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Inspired Energy Podcast - Exploring strengths, leadership, personal growth, mindset and living an inspired life. Available on all Podcast platforms.
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Alexandria Joy (AJ) is the powerhouse founder of UQ Power, a collective of Company Culture Architects supporting CEO's, HR and Marketing Directors to design and build strong company cultures that build their brand and market share through sustainable relationships.AJ's top 5 strengths are learner, connectedness, strategic, futuristic, and input - and you can see these shine through in this episode! We discussed why, as leaders, a lot of people go for mastery first. They take on external stimulus - do courses, read books, listen to podcasts - all to master becoming a good leader. It needs to be an inside/out game rather than an outside/in one.How? Through...mindset (going within to clear the slate and set up for success, know yourself)minimalism (strip away what doesn’t work for you - reduce the noise, the friction, reduce the need to do things just to please others), andmastery (then polish the stone, add the skills).Other key highlights on this episode include...When working with people or facilitating workshops, set your intention of allowing whatever needs to come through to be there - have the curriculum, but also meet people where they’re at.As leaders you can’t take the world or your team further than you’ve gone inside.The human mind can’t be creative and logical at once. So when everything is full - your space, your calendar, your mind - you can’t get into that creative space.You can find out more about AJ in the following spaces: Leading Ladies International, on LinkedIn, over at UQ Power and the The Joy Box.#culture #business #leadership #minimalism #selfleadership #personaldevelopment #business #entrepreneur #mastery #mindset #attitude #strengths #cliftonstrengths #gallup #inspired #inspiring #inspiredenergy #podcast #anchor
Episode 19 - Tammy Guest (Natupreneur Business Mentor)In this episode I catch up with the awesome and inspiring (yes I'm biased, but she really is) Tammy Guest. We talk about Tammy's passion to help 7,000 health practitioners, help 7,000 clients improve their health and well-being.We reflect on our recent Bali immersion with participants in the NatClub and the multiple transformations we were inspired to be a part of. Tammy also discusses opportunities and challenges in the industry and how important mindset is to be successful. All of the Natupreneur members complete their CliftonStrengths and we explore how the Top 5 Strengths of health practitioners show up in their business and needs for learning.You can find out more about Tammy's Natuprenur Journey Program and Assessment for health praccies (naturopaths, nutritions, herbalists and massage therapists) at and check out Natupreneur Hub on facebook!#podcast #business #mentor #natupreneurclub #naturopath #herbalist #nutritionist #massage #health #practitioner #wellbeing #mindset #coach #leadership #cliftonstrengths #strengths #gallup #entrepreneur 
Graeme Cowan helps leaders and their tribes to create an environment, culture and have conversations that change people’s lives. His purpose is to help teams become more caring, resilient and growth oriented.Graeme helped Gavin Larkin and a small team launch the R U OK? movement in 2000 - the powerful question that has given permission for open conversation with mental illness and general life struggles. He is a regular media commenter, speaker and author of three books. Motivated due to his own mental breakdown in 2000, he has discovered simple rituals that can increase wellbeing and effectiveness and has created a career around sharing these with others.In this episode we discuss how to support a colleague in distress, the foundational things to do to encourage an R U OK culture in the workplace, why having good relationships with others is one of the key aspects to happiness and how improving your sleep is one of the fastest ways to improve your life. We also discuss my own recovery from my accident and how the emotional recovery has been the biggest challenge. Key highlights include... Most people are happy to ask R U OK? but are not sure what to do if they say no. So to support a colleague in distress, utilise ICARE - Identify, Compassion, Access experts, Revitalise and Exercise. If leaders practice their own self-care and sustainability, it flows on to what others do around them. If you’re not in good shape yourself, how can you support your team? The three cups of self care that we need to fill are Vitality (physical energy, exercise, sleep, nutrition), Intimacy (having positive and fulfilling relationships with others) and Prosperity (our contribution - whether it’s work, community focused, legacy, etc).Check out the I CARE framework for supporting a colleague in distress here - can find out more about Graeme and his work here or connect with him on LinkedIn. #podcast #inspiredenergy #inspired #inspiration #resilience #mentalhealth #health #leadership #culture #teamwork #teams #stressless #business #ruok
In this episode Jenni and I discuss the bigger picture in business, why systems and structures are so important for growth, and the importance of never losing sight of your values and your why.Jenni has a passion for developing helping people maximise their potential. With expertise in leadership development, team building, capability development, business strategy and facilitation, Jenni helps individuals and teams to understand their purpose, define their vision and to develop processes that will enable them to work to their potential, and beyond. She works with leadership teams to understand how they work and develop strategies to solve complex problems through new and innovative solutions. Jenni launched Elephant in the Room Consulting, a boutique consulting house specialising in the realignment of organisational culture and process.In this episode we discuss the bigger picture in business, why systems and structures are so important for growth, why Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is a fantastic role model for leadership (and how Toto represents the value system), and we also talk about when something happens to shake up your life, give yourself the respect and time to process it internally. Key highlights on this episode include:Business owners not only have to look at the details but also the bigger picture too - we have a responsibility and a commitment towards that.We often hire for skill and experience rather than connection and fit, and long term success in the business comes from shared values. So before hiring, we need to get clear on what our personal and business values are.When we think about scaling a business, we often think technology, but what we also need to look at is how can you do you job consistently over time so that your business grows and that it still stays aligned with your mission and purpose.Find out more about Jenni over at Elephant in the Room, and connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.  #podcast #strengths #leadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #dorothy #wizardofoz
In Episode 16, Health and Wellbeing Coach, Dave Conley and I discuss unconscious habits and the very small steps we can take to change these, how to adopt radical self-care as the foundation for lifelong happiness plus the steps he took in rebooting his life after tragedy.Dave was put on this earth for some huge work - to upgrade the human experience and bring joy through transformation. Dave's life has included getting 32 million people on the internet for the first time, rebooting his life after tragedy, and now flipping the self-help business model by inspiring others to adopt radical-self care as the foundation for lifelong happiness. Dave’s top 5 strengths include Ideation, Strategic, Woo, Futuristic & Activator.In this episode we discuss unconscious habits and the very small steps we can take to change these, why the worst thing that happened to Dave turned out to be the best thing that could’ve happened, and why 4 small things (mindfulness, exercise, diet and sleep) that you’re doing right now, with the smallest shifts, can turn them into self care superpowers.He shares his journey of how losing his wife actually put him on a different path which transformed his life - losing 150 pounds, quitting cigarettes and his job, and launching his own business. Dave wholeheartedly believes that self-care can springboard your life into one that is limitless, and shares key highlights such as:Why 99% of what we do day in and day out is based upon our unconscious habits and how we feel about them. Those two things go together and basically drive us on automatic everywhere we go and with everything we do.You can change your habits in small ways, but if you can also change how you feel, and then establish new habits around that - then that’s where the magic happens.People feel guilty about spending time in their jobs and not with their family, so they’ll give up sleep, eating right and exercise, in favour of either spending time with family or being at their jobs. But the more time you spend on yourself means you can bring so much more to your loved ones, your vocation, your community and ultimately, your legacy.Checkout Dave's complimentary sleep tips at out more about Dave at, and connect with him over on Facebook and Instagram.#podcast #health #wellbeing #mindset #leadership #selfleadership #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business 
In this episode Lisa and I discuss busyness in business, how she can successfully work virtually whilst still honouring her clients' strengths, and how to inspire energy and team culture with a remote workforce.Lisa has delivered events to over 11,500 participants in 14 countries. You can see her featured in places like Harvard Business Publishing, Training Magazine, and Forbes.She’s the CEO of a company called Lead Through Strengths. When she’s not out spotting strengths in people, you find her playing drums, rescuing dogs, or making artsy things with a welder!Lisa's top 5 strengths are Strategic, Maximizer, Positivity, Individualization & Woo.Key highlights on this episode include:· When you get busy, it’s easy for “busy” to be the master. It’s initially the badge of honour. But you need to think: what life am I trying to build and am I serving that life or am I just continuing to serve the busy.· You need to stay clear and focused on what you want to achieve. What work do you love to do and what types of people do you love to do that work with.· The business journey from hustle and grind mindset to one of grace and ease.· When it comes to time on tasks - it’s not just about the time it takes to do that task. It’s the pre and post work too. How much do tasks and projects really cost for you? And are they aligned with your long term vision?Find out more about Lisa at Lead Through Strengths and listen to her podcast here.#podcast #strengths #cliftonstrengths #gallup #leadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach
In this episode, Doug and I discuss how to tap into your mid-lower strengths, the scalability of your business when it solely depends on your time, leveraging your strengths with the strengths of your colleagues plus hiring people with complementary strengths and talents.Doug Bacon is a leader committed to sustainable business growth, and has spent over 20 years helping teams and organisations reach their potential by transforming their company culture and taking ownership of the process.Doug’s top 5 strengths are Harmony, Arranger, Positivity, Empathy & Developer.Key highlights on this episode include...· In order to tap into those mid-lower talents, Doug developed a system that firstly satisfied his top talents so he could create some space for the lower talents to come forward.· How Doug figured out a way to scale his business so that it didn’t max out at him.· Why it’s not so much about hiring someone to help you do the work you love, but hiring someone who takes away the work you don’t want to spend time doing.· How to hire from a different perspective – look at what traits are needed for that role, and then collect data on candidates as to how aligned they are to these traits needed. Two major traits groups include how we are wired for achievement and how we are wired for relationships.Find out more about Doug over at Throwing Words and connect further on LinkedIn.#podcast #strengths #cliftonstrengths #gallup #leadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach 
Life is better when you breathe! Few people understand what it means to truly breathe. In this episode we explore insights and practical tips from Breathing Experts, Shane and Angie Saunders from BreatheMe. We explore...How to breathe energy not just air, how to develop your own CTRL ALT DELETE and clear your cache, tips to upgrade your processes, raise your standards, and increase your value.Shane and Angie bring a history of experience, for Shane, 13 years in the Australian Defence Force, military training at the highest level, SAS, tactical assault and special forces, military duty in the Middle East; and for Angelina (Angie) it's been navigating intense real life experiences; grief of lost loved ones, parental disputes, anxiety inside the entertainment industry, child birth (twice), postnatal depression and starting from scratch building a new life, a new family, and a new business in a foreign country. They credit daily breathing techniques for helping them build up a successful health and wellness business, residential real estate investing, commercial real estate projects, business investments, mindset consulting, and authoring their award winning book, "Three Lessons on How to Lower Stress Naturally." Find out more at #entrepreneur #business #growth #personaldevelopment #success #focus #breathing #relaxation #inspiration #inspiredenergy #stressmanagement 
Rhonda Boyle is a transformational leader teaching strengths-based processes through workshops, corporate education and group coaching. She’s the author several books, most recently the International Best Seller, "Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformation" (which I'm a co-author of!). Rhonda has been part of the strengths movement since 2008 and is also a Certified Law of Attraction facilitator with a special emphasis on Neuroscience principles.   Rhonda's Top 5 Strengths are Ideation, Woo, Maximizer, Communication, Activator!We also discuss the importance of Money Mindset for your business and personal success. From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Rhonda has been married to Chris for 27 years and they have two adult daughters and two grand boys!Connect with Rhonda at #cliftonstrengths #strengths #coach #leadership #teamwork #entrepreneur #author #moneymindset #money #business #personalgrowth
In this episode I catch up with Charlotte Blair. An awesome strengths coach who is passionate about strengths and the application of strengths for change management and creating a safe space for people to speak up. Charlotte's favourite saying in life is “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have always imagined” and she tries to live by this every day and believe it has helped her throughout her life and career in both Sales and Learning and Development. Charlotte has a huge passion for Strengths based development, focusing on what’s right with people instead of looking at weakness. She see's her purpose to help others enjoy life and their career and look for ways every day to be the best they can possibly be. A highly experienced Gallup certified strengths coach, consultant and facilitator with over 20 years proven success managing relationships and developing business in highly complex sales environments. Charlotte's Top 5 Strengths are Activator, WOO, Command, Arranger and Positivity. We had such an inspiring chat about how Charlotte applies her strengths in all areas of life from her career, her business partnership, marriage and parenting. Charlotte gives plenty of examples and insights into how she lives her strengths and how they have helped her success and be more of her. We also discuss different mediums for effective coaching (the pros and cons of face to face vs online) and horse riding too!Find out more about Charlotte Blair @ and #strengths #teamwork #culture #leadership #changemanagement #postivepsychology #inspiredenergy #coach #coaching
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