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Total Wellness Radio: Enjoy Great Health Naturally

Author: dan young, bcn, cnc

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Total Wellness Radio with Dan Young documents 18+ years of clinical experience with natural wellness protocols.

The focus of this podcast is on interviewing other practitioners from around the world in the hopes of making it more aware to our listeners the potency and efficacy of natural approaches to chronic illness.

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In this Episode, Dan and Craig explore a multitude of different reactions to foods, environment and internal toxins effecting Liver. Some times these responses are delayed which makes pinning them down difficult. Interesting aspect of food sensitivities is over time the inflammation left behind will reduce HCL production in the gut. This is the person who develops a need for the use of Tums, Rolaids and ant acids, they literally ate themselves into this condition. This also creates an opportunity for weakened connective tissue in the gut to allow food particles to enter the bloodstream before they should be there, this is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome and can be a major contributor to all the auto immune problems we hear about today. It stimulates immune system responses, over and over, this aggravated immune system begins attacking viable tissue.Modern allergy tests do not always identify this even though the person is showing all the signs of sensitivity.Tell tale symptoms - Rash-Wheezing-Hives-SwellingGI Complaints-stomach Pina-heartburn-gas/bloating-diarrhea/constipation-chronic fatigue-anxiety-joint pain-acne-asthma-headaches-insomnia-bed wetting-cancer sores-arthritis-hyperactivity. Known Causes-environmental toxins-immunization-antibiotic/steroid use-low gut flora-low thyroid function-food additives yellow dye #5-Baby formulas-cows milk-too large for babies to digest properly.Nutrient Applications-Everyone should consider proper digestive enzymes and EFA’s-Adrenal Support Immune System Support-Such as: Quercitin-Echinacea-Goldenseal-Thymus Extract-Selenium-Zinc-B Complex-Vitamin C-Garlic.Dietary Application:ExerciseAvoid food additives an preservativesDrink 1 ounce per lb of body weight in clean water daily.Have Adrenal and Thyroid Performance checkedNon breast fed infants are at greater risk, additional foods garlicOnionsBlack pepperCayenne can be helpful, practice a rotational diet possibly vegetarian for 4 days, then reintroduce foods and see how you respond. Elevated pulse rate is a strong indicator that you just ate something you shouldn’t and the list can go on and on. Tune in to our Wednesday Livestream on Facebook: Country Doctor Nutritional Center for more All Natural, non-invasive approaches to handling your most common health concerns:)
E180 Stress Management

E180 Stress Management


This episode is on stress management with Becca and Dan from the Country Doctor Nutritional Center. This was unfortunately, at least at the time of this recording, the last episode that we did with Becca. She moved on to other opportunities but we wish her the very best, think of her and miss her very much, and who knows maybe she will pop in for a visit on a future episode:-)
Sherri Axsom – Gel User and AdvocateSherri’s story: “Less than six months on the gel renewed the energy I had two decades ago. I am getting good sleep, having recovered from my dreaded four A.M. staring at the ceiling routine. The discomfort I had in my right hip that had me obsessed about a hip replacement has diminished at least 80%, and I am back to exercising daily. Expensive and time-consuming gel manicures on my fingernails are a thing of the past for me and nails that have been brittle my entire life are strong without polish. My hair color appointment is now every five weeks instead of every four. I am focused and aligned with renewed purpose– to help others and to make the world a better place. I am boarding planes and leaving my beloved Naples for travel – something I had no desire to do for several years. The gel has also lifted my spirit and made me into a much more outgoing person. I now love networking in the community and meeting like-minded people. I also have a new belief in my ability to create financial abundance vs. fear of running out of money. I love representing our wellness and youth-renewing products that enhance the lives of users and transform lives.” Connect with her at or 239 961 1522You may order the HGH gel at this link: Paul CapozioMr. Capozio owns and operates Capco Capital Inc., an investment and consulting firm. The majority of Capco’s holdings are of manufacturers and distributors of health and wellness products. With numerous family members suffering from developmental disabilities, auto immune diseases and his own battle with pain and blood pressure he made it his life’s goal to not only find solutions but make health his Business. “if you make your passion your source of income then you can devote a great deal of time to what drives you -That’s Success!” – Paul CapozioCapco provides sales consulting and training, helping companies increase sales through traditional and direct sales disciplines. Making the invisible, visible and simplifying the complex is his stock and trade.A dynamic public speaker he provides motivation and “meat and potato’s” skills to those in the health and wellness field who do not consider themselves “Salespeople”, allowing their voices to be heard above the “noise”.
Catharine started ENERGYbits after her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist that an alkaline diet would help her heal. Catharine immediately sprung into action to help her sister research alkaline foods and in the process she discovered algae.When Catharine learned that algae was the most alkaline, plant-based, nutrient-dense food in the world and had been used for fifty years in Asia to improve health and longevity, she knew she had discovered something big that could be a game changer for the world if she could just convince people it wasn't weird.And so ENERGYbits was born (and yes, her sister fully recovered, thanks for asking).As Catharine dug into the science of algae, she learned it had 64% protein, 40 vitamins/minerals and was endorsed by the United Nations and NASA as the most nutrient dense food in the world. She also discovered there were 100,000 studies documenting its long list of benefits and it was the most sustainable, eco-friendly food crop in the world. And yet algae remained virtually unknown outside of Asia. How could this be possible? Catharine knew algae could be a game changer for our health, our children and our world if she could only convince people it wasn't weird. And so ENERGYbits was born.It took Catharine eight years to bring algae into the mainstream and build ENERGYbits into a national company. We're glad she finally did, because now you and your family can benefit from our organically grown, toxin-free, Non-GMO algae tablets too. A handful will help satisfy your hunger, help give you steady energy, and help ensure your nutritional needs are met. All this from a food that has one ingredient, no chemicals, caffeine, sugar or processing and is the most sustainable, safe, eco-friendly, crop in the world - algae. Your body and Mother Earth say thank you. And we do too.When you visit use promo code: TotalWellness and receive 20% of each purchase from here on out:) Enjoy Great Health, Naturally!!!
Michelle is a wellness strategist and dietary coach with an educational background as a Naturopathic Doctor.She holds 3 post-secondary degrees that took 10 years to complete: a bachelor of science in biomedical science, a Master of science in human biology and nutritional science both from the University of Guelph and a Naturopathic Doctor diploma from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She uses her knowledge and experience to help people better understand their own bodies, their choices, and she helps them work through their challenges and implement the best dietary and lifestyle strategies that will work for them.Michelle has a special focus working with women in their 30s to 60s who've been struggling with chronic illness and mystery symptoms like digestive troubles, fatigue, pain, and unwanted weight gain. When they understand why and how to make adjustments that will help reduce inflammation and balance hormones, their physical and mental symptoms improve significantly.Her mission is to provide information, guidance, and inspiration to make simple changes because when you eat better and live better, you can FEEL BETTER.She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the username @wellbalanceNDVisit her website for recipes and information at http://wellbalance.caand check out her program with Dr. Jay Wrigley at
Vaccinations, You and Your Children By Dan Young, BCN, CNCANMCB Board Certified NaturopathVery few topics spark such heated discussions among parents, school officials, physicians and law makers as the modern vaccine debate.
"Travis is a Natural Health Consultant with a passion for helping others. He's taken his passion for natural health and incorporated it into a business caring for adults with disabilities, hoping to give the often forgotten a higher quality of life. Travis joins us to discuss his personal journey and give us a vision for his business."
Dr. Stephen Hussey is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner. Dr. Hussey as a health coach focuses on heart health and type 1 diabetes. He has recently published a book called The Health Evolution: Why Understanding Evolution is the Key to Vibrant Health. It directly connects our environmental crisis and our health epidemic. It discusses how when an individual changes their personal environment to create health for themselves it is also more sustainable and better for the planet.Did you know that about 10,000 years ago humans went through a radical change in lifestyle in what is now called the Agricultural Revolution? While this event propelled humans out of the stone age, it ultimately catapulted us into our current way of life and into the chronic disease epidemic we have today. Western medicine sees our epidemic of disease as a problem that needs to be suppressed, but our chronic disease epidemic is really a symptom; a symptom of humans being removed from their natural environment in an evolutionary instant. Evolution is the most important part of biology that medicine forgot.In this book you will learn:-Why most chronic disease is not genetic-The truth behind why our society is suffering from disease-How our epidemic of disease directly relates to the health of the planet-Strategies to right the ship, achieve better health, and save our species. Request your copy at Dr. Hussey’s site
Michelle Wax, 3-time entrepreneur, speaker, and author travels to 50 states across the USA interviewing Americans from all walks of life on how they reached every day happiness and fulfillment. Michelle came to our office here in Cheyenne and was gracious enough to give us an Interview about her journey to film:“AMERICAN HAPPINESS”WHICH IS CURRENTLY IN POST PRODUCTION. Connect with Michelle at and there you will also find out about her documentary American Happiness!!!
Considered the worlds' foremost authority on face reading and the world expert on "Whole Food Raw Foodism," Roger Bezanis has now earned the new moniker of “Professor Ph.” Renowned as a profound author researcher, formulator, healthcare pioneer, educator and mentor Roger Bezanis, in his mini-book "pH MADNESS" has redefined cellular life itself. An iconoclast, he is completely self trained via study of the greatest minds healthcare has ever known. Armed with constant self testing results and empirical data he holds no allegiances or alliances with any group or dogma.His work in his book "Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing" legendary and is used around the globe. 

When Mr. Bezanis says "it works," it is because empirical testing has borne out these effects time and time again. His interviews found on YouTube and running information feed found on are magnets of education. Now offering class validation in his teachings, he has created a legion of new healers unparalleled in their abilities. His health axioms are; lead by example, teach only empirical truth, heal those who ask, dispel the lies of healthcare and stop mans decline into the torment of drugs and surgery. Mr. Bezanis is guided by three basic principles,1) Anyone can heal, 2) Healing starts with education and taking personal responsibility, 3) Exact diagnosis leads to right solutions, which lead directly and only to healing results. Connect with Roger at
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