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Author: Murray Guest

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Inspired conversations with Strengths-based coach Murray Guest. Exploring strengths and living an inspired life through conversations that matter.
12 Episodes
Episode 11 - Charlotte Blair (Strengths-based Coach - Strengths Partners)
In this episode I catch up with Charlotte Blair. An awesome strengths coach who is passionate about strengths and the application of strengths for change management and creating a safe space for people to speak up. Charlotte's favourite saying in life is “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have always imagined” and she tries to live by this every day and believe it has helped her throughout her life and career in both Sales and Learning and Development. Charlotte has a huge passion for Strengths based development, focusing on what’s right with people instead of looking at weakness. She see's her purpose to help others enjoy life and their career and look for ways every day to be the best they can possibly be. A highly experienced Gallup certified strengths coach, consultant and facilitator with over 20 years proven success managing relationships and developing business in highly complex sales environments. Charlotte's Top 5 Strengths are Activator, WOO, Command, Arranger and Positivity. We had such an inspiring chat about how Charlotte applies her strengths in all areas of life from her career, her business partnership, marriage and parenting. Charlotte gives plenty of examples and insights into how she lives her strengths and how they have helped her success and be more of her. We also discuss different mediums for effective coaching (the pros and cons of face to face vs online) and horse riding too!Find out more about Charlotte Blair @ and #strengths #teamwork #culture #leadership #changemanagement #postivepsychology #inspiredenergy #coach #coaching
Episode 9 - The future of corporate learning with Jason Knight (Moved By Design)
Blending HR + Marketing Jason Knight is the founder and creative brains of Moved by Design, a design consultancy, specialising in UX and EX. He has spent over 15 years creatively blending strategy and brand identity into powerful communications, for growing brands and engaging employees.   Moved By Design transforms boring L&D into a people-first culture where strategic, customised corporate learning and coaching builds talent, brains and businesses.  We discuss how Jason has embraced his strengths and he also shares these key tips to help you transform your corporate learning culture...1. Make it short: The attention span of the average adult is now just  8 seconds.  Nearly 2/3 of people prefer their videos under 60 seconds.2. Make it visual:  The human brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.3. Make it entertaining across multiple channels: Video watching accounts for 74% of all online traffic.  Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3 times more often than any other kind of content.  And over HALF of all web pages are served to mobile devices.4. Make it interactive, using new technologies: Up to 70% of passively consumed training content is forgotten within 24 hours.  But, adaptive learning systems, like virtual reality, can improve retention and cut training time by up to 50%.   5. Make your team members into thought leaders via social media: 65% of customers will trust the personal recommendations of another human being more than a branded message.  Yet 60% of Fortune CEOs don’t even have a social media presence.Jason's Top 5 Strengths are Woo, Ideation, Communication, Positivity and Strategic!Find out more about the amazing work of Moved By Design and Jason's creativity for your organisation and corporate learning - #strengthsfinder #strengths #marketing #design #learning #culture #development #l&d #socialmedia
Episode 8 - Brandon Miller (CEO of 34 Strong)
Brandon Miller is CEO of 34 Strong, Founded along with Darren Virassammy, as one of the very first Employee Engagement and Strengths-Based Development Consultancies in the World. His Top Five CliftonStrengths are: Maximizer - Achiever - Activator - Strategic - Arranger. Brandon is one of the first Gallup-Certified Strength Coaches in the world. He is a professional speaker communicating with CEOs on leading with strengths. Brandon believes that developing strengths takes three main ingredients: self-awareness, personal commitment to excellence and strong community partners. He coaches people to let go of their personal judgment of self, to reflect on moments of genius sprinkled throughout their life and to invest time in the areas that make them feel the strongest. Brandon believes it is his calling to help organizations sustain a strengths-based culture.Brandon and his wife Analyn are co-authors of the book, Play to Their Strengths; A New Approach to Parenting Your Kids as God Made Them. (available now on pre-order at Amazon). They are passionate about seeing families engage a strengths-based parenting approach that unearths the uniqueness in every child and empowers positive parent child relationships through every stage of life.  Analyn and Brandon live in Elk Grove, CA and have served the local church in children, youth, and young adult ministries.  In this episode we discuss the impact of the work of 34 Strong in building strengths-based cultures and engagement, Brandon & Analyn's book on astrengths-based parenting - Play to their Strengths and how Brandon has embraced his Top 5 Strengths! Brandon's Top 5 Strengths are Maximizer, Achiever, Activator, Strategic, Arranger!Connect with Brandon and the work of 34 Strong at Visit for more information on the new strengths-based parenting book!#cliftonstrengths #strengthsfinder #strengths #leadership #coaching #business #culture #engagement #parenting
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