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Ep 221: Femcels

Ep 221: Femcels


Hey what's up hello! It's femcel summer (apparently?) and we're here to discuss what that means from an aspec perspective.Donate:    Follow: @soundsfakepod    Join:    www.soundsfakepod.comSupport the show
Hey what's up hello! On today's episode, two aspecs try to explain the difference between a person being hot, sexy, pretty, or cute. What a wild ride!Donate: @soundsfakepodJoin: the show
Hey what's up hello! The internet tells us that our breath can tell us about sexual arousal. We know everything we read on the internet is true, so this week your local aspec podcasters discuss.Episode Transcript: @soundsfakepodJoin: the show
Hey what's up hello! This week we needed something silly, so we took to Reddit and reacted to the world wide web's shower thoughts about sex and dating.Episode Transcript: @soundsfakepodJoin: the show
Ep 217: Weddings

Ep 217: Weddings


Hey what's up hello! Kayla was in her sister's wedding last week and you know what that means! Time to talk about weddings and all their traditions from an aspec perspective.Episode Transcript: @soundsfakepodJoin: the show
Hey what's up hello! This week, Sarah and Kayla try to sell you on all the best romantic fanfiction tropes. Why? Because we love them. P.S. - PLS DO NOT TELL KAYLA WHAT I GOT HER FOR HER BIRTHDAY SHE WON'T KNOW FOR ANOTHER FEW DAYS Episode Transcript: @soundsfakepodJoin: the show
Hey what's up hello! As aspecs, we can often feel like outsiders when it comes to things like sex or dating. While sometimes this feels incredibly isolating, other times it allows us to take a unique and useful position as objective, outside observers. Let's discuss!Episode Transcript: @soundsfakepodJoin: the show
Hey what's up hello! As some of you noticed, Kayla came back from our hiatus with a fancy new intro. Today, we talk about the difficulties of figuring out your romantic identity when you're already on the asexual spectrum.Episode Transcript:    Follow: @soundsfakepod    Join:    www.soundsfakepod.comSupport the show (
Hey what's up hello! We're back once again to definitively decide if the people of Reddit are in fact assholes.Episode Transcript: @soundsfakepodJoin: the show (
Ep 212: We're Back!

Ep 212: We're Back!


Hey what's up hello! We're back after our long hiatus! We have so much to tell you about what's been going on :)(Apologies for Kayla's audio quality, we're a bit rusty)Episode Transcript:    Follow: @soundsfakepod    Join:    www.soundsfakepod.comSupport the show (
Sounds Hiatus But Okay

Sounds Hiatus But Okay


Hey what's up hello! As you can see from the title, we're taking a bit of a hiatus. We'll see you on April 17th <3Episode Transcript:    Follow: @soundsfakepod    Join:    www.soundsfakepod.comSupport the show (
TW: Mentions of human traffickingHey what's up hello! What started as a simple episode turning romantic Christmas songs into platonic ones quickly turns into a close(?) reading of the weirdest Christmas songs out there.   Episode Transcript:      Donate:    Follow: @soundsfakepod    Join:    www.soundsfakepod.comSupport the show (
Hey what's up hello! As Christmas arrives, we can't help but notice how romantic society has made Christmas. Today we try to figure out how that happened and why Christmas is viewed as romantic.Episode Transcript:     Donate:    Follow: @soundsfakepod    Join:    www.soundsfakepod.comSupport the show (
We're back for the second installment of Same Podcast, One Year Apart a la Billie Eilish and Vanity Fair. Listen to hear what's changed and what hasn't in the past year.Episode Transcript: listen to the first year, check out episode 160: Donate: @soundsfakepodJoin: the show (
Hey what's up hello! Chaos reigns this week, and so does the Statue of Liberty. Today we read from r/TooAfraidToAsk and go on a long winded tangent about the Statue of Liberty (sorry/you're welcome)*This episode is a meant as a silly joke, please don’t actually think we’re patrioticEpisode Transcript:      Donate:    Follow: @soundsfakepod    Join:    www.soundsfakepod.comSupport the show (
Hey what's up hello! From playing hard to get to love bombing, there are a ton of games that people play while dating. Today Kayla teaches Sarah what those games are and we try to figure out why people do it.Episode Transcript:    Donate:    Follow: @soundsfakepod    Join:    www.soundsfakepod.comSupport the show (
We all know that being on asexual and/or aromantic spectrum can be really hard sometimes. But that isn't the focus of today's relax-adjacent cast! Today, we focus on the joys and triumphs of being asepc.Episode Transcript:       Donate:    Follow: @soundsfakepod    Join:    www.soundsfakepod.comSupport the show (
Hey what's up hello! We're heading back to Reddit, but this time we're checking out r/Confessions and r/Confession. What are the deepest darkest secrets of the internet? It's time to find out.Episode Transcript:      Donate:    Follow: @soundsfakepod    Join:    www.soundsfakepod.comSupport the show (
Hey what's up hello! For spooookkky Halloween, we're hitting you hard with why vampires, ghosts, ghouls, demons, etc are aspec!Episode Transcript:      Donate:    Follow: @soundsfakepod    Join:    www.soundsfakepod.comSupport the show (
Hey what's up hello! Happy Ace Week 2021! To celebrate this week, we're joined by Executive Director of Asexual Outreach and Ace Week organizer Basil. We chat about the history of Ace Week, how to celebrate the week, and how to include marginalized aces in our community and conversations.Content Warnings: Ableism, eugenicsEpisode Transcript:      Donate:    Follow: @soundsfakepod    Join:    www.soundsfakepod.comSupport the show (
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حصین مهماندوست

i just wanna mention that I'm male and I'm grossed out even by my own dick

Mar 30th


"Who are you to tell me who I am?" is a whole mood omg

Apr 27th


I totally relate to the "trying to be out but nobody recognizes it". I've had an ace pin on my backpack for 3 years and only 2 people who are also ace have pointed it out...

Mar 9th


wow. Sarah's literally taking things right OUT OF MY BRAIN

Oct 24th


I found your podcast because I NEEDED to find someone else who reacted to Jo the same way I did. I cried so hard. Little Women has been a favorite since I was a child and I still sobbed. Thanks for talking about it. FYI I'm ace and debating on the aro vs demiro spectrum.

Feb 2nd
Reply (1)


disappointed with how side tracked you got on this episode

Mar 15th


I understand the jealousy. like my dad told me that my brother and his wife were out looking at new houses and a part of me wished that I could be like that too. but I didn't get really upset because I know what I am and what I want. so now my attitude is like "good for them" and I can experience that feeling vicariously through them

Jun 21st


about halfway through there was this high pitch noise. just wanted to know that it was there

Jun 21st
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Catherine Hobbins

I appreciate you guys pointing out, like for Merida, that even if you want to believe a sexuality for a character, sometimes it's important to the story's message for it to not be the case.

Feb 27th
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