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I'm back!  Sorry for the short break!   Stories:   Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Steemit:  
In this edition, I spoke at Liberty Sessions here in Baton Rouge, LA.  Liberty Sessions is a monthly get together of liberty minded folks to get discuss certain topics.  I gave a presentation of agricultural subsidies and it's effect on our economy and our health.   FROM THE CORRECTIONS DEPARTMENT: Before uploading this episode, I found out I got a piece of information wrong.  I address it in the intro to show.  The links of those stories are here: Here is the link to my presentation slides if you want them: Social Media: Facebook - Twitter - Steemit -  
North Korea brinksmanship, Charlottesville "Unite The Right" Rally turns deadly, and For the love of all that is holy, quit raining!!!! Contact the show! email: Twitter: @EricTheRed79 Facebook: Steemit:  
In this episode I discuss John McCain giving his thumbs down vote on the senate floor.  Kim Jong Un shooting his missile into the sea.  Louisiana recovery? Social Media (How you can contact me)  
Episode 1

Episode 1


In this inaugural episode, the rebel covers Venezuelan unrest, eating invasive species, and Louisiana being the second worst state to live in. LINKS: SOCIAL MEDIA:  
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