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New episode out now! Discover the inspiring stories of small businesses from all over India - stories of hustle, struggles, failures, aha moments, and successes. These are stories of real people making a real impact. Begin or end your day with a new story to inspire the inner entrepreneur in you.
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If you are someone who feels guilty every time you binge eat, Priyasha Saluja is here for you. The founder of the food brand - The Cinnamon Kitchen, Priyasha has been creating delicious lip-smacking sweet and savoury treats that are gluten-free, vegan, and free from refined flour & sugar. A PCOS fighter, and an ex-meat eater, she had to re-discover food as she knew it.  From experiments in her own kitchen to serve her health needs to helping hundreds across India, the Cinnamon Kitchen has come a long way. Now with two cloud kitchens in Delhi and Mumbai, the brand is renowned for building nutritionally dense food from scratch and cultivating zero-waste policies. As an entrepreneur who built her passion into a successful business, Priyasha wants to do more than just sell. She wants other nutritionally conscious people to enjoy making food the way she does. From conducting workshops to putting up her recipes on Instagram, she is building a community that empowers home chefs. Listen to Priyasha's learnings and insights in the final episode of mojoMakers season 2 - a business podcast powered by Instamojo. Connect to Priyasha Saluja: Her online store: Her Instagram:  
We all know that one person in class whose notebooks would have doodles and anime drawn in every possible page. Riddhi Rohit had a similar knack! From an early age, she was exposed to Indian comics like Amar Chitra Katha and India's rich mythology. It helped her develop her own unique art style that gave a nod to both Indian and far Eastern cultures. As someone who loves constantly hanging things up around in her own house, she also knew that her art style would complement home decor items absolutely perfectly! And voila! Odd Trunk was born. A home decor brand, Odd Trunk wants to give you the pleasure of decorating your surroundings with cute whimsical and vibrant art pieces. From selling products all over the globe to a thriving Indian consumer base, the marvelous journey of this online brand is an inspiration to all artists turned entrepreneurs! Listen to the fifth episode of mojoMakers Season 2 - where we converse with Riddhi Rohit, the founder of Odd Trunk and unravel the excitement of seeing your art adorn other people's homes. We also discuss the challenges that an artist has to face when trying to create a product exactly as an artist originally envisions. Go be whimsical : The Odd Trunk's online store - Connect to Riddhi - 
"Be 1% better every day" -  James Clear Life-changing goals can be daunting. But, if you can break it down into smaller, achievable goals, then you can keep track of your progress,  while keeping yourself motivated. Shikhar Saxena, a certified fitness coach and trainer, likes to follow this philosophy when it comes to his online fitness and nutrition brand - Healthy Pinto.  An advocate of 'taking it one day at a time', Shikar helps you reach your fitness goals without shortcuts. His brand trains you to build sustainable habits that last for a lifetime - entirely online. Healthy Pinto has transformed over a 1000 individuals, challenging the traditional concept that fitness can only be achieved through offline consultations. Shikhar's journey started as a college student who just wanted to see himself transformed. After months of research, consistent practice and 2 authored books, Shikhar's brand today sees accelerated growth which is majorly based on referrals from happy customers. An ambitious entrepreneur, Shikhar is working towards a future where Healthy Pinto becomes a global health tech brand, complete with its own AI assistant - Pinto. In the fourth episode of the mojoMakers Season 2 , we discuss Healthy Pinto's business model, work ethics, and core strategies that are helping him expand the business. Connect to Shikhar - His website: His 100-day transformation program: Shikhar's Instagram account: Healthy Pinto's Instagram:  Create your own smart landing pages here. 
Making the choice to leave behind your cushy comfortable job is in no way easy. Apart from adjusting to a completely new environment, you also have to stay strong through a barrage of people trying to convince you that it's a bad idea. Jaya Poojitha had to face similar hurdles when she decided to leave her 9-5 corporate job and open her own online store - Pooji's Opus. Her unwavering determination stemmed from a single need - She wanted to build something that has her name on it. She wanted to build a legacy. Through her online store, Jaya wants to make a billion people happy by 2024. From memory keepers like scrapbooks to customized photo albums, this store is helping people deepen their personal relationships by evoking a sense of nostalgia. Being self-sufficient and independent is also a great happiness booster!  So, under the umbrella of the brand, Jaya also has plans to help more women become financially independent by conducting workshops that teach them basic crafting skills.  In the third episode of mojoMakers season 2,  we talk to Jaya Poojitha to explore her ambitions and the strategies that will bring her closer to her goals.  Join Pooji's Opus in their serotonin-boosting quest : The  online store - https://www.poojisopus.comWorkshops  - 
"Handmade is beautiful" Truer words could have not been spoken by Sarus Nirhali, the founder of the online store for glass stained artefacts - GlassHopper. A medium of light, glass can be used to create stunning pieces of art, as we can see on her online store. Ranging from jewellery to suncatchers to home decor, Glasshopper is a haven for aestheticism. One of the few established artists in India, Sarus also conducts workshops to arm other curious artists with the knowledge of this intricate artform.  Not only that, in this episode, she also sheds some light on the age-old dilemma that artists have - What are my creations worth? We got to learn something from every single aspect of Sarus - the ex-lawyer, the artist, the businessperson and the teacher.  One common thread that defined Sarus's journey? She values honesty and fair treatment over everything else. Simple isn't it? Treat your customers with love and integrity, and they will love you right back. Connect to Sarus: Know more about Glasshopper and the workshops - Shop beautiful products from - 
Selling online is not a new phenomenon. But in today’s world, it is the easiest way to do business. With millions going online to start selling their products, every brand must fight harder to stand out. How is Kudrat doing it? Kudrat owns an online store where she sells artisanal handmade soaps. From sourcing, raw materials to designing packaging, every part of the production process is done by Kudrat herself. And the beauty of her product does not end with the making of the product itself. The ingredients that go into making a particular soap, are experimented with and then carefully chosen to give you not just a product - but an entire experience. Want to feel like you are on a beach without stepping out of your washroom? Want your party guests to feel like that return favours had that extra oomph to them? Kudrat’s got you. A serial entrepreneur, Kudrat talks to us about the joys of getting to create and ideate on her own. Not every product is a success - but when has entrepreneurship been only about the end result? It’s a journey and a thrilling self-gratifying one at that! Check-in with ByKudrat: Her online store - Her Instagram - 
As promised, here is our bonus episode with our COO, Akash Gehani.Did you know Instamojo (like all epic things and startup cliches) started on a Cafe Coffee Day tissue paper?In this episode, we discuss every business story in the first season of the mojoMakers podcast and how we power them on Instamojo.We also discuss what makes us similar to these businesses and how we came about building the podcast.A big thank you to all our listeners for tuning in. We hope to bring you season 2 of the mojoMakers very soon.We'd also like to give a big shout out to our agency, Disoriented Penguin, for making such a beautiful track that perfectly brought out the Indian entrepreneuship feeling. ❤️ Please feel free to drop any feedback about the podcast, or our online stores and other payment services to, if you know someone that's looking for some inspiration to start a business, don't forget to share this podcast with them and refer them to and we'll take it from there. Useful links and email ids:marketing@instamojo.comStart your online business for free here - any sort of digital audio-video projets -
Matchmaking happens to be India's favourite hobby. Every other neighbourhood aunty wants to set you up and won't rest until you're married off. Whether happily or not, that's a different ball game altogether. As more Indian youngsters tend to take control over their relaionships, most of which are sourced through 10-second swiping mechanisms, hearts are breaking harder and the trauma results in semi-permanent confidence damage.To fix this, Priyanka Bharadwaj, founder of Marriage Broker Auntie, positioned her company in such a way that she could not only help you find the right partner but also act as a sounding board and a safe judgement-free space to share your relationship troubles.Nobody took this business seriously. Everybody thought they could do what she does. But 9 years later, here she is helping people find clarity in their personal lives and achieve their #couplegoals or #relationshipgoals.Tune in to listen to the story of how she managed to turn a Relationship Advisory into a legitimate online business.Quick links to Marriage Broker Auntie (MBA): to the MBA newsletter here -
Why does business have to hard and fast and ruthless? Why does it have to be about calculated risks, expansion, ROI, and things that will tire one out?The answer: It doesn't.In this episode, let's take you to a small village in the Kumaon Himalayas. Nestled snugly like an apricot kernel, Rautakhet is a snow-clad, tiny little village in Uttarakhand where life is slow and sweet.  Junaili is a personal care brand that originated 5 years ago from this very village.The brainchild of founder Anshuman Sen, this brand doesn't just believe in promoting sustainable skincare & personal care but also likes being small.  Currently opening up small shops in Australia, Japan, parts of Europe, and more, this small brand from a small village of India is going places. Its product is as powerful as its story.  Featured on prestigious lifestyle magazines like Vogue, Grazia, etc, Anshuman talks about the vision for Junaili and why he wants to stay a small business forever!Tune in to listen to how Junaili's story and how it went global organically just by the virtue of quality and sustainability. You can find Junaili on:
Today, we are rewriting a nursery rhyme. Well, at least a part of it.Jack went uphill and came rolling down after he broke his crown.During his rolling fall, he gathered all his wisdom, and became a BIG BALL OF FEVICOL.Introducing you to Arvindh Sundar, the said Fevicol ball that's dabbled in multiple roles and founded multiple companies. He is a customer experience hacker, a PADI-certified scuba diver, a recognised Toastmaster, a marketing guy and a dad. Arvindh now runs Put the Player First - a people engagement and training company where he uses gamification and storytelling to help companies build an effective, smooth culture built on transparent communication and interpersonal skills. He has also contributed a best-selling course on How to Increase Sales with Funnels on Instamojo's learning platform - mojoVersity.comIn this episode, we speak to Arvindh about his incredible entrepreneurial journey, his learnings from different failures, and even touch some spiritual notes that are bound to make you think about things from the other person's point of view.Arvindh's always up for a good chat, so hit him up on one of the links below:
100 years. So much changes in 10 decades. New leaves, new plants, a revamped plantation in the same old estates. But how does a 100-year-old business change? Much before the birth of Oh Cha, a boutique tea brand, the Kanoi Tea Estates in Kolkata  supplied different types of tea across India.  Big  and small tea companies sourced tea from these estates and branded them to their private lables. But 3 years ago, founder Pallavi Kanoi wanted to start something that would give this 100-year old business a makeover.A modern plan for the most traditional drink - tea.Moving away from conventional tea blends, and having experimented with various herbs and spices, Pallavi has successfully created numerous flavours with distinct aromas and delectable tastes.  Think Blueberry Cheesecake tea! Or Whisky tea!These teas are great for gifting, for the health conscious, and for everyone that needs to pause from the hustle-bustle of life for a refreshing sip.In this episode, we talk to Pallavi about her vision for OhCha, what it was like to reroute a 100-year-old business and her learnings from this ambitious yet exciting project.You can find Oh Cha on:Instamojo -
Did you know 5 lakh+ Indians apply for the IAS exams of which only 180 are selected every year? Whats the burden of broken dreams and failures like?When Alex Andrews George, founder of ClearIAS, couldn't clear his IAS exams and lost by just 2 marks (twice!), an alternate career path opened up. He knew passing the IAS exams was tough but he believed preparing for it shouldn't be. ClearIAS helps IAS aspirants with free and reasonably priced study material including mock tests, Interview series, and more. Aspirants can buy self-study packages on ClearIAS Instamojo online store and pay for mock test enrolment series with Instamojo links.This unique self-study platform records over a million users per month. The ClearIAS app also has 9 lakh+ downloads. Alex, with his small team, has helped give flight to hundreds of IAS aspirants.In this episode we talk to Alex about how he went about building ClearIAS, what makes a business stand apart in a crowded market, and how the goal of any business should always be about providing value to the customer. He also talks about how ClearIAS is built on a unique self study concept that is closely linked to the #aatmanirbhar campaign much before it became a thing. Tune it to find some real gems of advice on failure, resilience, and success in this episode.You can find ClearIAS on: Play Store - ClearIAS app the Telegram Group - ClearIAS
On the Sangeetha Kalamkari Studio LIVE facebook show, Sangeetha shows her viewers beautiful sarees and gives her audience a LIVE demo. Soon after, bids start coming in. On a show, quote, and fastest-finger-first basis, the sarees start selling like hotcakes.In a matter of 2 hours, Sangeetha sells 100+ sarees to over 80,000 viewers on Facebook LIVE video. The sarees range from ₹5000 to ₹30,000.Sangeetha Rajesh, founder of Sangeetha Kalamkari Studio and the design label Sangeetha Rajesh, travels to the wholesale market with her team to shoot and sell these expensive sarees. She gives her viewers the best rate for the exquisite garments because she connects the merchant market directly to the buyer!In a candid conversation with Sangeetha, we discover how things changed for her during COVID-19, how she got special permits and travelled to the weavers homes to procure stock, what keeps her going, and how she managed to influence hundreds of Indian women that are starting saree businesses on Facebook.Tune in to listen to Sangeetha's incredible entrepreneurial journey.Find Sangeetha's business on the below links:
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