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Minimal-ish is a podcast about minimalism...sort of. Your host, Desirae Endres, talks with guests about topics of realistic minimalism, motherhood, intentional living, and other things that matter.

The trend of minimalism has made it feel, at times, like a competition. Who can have the least? How many spoons should I have? This podcast is here to put minimalism in its place- as a tool that we can make work for us so we can make room in our days for what actually matters to us.

Your host, Desirae Endres, is a stay at home/ work at home mom and writer that believes that minimalism and having an uncluttered home environment can benefit everyone, but it doesn't look the same for everyone. She brings honesty and transparency to the conversation as an admittedly (formerly-ish) unorganized, messy and anxious person as she discusses topics of minimalism, intentional & creative living, motherhood, and more.
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Today I'm talking with Expert Thrifter Kat Steck of The Junkyard Journals. Kat is passionate about conscious consumerism and the good we can do by shopping secondhand first. Today, she's giving us the why behind thrifting plus simple, effective methods for shopping secondhand without losing our minds & wasting our time. We also talk about donation centers and the best options for where we can donate our stuff. Links: Kat on Instagram Desirae on Instagram Thrifting apps are really great because they all provide referral programs and $$ off your first purchase!  Mercari: 10$ off your first purchase with the link ^(my favorite secondhand shopping app for clothes, shoes, kid stuff, etc...I even got our Ninja Coffee Bar on here last winter)  Poshmark: Great for clothing! Get 5$ credit when you sign up with an invite code - enter "desiraeendres" at sign up where it says "invite code." Thred Up: Get 10$ when you sign up with this link! Facebook Marketplace  DoneGood Simple Morning Lists  Podcast Website Sponsor: Today's Sponsor is Native. Head to and enter code MINIMALISH to get 20% off your first order. Thanks for listening! If you want to support Minimal-ish, check out the links above & our sponsors. Our sponsors are hand picked and they make Minimal-ish possible, so support them by heading to their website, see what they are all about, and even try them out if you think what they do would add value to your life!
Today we're talking about simplifying the holiday season, starting from the outside (our environment) and moving deeper (our schedule/ mindset). I'm bringing you a four day holiday decluttering challenge that you can start whenever you are ready plus 6 steps to simplifying the holidays and really focusing in on what truly matters to you this season! Get the Holiday Decluttering Challenge Guide Links: Simple Morning Lists Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Today's Sponsor: Prepdish - get 2 weeks free!
Today we're talking about a thing that matters- the way we view ourselves. This matters for so many reasons; the way we view ourselves contributes to the fullness in which we live each day and it also sets an example for our kids. So, how in the world do we get a positive body image when impossible beauty standards bombard us? Today, I'm chatting with my friend Blake about this topic as she candidly shares her own story (and I share a bit of mine, too). Blake shares tangible, practical, and relatable ways we can choose to work towards better when it comes to the way we view ourselves each day, and I don't think you'll want to miss this! // Links // The Crappy Christian Podcast Blake's blog post on cycle syncing Blake on Instagram Chasing Slow Simple Morning Lists Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website // Sponsors // Ch
I'm coming to you with a short bonus episode on one of my favorite holidays- Thanksgiving. What does the best Thanksgiving Ever include? Listen in to find out - and of course, it doesn't have anything to do with food! Get Simple Morning Lists Desirae on Instagram Simple Holidays Challenge  
This practical episode will help you shift your habits to pay off your debt for good! We talk about minimalism & finances and how to really change our habits and get on track financially. Check out my guest, Jen Smith, at the links below, including her new book full of practical advice on the topic! If you are wanting to pay down debt or reach other financial goals, this episode is for you, friend! Listen in! Links: Simple Morning Lists Pay off your Debt for Good No Spend Challenge Guide Frugal Friends Podcast Jen on Instagram Jen's Website Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Sponsors: Everlywell: Enter code Minimal to Get 15% off your first kit Thrive Causemetics: Get 15% off your first order If you want to support the show, check out our sponsors! Just click over, see what they do, and If their product seems useful to you, give them a try! Minimal-ish couldn't go on without them and we are grateful for their support and yours!  
Today is the first of a new monthly series on the show where I'm bringing on a co-host, Catherine Williams, to answer questions you all ask! November's topic is Minimalism and The Holidays and we got so many great questions. We covered overarching topics of holiday decor, gifts, mental health, and relationships and got to the nitty gritty details on all of these topics as much as possible! We laugh a lot & also get pretty serious about some heavy topics. I hope you enjoy this new format! If you have a topic suggest for future Q&As, email Links: (Morning Companion Journal) Catherine on Instagram Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Today's Sponsors: Native: Get 20% off your first order with code MINIMALISH Prepdish: Get a 2 week free trial
Kari on Instagram Desirae on Instagram The podcast website Simple Morning Lists Get started with realistic minimalism - free guide!
Courtney is a mom, wife, business owner & student who writes about about boundaries and healing. Today she's giving us a little boundaries 101 and empowering us to being drawing lines where we need them and building ourselves up in the process. I absolutely love her message and I know you will, too! Links: Courtney on Instagram Courtney's Blog Courtney's Boundaries Workshop Get Minimal-ish Monday Emails & get notified about Simple Morning Lists Desirae on Instagram Podcast Website Sponsors: Prepdish: Get 2 weeks free at FamilyAlbum: A Free Family Photo and Video Sharing App
Today I chat with Catherine Williams, a minimalist mom & counseling professional, about how minimalism can affect our relationships (both positive & negative) and what to do when we have people close to us not on board with our lifestyle change. We also dig into the issue of gifts in a timely way (holidays right around the corner!)   Find Catherine at @theminimalcolonial  Join the launch team for Simple Morning Lists Desirae on Instagram Get a free starter guide to a Minimalish home & life Today's Sponsors: Warby Parker: Get your free at home try on Native: Get 20% off your first order - use code MINIMALISH
Today I'm coming to you solo, which I do about once a month now, on the topic of social media. This is something I've reflected with and experimented on and off with over the course of this year - how does social media fit into an intentional life and present days? My goal with this episode is to help you reflect on your own values & purpose, the current state of your social media usage, and how to align the way you use social media to your personal values.  I think we all want to be present with our people and live intentional days that we love- social media is a very prevalent thing within many of our days- so it's worth taking a look at how we're using it and what might need to change. I talk about: 3 questions to evaluate how you're currently feeling about social media Steps to take to evaluate how much you are on your phone & how make change to align that to our values A bunch of tips to help you get there! There's a free resource that contains the reflection questions and tips from this episode: Other Links: Free Making Room resource (get started with realistic minimalism) Podcast website/ show notes Desirae on Instagram Today's Sponsors: FamilyAlbum: Free photo and video sharing app EverlyWell: At home health tests (use code MINIMAL for 15% off) If you want to support the show, consider checking out our sponsors! I hand pick the companies I work with and believe in their mission! I'm grateful for their support - The show wouldn't go on without them!
Today I chat with Amanda Anderson, author of All My Friends Have Issues all about simplifying the process of making friends in the season of motherhood. I loved this conversation as it was truly one I didn't know I needed- and I'm betting a lot of us are struggling with similar issues when it comes to finding friendship and community in any season, really. Amanda has so many insights on this topic and we really go wide and deep at the same time on the topic of friendship. I hope you enjoy the conversation and gain new confidence in finding community in your life! What we talk about: -Why friendship matters (with people in the same season and different seasons) -How to simplify the process of making friends -Inviting people into our lives -Dealing with toxic friendships well/ boundaries -Next steps with finding community -A question about race and friendship that she leaves us with at the end (Absolutely something worth noting and something to think about more deeply) Links: Amanda's Website All My Friends Have Issues (her book) Amanda on Instagram Desirae on Instagram The podcast website/ show notes Free Guide to getting started with decluttering & realistic minimalism Today's Sponsors: Bombas get 20% off your first order of the most comfortable socks in the history of feet.  Prepdish get 2 weeks of meal plans/prep instructions for free to try it out! Thank you so much for listening! If you want to support the show, a great way to do so is to check out our sponsors! We couldn't keep putting out content without their support, and I hand pick the companies I work with and truly believe in their missions!
The word productivity usually scares me away. It feels like another way I don't measure up or another way I can feel "not enough" if I don't check all the boxes. When I stumbled upon Tonya Dalton's message in her newest book JOMO, I learned that true productivity shouldn't feel like that - and it includes creating space for what you love in your days and actually enjoying your life. Much different from the message of productivity being the "always busy" image so many of us have in our heads.  Today, Tonya and I talk about: -Her new book, The Joy of Missing Out -Why the culture of busy is dangerous -What true productivity looks like -What it looks like to create whitespace in your days -Whitespace in your days with your kids -How to begin creating time for whitespace. Links for today's show: Get The Joy of Missing Out Where to find Tonya... Her website Her Facebook Her Instagram Inkwell Press Where to find Desirae... Instagram Website Facebook Join the Facebook Community Get the free guide to getting started with realistic minimalism Today's Sponsor: FamilyAlbum - a free photo and video sharing app If you want to support the show, check out our sponsors! We hand pick the companies we work with and we're grateful for them and their support of the show each and every week!
I hope you enjoy this celebratory 50th episode and the tips on how to declutter your home FAST! Check out my online course - doors are open for 5 days - if you want to declutter your home & life with accountability and guidance! Thank you to Today's Sponsors: Prepdish FamilyAlbum Support the show by checking out the sponsors - they help minimal-ish happen each week and we are super grateful for their support!
Today I'm chatting with you about some lies we believe about hosting & inviting people into our homes (and why we might have anxiety around that) and how Minimalism can help you be a better host. Spoiler alert: You don't need to get rid of ALL your extra dishes, cups, etc. if you know you'll use them to serve your people well. Links: Decluttering Challenge The Podcast on Instagram Show notes   Today's sponsors: Get 15% off your Everlywell lab test: promo code: MINIMAL Get 40% off your first delivery of LOLA: promo code: MINIMALISH   One of the best ways to support the show is to support our sponsors! I choose them carefully as a podcast about realistic minimalism and I believe in the companies that I choose to work with! Check out these companies that are doing good work with worthy missions and support them if their product is something that would serve you well and be helpful to your everyday life! Our sponsors help make Minimal-ish possible! If you're loving the show, you can also support Minimal-ish by leaving a positive rating/review & sharing with a friend! I'm so thankful each time you do!  
Today is the "finale" of the Work & School series - I wanted to end it by helping you give yourself permission & "declutter" your mindset when it comes to changing our minds in our work and the choices we make for our kids when it comes to school. We talk about questions to ask to discern bigger decisions/ changes and steps we can take to actually move towards the change we want to make. Hope this helps equips you with the permission you need to let go and move forward.  Links: Minimal-ish on Instagram Show Notes Prepdish free 2 week trial
Today I am sharing my interview with Erin Loechner, author of Chasing Slow and founder of Other Goose, an international homeschooling co-op. We talk about simplifying everything, especially early learning for our children, and we dig into homeschooling a bit as well. How can we do all of these things without HAVING all the things? How can we teach our children in the context of our everyday lives? We answer these questions as we chat and I think you'll love our conversation - Erin is so very insightful and lovely! Links: Sign up for Other Goose: Other Goose Free Workshop: Free Trial Offer: 5-Day Challenge (Other Goose) here Chasing Slow Other Goose on Instagram Erin on Instagram   Desirae on Instagram Get the podcast Newsletter Get the free ebook on getting started with Realistic Minimalism Join the Giveaway!  
I hope you enjoy this coffee date with Amber of Delighted on a Dime! We got to chat in person, so excuse the background noise of my creaky table that happens from time to time in this episode! If you enjoy the show, share with a friend or on social media! I'm so grateful each time you do! Links: Amber on Instagram Desirae on Instagram Show Notes
On Minimal-ish, we like to talk about the things that matter and making room for the things that matter. Throughout August (and some of September) we'll be focusing on work & school, two things that matter, and that we can find purpose in when we get intentional about our roles and choices in these areas of our life.  So far we've talked to work at home moms, full time working moms, and today, we're focusing in on the work of homemaking and stay at home motherhood. We'll talk about ways we simplify work at home motherhood, and we'll also talk about finding purpose in our roles of stay at home motherhood. We even talk about ways we can care for ourselves when so much of our focus each day is on our children.  My guest, Celeste, has a perspective on homemaking and motherhood that any mom can resonate with, and she also works from home as well, so her perspective branches out into the work at home mom life as well.  Most of all, Celeste is just a JOY FILLED person! I left our conversation feeling so positive and happy, and I think you'll feel the same after you listen in to our conversation! She's honestly such a light and I absolutely loved chatting with her! Follow Celeste: Instagram Lessy's World Follow the Podcast: Instagram Website Show Notes Cleaning Resource  
I'm talking to my guest,  Jennifer Petropoulos on the podcast today! She's a teacher and a mom of three school aged children. Jennifer has truly seen the benefits of minimalism in her own family and she gives us a peek into that today as she lets us in on some systems she uses during the busy school year! We talk about: -Paper clutter/ paper storage systems -Drop zones -Lunches & dinners (prep & systems) -Self care for the working mom  -Keeping family life less busy with 3 kids in school Links:  Jennifer on Instagram (see her drop zone & paper system!) Jennifer's website The podcast on Instagram  The podcast website Rhythms and Routines Course Cleaning Routine Resource The podcast Facebook Community Prepdish 2 week free trial ----- Share your own paper/ drop zone systems on instagram and use the hashtag #minimalish life plus tag me @minimalish.desirae so I can see! If you account is private, send a picture as I won't be able to see the tag! :)  
Today I'm chatting with Courtney Elmer about the steps we can take to begin eliminating stress in our lives, even as busy moms with a lot on our plate. We also talk about the lies we believe about balance and how we can begin to truly achieve balance in our everyday lives. What we talk about: -The root cause of stress and how to combat it -Is balance a myth? How do we achieve balance as busy moms -Defining your own definition of success, balance, etc. Links: Courtney on Instagram Courtney's Website Free Minimalism Resource Simple Purposeful Days Course Podcast Website Desirae on Instagram
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