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Life on the Edge

Author: Estelle & Ramy

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Life on the Edge is where adventure filmmakers Estelle and Ramy share the unconventional journeys of those who redefine what « possible » means.

From Explorers of the Arctic to Women Rangers in Africa, get inspired through captivating stories full of insights, and gain practical knowledge from people extending the boundaries of human achievement, courage, determination, and altruism.

If you want to learn from real-life heroes, cutting edge explorers, experts, athletes, and entrepreneurs, but also from Estelle and Ramy's adventures with them around the world, this podcast is for you.
2 Episodes
Amin Kasimov tells us the story of when he left everything on the side and flew to Senegal, a country he knew nothing about, to bring DIY solar lamp kits to kids living in the Senegalese outback. It's a story about his willingness to say yes to opportunities, even when they're far outside of his comfort zone.  In this episode, we hope you'll get inspired by the lessons he learned while undertaking that project. It's a journey about seeking discomfort, the effect chaos has on our ability to grow, and a human adventure about generosity, commitment, and people's ability to welcome strangers into their world, connect, and do good together. Amin is an entrepreneur currently working on, a search engine for brand assets. More stories at
Hi everyone, and welcome to Life On the Edge! In this trailer, we’ll introduce ourselves and tell you what this podcast will be about and what you can expect to learn with us throughout the upcoming episodes of the show. In this podcast, we’ll explore what it means to live a life with no boundaries. As we go on with our journey filming and documenting original stories, we’ll share with you the mindset, insights, and wisdom of the people extending the limits of what “possible” means, from explorers of the Arctic to Women Rangers in Africa. What’s their mindset? How do they prepare? What do their lives look like? What are their routines, habits, and systems? Do they have advice or tools they use to out-perform and how did they end up doing what they do in the first place? Enjoy these interviews and stories in a captivating and immersive sound design meant to transport you in our world as well as the fascinating people we will meet throughout the show We'll catch up soon on the first episode!
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