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Author: Taylor Daugherty, Monica Grandy

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Software engineers Monica and Taylor carve out a safe space for overcoming imposter syndrome in the male-dominated field of technology.
8 Episodes
Taylor and Monica chat with Melinda Lim, a software engineer who got her degree in Computer Science from Cornell University. She explains how one glamorous female mentor changed the trajectory of her career by showing her that the field isn't just for "computer geeks". We talk about finding a mentor, being a mentor, and how you can still be successful if you go to brunch and binge TV on the weekends instead of working on side projects.   Melinda Lim is a software engineer with nine years of experience at companies like Microsoft, Stripe, and Uber. 
This one is for the bootcamp curious! Monica and Taylor chat with Chelsea De La Grana, Director of People and Compliance at Codesmith. We cover how to get in, what to expect during the program, and life after. We dive into everything from their philosophy on engineering empathy (which should really be required for all engineers), to pair-programming, and to the camp-like atmosphere including the event of the season, the talent show.    For more information on bootcamps including Codesmith and others visit:    Email Chelsea with questions at
Monica and Taylor dive into self-care in this belated Valentine’s Day episode (keeping track of time is so...2019). We address feeling guilty for not being extra productive in quarantine, burnout, and creating boundaries and routines that make work sustainable in our new normal.
Monica and Taylor chat with badass engineer and fellow bootcamp grad Ellie Demis, currently a Software Development Engineer 2 at Amazon. Ellie shares her philosophy on tackling salary negotiation and challenges the advice to "always negotiate". Join us as we work through the anxiety brought up by uncomfortable conversations and discuss how to find the confidence to ask for what you're worth.
Lyndsey Lustig, Talent Partner for Technology at Headspace, chats with Taylor and Monica to share valuable interview process insights and tips. We discuss how personality and perseverance can potentially fill in technical gaps and how a "wild card" can make it through the interview process. We also relive some uncomfortable interview moments and how we have all passed on candidates who refused to make eye contact with us! As the famous saying goes, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the interview!”
Guys, listen up. It's time to think twice about sending your female coworker 5 winking emojis at 8pm. In fact, let's call all "produce" emojis off-limits forever. Taylor and Monica swap stories about working in a male dominated industry and share some tips on how we can all help level the playing field and just be professional. Hint: complimenting our shoes is still acceptable and highly encouraged.
Monica and Taylor discuss the origins of this podcast and breakdown their own career paths.



Software engineers Monica and Taylor carve out a safe space to work through imposter syndrome in the male-dominated industry of technology. 
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