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Join us as we talk to very interesting people about faith, family and entrepreneurship.
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A power couple is “a couple consisting of two people who are each influential or successful in their own right.” Noteworthy - The Start of Darren & Julie (3:00) - There’s Struggles on every road you walk in marriage (4:15) - Strategies to Cultivate Your Marriage on a Daily Basis (6:00) - Tending to the Garden (17:00) - How weeds can choke out the good stuff (18:00) - Guys - What are the things that fill up your wife’s love tank? (19:40) - Complementarian style marriage (23:00) - Can your relationship become an idol? (25:00) - The legacy of prayer (26:53)
A.J. Reilly was born near Detroit, Michigan, to a stay-at-home mom and a Baptist minister. Growing up he was heavily involved in athletics, earning a scholarship to play football in college. After college A.J. began to write, starting in 2014, after the death of his grandfather. A.J. teaches 7th and 8th-grade history in Plano, Texas, and signed his first publishing contract with Waldorf Publishing in 2015. He runs his own blog at and most nights after school he is busy enjoying a fine cigar, and either cheering on his beloved Detroit Tigers or reading a great book. Links - A.J. Reilly on Amazon - Coming Soon - - Follow on Twitter @_ajreilly Noteworthy - When A.J. came to know God (3:00) - The sides of vocational ministry - good, bad the ugly (4:20) - The ministry responsibility falls on all of us, not just the pastors (6:34) - What is a disciple (7:30) - Denominational Divides (10:30) - How to reach millennials with depth, converse not divide (13:30) - Creating missional communities (16:00) - Being a disciple is highly inconvenient (18:00) - The Reilly family (20:30) - New father advice (22:40) - A.J. Reilly the author (25:30) - Damaged wings, comes out October 2017 (26:27) - A new book in the works (30:45) - Dealing with vulnerability as a writer, creative and entrepreneur (34:00)
About David Rev. David Abraham is a speaker, ministry consultant, the catalyst behind NOW and the co-founder of Revive. David’s life has been forever changed by an encounter with Jesus and as a result, David loves introducing others to an encounter with Jesus and teaching people how to live in the awareness that they are deeply loved by God. Links - Show Notes - Do we understand the Gospel, truly?! (4:52) - The inconvenience of being a disciple of Jesus (6:11) - Strategy for sharing Jesus authentically (9:42) - The Green Stopper Story #starbucks (13:48) - Creating a habit of constant communication with God (16:32) - The scene on college campuses (18:45) - How the local church is failing our millenials (20:55) - Can you wear jeans to church?!? (23:10) - How to communicate a message that never changes and a culture that’s always changing (28:15) - Focusing on engaging our world and living life on mission (33:05) - PUBLIX!!!! Texas is great but it would be greater if we had Publix (33:50) - HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! #tinygoodsetter (34:25) - NOW & REVIVE (35:43) - Connect with David (37:55) - The real question…#gogators (38:23)
Darren & Zach, the father and son duo, are riffing today about men raising men and how to parent your son through all seasons of life, the early years, the school years, and the adult years. Connect with Darren on Facebook: Connect with Zach on Facebook: #gogators - Earliest childhood memories from Zach’s perspective - “Getting eye level with your kids”(4:20) - Do you raise children, boys and girls, the same way? (6:50) - What it means to be an adventurer and a conqueror (7:30) - Raise men to take ownership and authority, the buck stops with you. (10:20) - The transition from the early years to school years & how the parental style shifts (12:45) - The consultative approach to raising a family (15:30) - A new Good Setter in the making - Zach & Jesslyn Pearson expecting baby #1 (17:50) - University years, be a resource and a consultant for your kids - (19:30) - Respecting Boundaries (23:50) - Parents have to respect the boundaries that are set (28:50) - The secret to getting the most time with your grown children (29:45) - Grandparent boundaries (30:45) - Who is Jesus (32:45) - Following Christ is not convenient (34:40) - As fathers we have to be a mirror of God and what He thinks of our kids (37:55)
Introduction Katie & Julie, the mother and daughter duo of the Good Setters, chats today with us about what it means to raise strong daughters today! This message applies to any mother whether you have a daughter or a son, but today let’s talk about those strong little women we are raising as mothers. Julie & Katie in many ways, have been able to grow up together as mother and daughter. There have been ups and downs but today in their late 40s and 20s, they’re best friends! Links - Lara Casey & Cultivating What Matters - - Val Marie Woerner Episode on Prayer - - Connect with Katie on Facebook - Connect with Katie on Instagram - Connect with Julie on Instagram Noteworthy - Our heart (2:05) - Raising a strong female starts with being a strong female (3:28) - Modeling (4:14) - Have we glorified being a hot mess? (4:55) - The role of a submissive wife - Complementarian style in your marriage (7:17) - How our vulnerability will affect our daughters (10:40) - What is the digital legacy you’re leaving behind (11:50) - The value of little conversations and seeds we plant as parents (14:20) - You can be used right in the situation you’re in (15:10) - The opinion that really matters (16:05) - As parents be the teachers and the students (17:18) - How do you view other people? (21:00) - Raising Includers not Mean Girls (22:02) - The words you say and pray over your kids (23:16) - Prayers come to fruition (25:39) - Dealing with R.B.F. (27:30) - Does your face match the way you feel in the inside? (29:32) - We don’t have to be perfect, but be tuned into the One that is and what your next step is (29:58) - Takeaways (30:48)
Emily Roberts is a southern momma of 2, soon to be 3, married to a US MARINE of 10 years who just recently got out as they moved back to Texas and built their dream home. She's the youngest in her company at the tippy top and loves helping others the way Jesus teaches us to! She's 27, a college graduate and a millennial who wants parents to know you can be a good parent and be successful! Links - - Instagram @momceox5 - Blog at Noteworthy - Meet Emily (2:50) - Motherhood changed everything (5:32) - A Strong Voice (9:10) - Vulnerability and What You See is What You Get (13:00) - Your Vulnerability Checker (14:30) - Balance with business & technology & raising children (17:00) - How do you keep your focus and blinders on and not on comparison (19:20) - How are you instilling the values of faith, family and entrepreneurship in your young family? (21:00) - Grow a business while raising children (24:32)
Florida native Jason Sowell has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 10 years and is a public speaker, published writer, nonprofit entrepreneur, missionary and wedding officiant. After participating in several overseas mission trips, Jason decided to focus his efforts on local U.S. cities by bringing hope to neighborhoods through tangible projects. In 2008, Jason founded Current Initiatives, a Tampa-based nonprofit organization with the mission of educating young adults on social initiatives while mobilizing them to bring about change. Current’s most prevalent program, the Laundry Project, assists lower-income individuals and families by taking over a laundromat for a day and covering all expenses associated with and providing the necessary items required to wash and dry clothes and linens. Another Current program is Affordable Christmas, which is a seasonal initiative giving needy families and parents the opportunity to purchase holiday gifts for their children for no more than $10 an item. Studies show that purchasing gifts, rather than receiving them for free, gives empowerment and dignity to these working parents who simply need a hand up. Current’s third project, Hopes for Homes, provides complimentary remodeling and improvement work on homes owned by working class families facing financial challenges with home repairs and maintenance. Volunteers work to repair damaged roofs and porches, remodel kids’ rooms and bathrooms, update energy inefficient kitchens and more. Links: Noteworthy: - Jason and being on stage (6:30) - It’s not up to us to be fixers (8:40) - Love Like Jesus (9:00) - Should parachurches exist? (11:40) - The Church & Missions (14:00) - Action - The Better Approach to Discipleship & Physical Needs (16:00) - What should Sunday mornings look like? (19:20) - Stop trying to change the world (23:20) - Navigating loving and proclaiming truth (26:30) - You aren’t defined by your sin (30:45) - The Religion Pull (34:50) - About Engage Current (36:30) - Affordable Christmas - Favorite Stories (44:05)
Courtney DeFeo believes our families can light up the world. As the founder of Lil Light O’ Mine - Courtney creates products, books and resources to empower moms and change little lives through innovation in the home. As a former marketing professional for corporations such as Chick-fil-A and Ketchum Public Relations, Courtney loves brainstorming, dreaming and creating. She’s an Auburn Tiger married to a Georgia Bulldog and they have two girls (Ella, 10 and Larson, 8) that will both absolutely go to Auburn University. To find her popular ABC Scripture Cards (as seen on The View) or her book In This House, We Will Giggle, visit Links: - ABC Scripture Cards - In This House We Will Giggle - Follow Courtney on Instagram Noteworthy - Handling Technology with Children (5:46) - Courtney’s background in her faith at a young age (7:42) - How to Help Your Kids Experience God Earlier & at a Younger Age (9:50) - The backstory of her business, Lil Light O’Mine (10:50) - Live in your strengths and use the gifts God gave you! (11:55) - Merging Pottery Barn with Christian culture to give mom tools & help in their day to day (14:40) - How to handle an idea that does not stick (19:20) - Be relevant and communicate a message that never changes (22:50) - There is a cost to your family but if God has called you to something, He will honor that! (23:15) - Have an anchoring person in your family. It’s a balance of dreaming and logical (25:20) - Boundaries for the “shiny object syndrome” type of person (26:37) - Talk on vulnerability - allow God to use you through the imperfect (31:28) - The effect of you not being real and vulnerable (33:50) - Pick virtues that your kids naturally embody (36:00)
Valerie Woerner is owner of Val Marie Paper and author of the Finishing School. Her mission is to create practical tools, including her original 6-month prompted prayer journal and content that equip women to cut through the noise of everyday life and find fullness of life in the presence of the Lord. She's married to her best friend, turned business partner, turned heart-throb, Tyler and has two girls Vivi and Vana that add lots of giggles and dancing to her life. Links: Follow Val on Instagram NEW PRODUCTS LAUNCHING IN SEPTEMBER Coming Soon Prayer Memoirs Coming Soon Kids Legacy Journal Coming Soon Family Vision Notebook Her first book: The Finishing School (get on Amazon or her website) God is in the details (4:00) The Story Behind the Prayer Journals (7:50) Would you ever consider making a Prayer App? (11:45) Do you have a way to track how God answers prayers? (14:00) Field Guide for Marriage (20:15) How do you find margine in your faith, family and business? (25:44) Val’s new book Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday (28:37) The Proverbs 31 Woman (31:35) Practical Ways to Weave Prayer into Your Life (32:35)
As a Middle School teacher in 2009, Megan adored her students, but was also alarmed by how much the sexualized culture was influencing them. At a parenting program hosted by the school, she first heard Mary Flo speak. She realized the powerful insights of Mary Flo's strategies and recognized what a difference it could have made for her students if their parents had had conversations with them in their earlier years. For her, this exposure to Mary Flo's approach was a game changer as to the importance, timing and content of conversations about sex between parent and child. Several years later, after becoming a parent herself, her convictions about this approach deepened, ultimately leading her to train under Mary Flo. In 2015 Megan began presenting the program to a new generation of parents. Megan was born in Dallas and received her degree in Communications from Baylor University. She has been married to her husband Blake for seven years and they have two young children. Everyone is nervous and has questions of how do I have this TALK with my children? Links Watch all 6 steps on their website! Online video series and discussion guide Book the Birds & Bees live event Good Pictures, Bad Pictures - Book on Amazon Follow Birds & Bees on Instagram @birds_bees Follow on Facebook
Have you ever gotten lost in Instagram land??? That was me in 2012, when I stumbled upon Lara Casey! I can’t wait for you to meet her and the heart behind her life, business and making God’s name famous! - Katie Links: Cultivate: Powersheets: Write the Word Journals: Southern Weddings: Her first book - Make it Happen - Making Things Happen Conference Her Blog: Summer Bucket List: Book Lara Recommends: 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You “Your environment should never prohibit you from seeking to be used by God.” - Julie Pearson Who is Lara Casey She started her business about 12 years ago that is very different than what it is now. She’s experienced a total transformation in her marriage and where her heart focus is. Because of that, her business has completely changed. They are now, one in the same.
On today's podcast, we interview Snapchat and social media expert Brock Johnson, a 20 year old college athlete, entrepreneur who helps people grow their business on social media. Here's the question, can you really leverage Snapchat for your biz right now? Yes you can! LINKS: - - Follow Brock11Johnson on Snapchat - Listen to Brock's Podcast, Social Media Money Makers
Part two of the meet and greet episode will not disappoint!
Get to know the hosts of the Good Setters Podcast! They describe what the podcast is all about and introduce themselves. They are a fun and entertaining bunch!
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