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Author: Danny Decker & Richie Peplin

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On the LKN Business Podcast Co-Hosts Danny and Richie shine a spotlight on the great businesses here in Lake Norman. Business is more fun as a community so they're going behind the curtain to get the who, what, and why. If you want to know about what drives the businesses in your community, this is your new favorite podcast.

If you own a business in LKN and want to be a guest, reach us at
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Happy Friday, Lake Norman! We've got a brand-new episode for you to enjoy while you socially distance.   In this episode, Ryan Webber and Danny Decker interview Andrew Isaacs of i6 Graphics LLC.   Listen in as Andrew shares why it's so important to make time to work *on* your business and not just *in* your business.   (And don't worry - this interview was filmed several months ago. No Shelter-In-Place regulations were violated in the making of this show :)
Danny Decker welcomes new host Ryan Webber as they kick off Season Three of the Lake Norman Business Podcast! 
And we're back with another great episode! S2E9 features Andy Upchurch of Bin 110. Andy talks about his journey in launching a new business and has great insight on the process of standing out and adding value to customers. Bin 110 has an incredible bourbon/whiskey and wine list - make sure you check them out!
Lynette had some really great marketing insight to share - including the idea that effective marketing goes beyond just the products and services we sell. Race City Marine isn't just selling boats - they're giving their customers the opportunity to make memories with their families that will last a lifetime. How can you apply this concept in your marketing? Enjoy the episode!
We're really excited to release this episode, featuring Titus Bartolotta. Titus is the force behind Business Leaders Unleashed, Collaborative Solutions Group, The Lotta Foundation, and believe it or not, that's only a partial list of what he's got going on! Check it out now! As always, big thanks to our sponsors this season - Chapter One Films and the Excel Marketplace Breakfast presented by Newsong Church.
In Season Two, Episode Six, Richie and Danny interview Greg Prinz, owner and lead videographer at Chapter One Films.   Greg shares some great tips for how business owners can market themselves more effectively using video. He talks about the types of video that work best for businesses, and he shares some tips on how to get started.   Check it out!
In this episode, Richie and Danny interview Ryan Webber, Marketing Director at Thomas, Godley & Grimes. Ryan's entrepreneurial background combined with his experience as the Marketing Director at a fast-growing law firm gives him a well-rounded perspective on what makes marketing work. He shares a handful of practical tips and strategies in this episode - give it a listen! Learn more about Thomas, Godley, & Grimes by visiting
In this episode, Richie and Danny sit down with Brandon Watts of Brandon Watts Mortgage. Brandon talks about his unique and effective approach to branding, and shows off some of his favorite promotional products. Learn more about Brandon at
In this episode, Richie and Danny sit down with Tracy Alston of New Mentality, P.C. Tracy discusses her unique approach to mental health and peak performance, and shares some of the marketing tips and strategies she has developed along the way. Learn more about Tracy at www.
Hey Lake Norman! We're back with another great interview. Danny & Ryan sat down with Dale Gillmore, Founder of Quest Advisory and Chairman at Make An Impact Foundation. In addition to practical business advice, Dale talks about his decision to launch Make An Impact Foundation - and why it's so important for business owners to pursue meaningful impact beyond simply paying the bills each month. Give it a listen! (And don't worry - this interview was filmed several months ago. No Shelter-In-Place regulations were violated in the making of this show :) )
This week on the podcast, Ryan and Danny are joined by Tiffany Webber!   In this interview, Tiffany talks about the importance of empathizing and emotionally connecting with prospects and clients - and why, in a sales conversation, your goal should be to LISTEN most of the time, rather than talking.   Check it out!
This week, Ryan Webber and Danny Decker sit down with Matt Andersen, CEO of M.D. Andersen CPA, PA.   Matt talks about why it's so valuable for business owners and marketers to truly understand their clients.   Empathy is the missing ingredient for many businesses, and Matt shares some great insight into how to better understand and serve customers & clients.   Check it out!
This week, Danny Decker and Ryan Webber sit down with Jeff Wanner, Founder & CEO of Pair PEO.   In the interview, Jeff explains the benefits of working with a "Professional Employer Organization" (PEO) in order to streamline HR services.   He also shares some of his best tips and strategies for building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with clients and referral sources.   Give it a listen!
This week, Ryan and Danny sit down with Lorri Hoffman of Movement Mortgage for a great conversation around the importance of creating real *relationships* with customers and clients.   Give it a listen and make sure you subscribe to the Lake Norman Business Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Play!
We're back with another great interview! Mike Yarbrough, CEO and founder of Rustic & Main, joined Danny Decker and Ryan Webber for a conversation around how to use systems & processes in order to scale your business rapidly. There's something in this interview for every business owner out there - give it a listen! 
We're back with a new episode!   Check out Ryan & Danny's interview with Brian Kaup, owner of Trinity Commercial Cleaning, LLC.   Brian and his team deliver an incredible customer experience, and in this episode he shares several great ideas on how to "surprise and delight" customers to keep them coming back for more!
What better way to celebrate the first Monday of 2020 than by launching a new episode!   Danny Decker & Ryan Webber had the opportunity to sit down with Richard Tomasini of eXp Realty.   Richard has built a large team of top-performing professionals, and in this interview he shares some of his best tips for identifying, attracting, and leading a winning team.   Check it out!
Excited to have Tim Baier, co-founder and CEO of Spiracle Media join Danny Decker and Ryan Webber this week on the podcast. Tim and his team are master storytellers - and on this episode of the Lake Norman Business Podcast, Tim shares tips and strategies that every business owner can use to tell their own story more effectively.
Happy Monday - we're back with a new episode!! Ryan and Danny had the opportunity to interview Michael Osborne, founder & CEO of Ship Transportal. Over the years, Mike has built a strong company culture in an industry known for high turnover rates. Listen in and learn how he does it - and how you can build a powerful culture in your organization.
Episode 9 features our good friend Chris Clark from The Law Office of Chris Clark, PLLC. Chris is an entrepreneurial-minded attorney that specializes in working with business owners and entrepreneurs in the Charlotte & Lake Norman area. In addition to sharing some great marketing strategies, in this episode Chris shares some strategies that business owners can use to prevent costly legal mistakes. Give it a listen!
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