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As parents it's easy to think "What worked for my older child should work for my younger child." Our guest on this episode is a parent of a blended age family raising children college age, elementary school aged and a toddler. Reading books or previous strategies weren't able to "flex" or be customized to help our guest, but BYB's individualized consultation created a plan and support that did work.Visit to learn more! Access our FREE resources!
Our guest found BYB when their child's preschool provider was reporting disruptive behavior in the classroom.  At home teaching of their son's missing classroom skills ensured a successful transition into a new preschool program.  The strategies to teach their son these skills continue to be effective and an important component of their parenting toolbox today! Visit to learn more! Access our FREE resources!
Our guest found BYB when their now oldest was just 3 years old. They didn't wait until there was a huge toddler issue, and instead became a #parentingtrendsetter by reaching out to learn proactively. Strategies the family learned with their first child were able to be used with their second child! Our tools are not just a one time or one age thing, they are valuable for all our children's ages and stages! Schedule your introductory phone consultation here: our free resources here:   Visit to learn more! Access our FREE resources!
In this episode, we review the key components of our approach to potty training that set children and their caregivers up for success! Learn how children learn a pattern of avoidant behavior that may be a barrier to successful potty training and how to use "baby steps" and choices to prevent or unravel a pattern of unwanted behavior. Sign up for your introductory phone consultation: our free toilet training resource E-book: Visit to learn more! Access our FREE resources!
A parent shares how her teen daughter's severe unwanted behaviors decreased, and communication increased, through Zoom coaching. Hear how the family learned to use delays, baby steps and choices to gain success at home and school!  Learn more about how to teach using choices and silent support from one of our 7 FREE parent classes available on our website! Teach Better Behavior With Fewer Words!My Child Constantly Pushes My Boundaries! up for your introductory phone consultation: to learn more! Access our FREE resources!
Our guests share how they learned how their 3.5 year old son's skillful negotiating was a barrier to successful potty training. They share how they not only got quick resolve of their child's potty training, but learned to foster his strengths of negotiating while putting nice little boundaries on when and where negotiating is available. CONFIDENT PARENTS. PEACEFUL HOMES.You might find one of our FREE parent education videos helpful: Everything is a Battle or Negotiation with my Child! My Child Constantly Pushes My Boundaries!Download our FREE Toilet training resource guide E-Book!Find more free resources: "The Ins and Out of Toilet Training" parent education video: to learn more! Access our FREE resources!
There are endless parenting resources on the internet and while they have helpful information, it can be overwhelming to sift through the noise to find the support your family needs. In this episode, one family shares how our unique approach helped them get to the root cause of their daughter's unwanted tantrums and sleep disruptions. They share how this investment in their parenting toolbox provided individualized tools that they continue to use to this day, as their daughter is now 5 years old. Behave Your Best is in your family's back pocket when you need us!  Learn more by watching our parent class video: "Why Ignoring Your Child's Unwanted Behavior Doesn't Work" We also recommend watching our free parent class videos to learn more strategies: CONFIDENT PARENTS. PEACEFUL HOMES.Visit to learn more! Access our FREE resources!
There is a STIGMA that if you are learning about your child's behavior, your child must have a behavior problem. Listen to one #parentingtrendsetter dispel this myth! #parentingtrendsetters choose to learn modern-day parenting strategies BEFORE their child's behavior requires them to. You can learn our teaching strategies by watching our FREE parent workshop video  "Pretend You Are A Light Switch!" We have 7 FREE videos and many other for purchase!Listen to lots of free tips on our YouTube page: up for your introductory phone consultation: to learn more! Access our FREE resources!
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