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How do you take a crazy idea, and turn it into an actual business? Matt Williams, the cofounder and Chief Cookie Officer of OpenFortune, explains how he's built a business by creating an entirely new kind of advertising space.
How do you navigate tricky power dynamics at work? Leadership consultant (and author of the new book "Quick Confidence") Selena Rezvani has the answer. And it all starts by working with the person... and not their power.
Our culture is full of difficult, important, hot-button issues — and even if you want to avoid them, you can't always. Sometimes you need to discuss or address them. So, how? Paul Kix has spent a long time figuring that out with his new book, "You Have To Be Prepared To Die Before You Can Begin To Live." On this episode, he explains how to do it with honesty and humility.
In this special 300th episode, Jason reveals some of the biggest lessons he's learned in communications — including a fascinating shift in podcasting, how to build a newsletter people really want to read, and more. If you want to reach an audience of any kind, even just an audience of one, you'll want to hear this.
This episode turns into a Sliding Doors special. Jason talks to a former colleague from 20 years ago, whose career didn't turn out the way he hoped for, and then offers advice on how to play catch up. This episode is from Jason's other podcast, Help Wanted, which you can find here:
Our speech is full of likes, ums, and you knows, and that's not a bad thing. Sociolinguist Valerie Fridland, author of the new book "Like, Literally, Dude" explains the critical purpose these phrases play in our speech, and why you should embrace them.
You don't want to be locked down. You'd rather have multiple sources of income. But how? Eloise Skinner, author of the new book "But Are You Alive?", explains. Our sponsors: Sunday - Get 20% off when you visit at checkout. Factor - Head to and use code problemsolvers50 to get 50% off your first box.
This is how founders should always talk! Chris Mears has been in startups for 20 years, and talks honestly about the challenges of getting his new one, Wild Clean, off the ground. Contribute to his Kickstarter at
Pat Flynn and Matt Garland of Smart Passive Income share what entrepreneurs need to do today to improve their business. This is a special bonus "roundtable" episode of Problem Solvers, and the beginning of a fun experiment where Entrepreneur Podcast Network hosts join together to discuss the subjects most important to you. 
When the company Wilde Chips released its "chicken chips", nobody bought it. Then they changed the name, and the product started selling. Here's what happened, and a lesson for anyone trying to introduce a new idea to customers.
The alcohol brand Soso Sake has blown up on TikTok (@sososakesoda). Its strategy? They film supermarket tastings, and post videos of people's worst reactions. This wasn't the brand's first idea, and it came with a lot of risk — but here, their CMO Mike Brown explains how it became such a hit.
What is your company's purpose? And how can you protect it, even as you grow? Harvard Business School professor Ranjay Gulati, who also hosts the podcast Deep Purpose, explains.
Donald Miller made 537 mistakes in growing his business, and he did six things right. In this episode, the author of the new book "How to Grow Your Small Business" explains all six.
Naveen Jain, serial entrepreneur and founder of Viome, believes that outsiders make the greatest disruptors. So how do you know when you're onto something? In this episode, he shares the three most important questions to ask yourself — and how he answered them.
Leadership expert Logan Stout asks his clients that all the time. In this episode, he explains how leaders lose their way, and takes us into a powerful coaching session where he helped a leader reconnect with the things that matter most.
Lenny Rachitsky built a thriving newsletter about product development. Here's how he did it, step by step, and how he's now making more money from the newsletter than he did as a product lead at Airbnb.
To avoid burnout, we can't just think about task management. We need to also think about energy management... and how productivity doesn't just mean "getting lots of stuff done." In this conversation with psychotherapist Katherine Morgan Schafler, author of the new book "The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control", she offers strategies for building yourself up for the long haul.
Have you been told you're a perfectionist — and not in a good way? Psychotherapist Katherine Morgan Schafler says we have it all wrong, and explains how you can use perfectionism as a strength. She's the author of the new book "The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control". See NordLocker Business in action now with a 3-month free trial here with code PROBLEMSOLVERS
In 1923, a famous scientist predicted how work would change in 2023. Now, 100 years later, we can confirm: He was shockingly right… and yet totally wrong. What happened? The answers can tell you a lot about what’s coming in the next 100 years, and how technology will (and maybe won’t) change work forever. This episode originally aired on the podcast "Build For Tomorrow".
Are you setting the right boundaries at work? In this episode, we pick apart a very real relationship between an employee and employer, and see where boundaries end... and where assumptions begin. For more like it, listen to the new podcast "Help Wanted". This episode is sponsored by Target Accelerators. Learn more here:
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FirstPrinciple r

Discipline and time management. Being genuine and nice to people. really Caring about business and people around.

Jan 13th

Tom Shott

Everyone should listen to this twice!

Dec 26th
Reply (1)

Tom Shott

As always an awesome edition.

Sep 18th
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This is a great episode about promoting oneself when it feels disgusting and disingenuous. I appreciated the view that you focus on the value you're creating. #AmbassadorRecommends

Jul 20th

Martijn Deketelaere

great episode. a bit more how I built this like.

May 25th

Tom Shott

This is a really well produced podcast. Every entrepreneur would be wise to listen every week.

Apr 24th


Words of wisdom

Feb 8th

Chris Mitchell

If any business needs help expanding, colleges are incorporating a project called "Xculture" to bring together the minds of maybe 5-6 students worldwide to solve businesses' problems& expand

Nov 11th
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