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We chat with Ranger Daniel again! This time we talk about why he started the Black Park Ranger experience Instagram and why it’s important to tell these stories. 
We chat with Daniel about his journey to rangering and what it’s like working in an park in LA! 
This month we chat with Jared who works for the NC Forest service! 
We chat with Wildlife Resources Commissions CC King on why place based education is crucial for our children and us as adults. 
Retired Park Superintendent Claude Crews shared with us his experience at the Woolworth Civil Rights sit in and how he got started as a park ranger with NC State Parks. 
Retired Park Superintendent Claude Crews talks with us about the early history of the land that becomes Hammock Beach State Park. 
We chat with one of 2021s NC State Parks interns. 



Jess and Crystal attend the Beetle Summer music fest and chat with some interesting Beetles 
This episode is part of a series that will tell the histories of portions of Mayo River State Park before these tracts of land became the park.  It is a brief synopsis of a larger history of the surrounding area.This is an early release as Fletcher's health is declining and we want to make sure he can hear his contribution.  Thank you to our historians Fletcher Dalton, Bob Carter, and Kitty Williams.  It was such a pleasure to sit and speak with you all.  
We chat about Beetles with Patrick! Join us for fun conversation about what makes a beetle a beetle and how cool the Bess Beetle is! 
Please join us in fan girling out with the incredible Parker! Parker is an outspoken social media diva that focuses on environmental justice and social justice issues. We chat with her about The Inclusive Guide the project she is the COO of. The goal is to help folks identify safe and welcoming spaces.  Please check out the great work being done! Follow her on instagram @KweenWerk and @inclusiveguide
Quick update on what we have been up to over the past year and a half! 
We were lucky enough to chat with Ranger Keith of TikTok fame about how to start birding and his journey to being a ranger. 
We got to do our first ZOOM recording with our friend Luke who is a Ranger in Scotland! He tells us all about the different skills and tasks that are required of rangers there. He gets to work around castles and even the park by the palace that the Queen stays in! 
We chat with one of our faves! Ranger Brian! We have a fun discussion on what it means to introduce your young child to nature. Also a little bit about Crystal's cat Gidget! 
Ranger Jack sits down with us for a chat about the Three Sisters Garden he's growing at his park Historic Yates Mill County Park.  We discuss how to set up the garden and the history behind using the 3 sisters as the foundation of a garden.  If you have questions you can email Ranger Jack at jack.singley@wakegov.comNote: The original interview was done last year.  Since the interview, we have educated ourselves on the preferred terminology of indigenous people rather than the terms Native American or American Indian.    
Last year while in Reno Nevada for the Park Rangers Association of California’s annual meeting we sat down with Ranger David! He’s a park ranger at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. He tells us what it’s like being a Desert park ranger! 
Superintendent Nora

Superintendent Nora


Lake James State Park Superintendent Nora talks to us about what daily life is like running a park! 
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