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Galen Low is joined by Courtney Johnston, the Director of Community Engagement at The Digital Project Manager, to talk about why keeping humans at the center of digital project management is so important and what results you can expect if you do it right.
Galen Low is joined by Sarah Hoban, Lead Program Manager at Gemini, to dive deep into the role of the program manager in creating a framework for people-centric change, and how organizations can support that role to achieve healthy, sustainable growth.
Galen Low is joined by Olivia Montgomery, an Associate Principal Analyst at Capterra, to break down some of the most effective strategies for making the demo phase of your software selection process heaps more relevant to your organization’s specific needs.
Galen Low is joined by Tim Creasey, CIO of Procsi, to explore ways that project managers and leadership teams can collaborate to give micro-innovations a seat at the table for more macro-level changes and how that can help a business thrive.
Galen Low is joined by Alyson Caffrey, CEO of Operations Agency, to unpack exactly how to find that perfect interlock between ops team members and project managers to grow the business in a way that everyone on the team can benefit from.
Galen Low is joined by Julia Rajic, the Senior Vice President of Operations at No Fixed Address Inc. to discuss the various career paths of a digital PM, how PMO leaders can support their teams’ professional growth, and whether being a digital PM can get you into the C-suite.
Galen Low is joined by Julia Ryzhkova, the Product Manager at Railsware to discuss how one organization is successfully building complex software solutions using distributed, self-managing squads and what that means for digital project management at large.
Galen Low is joined by Dharma Mehta, the Director of Program Management at Roku. Dharma shines a light on the impact an Enterprise Program Manager can have based on his career working in some of Silicon Valley’s most influential companies. Listen to learn the secrets of a high-performing enterprise delivery team.
Galen Low is joined by Olivia Montgomery, a Senior Analyst at Capterra. She shares how her blend of PM skill and background in social sciences helps her navigate personalities within IT projects. Listen to learn how psychology can make you a better PM.
Galen Low is joined by Sarah Hoban, a project manager, product manager, and strategy consultant with 10+ years of experience leading cross-functional teams of engineers and business analysts to execute high-risk multi-million dollar projects. Listen to learn how DPMs are poised to influence the future of work.
Galen Low is joined by Shashwati Roy, a project manager by profession. She completed her Masters's in Statistics and has worked in the IT Industry ever since. She has extensive experience in the areas of Quality, Release, and Project Management. Listen to learn how to talk about risk and have every one listen.
Galen Low is joined by Pam Butkowski, VP of Delivery Management at Hero Digital. She’s spent the majority of her career in client-facing organizations leading digital project management teams at organizations including The Nerdery, Wunderman Thompson, and AIM Consulting. Listen to learn how to make your value visible as an agency project manager.
Galen Low is joined by Alexa Alfonso, DPM Expert and Manager of Client Engagement at The Nerdery. In her previous role as Director of Growth at Crema, Alexa made content creation a mandatory part of everyone's job. Listen to how she did it, what challenges she faced, and what impact it’s had on the team.
Galen Low is joined by Bentzy Goldman, Founder, and CEO of Perflo, an innovative and fully distributed startup that helps project teams and their leaders stay aligned and collectively find ways of continuously improving team performance. Listen to learn how to leverage people data to run high-performance project teams.
Galen Low is joined by Samantha Schak, founder of PM with Purpose which helps individuals and companies empower their project managers to unlock their full potential. As for side projects, Samantha produces a mental health podcast, But Have You Considered Therapy? Listen to learn how to create a psychologically safe team environment and why it matters.
Galen Low is joined by Sally Shaughnessy, Director of Project Management at Aten Design Group, a digital agency based in Denver, Colorado, delivering full-service web projects for the public sector and non-profit clients. Listen to learn how to get the raise or promotion you know you’ve earned.
Galen Low is joined by Laura Lussier, a lead technical project manager at 10up where she leveraged scrum agile methodologies to deliver large-scale digital content management projects. Listen as they share some meeting strategies and tips on how to navigate complex and politicized stakeholder environments.
Galen Low is joined by John Furneaux, CEO and co-founder of Hive to discuss John's recent article on how to keep meetings productive, collaborative, and clear so that you move the ball forward on your project every time. Here's a link to John's article on The Digital Project Manager:
Galen Low is joined by Candice Wyatt, director of project management at Red Door Interactive. Candice is a veteran delivery leader in both digital solution development and omnichannel brand communications. She has worked with brands including WD 40, Titleist, Bosch, Intuit, and Asics. In her spare time, she's also a writer and a proud supporter of girls in tech.Tune in as they discuss whether project management certifications are still valuable and how you can leverage them to get your maximum return on investments. 
Galen Low is joined by Agile delivery champion, Bill Moroz where they break down how to leverage enterprise data, to celebrate the success of your project and build long-lasting trust with your stakeholders and your team.
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