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Author: Cabrini University

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A Cabrini podcast that brings faculty together for cavalier conversations on research, current events, and pop culture.

Cabrini University is dedicated to academic freedom. The views expressed by faculty members on this podcast are those of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views and beliefs of the University.
4 Episodes
Abel Rodríguez, JD, and Jerry Zurek, PhD, talk about immigration, myths and misconceptions, and student advocacy.
Colleen Lelli, EdD, and Amy Persichetti, EdD, discuss the importance of labeling #metoo, bystander intervention, and power and control.
Historians Jolyon Girard, PhD, Courtney Smith, PhD, and Darryl Mace, PhD, discuss collaborating on their new three-book set and what constitutes a great speech.
Ep 001 “The Fifth Wave of Feminism” In the first episode of CAVersations, Cabrini English professors Michelle Filling-Brown, PhD, and Paul Wright, PhD, discuss the women’s march, award show recognition, and pregnancy and motherhood to examine women’s issues in pop culture.
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