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Join Jason Tartick as he breaks into the vault of secrets behind all things Money and careers. Jason explores the taboo curiosities and money questions we have been told never to discuss! He dives into all the trading secrets that we want to know and need to know to properly navigate the financial world as consumers, employees and investors. Out with the mantra of "wishing you knew then, what you know now"! Listen carefully as you will uncover trading secrets from Jason and his expert guests who dive into a specific subject every episode surrounding anything and everything, money. The power of “the inside scoop” will now be realized and you can use these trading secrets to earn more, spend less, and invest wisely.
13 Episodes
Girl With No Job’s Claudia Oshry shares all about her career path, education, making a small salary with one single IG post, her various revenue streams, and what the grind really, truly looks like. Her energy is contagious and it’s such a fun and informative episode you can’t afford to miss.  For All Access Content - join our networking group for less than 30 cents a day! Host: Jason Tartick  Voice of Viewer: David Arduin  Executive Producer: Evan Sahr  Produced by Dear Media.
Rob Dyrdek got his first brand sponsorship at 12 and at the age of 16 dropped out of high school to become a professional skate-border. Did you read that last sentence and wonder what he was paid at 12 for the sponsorship and at 16 to be a pro skater? Me too and Rob tells us everything to the penny! A brilliant business man and savvy individual learned from experience and not the classroom. From a young age, he was negotiating, deal making and leveraging his skillset, sport and fame like no individual I have ever spoken with.  We talk all numbers, lessons and strategies with the shows Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory all the way too Ridiculousness.  Does Rob take $125K an episode or negotiate a different angle?  What would you do?  Rob gives us the ultimate dollar drown while providing the ultimate Trading Secret that could change your life and overall happiness!  For All Access Content - join our networking group for less than 30 cents a day! Host: Jason Tartick  Voice of Viewer: David Arduin  Executive Producer: Evan Sahr  Produced by Dear Media.
Big Brother is back! The premiere just launched last week and we are digging into the money before, during and after the show! Big Brother Star Elena Davies doesn't hold back with Jason and David! From how much money she spent to get ready for 'Big Brother,' what she got paid for being on the show, what goes on behind the scenes, the differences between her time on 'Big Brother' vs  'MTV’s Ex on the Beach,' her biggest financial regret, the best investment she's ever made, where she makes a lot of her money that she hadn’t yet shared with anyone (you might be blown away!!), and everything in between, Elena covers it all.    For All Access Content - join our networking group for less than 30 cents a day!    Sponsor: Host: Jason Tartick  Voice of Viewer: David Arduin  Executive Producer: Evan Sahr Produced by Dear Media.
Link to Join Restart All Access *When you join Restart All Access we will send you a link for a $60 deposit for your new Fintron Invest Account. Host: Jason Tartick  Voice of Viewer: David Arduin  Executive Producer: Evan Sahr  *Jason Tartick and David Arduin are not registered financial advisors. They are providing their opinions only and not fiduciary services or financial advising. Produced by Dear Media.
In just 4 months he turned $50,000 into over $1,000,000, but the student day trader didn’t stop there.  Known by his Twitter Alias, Mr.Hugh_Henne, he explains the life of a Day Trader. The daily hours, strategies, wins, losses and much more.  Trading and Secrets are exposed, this episode could change your perspective, maybe even your life.   Try Jason’s Free Trading App, Fintron: Free $20 when you sign up.   Host: Jason Tartick   Voice of Viewer: David Arduin   Producer: Evan Sahr   Produced by Dear Media.
Mr. Wonderful believes he has taught the sharks everything they know from negotiating to structuring! In this episode, we go behind the scenes with Kevin O’Leary as he explains his rules of investing, negotiating, and even day to day living.  He tells us how he got on the show, how much he has to invest every season and how Shark Tank has changed his life.  From Business 101 to expert level, he provides a lesson for each level…lessons you can’t afford to miss! Produced by Dear Media.
The Skinny Confidential, Lauryn Bosstick started it all with lifestyle blogging and did it without making a penny for 3 years straight.  That hustle and grind channeled energy is precisely what lead to the building of her massive “Skinny Confidential” platinum empire.  From her 91+ million downloaded podcast to her biggest investment, she opens the vault and shows us her secrets to the success she has had!   Purchase Lauryn’s book here!   Produced by Dear Media.
From college drop outs to media superstars at Barstool Sports, Ria and Fran, from the successful podcast “Chicks in the Office” break it all down. They delve into their branding, launch, and contract negotiations, sharing behind the scenes details of Barstools success, leadership and work culture. Produced by Dear Media.
JTA: Jason Tells All

JTA: Jason Tells All


We are breaking into Jason’s vault and trust me it’s a tight vault to crack! David, the curious Canadian and voice of the viewer  uncovers it all...from what he makes in a year, to his raw candor on the influencing space. From student, corporate soldier, entrepreneur and influencer, David breaks him down. No questions left behind. Jason sweats in the hot seat, bares it all and opens that vault right the heck up! Produced by Dear Media.
We are cracking into the vault on the Influencer industry with the Joe Gagliese, CEO and Co-Founder of one the largest Influencer marketing companies in the world. How much do influencers actually make, who makes the most and what are their strategies behind it, the future of the influencer industry and much more.  Joe spills the tea of all things money and strategy to an industry that is too often overlooked and not discussed, Social Media Influencers. Produced by Dear Media.
We are discussing all things Money when it relates to being a cast member in reality TV, before during and after the show. This episode we chat with an absolute veteran of the Bachelor Franchise, starring in Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette, Season 13, two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise and a season of Bachelor Winter Games. A Bachelor Nation legend, Deanie Babies aka Dean Unglert.   Produced by Dear Media.
Check out Trading Secrets, hosted by Jason Tartick - coming to Dear Media on May 24th!    Produced by Dear Media. 
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Launne Kolla

great first episode! @do.more.good

Jul 22nd

Joyce Corriveau Cannon

love Jason's content! he goes there!

Jun 3rd

Katie McGill

Such a good first episode! IG - katiemcgill1

May 28th

Hayley Monnens

love the premise!! great episode.

May 26th
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