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Author: Desirae Endres

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Minimal-ish is a podcast about minimalism...sort of. Your host, Desirae Endres, talks with guests about topics of realistic minimalism, motherhood, intentional living, and other things that matter.

The trend of minimalism has made it feel, at times, like a competition. Who can have the least? How many spoons should I have? This podcast is here to put minimalism in its place- as a tool that we can make work for us so we can make room in our days for what actually matters to us.

Your host, Desirae Endres, is a stay at home/ work at home mom and writer that believes that minimalism and having an uncluttered home environment can benefit everyone, but it doesn't look the same for everyone. She brings honesty and transparency to the conversation as an admittedly (formerly-ish) unorganized, messy and anxious person as she discusses topics of minimalism, intentional & creative living, motherhood, and more.
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Today I'm chatting with you solo about some ways to combat discontentment + this concept I like to call "Happy home Hour" which is a way I work towards making maintenance decluttering and simply taking care of my home into my week. In the first half of the episode we dive into contentment a bit, and I talk to you about some ways I've found myself discontent and some things that can help us combat that discontent feeling. Maintenance decluttering is one of them! We then dive into chatting about a system I use to do that! I hope you enjoy listening - here are links I mention: Other episodes on contentment: 32 + 33 Other episodes on priorities: 20 Simple Morning Lists Find me on Instagram Head to my website Sponsor: Laurel Springs - register with a waived registration fee for listeners of the show!
I love minimalism- so much so that I talk about some aspect of it pretty much every single week. But I was also intrigued to have a conversation with my friend Indiana, who doesn't love the concept of minimalism, mostly because she's wary of the trend. Through our conversation, we uncover that it's not true minimalism that she doesn't love, but what is portrayed of it. We talk about other ways to seek peace other than through simplifying our possessions, though we both agree that is one way to do so. It's a fun and important conversation - especially when we place so much responsibility on minimalism as a fix all, which it simply isn't. Links + Things we talk about: Indiana's Podcast (Today By the Way) Indiana on Instagram May Designs Hourly Planner Desirae on Instagram Podcasting Course (discount available through the rest of the week) Sponsors: Prepdish: 2 weeks free Bombas: 20% off your first purchase   Thanks so much for listening!    
Can Homesteading be for everyone? Many of us will probably never live "off the grid" or even grow our own food, but how can we take principles of homesteading and benefit from bringing them into our everyday life? We can all benefit from this aspect of getting back to the basics and slowing down. I talk to Stephanie Leaf about slowing down, her definition of Simple Living (which I absolutely love!), her family's journey with homesteading, and practical steps for cooking from scratch that any family can implement. Links: Patreon Book Club / Course Stephanie's Website (for recipes and more!) Stephanie's Simple Living Guide Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Sponsor: Sunbasket: Get $35 off your first order with code minimalish
The longest title ever for an episode that covers all kind of different questions! Catherine and I are back at it, answering your questions! Once a month we tackle questions we get from you! Remember that we're not experts on all of these topics, but rather coming to you with a REAL perspective and sharing what works for us - we hope it will inspire you to find what works for you (and maybe feel less alone in what you're struggling with!) // We mentioned a lot of things in this episode // Minimal-ish Book Club Parenting Resources: Janet Lansbury Podcast No Bad Kids (Janet Lansbury Book) Birds on a Wire The Highly Sensitive Child Debtkickinmom's Cookbook ---- Catherine on Instagram Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website // Sponsors // Baked by Melissa- get 15% off with code minimalist Native - get 20% off your first order with code minimalish20 I always hand pick the companies I work with and I'm grateful for our sponsors that help make minimalish possible! ---- Ever wanted to start a podcast? I'm now creating resources for podcasters because podcasting has been such a blessing in my life - I want to help you get started! Get my free launch checklist as a great starting point!
Today I chat with Megan Jedlinksi - fellow minimal-ish toddler mom and former personal stylist all about how (and why) to have less in our closets, doing better with what we buy, and how we can simply show up in our everyday lives. I hope you leave this episode encouraged, friend! // Links // Megan on Instagram Megan’s Website Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website (access these show notes there!) // Join the Minimal-ish Book Club // Minimal-ish Book Club (Patreon) PS: Want to start your own podcast but don't know where to start! Podcasting has been such a huge blessing in my life and I want to help you get started - Check out the launch list I created at
Kylie and I discuss her family's journey to minimalism and becoming debt free. Join me for this encouraging conversation where we discuss: -respecting our kids when we're decluttering -how minimalism benefits our kids -unconventional advice for the debt free journey -turning off our phones (to be more present) Find Kylie on Instagram Other Links: Digital Minimalism Free Minimalism Guide Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website
Join me for this special edition, bonus episode to celebrate half a million downloads of the podcast! Today I'm talking about the windy road to creative "success" by telling the story of minimal-ish (it's surely not a straight path) PLUS talking about something I don't normally talk about - Podcasting! At the end of the episode I give 5 tips for a successful podcast in case YOU have one or you're wanting to start one. I believe these are just a few things that have helped minimal-ish see the success it has. Though this isn't normal minimal-ish subject matter- I get asked about it a lot, so I decided to share with this fun bonus episode! Enjoy! Get my Podcast Launch Checklist See all of my resources for creatives. Find Desirae on Instagram
I'm so excited to share with you my conversation with Allie Casazza. She's a mom of four and decluttered her home with 3 under 3 crawling around and she's here with a life giving message for moms plus a kick in the pants conversation about taking action on the things you want to do (like, declutter, even when you have a lot of kids.) Find Allie: On her Website On Instagram Find Desirae: On her website On Instagram Show Notes Other Things We Mention Simple Morning Lists Allie's Affirmations Guide PS: Are you a podcaster or wanting to start a podcast in the future? I'm creating resources for YOU! Check out the first one (it's FREE) here. Sponsors: Prepdish: Get a free 2 week trial!  
I hope this short episode encourages you to start 2020 (and each day) by letting go of something before adding something to your list. I also talk about why January 1st isn't magical...and why it is. Links: Find Desirae on Instagram Simple Morning Lists
It was so fun to do this reflective episode and I hope it prompts you to do your own 10 things you've learned in 10 years, plus inspires you in some way.  Some other things I mention: Episode 18 (wardrobe) Episode 20 Episode 1 Podcasting Resource Desirae on Instagram Sponsors: Feals Sunbasket
Catherine and I took your questions on anything and everything under the minimalism and intentional living umbrella, and what we came up with was an episode on the beginning of minimalism, plus our favorite rooms and systems now, and a whole lot of talk on postpartum and new motherhood. We even chat about some of our favorite baby essentials. We get very real in this episode and my hope is that it will make you feel a little less alone in your journey and encourage you in some way! Questions we answered (in order) Did you have a huge edit at the beginning of minimalism? How many times have you decluttered since? What is your favorite room (decluttered) and why? What is your favorite system? What are some baby essentials? What do I actually need? Overwhelmed by all the lists and suggestions. What do you do with keepsakes from the first baby that are taking up too much space while waiting for the second? The baby baby stuff we mention: Boppy Lounger Boppy Play Mat Plain Gerber Onesies My favorite Baby Carrier 4 in 1 carseat (links are to the brands I personally love and own. I get a few pennies every time you use my links to Amazon through affiliate commission, and it costs you nothing extra! Thanks so much for your support! Also, a reminder you can find a lot of great quality baby stuff secondhand! More on secondhand shopping on episode 60) Other Links Catherine on Instagram Desirae on Instagram Simple Morning Lists Buy Nothing The Podcast on Facebook The Podcast Facebook Community Sponsors Warby Parker Feals  
Today on the show I’m taking you through some heart filled, purpose centered reflecting on this past year. I’ll ask you questions as we go through to help you think of a hustle free, purpose filled goal for next year (more than one of course if you’d like!). We’ll also work on starting with contentment as we move into a new year, and choose a word for the year, but make it a little more tangible to act on that word. At the end, I give you a peek into Simple Morning Lists and let you in on the five lists I make each morning to help me bring my purpose and goals to the front of my mind as I start each day. // Links // The worksheet that goes along with this episode Simple Morning Lists Desirae on Instagram // Sponsors // Thank you to our sponsors! Their support makes Minimal-ish happen week after week! Prepdish: Get 2 weeks free at Bombas: Get 20% off your first order at  
Today I'm talking with Expert Thrifter Kat Steck of The Junkyard Journals. Kat is passionate about conscious consumerism and the good we can do by shopping secondhand first. Today, she's giving us the why behind thrifting plus simple, effective methods for shopping secondhand without losing our minds & wasting our time. We also talk about donation centers and the best options for where we can donate our stuff. Links: Kat on Instagram Desirae on Instagram Thrifting apps are really great because they all provide referral programs and $$ off your first purchase!  Mercari: 10$ off your first purchase with the link ^(my favorite secondhand shopping app for clothes, shoes, kid stuff, etc...I even got our Ninja Coffee Bar on here last winter)  Poshmark: Great for clothing! Get 5$ credit when you sign up with an invite code - enter "desiraeendres" at sign up where it says "invite code." Thred Up: Get 10$ when you sign up with this link! Facebook Marketplace  DoneGood Simple Morning Lists  Podcast Website Sponsor: Today's Sponsor is Native. Head to and enter code MINIMALISH to get 20% off your first order. Thanks for listening! If you want to support Minimal-ish, check out the links above & our sponsors. Our sponsors are hand picked and they make Minimal-ish possible, so support them by heading to their website, see what they are all about, and even try them out if you think what they do would add value to your life!
Today we're talking about simplifying the holiday season, starting from the outside (our environment) and moving deeper (our schedule/ mindset). I'm bringing you a four day holiday decluttering challenge that you can start whenever you are ready plus 6 steps to simplifying the holidays and really focusing in on what truly matters to you this season! Get the Holiday Decluttering Challenge Guide Links: Simple Morning Lists Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Today's Sponsor: Prepdish - get 2 weeks free!
Today we're talking about a thing that matters- the way we view ourselves. This matters for so many reasons; the way we view ourselves contributes to the fullness in which we live each day and it also sets an example for our kids. So, how in the world do we get a positive body image when impossible beauty standards bombard us? Today, I'm chatting with my friend Blake about this topic as she candidly shares her own story (and I share a bit of mine, too). Blake shares tangible, practical, and relatable ways we can choose to work towards better when it comes to the way we view ourselves each day, and I don't think you'll want to miss this! // Links // The Crappy Christian Podcast Blake's blog post on cycle syncing Blake on Instagram Chasing Slow Simple Morning Lists Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website // Sponsors // Ch
I'm coming to you with a short bonus episode on one of my favorite holidays- Thanksgiving. What does the best Thanksgiving Ever include? Listen in to find out - and of course, it doesn't have anything to do with food! Get Simple Morning Lists Desirae on Instagram Simple Holidays Challenge  
This practical episode will help you shift your habits to pay off your debt for good! We talk about minimalism & finances and how to really change our habits and get on track financially. Check out my guest, Jen Smith, at the links below, including her new book full of practical advice on the topic! If you are wanting to pay down debt or reach other financial goals, this episode is for you, friend! Listen in! Links: Simple Morning Lists Pay off your Debt for Good No Spend Challenge Guide Frugal Friends Podcast Jen on Instagram Jen's Website Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Sponsors: Everlywell: Enter code Minimal to Get 15% off your first kit Thrive Causemetics: Get 15% off your first order If you want to support the show, check out our sponsors! Just click over, see what they do, and If their product seems useful to you, give them a try! Minimal-ish couldn't go on without them and we are grateful for their support and yours!  
Today is the first of a new monthly series on the show where I'm bringing on a co-host, Catherine Williams, to answer questions you all ask! November's topic is Minimalism and The Holidays and we got so many great questions. We covered overarching topics of holiday decor, gifts, mental health, and relationships and got to the nitty gritty details on all of these topics as much as possible! We laugh a lot & also get pretty serious about some heavy topics. I hope you enjoy this new format! If you have a topic suggest for future Q&As, email Links: (Morning Companion Journal) Catherine on Instagram Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Today's Sponsors: Native: Get 20% off your first order with code MINIMALISH Prepdish: Get a 2 week free trial
Kari on Instagram Desirae on Instagram The podcast website Simple Morning Lists Get started with realistic minimalism - free guide!
Courtney is a mom, wife, business owner & student who writes about about boundaries and healing. Today she's giving us a little boundaries 101 and empowering us to being drawing lines where we need them and building ourselves up in the process. I absolutely love her message and I know you will, too! Links: Courtney on Instagram Courtney's Blog Courtney's Boundaries Workshop Get Minimal-ish Monday Emails & get notified about Simple Morning Lists Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Sponsors: Prepdish: Get 2 weeks free at FamilyAlbum: A Free Family Photo and Video Sharing App
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Bri Ski

I love you two I think you are very good at communicating how to put minimalism into practice 💜 thank you!

Jan 29th

mechele newell

i love this podcast. do you have anything new?

Jan 27th
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