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Author: Barbara Bray

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Join Barbara Bray in her conversations with inspirational educators, thought leaders, and change agents to define their WHY and reflect on how they learned from their experiences and challenges. Each conversation is complemented with a post on her site that includes images, videos, links, and more that illustrate the stories of their lives. Join Barbara and her special guests as they share their personal journeys that will inspire you, touch your heart, and might even touch your heart.
168 Episodes
Elliot Washor is co-founder of Big Picture learning and B-UnBound, and co-author of “Leaving to Learn” and his recent book “Learning to Leave.” The post Episode #150: New Ways, New Forms, and New Measures for Learning with Elliot Washor first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Dr. Mark Hines is the Director of Kupu Hou Academy at Mid-Pacific Institute, a professional learning organization that supports deeper learning practices for teachers and school leaders. The post Episode #149: Weaving Core Values, Curiosity, and Joy with Dr. Mark Hines first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Maxwell Roach is a children’s book author, leads a multi-center child care organization as CEO, and also works as an Operations Director and Consultant for e-commerce tech companies globally. The post Episode #148: The “3 L’s”: Love It, Learn It, and Live It with Maxwell Roach first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
John Miller is head of school of Eton School in Mexico City. His journey started in in LA with detours to Oakland, Rio de Janeiro, and more on the way to his dream school in Mexico. The post Episode #147: Value Exceeds Circumstance with John Miller first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Qin Coe is a Professional Coach and a martial artist. She is a passionate enabler with 16 years of experience unlocking personal and business potential and igniting lasting positive changes. The post Episode #146: Unlocking Potential and Igniting Positive Changes with Qin Coe first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Carolyn Foote is an educator/librarian, a White House Champion of Change, provides Library design, is a keynoter, a Lilead Fellow, and the co-founder of #FReadomFighter. The post Episode #145: FReadom Fighters with Carolyn Foote first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Tim Taylor is president of America Succeeds whose vision is about building public education systems to prepare all students to succeed in the competitive global economy. The post Episode #144: Durable Skills and Stackable Credentials with Tim Taylor first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Chris Quinn showcases Profiles In Ed Leadership hosted on Twitter and on his web page. He offers #QoftheWeek, #WWEd (Wednesday Wellness or Wednesday Wisdom), #FFP (Friday Follow Party) and through his other Twitter @Gratefuledu64. Chris also hosted his own Kinder L.I.G.H.T.S. podcast. The post Episode #143: Servant Leadership…In Gratitude with Chris Quinn first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Josh Tovar is a proud Team Member at Memorial Pathway Academy in Garland, Texas. Josh is an engaging, inspirational educator who knows Kids DO NOT care how much you know until they know how much you care. The post Episode #142: No More Orange Jumpsuits with Josh Tovar first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Charles Williams, host of The Counter Narrative Podcast, co-host of Inside the Principal's Office, and co-author of "Inside the Principal's Office,” Charles launched CW Consulting to focus on helping institutions to unlock their potential and delivering results.   The post Episode #141: Intersection of Education, Leadership and Equity with Charles Williams first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Dubbed “Green Screen Gal”, Erika shares her creative media and mindfulness passions as a featured speaker at conferences, provides district professional development, hosts online webinars, and co-hosted the Green Screen Summit. The post Episode #140: Cultivating Compassion through Creativity with Erika Sandstrom first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
PJ Brady does values-based leadership work in organizations. From that work, he started “Brave Smart Kind” as foundational core values to describe how people feel on the inside, something to develop confidence, something they could control. The post Episode #139: Raising Kids to be Brave, Smart, and Kind with PJ Brady first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Melisa Hayes transforms her 2nd grade class into a culture of joy with learner-centered projects. This conversation will empower you to check out the post about Project Runway, Zoomsnaps, and Kindness projects. The post Episode #138: Engaging Inclusive Environments While Empowering Learners with Melisa Hayes first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Episode #137 is with Johannes Castner who works for several consultancies in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML) and Human-Centered Ethical AI as an important sense of collective intelligence. The post Episode #137: Collective Intelligence and Human-Centered AI with Johannes Castner first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Robert Martellacci is the founder and president of the International award-winning MindShare Learning Technology. He's a champion for igniting student success to help all students thrive through innovative solutions and partnerships in Canadian schools. The post Episode #136: The Art and Science of Designing Inspirational Learning Spaces of the Future with Robert Martellacci first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Celeste Endo leads the way in Honolulu, Hawaii with CODE dance parties and Cosplay was the 2020 Kaimuki McKinley Roosevelt Complex Area Teacher of the Year and is a 2022 Hawaii KidsCAN Legislative Champion. The post Episode #135: We Learn From Everyone with Celeste Endo first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Dr. Devin Vodicka is the Chief Executive Officer at Learner-Centered Collaborative. He is the author of "Learner-Centered Leadership" where he shares the power of reimagining schools as centers for the intellectual and social development of lifelong learners prepared for a rapidly changing world.  The post Episode #134: Learner-Centered Leadership: Blueprint for Transformational Change with Dr. Devin Vodicka first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Dr. Sheldon Eakins. is the Founder of the Leading Equity Center and host of the Leading Equity Podcast. He is also the author of Leading Equity: Becoming an Advocate for All Students. The post Episode #133: Discovering Your Journey to Advocacy with Dr. Sheldon Eakins first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Dr. Colleen Kelley has graduate-level courses in medicinal chemistry and most recently in her 100-level course at the University of Arizona that led to a series of chemistry mysteries in a comic book format for students ages 8 to 12.  The post Episode #132: Potpourri of Clues with Dr. Colleen Kelley first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
Kecia McDonald from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, is the EL Resource Teacher for the West Hawai'i Complex Area. She is one of 49 public school educators chosen to be a 2022 Global Learning Fellow by the NEA Foundation. The post Episode #131: Making Schools Places of Wellness with Kecia McDonald first appeared on Rethinking Learning.
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