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Inspired Energy Podcast - Exploring strengths, leadership, personal growth, mindset and living an inspired life. Available on all Podcast platforms.
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In this episode, I chat with Antonia Milkop, a fellow Strengths coach, based in New Zealand. We discuss the three mindsets that she is seeing during the COVID-19 health crisis - the rabbits in the headlights, the hyper-focused/productive workers, and the ones thinking ahead to the future and how to pivot and grow in a 2.0 economy. We also chat about how the current climate is bringing out both the light and dark side of people’s Strengths, and the ways to work around that. Key episode highlights include: During this time of social/physical distancing, we miss out on being able to read body language in conversations and the energy in the room. We now need to slow down and ask more open questions to fill these gaps. For those who are not having their Strengths ‘fed’ right now, pick a Strength's theme for the day to lean on and allow it to serve you. Use this time to really get to know your colleagues and team members - we are suddenly able to view each other more authentically in our own environments - kids and all! To connect further with Antonia, visit her website or connect on LinkedIn. The online strengths collaborative spreadsheet that Antonia mentioned can be found here -    #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #nz #covid19 #clifotnstrengths #strengths #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #health #podcast #socialdistancing #physicaldistancing
In this episode, I chat with Luke Jamieson, founder and CEO of PLAYFULLi. Luke is an expert in gamifying employee experiences to support diversity and foster positive cultures that drive sustainable success. His approaches have attracted many coveted awards and has helped shape some of Australia’s largest organisations customer and employee experience programs.   We discuss how gamification can be a game-changer for your business, especially when it comes to KPIs and repeatable behaviours. Luke is an advocate of making it competitive but not with unhealthy competition. Traditional KPIs focus on who will be 'the best', which only benefits the short term. We should be focusing on community, building a network, socialising, enhancing product knowledge and/or being a subject matter expert. We need to recognise and reward that aspect too. Key episode highlights include: We are currently in a global ‘work from home’ experiment, and it’s time to find out ways to help people master their roles and find purpose. The five love languages do translate into the work environment and in the way we like to receive recognition. You need to identify what people are motivated by. Create an environment where someone is competing against themselves, not others. Our systems are only as good as our attitudes. You can connect with Luke on Twitter or LinkedIn, check out his website over at PLAYFULLi and review his latest blog post. As a special offer to listeners of this podcast, playfulli are offering in an exclusive opportunity to experience 3 months usage of enerjoy an AI-based gamification platform for free. To take advantage of this offer, simply email your details to with the subject inspire. #coronavirus #covid19 #gamification #play #fun #cx #contactcenter #leadership #entrepreneur #teamwork  #goals #business #podcast
In this episode, I catch up with my wife Tammy to discuss tips for working from home. We have been running our businesses from home for a number of years (me 8 years, Tammy 5 years) and we have learned some things that work and don't. With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, right now so many people are suddenly needing to work from home and our hope is these 10 tips make things easier for you! TIPS FOR WORKING FROM HOME Discuss the arrangements with family or your flatmates Create a routine Work with the energy and environment of different rooms (e.g. home office, lounge room, outside areas) Move and stretch Setup your work area ergonomically Set up wifi rules Be realistic on your goals Be kind to yourself & others Communicate needs and timetable Have alone time, connection time Bonus tip - Reach out to your work colleagues and team-mates! You can find out more about what Tammy does at too! #coronavirus #covid19 #productivity #leadership #entrepreneur #teamwork #goals #business #entrepreneur #workingfromhome #family #podcast
We are currently in the throes of COVID-19 - Coronavirus - and in this episode my discussion with Julie Jones is centred around how this virus could help us all innovate, create better work environments, and utilise productivity in a much better way. Julie spent 30 years in senior marketing and strategy roles across a range of industries, before burning out, battling cancer - twice - and then switching the way in which she worked to that of a Productivity Ninja. She now helps others in converting dreams into action. We also chat about her love for scuba diving and how she has been able to view the recent bushfire effects on our underwater ecosystem - all our planetary ecosystems are interrelated. Key highlights on this episode include: When it comes to the potential lockdowns and changing the way we work in the face of this virus, we really need to trust our people Create a home work space that gives you a boost of energy, but that also honours your boundaries Shift the thinking of ‘you are productive if you’re sitting at your desk 9-5’ to a more results-based culture. The most productive companies have moved to this model of working. Plus, Julie’s top tips for productivity include: Utilise the pomodoro technique - focused 25min sprint ON, 5min off. Know what time of the day you’re the most productive and take advantage of that Set yourself small rewards - get x done, then you can have y. Focus on attention management rather than time management Set SMARTIE goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely, Inspiring, Exciting. You can connect further with Julie at Think Productive, on LinkedIn, or on Facebook. Julie is also available to chat on 0434 115 755 or via email. #coronavirus #covid19 #productivity #leadership #entrepreneur #teamwork #scuba #scubadiving #diving #climate #productivityninja #goals #business #podcast
Stef is a company director, geologist and former mining executive. Stef’s career has seen her work in seven countries, but now calls Orange, NSW home. In this episode Stef and I chat about a range of different topics including the effects of the drought in central west NSW, how geology contains storytelling and engagement, and why we need human-centred design when it comes to technology. Leadership also comes into play in this episode, as Stef showcases how her Positivity® strength is at the core of her leadership role. Your skills, abilities and capabilities as a leader don’t just develop when you’re leading people but they develop throughout your whole journey - including how they interplay with who you are as a human. Key episode highlights include: Why we need to listen to those intuitive gut feelings especially when it comes to our roles at work - where are you glossing over things? Be confident to question things. You don’t have to be liked by everyone. Ask yourself, would you rather be liked or respected? It's not about the years of experience, it’s about the complexity of experience. You can connect further with Stef on LinkedIn. And as the drought's effect on both Central West NSW residents and tourism continues to create tough times, you can check out ways to help below: Buy From the Bush Buy a Bale Rural Aid Aussie Helpers #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #nsw #ruralnsw #farming #tourism #drought #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #health
In this episode, I chat with Dave McKeown - the founder of Outfield Leadership plus author, speaker, leadership trainer and business advisor. We discuss his new book - The Self Evolved Leader - and how it was designed to be applicable to anyone, with practical strategies to implement immediately. Dave guides us through his process of writing the book in a very short amount of time, plus some of his key leadership learnings, including the cycle of mediocrity, collectively shared goals, and how to implement a change in perception. Key episode highlights include: It’s not necessarily those leaders who are functionally good at their jobs that have the greatest impact You’re the only one who is responsible for your own growth and development Leaders can often have an addiction to ‘saving the day’ - the heroism - that not only steals their time but ultimately prevents others from learning as well Every interaction is a possibility to be a more effective leader. Connect further with Dave over on his website, or order his book here. #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #leaderswhogiveadamn #lwgad #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #health #author #booklaunch #selfevolvedleader
In this episode I chat with Charlotte Jameson, where she shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. Charlotte is a wellbeing practitioner who’s committed to taking scientific information and sharing it with people to give them the means to stay mentally healthy. We discuss the shifts from mental health as a stigma to mental health as a critical piece to our wellbeing picture, how we can be a better person as a result of going to work, and what safety really means in the workplace. Key episode highlights include: Unawareness can lead to lack of priority for the things in life that will actually help you thrive We need to stop compartmentalising who we are at work, to who we are at home Doing one thing at a time makes us more effective. Key acknowledgments from the last decade: The increased use of technology and smartphones and the busy over-committed lifestyle and the effects these have on sleep, the brain and relationships. Key lessons from the past decade: How sleep debt (two small kids) can rock your world. When I’m true to myself, that’s when things work. What Charlotte predicts the next decade will hold: There will be two kinds of people. Those who have been educated and make positive proactive choices, and those that for whatever reason aren’t aware of different choices they could make or are aware but are unable to follow through. Personal goals for the next decade: As Charlotte enters the school system with her daughter, to be mindful of her daughter’s outside commitments and be a positive role model for environmental sustainability, relationships, meditation and plant based food choices. Charlotte’s final message: Use meditation in YOUR own way. To connect further with Charlotte, check her out on Instagram or via her website. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #wellbeing #digital #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals
In this episode I chat with Steph Clarke, where she shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. Steph is a facilitator, cat lady book worm, and we delve deep into book recommendations, hard hitting facilitation and career pivots. Key episode highlights include: When facilitating, it’s not about an agenda, it’s about reading the energy in the room. Regret the things you do, not the things you don’t. Key achievements from the last decade: The pivot - changing careers in 2009 from accountant to L&D professional and spending the last decade filling up her toolkit of experiences, horror stories and lessons. The move - moving from the UK to Australia in 2014. Key lessons from the past decade: Be prepared - most of the worst facilitation experiences have been due to not doing enough prep Be open - you never know what experiences are out there Be intentional - have a direction and keep moving towards it, but don't worry about planning every step. What Steph predicts the next decade will hold: A more human humanity - we're at the edge of a change in what work looks like and making it all more human. Personal goals for the next decade: Redefine what ‘good' looks like for work. Build professional profile. Travel more, have more experiences, try new things, finally see Radiohead live, keep moving in the right direction Steph’s final message: Do you. To find out more about Steph, find her on LinkedIn, or listen to Steph’s podcast here. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #reading #books
In this episode, I chat with Mel Kettle, where she shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. Mel is a strategic communications expert, working with leaders to communicate more effectively. We chat about why we shouldn’t keep our personal and business ’selves’ separate, communication preferences, and the importance of kindness. Key episode highlights include: Effective communication needs to have clarity, compassion and conviction. People do business with people they know, love and trust. It’s so easy these days to look at a screen, that we often forget the art of opening our mouths and having conversations. Key lessons/achievements from the last decade: Kindness of people really help you get through tough times Wrote a book Ten more years in business Everyone is dealing with stuff - often you have no idea of what's happening "behind the scenes". What Mel predicts the next decade will hold: She hopes people realise that real relationships and connection takes time and energy and can't all be created only online.  Excited about future technological advances that provide more opportunity to communicate and connect more widely. Personal goals for the next decade: More books, more travel, stay happy, live life, make a difference. Mel’s final message: Be kind. To connect further with Mel, head on over to her site. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #l&d #hr #traveller #communication
In this episode, I chat with Brandon Miller, where he shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. We speak about people leadership versus process/project leadership and why it is so important to learn our strengths in parenting and how to work that in with who our kids are. Key episode highlights include: I’m NOT in business for the business to own me. People work for people, they don’t work for organisations. True workplace satisfaction happens when work has become fun and the people have become family. Part of an organisation's competitive plan needs to include their developmental philosophy, their management training and practices, and becoming a “best of.” company. Key lessons/achievements from the last decade: Gallup certification, launched 34Strong, became a nationally recognised speaker and published a book. 3 children successfully launched, married, and starting their families. 25+ years of marriage, and renewed and reinvigorated his faith. Learned how to apply what he does professionally, to his home environment. Next decade predictions: The movement of Artificial Intelligence may diminish the human spirit. The disparity between the best workplaces and those who are willing to or wanting to understand the emphasis of being a great place to work. Migration toward and advancement of workplaces that challenge people to grow. Call for people to be and work in their highest level of genius. Humanity: A growing discontent with political processes and power mongers. Reaffirmation of core family emphasis, and interest and involvement of parents in the lives of their children. A realization for people to engage their faith in a higher power. Personal goals for the next decade: To publish 5 books, two of these planned for 2020 - Incredible Parent and Incredible Kids. Train 100,000 managers to be the best boss someone has ever had, certify 10,000 coaches to change the world one family at a time, successfully launch 4 kids, celebrate 35+ years of marriage, speak to 1 million people to play to their strengths, believe in the faith, build the best workplace, be the best boss. Brandon’s final messages: Believe you can, and failure is not final! To connect further with Brandon, check out 34 Strong (business focus), Incredible Kids Movement (children focus) and Analyn & Brandon (parenting). #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #futurist #34strong
In this episode, I chat with Zach Lohrisch, where he shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. Zach is a human-driven by the pursuit of learning and energetically collecting experiences - a theme that transcends every day. Across this episode, we dive deep into the rise of the social enterprise - organisations that have a higher purpose versus those who don’t, and the shift that will happen when both consumers and employees will follow those organisations that they align with. Key episode highlights include: Token initiatives like table tennis in the lunchroom or casual Fridays mean nothing if organisations don’t make it about the people, and allow them to bring all their strengths to their role As an employee, you also have the power to choose where you invest your talent The idea of command and control management doesn’t work. The people’s expectations have changed for what they need from management in an organisation Take the work seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously. Key lessons/achievements from the last decade: Very steep learning curve - many mistakes! Completed first triathlon Seven different roles and different organisations Meeting and marrying his wife How walking 2000yr old ruins in Sri Lanka kickstarted his journey from being unfit to discovering CrossFit. Next decade predictions: The growing trend of consumers becoming more intelligent about where they put their resources. This not only includes where they spend their money, where they invest their time, where they invest their advocacy and to what extent they will be engaged in all of the above. Those who learn the lesson about providing experience vs a transaction will thrive in our future, while traditional business models will continue to be disrupted. People will gravitate to those who help articulate them articulate their own sense of purpose and meaning. Personal goals for the next decade: I love my work and will continue to invest in creating a better life for the people who choose to spend their time in the company I spend my time in - hopefully, broaden my influence to increase benefit in a large organisation. I am passionate about the intersection. My wife and I are working on a project around people's health. Based on personal experience, a tonne of research and observations in practical application of theory, we believe that good habits around personal health and wellbeing are built from not only knowing facts about nutrition, sleep and exercise but having a specific mindset. We want to share these lessons with the world to help people expedite their journey to the life they love. Kristy's deep passion and study into nutrition and my 10 years of leadership development experience combine to create a super practical and unique perspective on how to create good health and live a great life. Zach’s final messages: Find the right balance in your life. We have many controllable factors in our lives and by investing deep into them, we can create amazing things in our lives. To connect further with Zach find him on LinkedIn, and stay updated with his new project on Instagram. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #l&d #hr #traveller 
In this episode I chat with Angelina and Shane Saunders, where they share insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. Shane and Angelina are the founders behind Breathe Me, where they help others to harness the power of the breath for peak performance. Today we chat about personal development revelations over the last ten years and how utilising the breath to its full capacity can allow you to move forward with ease into the next decade. Key episode highlights include: Who do we need to become to get us to the goals we want to achieve Self care is also about clearing the energy of stress in the body, by using the breath Personal development intersects at the quality of your thoughts, looking after your body, understanding sexual energy and life force. Don’t forget to breathe on the downhills too. Key lessons/achievements from the last decade: The personal shift from showing up as someone in your 20s, to someone in your 30s Raising their children The consistent personal development theme of connecting with self A big lesson - what got us here is not going to get us there. What Shane and Angelina predict the next decade will hold: Based on patterns and stats in history, we are moving into a prosperous decade initially but there may be some big downs towards the end. The key to navigate the turbulence and then thrive, is having your skills down pat and life organised - your breath, estate management, energy, everything. Personal goals for the next decade: Heading to the US and taking the business to a million dollar business Creating a difference for individuals en masse Free up time to be with family and create a life and business worth breathing for. Their final message: Take the time to stop and recuperate and rejuvenate - the breath is the fastest and easiest way to get there. The quality of your thoughts dictate your happiness. You can find out more about Shane and Angie Saunders, head over to Breathe Me. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #futurist #breathe #breatheme #meditation
In this episode I chat with Ken Barr Jnr, where he shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. Ken leads with his Strengths front and centre - Input, Maximizer, Arranger, Woo, Learner - and today we discuss how those have not only weaved through his last decade, but how they may apply to the next decade, especially in the context of learning. Key episode highlights include: The discovery about what makes a student tick, makes teaching a whole lot more easier Technology has created more opportunities for people to be connected. Key lessons/achievements from the last decade: Helping more than 18,000 people discover their Strengths Maintaining relationships that have been so vital to what beings Ken joy Being open to new opportunities The power of mindset and perspective Emotional regulation. What Ken predicts the next decade will hold: Technology and connections will increase the opportunities for people to help each other (in coaching, consulting, and beyond). Personal goals for the next decade: Teaching the next generation of facilitators, coaches and speakers, techniques which have been effective, of value to clients, energising and gaining great outcomes. It is about scaling what Ken has done, but on a bigger scale. Ken’s final message: Better is better - always ask yourself, can I do it better? Is there a part of this that can be better? You need to WANT continuous growth and development. To connect with Ken further, find him on LinkedIn. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #futurist #digital
In this episode I chat with Becky Hammond, where she shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. Becky Hammond is an over-achieving Mompreneur, who is dedicated to making relationships easier. We speak about the importance of community, of how to integrate the low times into our story, and savouring what you have right now. Key episode highlights include: We need to embrace all elements - the ups and the downs - to create our full story Intent counts for more than technique When starting a new business, just set sail of your ship and adjust as you go. It doesn’t have to be epic from the start. Key lessons/achievements from the last decade: Started Isogo Strong in 2013 and learned how to get vulnerable in front of the camera Grew family from 2 to 7 Imposter syndrome can be healthy, keeps your ego in check There is meaning and purpose in every life event - when it goes as planned and when it does not Always celebrate what you currently have If you don’t acknowledge the darker moments, your story is incomplete. What Becky predicts the next decade will hold: As people become less and less connected, we need to create a movement to be together, so there will be a strong focus on having and building community, wherever you are. Personal goals for the next decade: Becky wants to create meaningful communities within the family unit, fostering strengths-focused families that thrive. Helping leaders grow, through virtual and live events. In her personal family life, it’s about fostering the community at home as they move around the world together, looking for each others strengths and brilliance. Staying focused on savouring the moments - through the next decade two of Becky's five children will be entering adulthood. Becky’s final message: All is grace - live your own story. The peaks and the valleys are all part of our story and they help us to grow if we allow them to. To find out more about Becky, head to Isogo Strong or connect with her on Instagram. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #futurist #digital #parenting
In this episode, I chat with Dr. Kristy Goodwin, where she shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. Dr. Kristy Goodwin is a digital wellbeing and performance speaker who has dedicated her time to review the impact that technology has on our psychological wellbeing, on our physical wellbeing (eyesight, hearing, musculoskeletal health) right through to how it's impacting our performance and productivity. She acts as a conduit between research and science, and making it practical and relevant so people can apply it to their lives. Key episode highlights include: Just having a device present in the room - without even touching it - drops your cognitive ability by 15%. Technology should be a great servant, never your master. Technology now robs us of moments of white space. Key message to parents - you’ve got to be the pilot not the passenger of the digital plane. Key lessons/achievements from the last decade: Celebrate: The profound impact that technology has had on our lives, how it is shaping our mental wellbeing, physical health and productivity. Lesson: We are now living in a world permeated by technology. Children are learning to tap, swipe and pinch before they've learned to ride a bike, grip a pencil or tie their shoelaces. Teens who are sometimes spending more time with pixels than with people. And adults who are tethered to their technologies 24/7. Technology has been intentionally designed to prey on our psychological vulnerabilities, so none of us (kids, teens and adults) are immune to the 'digital pull'. What Dr. Kristy predicts the next decade will hold: Adopting healthy & sustainable digital behaviours, where we're NOT a slave to the screen, but have instead learned to tame our tech habits and leverage the benefits technology offers us, without the adverse consequences. Personal goals for the next decade: Raising awareness amongst parents, educators and employees about how we can all use technology in healthy and helpful ways and how to mitigate the potential pitfalls it poses, without proposing 'digital amputation'. Dr. Kristy’s final messages: Tame technology so you’re not a slave to a screen! Kristy’s three B’s for helping your kids (and YOU!) thrive in this digital world: Boundaries - have boundaries around screen time Basic needs - make sure basic needs aren’t being compromised (sleeping, diet, human connection, play) Boredom - allow kids (and yourself) to be bored. To find out more about Dr Kristy Goodwin, head on over to her website. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #futurist #digital #parenting 
In this episode, I chat with Melanie Midegs, where she shares insights from the last decade and her predictions for the next. Melanie is a futurist, teacher of Chakra Philosophy for Business and founder of Seed to Soul. We explore psychosomatic therapy - the study of the body-mind connection - and how this changed her world, why technology will shift us to unplug, and her core message of humanity and sustainability before economics. Key episode highlights include: A company can’t become truly sustainable unless its people are conscious - that’s the piece that’s still missing Shifting focus from profit to planet It’s hard to care about a bigger issue in the world, when our personal life isn’t feeling safe. Key lessons/achievements from the last decade: Trusting the process Failures just point you in a new direction and a ’no’ just means you need to find another way Sorting her own life out so she can now focus on making a bigger impact The world is waking up and becoming more accepting of new ideas and ways of being, especially through information being greatly accessible via technology - 6 years ago people used to give Melanie the strangest looks when she started to talk about Chakra Philosophy and Face Reading... since then she's been invited to companies such as Lululemon and Singapore's Chambers of Commerce & Industry to present this work. What Melanie predicts the next decade will hold: The beauty of technology and artificial intelligence is the fact that it’ll push us to the point where we need to unplug Our current climate crisis amongst a range of other issues will get worse before it gets better, unfortunately... but two things will happen under pressure. New leaders will be born, and those who refuse to start doing things differently will struggle Those who choose to stay ignorant to not only what's important in this world, but ignorant to their own emotional intelligence will truly struggle when their comfortable structures start crashing down around them. There’s a new way to come back into business and still be successful, but do it from the heart. Melanie’s personal goals for the next decade: To change the lives of 1,000,000 people. Melanie is beginning to lead a movement that busts the notion that spirituality and emotional intelligence are 'soft skills' in business... yes we need strategy, but for the world to change and become a happier place, everyone needs to change their perspective of themselves from the inside out... from CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Employees and World Leaders... no one is exempt from this and the ripple effect, without a doubt, will be life-changing for all of us. Melanie’s final messages: Humanity and sustainability must come before economics. The world is in this chaotic turmoil because economics comes before anything else There is no separation between you and your business. Your world is a direct reflection of what's happening internally for you. Ignore your body, ignore your emotions ~ instead purely using your mind, and you will create a dead-end road for yourself. To find out more about Melanie, head over to Seed to Soul. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #chakra #businesschakra #bali #passion #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals
In this episode, I chat with Ian Donaldson, where he shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. Ian is the founder of Rounded Consulting, and this conversation is very much about how well-rounded organisations need to become in the next decade. We also chat about the shifts into a customer experience focus, why nesting is a crucial part of life and how the typical organisation won’t exist at the end of the next decade. Key episode highlights include: By doing work on my own arrangement, I can be more of myself - which overflows into other areas of life Once you relax around the timing of your goals, they start to come to you We need to make workplaces better for people - with flexible working arrangements and the way teams interact with each other. Key lessons/achievements from the last decade: Learning the ability to reflect on achievements Growth and clarity in purpose Slow and steady wins the race Established and grown a consulting agency Moving back to Australia 3 years ago The focus on nesting - setting himself up, renovations on the house and the business. What Ian predicts the next decade will hold: We have seen a shift from Business Process re-engineering, to transformation, to digital transformation and now to customer experience - we will see the further evolution of these concepts to an even more human-focused working environment. We have broken the back of the technology puzzle, the human extension of that puzzle is next on the menu The typical organisation shouldn’t exist by the end of 2029 Flexible working won’t be just an option - it’ll be across the board The need for services will be rapidly rethought. Clinical, educational, government systems are a work in progress and need to be revolutionised. Ian’s personal next-decade goals: Finish renovating and settle into his home, focusing on a sense of calmness and growing together with his relationship Working with people that he just connects with Building his personal and professional nest and reputation. Ian’s final message: It’s going to be ok - there is so much tension at the moment (professionally and personally), that is often created by the world we live in. To connect and find out more about Ian, head over to his website. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #futurist
In this episode, I chat with Leanne Hughes, where she shares her insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. Leanne is a facilitator, runner and lifelong learner who values self-development and reflection. We explore the notion of purpose and the lifelong search for it, the unexpected positive career move that came from relocating to a regional area, plus we unpack insights Leanne has developed through hosting 100 podcast episodes and the conversations that have flowed there. Key episode highlights include: Work harder on yourself than you do on your job (thanks Jim Rohn!) Everything that we do in life serves a purpose but we just don’t know it until it happens Reflect on your individual behaviour when it comes to issues like climate change - it doesn’t start with the government, it starts with us. Key lessons from the last decade: Continually search for your purpose but be aware of the commonalities that link together The longest period you can plan for is only about a year ahead Energy > Time Embrace the uncertainty Pickup on signals from your body when things don't feel right and ask yourself questions to reflect on what may be going on for you. What Leanne predicts the next decade will hold:   The irony that - as technology improves, face to face connections are needed more than ever. Leanne’s personal next-decade goals: Diversifying what she does and honing in on zone of genius Channel her passion to stamp out the ‘presenteeism' culture in organisations - we can deliver outside of our cubicle Speaking in Bulgaria, and hanging out with Simon Sinek afterwards! Leanne’s final message: Be kind to yourself, find your own lane and stick to it. Reflect and re-listen to this episode, and answer Murray’s questions yourself - what comes up? You can find out more about Leanne on her website, or explore the insightful conversations on her podcast - First Time Facilitator. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #facilitator
In this episode I chat with Andrew Sloan, who helps people upgrade for a faster future - so who better to chat with for this Heading into the Roaring 20s podcast series! Andrew reviews the last 15 years in technology advances, and how he is concluding the next decade will play out. Biotechnology, the internet of things and artificial intelligence are all on his radar as major advances over the next 10 years. He also explores the concept of 'slow down to fast up’. We can sign up to the quickness and the pace around us and move closer towards activity and potentially not taking ownership, but the message here is that you are in control, you are an autonomous agent. Most of us are in a space of being able to choose and take personal responsibility and accountability for our lives. Key episode highlights include: The key theme of how to be relevant to an uncertain and very complex future is to have a strong relationship with yourself. In a digital life, how can we become more human? Sitting within us is ancient architecture on how to feel grounded and safe, with ourselves and each other. A key thing that people should explore is the connection between their head, their heart and their gut, as the core rhythm of that ancient architecture. No matter how quick and fast-paced and how much noise is around us, we can choose to be present, we can choose to slow down, and maybe that will help us move quicker and faster towards where we wish to head. What Andrew predicts the next decade will hold: Complexity and Uncertainty as two forces on our human experience from Day One but have ramped. We need to be experts on our own uniqueness and open up in collaboration with others uniqueness. More humanness as we approach our digital future. To find out more about Andrew head to his website, or connect on LinkedIn. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #futurist
In this episode, Luke Bayly walks us through some highlights of his last decade, including how he jumped from teaching to carpentry to now being a Strengths coach, where he facilitates others through the process that changed how he saw himself and connected with the world. Luke generously takes us through his journey of learning to value people more, and how he opened up his home to another three children that weren’t his own - equalling 7 children in total - and how his time as a carpenter added more ease in this transition.   Key episode highlights include: A key to creating more understanding with others and yourself is to introduce your themes before they introduce you, so we can view each other with more respect, appreciation and gratitude. Go out and try things - have loads of new experiences to find out what works for you. Elimination of misaligned experiences is the key to figure out what your purpose is. You want to make the best of your work, the most of your work (Marcus Buckingham). Key lessons from the last decade: We would not be who we are without each of our experiences. But we're more a product of our choices and commitments than our environment. You are your character, not your thoughts and emotions. Create the future - don't wait for it. Quit early, learn fast, don't take it personally. Learn from success! Not just failure. (When we succeed, we often switch off or get lazy). Engage, deep and real. Take responsibility for your own actions, motivation, character and future, but don't expect others to. What Luke predicts the next decade will hold: Human development leading to a major shift in careers and work culture. The ones who step outside of society's expectations and norms and embrace their unique talents and calling will thrive, establish their contribution - then reinvest their extra energy and resources in the community. Bigger picture. Luke’s personal goals for the next decade: To start writing books, speaking and working internationally. Travel with family. More running and bike riding, probably take on an Ironman triathlon. No more renovating! Luke's final message: Be you, multiplied. Not what someone else projects or expects of you. When we contribute from our passion and live in our Strengths, we empower each other to do the same; and we multiply each others' energy, power, effectiveness. You can find out more about Luke over on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals
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