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Author: Dr Dan Davidson

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Sharing tips, tricks & tutorials - all things podcasting and content creation! Dr. Dan Davidson leverages his advanced understanding of Anchor to produce over a dozen podcasts with the platform. Connect at / / / and Facebook Groups at and / Support this podcast:
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Dr Dan from Anchor Talk shares strategies for working with Sponsorship Ads and your archive episodes.--- Support this podcast:
Modular Audio Content For Multiple PodcastsThe idea of the day from the brain of Dr. Dan Davidson. Follow at Support this podcast:
Dr. Dan Davidson encourages you to start a new podcast on Anchor with his original acronym B.E.T.A. (Begin - Explore - Test - Assimilate).Follow him at Support this podcast:
Podtasking To Maximize Your Time! Dr. Dan share how he is combining his top two goals in the new year - podcasting and fitness. He does both at the same time ... talking while he is walking! Check out one of his other audio journals podcasts - - always recording his podcast while he is walking. Call in with a voice message to share how you utilize the Podtasking idea.Connect at / / / and Facebook Group at  --- Support this podcast:
Put R.E.S.O.L.V.E. Into Your 2019 New Years Goals!Dr. Dan Davidson shares an original acronym for the word R.E.S.O.L.V.E. to energize and inspire you in your 2019 New Years Support this podcast:
Learn about how Anchor now works with the new "Passwords & Accounts" feature in IOS 12.0 and above. You can now save your login email and passwords for multiple accounts securely without having to type them in on your mobile (not applicable to desktop). Check it out and send Dr. Dan of Anchor Talk a voice message! Connect at / / / and Facebook Group at --- Support this podcast:
Reflections On 200th Episode - Dr Dan Anchor Talk --- Support this podcast:
Rearranging audio segments of an Anchor episode has never been easier - both on Desktop and now on mobile.  Thanks to Maria Humphrey's Call-In to the show to give Anchor kudos on the updated feature on the mobile app.  Learn where and how to easily drag segments on mobile to rearrange them in any episode. Thanks for listening to Anchor Talk with Dr. Dan Davidson. / Support this podcast:
Moolah moolah moolah! Anchor Talk is now sponsored by with their new sponsorship feature! Let's learn about this together! Voice message any questions you may have. Here is a great link as an overview to sponsorship - Support this podcast:
Have you seen the new Mary Poppins Returns Movie?  What if Mary Poppins had a podcast - what would she say? Indubitably here are three things ... Have Imagination / Look With A Different View / There's No Place But Up! Listen to Dr. Dan from to see how well he does popping his p's.--- Support this podcast:
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