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It's A Party Either Way

Author: Hawie and Kru

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He's the Pharaoh, I'm the Sun. Join us as we discuss society, culture, philosophy, mysticism, comedy, music, politics, race and everything and anything else worth talking about.
29 Episodes
Preston "The Jetson" Waltrip, a PhD candidate and previously published baller joins us on the podcast to talk about his journey through the land of academia, his escapades across Europe, his favorite writers and philosophers, ethics, and what its like teaching millennials to be adept at critical thinking and paper writing. Enjoy!
Pinche Ana invited us over to chop it up about healthy living, the power of women, doing magic at an alter, race, conspiracy theories, deconditioning yourself, how to educate the masses, and much, much more. Also she cooked for us and it was delicious. Thanks Ana!
Kru comes back from his travels and much need break to discuss his spiritual and psychological and emotional rejuvenation while I discuss the magic of the Big Bear trip I took with a bunch of Lebanese kids and my relationship with feminism. 
Miranda joins us for episode 27 to ruffle some feathers. She came in like a livewire, throwin' heat left right about feminism, post-empire art, jay-z, toxic masculinity, the possession of the female bodies and much, much, more. Enjoy!
In this Special Chicago Edition of It's A Party Either Way, J-Roc and Kandy Kitty join us to discuss one of the most notorious cities in the country and shed light on everything from the style to the culture to the people to the violence the media portrays. You can follow the two at @Rocky6800 and Kandikittencea on IG. Enjoy!
Marcus Perez joins us to discuss his childhood, heritage, influences, running around with some of the odd future crew, recent foray into stoicism, the trials and tribulations of getting a STEM degree at UCR and much, much, more. Enjoy!
The Dawn joins us on Episode 24, informed by his background in sociology and psychology, to discuss the shifting political, social, and cultural climate of the world, net neutrality, the Millennial Condition, Capitalism, activism, and much, much more. Enjoy!
Episode 23 - Queen JB

Episode 23 - Queen JB


And we're back, with Queen JB, an aspiring artist and rapper. She's doper then dope. We discussed inspiration, what it means to be an artist, what is like rapping in 2017, changing the culture in a positive way, the importance of being a free thinker, cookin, hustlin, freeystylin, and much, much more. Enjoy!
Everyone still breathin'. Maria joins us on episode 22 to discuss growing up in Peru, experiencing cultural shock as an immigrant, life in Oakland, gentrification, and much, much more. Enjoy! (partly ft. Pinche Ana) 
Destiny The Muse joins us in the studio to discuss the inspiration behind her web series, the night she had an epiphany, living authentically, self-processing, mindfullness and much, much more. Catch her Web Series on Youtube, its called "Processed Self Love". It drops a new episode ever week and you can stay up to date if you follow her on instagram: destinythemuse. Enjoy!
Ani "The Spook" Dhruva, Arman "The Dawn" Azedi, Jeff "The Bulldog" Tovar, Jose "Con Sueno" Venegas, and Maria "Maria" Fernandez join us in the studio and after going on MOBILE with the podcast, we gathered around to hear what Jose's dream was all about. In interpreting his visions from The Other Side, we discussed the death of the ego, running away from fear, the multiverse, illusion vs. reality, the matrix and much, much more. Enjoy!
The wave is here! UCR's very own, residential Tarzan stops by to talk to us about his winding path to Riverside, his appreciation for Anthropology and recent foray into Botany, social inequity, technology as a gift and a curse, wanting to be a stand up comedian, frat life and much, much, more. Enjoy!
Episode 18! After Kru and Justice settled down and stopped making fun of me, we discussed dating habits in the black community, cultural familiarity, being from and living in Compton, Tupac, and adjusting to living in a world that's getting crazier and crazier by the day. Stick around for the surprise at the end. 
We're back with another Egyptian. This time its Abdul "The Red Card Jewel" to discuss what it's like being a referee, getting kicked out of parties, living in the Bay, Transmissions from the other side, Mr. Weinstein and much much more. Enjoy!
Sweet Sixteen with Ryan The Lion. We tried to discuss the usual stuff; Society, Culture, Politics, Art etc. but it was derailed by the absurd goofiness of Ryan The Lion. It's definitely worth listening too- at one point Ryan realized we were recording and promptly denounced his own name and decided to go by the pseudonym "Bobby Valentino" and be Brazilian. Anyways! Enjoy.
Our first Friday Pod for ya'll- sometimes you gotta switch it up. On this episode we brought on Daniel to discuss the importance of Mental Health, Conspiracy Theories, Getting Kicked out of Whack Ass Parties (we still love you Abdul), Deprogramming Yourself, and America's Obsession with Haunted Shit.
Episode 13 - Chirs Houston

Episode 13 - Chirs Houston


Chris Houston joins us on this special number 13 episode to discuss Relationships, Love, The Hero's Journey, Self-Mastery, Discipline, Freedom, Mysticism, Mythology, Cultural Restoration, The Illuminati and much much more. ALSO, The Bulldog dropped by to periodically add his two cents. Enjoy!
Episode 12 - Christy Curry

Episode 12 - Christy Curry


In Episode 12, Christy Curry, a good friend of a good friend, joins us to discuss College Life in 2017, Cinema Symbology, Karmic Energy, Mindfulness, Gentrification, Authenticity, and much much more
A wild, wild and hectic podcast with Ani "The Spook" Dhruva. On this episode we discussed joining the CIA, Contact Highs, Hollywood Pedophilia, the genius of Stanley Kubrick, diabolic Sims experimentation, and Porn Stars going to the same High School as you. PLUS a surprise drop in from Jose "Con Sueno" Venegas. Enjoy!
Number 10! Jeff "The Bulldog" Tovar joins us to discuss Cougarlife escapades, transformative experiences, finding your Guru, the hypnosis of Cinema, Feminine Power, and Sharing Knowledge. This episode is brought to you by Alpha Brain, The Church of What's Happening Now, and Renaissance Book Shop.
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