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On this week's motorcycle podcast we hang with Donovan from Big Sur Motorcycle Adventure tours discussing his trips in Big Sur and Vietnam. Miss Emma helps Stumpy diagnose a problem with his Tiger. We discuss the happenings at the garage and read listener's emails. Featuring Bagel, Miss Emma, Naked Jim, Craig and Stumpy John. Join our Discord at
This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by My Hart, fresh back from completing the Dakar Rally. This is no small feat, especially in the Malle category, which is the most challenging for competitors. This is where you have no support and have to maintain your own bike after a long day of riding. And taking the expense and skill it takes to compete, it's no surprise that this is the first year that any American finished the race in the Malle category. Way to go Mo! We've got so many questions for Mo, including Emma's probe into how you handle bodily functions out in the abyss of the Arabian desert. And we also manage to compare competing in the Dakar with our very own Naked Ride, which we also did this weekend. Next up we share our bike's DNA stories. How Austrian in a KTM really? How American is a Harley? And who's bike is 100% pure from it's country of origin? Listen and find out. With Liza, Charley, Scotty, Stumpy John, Miss Emma, Craig the Giant, Ray Ray, Naked Jim and Bagel. Join our Discord at
This week on our motorcycle podcast we talk about the weather and how it doesn't stop the Misfits from going out riding to come to the garage. Rain or shine, the garage is open and shenanigans ensue. Everyone who came by got to try out Liza's new bike, the Amigo 125, which is a Honda Dax clone. So far the consensus is that it's a good buy for the money, and will provide some good stupid fun. Liza also got some more toy motorcycles, one of which is a limited edition Triumph Scrambler Bond Edition. This gets us talking about the Bond bikes, and rewatching the chase scenes from the Bond films. Some are hysterical and don't hold up over time, while others are still impressive to this day. Listen in and find out which are our favorites, and what we think the next Bond bike should be. And lastly we give an update on the Dakar Rally, and read listener emails. Don't buy flood bikes! With Liza, Miss Emma, Naked Jim and Bagel. Join our Discord at
This week on our motorcycle podcast we share stories from our current stormageddon. All of us are surviving just fine except for Liza, who finds the only thing to do when you can't ride, is buy more bikes. This will be a big year for the Misfits, heading out to even more events and tours than ever before, and we want you to join us. Check out our events page on our site, and come along! And also let us know if you're interested in the UK Moto Dream Tour. Next up, we talk about the worst trends from the two wheel world ever to come along. Some are steeped in culture and tradition like the Bosozoku and Mod scooters, some come from pushing the limits like wide tires and raked front ends, and some are just silly like the furry bikes from the stunter world. Let us know if there are any we missed and send us an email. And lastly we read listener emails. Join our Discord at
This week on our motorcycle podcast we talk about good and bad ideas. Ingenuity is what moves us forward, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes it should've worked but for whatever reason it didn't. Hear our arguments about good and bad ideas in this segment. Next up we play a game called The Easiest Motorcycle Quiz Ever. Play along and see how you do. We give a shout out to the most hardcore segment of the biker community; the ones with no cars. They commute, shop and travel in any weather on two wheels because they are just that badass. And lastly we read listener emails and answer some questions. Happy New Year from the Misfits! With Liza, Miss Emma, Nak and Craig. Join our Discord at
Thanks for being a supporter on Patreon. Enjoy this bonus episode where Emma shares the history of the original cafe racers.
Sit back and enjoy story time with Miss Emma and the Misfits.
For the last podcast of 2022, we bring to you a fun show with lots of topics. We start out with a Tell Me Whyeee there aren't fuel gauges on all bikes? Emma has an answer that Liza aint buying. Then we talk about the remake of Easy Rider, and wonder what bikes they'll use in this modern remake? Next up, Liza has a new game called The Incredibly Impossible Quiz. Play along and see how you do. We then roll into some rounds of Craigslist Porn Pic: What's It Worth edition. Harley has announced some new models that are being made in China, and aren't for the American market. Do we believe them? And could these be the first real winners in the foreign made Harley game? And since it's the holidays, we all share what gifts we hope to receive, are receiving, and would like to give to another. Lastly, we read listener emails. Thanks to everyone for listening, and shout out to all the Misfits around the world. With Liza, Stumpy John, Miss Emma, Craig, Naked Jim, Bagel and Steph Yue. Join our Discord at
This week on our motorcycle podcast we are still enduring the rain, but that didn't stop a bunch of people from coming to the garage this week. Still buzzing off of the excitement from our 500th Episode Extravaganza, we share a recap of all of the events, meals and activities. In fact, we had such a good time we're considering doing it every year. No, really. Let us know what you think. Matt and Naked Jim just returned from their epic ADV trip to Death Valley, and share their ride report. Is the Africa Twin more capable then the GS1200 off road? Listen to find out. Liza gives Stumpy John and Miss Emma a compatibility test in the form of a game called On or In? Play along and find out if you think like a Misfits too. And lastly, we read listener emails. We received so much awesome feedback from our 500th, as well as some great listener questions. Keep the emails coming! With Liza, Douglas, Ray Ray, Stumpy John, Miss Emma, Nak, Naked Jim, Craig, Henry, Charley, Bagel and Breaking Away Matt.
On this special 500th episode, we gathered Misfits past and present on one stage in front of a live audience. We reminisce about the start of the Re-Cycle Garage and the podcast, share some of our favorite stories, and some of our favorite moments. We've had a rotating cast of characters over the years, forming a family of Misfits, and have had a lot of fun over the years. Thank you everyone who's listened, to those that came for the recording and especially to Phil Waters from the Cleveland Moto podcast for joining us. With Liza, Stumpy John, Douglas, Nak, Megan, Miss Emma, Phil, Kat, Adrianne, Charley, Bagel and Naked Jim.…YZhyzKA1pXR1m3eU
This week on our motorcycle podcast Liza and John have a ride report, which brings up the debate about the perfect Swiss Army Knife bike. Is it the KLR650, DR650 or Tenere 700? Or, is it Liza's vote, the KTM 690 Enduro? What do you think? With so many new bike announcements, it prompts us to share some opinions about if we care or not about these news articles? The conversation then turns into a History Hole about Bimoto, a little known boutique performance brand that makes some amazing bikes. Then we play a game called Separated at Birth. Liza prompts that all bikes have a car that is the equivalent. Do you think we matched them well? And lastly we read listener emails and answer some questions. Thanks to everyone who scooped up the seats to our 500th episode live recording. We can't believe it is sold out! With Liza, Stumpy John, Douglas, Naked Jim and Bagel.
This week on our motorcycle podcast Liza shares an amazing story in a segment we call How Did We Not Know About This, about motorcycles designed by NASA for the moon. Moon scooters were almost a thing! Next up we talk about the massive influx of new electric motorcycles being announced, and who is going to survive this EMoto Thunderdome. Will it be a company with a base in the industry like Kymco or Kawasaki? Or will it be a small company like Fuell or Cake? Do any of these companies bring some new innovation to the table? Or are they all just different aesthetics in an industry already capped by technology? And what does this mean to the rider that hasn't even thought of buying an electric motorcycle yet? We discuss all these things, and why you should be watching the market as they all fight to survive and claim their spot in the future of motorcycling. In game time, Liza springs a spelling bee on the guys, and we find out who can actually spell these often mispronounced motorcycle words. And lastly, we read listener emails and find out what most of us may be doing wrong. With Liza, Stumpy John, Morgan and Bagel. Get your tickets to our 500th episode live recording at…ts-442515374397 Thanks to our sponsor
This week on our motorcycle podcast we talk about a bike that Emma is working on in her shop, a Hyosung Aquila GV650. Hyosung has been around in the US for over 15 years, but it seems they are rarely seen in the wild. These Korean bikes hit the market and then seemed to disappear. So how good or bad are they? Should you buy one? Listen and find out what we conclude about these cheap bikes. Next up Stumpy John presents to us 10 new bikes unveiled at EICMA this year, and we decide if we are excited about them in this game called Stumpy or Chumpy. Craig and Naked Jim give us a ride report from their recent excursion to the Mojave desert, where Craig learns to ride deep sand for the first time. and lastly we read listener emails and answer questions, one of which is too good to answer quickly, so you'll have to listen next week while we have a discussion about life after a big accident. With Liza, Stumpy John, Miss Emma, Kelly, Craig, Naked Jim and Bagel. Get your tickets to our 500th episode live recording at…ts-442515374397 Thanks to our sponsor
This week on our motorcycle podcast we are going Italian baby! Cat McLeod is here to talk about the Misfits trip to Italy next year, and he's got some travel tips to make your trips better. In fact, we've had so many people interested in the trip that we're considering offering 2 trips! If you're interested, let us know what you prefer. Is there such a thing as a cheap Ducati? We searched the web and present our finds to Emma to see if anyone can find a real deal. Emma gives a History Hole on Benelli Motorcycles, which have a long history before the current bikes that we have now. They also make shotguns. Listen and learn. Stumpy John and Cat talk about the Moto GP which just ended, and if you aren't following, they've got some reasons you should, and the Italians are all over this one. And lastly we read listener emails. With Liza, Stumpy John, Cat, Mouse, Naked Jim, Miss Emma and Bagel. Get your tickets to our 500th episode live recording at…ts-442515374397 And get your tickets to the RevSisters Moto Film Festival at Thanks to our sponsor
We bring to you yet another wonderful history hole, this time about a part of the bike that many fear. That's right, it's valves. What does a valve do? How and why do you adjust them? Can you do it yourself? These questions and more will be answered. And as always, thank you to our Patreon supporters. We couldn't do it without you. With Emma and Liza
This week on our motorcycle podcast we are talking about the right to repair. With all the technology on new bikes, owners are not able to work on them. And with the software and tools being so expensive, anyone but a factory dealer may not be able to work on them either. Mike Sayre from the AMA join us to talk about this. Should people be able to work on their bike when the tech is so complicated that they may mess something up or disable safety features? This isn't new in many other industries like cell phones and tractors, but it's fairly new for motorcycles, and the AMA is making sure that bikes aren't being overlooked when legislation comes into play. Tying into this topic, we discuss paying for upgrades that your bike may already be equipped with. Zero has been doing this with their Cypher program, and now KTM has announced a similar system with the 2023 890 Adventure. So if your bike has heated grips or enhanced suspension settings from the factory, should you have to pay extra to unlock it? Or should it just be included in the base price? Is this a bonus for the frugal shopper? Or is it only an advantage to the manufacturer? Let us know what you think. Lastly, Bagel gives us a history hole on the Honda Monkey Bike, and we read listener emails. With Liza, Miss Emma, Patrick, Naked Jim and Bagel. Get your tickets to our 500th episode live recording at…ts-442515374397 And get your tickets to the RevSisters Moto Film Festival at Thanks to our sponsor
This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by resto modder Max Sizemore. He's built some pretty cool bikes, taking stock superbikes and making them faster, lighter and better handling. He does this by getting the best suspension, brakes, engine mods and carbon fiber body parts he can find. So if money wasn't in the equation, what bike would you improve on? This leads Emma into a History Hole on the speed wars of the 90's, which may not have happened as lore has told us. Next up, Liza plays a game of Does It Turbo, and see's if Max and Emma can guess which bikes have been turboed. And lastly, Liza gives s ome movie reviews for some flicks you should check out. With Liza, Texas John, Miss Emma, Chin, Max, Naked Jim and Bagel. Get your tickets to our 500th episode live recording at…ts-442515374397
Thanks so much for supporting us on Patreon. Our way of thanking you is to bring you exclusive tracks like this one. I'm sure you've heard of Royal Enfield, but maybe you didn't know how many cool things there are with this company. Like, did you know that the Enfield Bullet is the longest running bike in production of all time? And that Emma has a direct connection to this long running company. Listen and enjoy!
This week on our motorcycle podcast Liza test rides the new Royal Enfield Scram 411. This is a great affordable option for any rider who prefers value over performance, and it looks good too. But why do people still comment on the lack of power on a budget bike? What do you expect on a bike that retails under $7K? And is there a cheap bike that delivers on price, performance and quality? They might be coming faster than you think, and you might be surprised where they are coming from. Next up, Liza has been stepping out on her Africa Twin, so before selling it, she decided to try couples counseling. Can the relationship be saved? And will it be the new Transalp that steals her heart? This leads Emma to do a History Hole on the Transalp that his actually been in production for decades, just not here in the states. And lastly we talk to our guests Josh, about his bikes, and Tori about her profession as an embalmer. This leads to all sorts of questions about preparing a body for a viewing and burial on their motorcycle. Ever wonder how they do it? Well, listen and find out. With Liza, Stumpy John, Miss Emma, Tori, Josh, Naked Jim and Bagel. Get your tickets to our 500th episode live recording at
Here's the first of our bonus podcasts for our Patreon supporters. Find out here how "Tilly" was a badass rider, and helped win the war. With Miss Emma , Liza and John Dalton.
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gota subscribe after listening to this. but damn u guys like some ugly fucking bikes. ha.

Aug 25th

Mike Roth

I hate when riders block traffic because they think they have the authority to stop traffic to keep the group together. Just follow the rules of the road.

Oct 15th

Karlos Gurrola

how do i become a patron i love this podcast i ride a xt250 and fz07

Apr 2nd
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