home. Jacob and Sarah shared a passion for health both in communication and in the physical body and supported each other in their businesses. After Jacob’s sudden passing in April of 2018, Sarah picked up his baton and continues on with his message of better communication through understanding the unique characteristics of each personality and blending them to achieve more balanced relationships. She speaks publically on the topics of living through the hardships of grief and personality colors. She is also a Platinum in Young Living and currently lives in Eastern Tennessee with her children.
Mike Broadwell is the lead field rep and trainer for Theragem Fusion Light Therapy in the US. He's also created and produced several live and online workshops and summits on energy healing, chronic pain and inflammation. His latest program Why Inflammation? offers a counter-intuitive approach to solving chronic inflammatory conditions.Mike lives south of Nashville, TN, and is an engineer by training.
Sara is the owner of Winnipeg Nutrition. She practices Functional Medicine as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Her passion is to see people reach their full potential by using diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and specific nutrition to create health.Sara specializes in adrenal fatigue, hormone correction, thyroid disorders and digestive disorders / food allergies.Education* Canadian School of Natural Nutrition* Renai Sante Institute of Integrated Medicine* Functional Medicine University* American Academy of Anti Aging MedicineSaraWinnipeg NutritionP: ‪204-952-7982‬F: ‪204-800-4298‬‪11-1325 Markham Road‬‪Wpg MB R3T 4J6‬
Chrisitne Cernera is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and owner of Reclaim Your Health in Freehold, New Jersey. She is also known as ̈Little Miss Wonderful ̈ by her husband of 28 years!She ditched a middle management career to pursue health and fitness. She educates as many people as she can about how their bodies work, how to balance eating for nutrition and pleasure and ultimately take charge of their health. Her educational/support group, the RESTART Program, is just one venue in which she accomplishes this goal. Christine also incorporates tips on sleep, relaxation and movement into all nutrition programs she recommends.When she is not reading about health and fitness, Christine practices speaking Spanish, listens to Latin music and spends time with her husband, two sons and two dogs. To learn more about Christine and her services visit
I am a Naturopathic Doctor in SW Missouri but practice remotely World Wide. I worked as a Paramedic for many years but wanted to actually help people prevent disease and actually reverse it so began my studies. I learned people were reversing Cancer so took 2 amazing Holistic and Integrative Cancer Coaching Certification Courses and very much love working with cancer patients. My first grandbaby suffered horrific reactions from vaccines and through Dr. Dana Ullman (homeopath) I found Dr. Isaac Golden (Australian Homeopath) and became certified in Homeopathic Immunization and Detoxing Vaccine Injury and have build a practice doing both of these with families all over the world and serve on the board of FHCi (Free & Healthy Children International) and preparing for International work in this arena. I was recently asked to run as running mate (VP) with an Independent Presidential Candidate for the 2020 elections due to my passion and work in these areas regarding the Insanity going on in the Vaccine Paradigm and mandates but feel I am to continue the very important work of Educating the public about Homeopathic Immunization, The Truth About Vaccines, The Truth About Infectious Disease, The Truth About The Immune System. My platform has become "Educate, Equip, Empower". It was never a desire to become so involved in politics and world events but the evil corruption that is taking place at rapid pace and destroying millions of lives is requiring ALL of us to be inconvenienced to stand up and protect our Basic Human Rights, the Constitution, Religious Freedoms, and our Families. As a naturopathic doctor, I do utilize Zyto biocommunication, Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy with Sound Therapy and Color Therapy, IonCleanse Foot Detox Therapy, X'Tract Full-Body Lymphatic Therapy, AromaTouch Essential Oil Therapy, Symphony of the Cells targeted system Essential Oil Therapies, Bach Flower Remedies, Homeopathics, Perception Reframing, and have recently added an Amazing Chiropractic Massage Chair that replaces Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist (pretty amazing technology).Honestly, I am spread too thin and I realize that. I have a hunger for learning how to help people and my path has changed a few times. I have not been successful at "streamlining" and have much invested in all I do, but my passion is on protecting the children that are suffering horrific consequences due to the corruption with Big Pharma and CDC, FDA, WHO, etc. Anyway, I have been very interested in the "simplicity" and "streamlining" that I see you have done and offer to help others do. Thank you 💞
Arnold Wiseman, MR PALEO Functional Nutritionist/Exercise SpecialistAGE: 67 HEIGHT: 5'-9 WEIGHT: 145HEALTH: Excellent*One of the original "followers" of Dr. Loren Cordain, PALEO/PRIMAL/KETO Diet.*Former Men's Mgr. of exclusive PLAYBOY Hotel Gym & Spa on Miami Beach*Originator of "HEAVYHANDS" classic exercise program*Hatha Yoga Instructor, Lived in IndiaHard Science background, three different fields, including Exercise Physiology & Sports Medicine.Trained by Dr. Tony Abbott, NASA Space Program, developer of fitness program for our astronauts.
In this episode Becca and Dan visit the challenges faced by all kids and their parents as children return to school. How to keep healthy children in spite of their public school environments. All of this and more in today’s episode of Total Wellness Radio.
E201 Tiffany Meyer NTP

E201 Tiffany Meyer NTP


Tiffany is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, driven to help clients alleviate chronic issues through natural remedies. Each client is treated as an individual, and no protocol is ever recommended for more than one client - it's 100% specific to the individual and their biochemical needs. Instead of walking away from an evaluation with a list of to-dos, clients receive regular touch points post-evaluation to help tweak protocols and recommendations as needed to ensure the client is adjusting and adapting as life shifts."
Carl Malone is ANMCB board certified (American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board) Doctor of BioEnergetic and Natural MedicineNET – Neuro Emotional Technique - Certfied Level 1 practitionerCRA – Contact Reflex AnalysisNRT – Nutrition Response TestingMRA – Keppel Method Muscle Response AnalysisGRT – Gonzales Rehabilitation Technique (Quantum Neurology)KST – Koren Specific TechniqueCBP - Certified Biofeedback PractitionerColorado Registered Psychotherapist Bodywork Therapies:LMT - Licensed Massage TherapistCNMT – Certified NeuroMuscular TherapistAdvanced Medical Massage certificationCraniosacral Therapy – Upledger InstituteVisceral Manipulation – Upledger InstituteLymph Draineage – Upledger InstituteEquine Certified Massage Therapist Auriculomedicine Certified practitioner LNMT - Dr. Malone has been using laser therapies to help people for over 16 years with remarkable results. He is developer of LNMT (Laser NeuroMuscular Therapy), a technique used to fine-tune the neuromuscular system by testing and upregulating major nerve roots, as well as using Low Level Laser Therapy to release tight muscle bands and trigger points. The technique has also proved very effective for individuals with balance, vertigo and dizziness issues and may help with fall prevention. LNMT can be used to sharpen eye-hand coordination in athletes to achieve superior performance. LNMT is now available to anyone to recover faster from injury and to perform at a higher level. Treatments are painless, non-invasive and done through clothing. Dr. Malone is also passionate about putting FDA-approved lasers into the hands of anyone interested in self-care. He enables them, through support and training, to use the LNMT techniques in helping friends, family and even pets.
Unhealthy Health Foods1. Processed Low Fat and Fat Free FoodsWhen this started, processed food manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon and started removing the fat from foods.But there's a huge problem... food tastes horrible when the fat has been removed. That's why they added a whole bunch of sugar to compensate.Saturated fat is harmless, but added sugar is incredibly harmful when consumed in excessThe words "low-fat" or "fat-free" on a packaging usually mean that it is a highly processed product that is loaded with sugar.2.Most Commercial Salad DressingsVegetables are incredibly healthy.The problem is that they often don't taste very good on their own.That's why many people use dressings to add flavour to their salads, turning these bland meals into delicious treats.But many salad dressings are actually loaded with unhealthy ingredients like sugar, vegetable oils and trans fats, along with a bunch of artificial chemicals.Although vegetables are good for you, eating them with a dressing high in harmful ingredients will totally negate any health benefit you get from the salad.Make sure to check the ingredients list before you use a salad dressing... or make your own using healthy ingredients.3. Fruit Juices. - A lot of people believe fruit juices to be healthy. They must be... because they come from fruit, right?But a lot of the fruit juice you find in the supermarket isn't really fruit juice.Sometimes there isn't even any actual fruit in there, just chemicals that taste like fruit. What you're drinking is basically just fruit-flavored sugar water.That being said, even if you're drinking 100% quality fruit juice, it is still a bad idea.4. Heart Healthy Whole Wheat - Most "whole wheat" products aren't really made from whole wheat.5. The grains have been pulverized into very fine flour, making them raise blood sugar just as fast as their refined counterparts. 6. In fact, whole wheat bread can have a similar glycemic index as white bread (5).But even true whole wheat may be a bad idea... because modern wheat is unhealthy compared to the wheat our grandparents ate.Around the year 1960, scientists tampered with the genes in wheat to increase the yield. Modern wheat is less nutritious and has some properties that make it much worse for people who are intolerant to gluten.5. Cholesterol Lowering PhytosterolsThere are certain nutrients called phytosterols, which are basically like plant versions of cholesterol.Some studies have shown that they can lower blood cholesterol in humans.For this reason, they are often added to processed foods that are then marketed as "cholesterol lowering" and claimed to help prevent heart disease.However, studies have shown that despite lowering cholesterol levels, phytosterols have adverse effects on the cardiovascular system and may even increase the risk of heart disease and death.6. MargarineButter was demonized back in the day, due to the high saturated fat content.Various health experts started promoting margarine instead.Back in the day, margarine used to be high in trans fats. These days, it has less trans fats than before but is still loaded with refined vegetable oils.Margarine is not food... it is an assembly of chemicals and refined oils that have been made to look and taste like food.Not surprisingly, the Framingham Heart Study showed that people who replace butter with margarine are actually more likely to die from heart disease.If you want to improve your health, eat real butter (preferably grass-fed) but avoid processed margarine and other fake foods like the plague.Recommending trans fat laden margarine instead of natural butter may just be the worst nutrition advise in history. For the remaining list, please email me at as there are a half a dozen or more categories that we could look at. Have a wonderful day and thank you for tuning in to Total Wellness Radio!
Flower Nicholle is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner who helps you rebalance your body and achieve emotional releasing & freedom through Flower Essences, EFT/Tapping, Applied Kinesiology, natural energy and more.My name is Flower Nicholle because I love working with ancient Flower Medicine that helps you release the causes of stress + anxiety. It is my belief that many physical issues stem from emotional + mental imbalances. I am passionate about guiding women to understanding their emotional + physical triggers & the causes of the imbalances they are experiencing so they can remember + connect with their innate Peace.Guiding women along the way using a range of tools, we will work to release limiting beliefs they may be subconsciously holding onto that are preventing them from living a joyous life. While we work together, I will ask them to give yourself permission to be willing to trust, feel and let go.
Tim first became interested in nutrition to support his clients when working as a personal trainer in 2003. He pushed a little deeper into nutrition science and was able to tame some of his childhood diseases using diet.In 2012, due to an environmental issue, Tim went from super fit to very ill. Over the next few years he was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease (inner ear condition), alopecia universalis, mast cell activation disease (MCAD) and other seemingly unconnected conditions.Conventional medicine was unable to help and so, like so many people today, Tim was told to live with it. However, his existing knowledge gave him hope and the motivation to learn so that he could reverse his conditions and stop watching his dreams disappear.Later in 2012 Tim began a year of bio-chemistry to allow access onto a Dip and then BSc in nutritional therapy.After much trial and error, Tim managed to restore his health and continues to grow as a person and practitioner focussing on chronic diseases that offer little hope to the sufferers. His recommendations are supported by the available research and he resists being swept along by the fashion and fad that has invaded nutrition science.An experienced presenter and writer, he enjoys making the complexities of nutrition science more digestible for any audience whilst injecting some common sense and fun into the process. Tim always offers achievable, real-world solutions with nutrition from solid basics to helping with specific issues.Tim is married to his amazing wife, Vera, with whom he lives in Bavaria, where the Alps can be seen from his home office. He loves nothing more than to be outside walking in the mountains, or swimming in the local lakes whilst enjoying the highest quality, nutrient dense foods from his local community. You can reach Tim by emailing
Dr. Paul Anderson Theriault is a Naturopathic Doctor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has a practice focusing on Chronic Infectious disease, hormonal problems, digestive problems, and Autism. He performs triturations of many new homeopathic remedies himself, which he uses in his work. His triturated remedies are available from I&E Organics.
Electropollution can interfere, jam or alter brainwave patterns, cellular communication, sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. Symptoms caused by the depletion of our environment (what is now called Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome) include:• Stiffness in the shoulders, back, and neck • Lumbago • Chest pains • Headaches • Dizziness • Insomnia • Hypertension • Digestive disorders • Bone and nerve diseasesThe Earth’s natural magnetic resonance is created in a constant interaction between the Earth’s surface, the atmosphere, the ionosphere and the radiation of the sun. The dynamics of this interaction create discharge effects, including the occurrence of electrical fields of charged particles that are discharged by lightning strikes and an electromagnetic field that pulses at an average of 7.83 cycles per second (the Schumann resonance).This 7.83 frequency function is believed to be the coordinating signal for healthy life on the planet. All life is bioelectrical as well as biochemical. When our bioelectrical system is altered by pollution, our biochemical system will be affected in some way. The Earth resonance of 7.83 Hz falls into the alpha brainwave frequency, which helps synchronize our brainwaves with its most relaxed and alert state.The Mini Harmonizer is a powerful tool for achieving emotional, mental, and physical harmony in an abnormal electromagnetic and stressful environment. It helps balance your immediate environment within electromagnetic "smog," offers biofeedback entrainment to alpha and theta brainwave states for stress relief, and helps rebalance bodily energy flow.The Mini Harmonizer first supplies your environment with a stable, earthlike magnetic field at the natural Schumann resonance of 7.83 cycles per second. The Mini Harmonizer helps keep a balanced electromagnetic field. On the top of the Mini Harmonizer are three large, flashing lights that can be used for a quick, effective biofeedback session whenever needed. As you look at the lights, a process called entrainment takes place and you experience the peaceful awareness and calming effects associated with the alpha states. One switch on the side of the tool allows you to set the unit to this 7.83 Hz frequency, or you can set it to 3.91 Hz, the theta position. The 7.83 setting represents a state of conscious, relaxed awareness and enhanced creativity. The 3.91 theta setting has a deeper, more profoundly relaxing effect than the alpha setting and is close to the normal brainwave pattern of a person before he or she enters sleep. This is a powerful instrument to complement health. The Mini Harmonizer Protects Approximately 700 sq feet
Today Craig and Dan discussion centers around the largest organ in the human body, (actually, on the body). Today we talk about healthy skin and what you can do to achieve it, regardless of the condition or “symptom of reduced performance”It’s is important to retrain the brain, Symptoms are not dis-eases, they are evidence of faulty performance and all faulty performance stems from the gut . . . .Sorry, no way around it, so if you want your Skin to perform better, scrutinize your diet and other environmental toxins which deplete its ability to perform.
I became a consultant in February of 2015. I began using Arbonne 4-5 years ago and became a preferred client then. As far as my story, I am a T1 Diabetic and have been since February 1986. The health of my body is so important. I also was a gymnast and nutrition was always preached to me by my coaches. Recently, we made a life change and moved to Virginia with the intention of retiring here. We learned soon after moving that the home we bought was contaminated with black mold. The home cannot be remediated and now our plans to retire have been altered. I began with Arbonne to assist with our financial situation. The more I learn about Arbonne, the more convinced I am that it is a superior product. To contact me go to my website:
10 years ago, Dr. Larry G. Martin and his wife were returning home when they were rear ended by a drunk driver. This accident took Dr. Martin out of private clinical practice over night. The recovery was long and tough but it gave him the opportunity to go back to school where he completed some very interesting studies. During that time, he had the blessing to find some amazing researchers that were far more gifted than he was. One of his main interests was in the science of epigenetic.Indeed, more and more research is proving that the body has the ability to repair itself...That’s where modern medicine is lacking the most.When we look into the stats, it’s not surprising to find that gut health diseases are dominating the prescription market at 50.7 percent of total prescriptions.What’s surprising is that there isn’t much conversation about the prevention of those gut health diseases.Dr. Martin decided to make it his mission and became dedicated to finding the best supplement products for the gut microbiome.▶️ What is it that he does exactly?Through his research, he has found (possibly) the best products on the market to help with the gut microbiome. His mission is to educate and make these products available to as many people as possible.He is looking for medical professionals and nutritional specialists, who are interested in Nrf2 products and understand the underlying concerns with most disease processes as it relates to cellular damage caused by free radical damage.▶️ What makes Dr. Martin different?His background in the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry allows him to better understand the needs of the end user and the science behind why these products work. There are so many options on the supplement market that we have to be careful and do our due diligence, which most people don’t do. To contact Dr.
In this episode Craig and Dan talk about chapter 6, “It’s Time to Change Your Life,” from Dan’s book Country Doctor Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System. 18 Proven Steps to Achieve Optimum Health which you can acquire by going to This particular episode opens your eyes to the requirements that you need to be aware of in order to maximize your personal health gains.These are very simple yet powerful principles that when applied we see 90% improvement or greater in every case we except at the Country Doctor. Enjoy, Comment, Learn, Grow and Share this episode of Total Wellness Radio.
Zachary Smith is a COPE certified health coach with his certification coming from the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education, loves to integrate his friends, family, and his work by helping those closest to him get healthy. He has been coaching for over 2 years and has recently started his own podcast, called Mission 4 Health which is premised on adding value to peoples' lives by offering a 60 second health tip every weekday. You can watch his videos on Facebook and Instagram or listen to his podcast on all major podcast markets. Along with health coaching, Zach is an avid disc golfer and works for a disc golf ministry called Eagles Wings Disc Golf.
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