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Author: Jim Hoffman

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Weekly EMS podcast for paramedics and EMT's. Jim Hoffman is the host with invited guests from the EMS industry discussing hot EMS topics important to the paramedic and EMT field provider.
67 Episodes
This episode of the podcast is joined by Paramedic Matthew Monahemi, one of the founders of MURU. This new app is focused on the EMS provider. Super easy to use and the best part? It is tailored to you the user. Watch this episode to see how this all got started and get an inside […]
This first episode of 2021 is a bit of a change up for us. But we wanted to take a moment and give some tips and advice for your personal use. So many EMS professionals live paycheck to paycheck and never plan for retirement, injury or even a career change. Disability is not the new […]
Everything in EMS isn’t negative. If you just think of what may be simple like ABC’s. There is so much that encompasses that. You should be proud and acknowledge yourself for having that knowledge and privilege to apply it. This was a fun episode and important to point out all we do everyday in EMS. […]
What if Family Feud asked this question of EMS? “Name something you thought you were going to do at work today but didn’t” Plus – adult vs pediatric BVM use and how old is too old in EMS? See the article on BVM use talked about in the show here.  Get the EMS Quick Study […]
This episode of the show we talk about EMS drones, how to deal with a messy truck (aka – bus, ambulance etc.) , refusals and reality. Find out how to get your free copy of the EMS Quick Study Guide.  I’ll even cover shipping. See why here.
Take a listen Get your copy of Walters book here
This episode of the show we are joined by Dr Paul Louis who has created a new device to help keep healthcare professionals safe when treating patients during a respiratory pandemic.  Check out the Aerosoless Medical website here Listen to the audio here Claim the NYC EMS Challenge Coin. “The Tip Of The Spear”. Click […]
Trusting Tech In EMS

Trusting Tech In EMS


This episode talks about using medical technology on EMS calls. Whether it’s yours or the patients. The question is “Do you or should you trust the tech?” Take a listen
… Said no one in EMS ever. This episode of the show talks about the idea that social workers should be responding to EMS psychiatric calls instead of law enforcement. Great for LE (we all know they hate those calls anyway). But bad for EMS. Plus we talk about that age ole topic of EMS […]
Back An EMS Hero

Back An EMS Hero


I jumped on with Thomas Perkins who is part of the Frontline Heroes Project and we talked about Back An EMS Hero. This effort is geared to help EMS professionals using a simple method of paying it forward. Thomas talked about the goals and challenges faced as well as the positive effects of the weekly […]
If you ever thought that picking a lock as an EMS professional is something you would never do. This episode so for you. Pat Watson joins Jim on this episode and talks about tactical lock picking, being prepared and using techniques that can get you access to patients or get YOU out of places without […]
Making Mistakes In EMS

Making Mistakes In EMS


Have you ever made a mistake as an EMT or Paramedic? Ever felt burnt out? This episode of the podcast talks about some of Jim’s and Josh’s mistakes and how Jim avoided burnout many years ago. Plus how mistakes are best handled not if, but when you make them. Listen here Become a Turbo Medic […]
This episode of the show talks about the upcoming cuts to EMS by FDNY, the importance of knowing your patients DNA (or not) and the time you pronounced that patient dead but the funeral home got the ROSC credit. Listen here Claim the NYC EMS Challenge Coin. “The Tip Of The Spear”. Click here.
It seems since COVID started we keep seeing articles and reports by news and social media about how little EMT’s and Paramedics get paid.  Why is it such a surprise? Looking at NYC and FDNY providers, it was reported that most members have to work 2, 3 or even 4 jobs to pay their bills.  […]
After watching a video news article on the FDNY response to EMS members and their struggles with mental health during the COVID 19 Pandemic. We decided to talk about the lack of support that seems to be offered to EMS professionals after events like COVID. Is this anything new? The mentality of suck it up […]
This was a Facebook Live version of the show and we talk about patients requesting specific hospitals and sick vs, very sick. Watch it below Listen here Become a Turbo Medic Insider and get even more valuable study resources. It’s free to join here.
On episode # “This One” I am joined by Stacee from the popular Lights Sirens Action on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This was an engaging episode and we talked about giving quick actionable tips for EMS professionals, content production for EMS in social media and the goals that social media producers like myself and […]
This episode I am joined by the creator of the popular EMS instagram group @ems_universe. We talk about variety of topics including volunteers, social media, education and getting EMS back together. This was a great show I am sure you will enjoy. Check out the EMS Universe Instagram page here Join me on Instagram here […]
As the pandemic curve begins to flatten. We have to consider all that has changed for EMS during the crisis and what will be the new normal for EMS going forward the next few months and beyond. Will it be back to business as usual or will some elements of change that should have been […]
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, NYS Department of Health EMS put a new protocol out on the triage, treatment and transport of Cardiac Arrest Patients. NYC FDNY then over ruled the protocol. Why? The NYS guideline is geared toward EMS provider safety and FDNY has decided what appears to be otherwise. Take a listen here and you […]
Comments (3)

Mani Jean-Louis

Great reminder to be careful of tunnel vision!

Mar 12th

Mani Jean-Louis

Awesome Podcast! Keep em coming, love the practical aspects of the mentality and pre game planning encouragement!

Apr 5th

Mani Jean-Louis

Awesome Content! Keep it going and flowing. Great food for thought. Love the intro as well!... In a world of EMS podcastsers 😉😊👍🏿

Mar 14th
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