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newsCOUP to "Overthrow The Status Quo" is brough to you by Public Herald with hose and co-founder Joshua Pribanic. A Podcast, Newspaper, Installation. A @PublicHerald project and media archive.
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DOH Does Not Take Concerns From Physicians and Community Seriously On June 21st, two local health advocacy organizations, Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility (Philly PSR) and Environmental Health Project, were able to meet virtually with Dr. Rachel Levine, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), to advocate on behalf of families regarding a cancer health study in the southwestern part of the state. In the meeting, Dr. Levine revealed that the academic partner to conduct the infamous oil and gas health study will be the University of Pittsburgh. Immediately upon hearing this news advocates for affected families requested a “process oversight panel” — but DOH denied the request. The DOH study, prompted by rare childhood cancers in the county, will take an estimated three years to complete, at which time the DOH will consider whether it will respond and take action. This timeline allows the DOH to fallback on the unfinished study until 2023, as families wait to find out if oil and gas fracking is connected to the increase in childhood cancers.   Read the full report » Become a newsCOUP Patron!
Pennsylvania Regulators Won't Say Where 66% of Landfill Leachate w/ Radioactive Material From Fracking is Going..."It's Private" DEP is not tracking how much TENORM is leaving a landfill via leachate to the WWTP. The DEP says that the transaction is private between the two entities: the landfill and the treatment plant.   When we told Dr. Julie Weatherington-Rice, a semi-retired earth scientist with a PHD in soil science and adjunct professor for Ohio State University, about DEP’s landfill tracking system for TENORM, she said, “[DEP] has no way of knowing what’s going in” to a landfill in a given year using gate post radiation systems for trucks to pass through and handheld geiger counters.   Dr. Weatherington-Rice continued, “Those gate posts [at landfills] were never designed for that kind of [low level radiation] scanning. They were designed for hospital waste, for something that decays rapidly. Pennsylvania is counting on smoke and mirrors for protection because they’re not using the right test and they’re not using the right equipment. They don’t know what they put in that landfill. They think they do, but they don’t.”    Read the full report » Become a newsCOUP Patron!
We kind of actually said to ourselves, we think covid was here beforehand, and people that maybe tested negative for the flu maybe had it, and will we ever know? Probably not. That is why everyone is really scared, because if you have the symptoms you could be spreading it. We don't have the equipment. We might have cots, we might have rooms, available schools, gymnasiums, to put people, but what do you do with the people once they're there? Who's going to take care of them? Where's the proper medical equipment to take care of them? I don't know. Or the personnel? I don't know that either. We don't have the right equipment, we don't have enough of the equipment, we really are unprepared. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE AT PUBLIC HERALD »
newsCOUP: A Dangerous Secret That Could End Fracking Investigative Journalists Justin Nobel and Joshua Pribanic come together in this explosive podcast* to discuss one of the hottest topics to come out of fossil fuels.  The idea of “safe” fracking transformed oil and gas in America for the 21st century and helped create a worldwide resurgence for an otherwise dying industry. But as we hear in this episode of newsCOUP a dangerous secret protected by regulators threatens the identity of fracking. That secret takes us down a rabbit hole from the beginning of time to the present-day legacy of untold radioactive risks in communities wherever black shale is fracked.  For more on this and other Public Herald stories see:
Pittsburgh’s Freshman State Representative Sara Innamorato is drafting a bill to regulate TENORM (Technically Enhanced Radioactive Material) from fracking waste in response to Public Herald’s leachate investigation. Public Herald’s August 2019 report described how a regulatory loophole allows radioactive fracking waste dumped at landfills to be sent as leachate to sewage treatment plants and discharged to public waters. Fracking waste contains high levels of radionuclides known as TENORM which are water soluble and end up in the landfill leachate, but are unregulated and cannot be treated or removed by sewage plants. READ THE FULL PUBLIC HERALD REPORT »  
A Public Herald investigation has uncovered that DEP is allowing 14 Sewage Waste Treatment Plants to discharge radioactive fracking waste as landfill leachate into 13 Pennsylvania Waterways. The process DEP created to “treat” and discharge the leachate through sewage plants appears to date as far back as the fracking boom (2009 or longer). Read Full Investigation w/ Interactive Map »  
Today on the show we’re talking about direct action. What’s the right approach? Should you go to court? Should you contact your elected officials? Should you take action on the state, break the laws and perform acts of civil disobedience? And, do you do this alone? Or, do you get your community involved…do you get masses of people involved?   READ THE FULL REPORT »
“We need a smoking gun.” — Investigators at Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office told Public Herald during a meeting in 2017. A criminal investigation of the oil and gas fracking industry is underway in Pennsylvania, the nation’s second largest producer of natural gas. Pennsylvania’s Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has “assumed jurisdiction over several criminal investigations involving environmental crimes” in Washington County where oil and gas companies have been indicted. The AG’s office is neither confirming or denying that an investigation is actually happening. Read the full report »
Investigation: Clorox Selling Pool Salt Made From Fracking Wastewater by Joshua B. Pribanic for Public Herald | Edited by Melissa A. Troutman February 11, 2019  |  Updated February 12, 2019 | Project: Smoking Gun, newsCOUP   You might be shocked to learn that a Clorox product used to treat swimming pools came from fracking wastewater. Public Herald has discovered that Eureka Resources, a company based in Pennsylvania, has been treating wastewater from shale gas development — a.k.a. “fracking” — and packaging the crystal byproduct as “Clorox Pool Salt” for distribution since 2017. Jerel Bogdan, Vice President of Engineering at Eureka Resources, in an interview with Public Herald, stated Eureka’s patented system is “the only one in Pennsylvania that has proven and demonstrated to the DEP that our technology can generate dewasted water. To our knowledge there is no one else in North America who’s able to do that with oil and gas brines.” Read full article »
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