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On tonight's episode your horror hosts Chainsaw Paul and Wolfman Memo take a look at the iconic brutality filled movie every horrorhound holds dear to their black hearts the 1974 masterpiece "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" from director Toby Hooper. So turn the lights down low, Heat up some of that finger licking good Sawyers BBQ and welcome to Podcast From The Crypt!!!
Your horror hosts Chainsaw and Wolman premiere the shows new theme song made especially for us by the horror music producer "The Th3rd" the creeps take a look at the 2016 film "The autopsy of Jane Doe" they also do a mini spoiler free reveiw of the short film "Box" from 2019 welcome to Podcast From The Crypt!
Chainsaw Paul and Wolfman Memo talk about the Australian horror/comedy from 2012 "100 Bloody Acres"
Good midnight cryptsters on tonight's episode your horror hosts Chainsaw Paul and Wolfman Memo check out the 80's classic the gate. Glen and his best friend Terry accidentally summon a hoard of demons, so the boys team up along with Glen's sister Al to stop the destruction of the world! So turn the lights down low grab your favorite beverage and welcome to podcast from the crypt!
On this terrifying episode your horror hosts get in up to their heads in some ritualistic fun with reviews of two horror comedies from 2019 first up a pizza delivery girl finds herself the target of satanic worshipers hellbent on summoning the demon baphomet in satanic panic and then a bride on her wedding night is forced to play a deadly game of hide and seek in hope's of holding back a sinister curse in the film ready or not.
On tonight's episode your horror hosts "Chainsaw Paul" and "Wolfman Memo" summon up some minions from hell with a look back at 1988's Night of the demons and then the creeps get lost in a dark tormented world of pleasure and pain with a review of Clive Barker's 1987 horror classic Hellraiser also featured on this episode horrorcore rap artist Poltergeist so turn the lights down low grab your puzzle box and welcome to podcast from the crypt
We're talking about two great slasher flicks 1987's Blood Rage also one of the best horror remakes ever 2012's Maniac
Horror hosts Chainsaw Paul, Madman Steve and wolfman Memo take a look at two gruesomely awesome slasher flicks 2012's Maniac and 1987's Blood rage
Its our Christmas horror extravaganza! your horror hosts Chainsaw Paul Madman Steve and Wolfman Memo deck the halls with blood and gore with reviews of the holiday treats 1974's black Christmas and 2006's black xmas. 2019 is headed for the grave and the creeps give their favorite movie picks of the past year so sharpen those candy canes dont forget to leave santa some flesh cookies and welcome to podcast from the crypt!
It's our first dive into Scifi! we check out 2018's "Extinction" from streaming giant Netflix, starring Micheal Pena and Lizzy Caplan. Our second review 1988's "They Live" from horror legend John Carpenter, starring "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Keith David
Join horror host "Chainsaw Paul" and permanent guest host "Wolfman Memo" as they discuss the "Scariest movie of all time" 1973's "The Exorcist"
It's Halloween and its our one year anniversary! Your horror hosts "Chainsaw Paul", "Wolfman Memo" and "Madman Steve" take a look back at the first year of the show. Because it's the most wonderful time of the year the guy's review two must watch flicks for every Halloween season 2007's Trick r' Treat and 1993's Hocus Pocus.
Chainsaw Paul and Madman steve discuss the second film by director Fred Dekker 1987's "The Monster Squad" also a chilling story of a lonely stretch of highway in the dead of night titled "The Hearse"
Horror hosts Wolfman Memo, Chainsaw Paul and Madman Steve take a look at a coulple classic b&w films Tod Browning's "Freaks" (1932) and George A. Romero's "Night of the living dead" (1968)
On tonight's episode your horror hosts "Chainsaw Paul" and "Wolfman Memo" take another look at some undead bloodsucker flicks with 2010's "Lost Boys: The Thirst" and George A. Romero's 1977 classic "Martin". Also the guys had the chance to watch a film before its release and give you a spoiler free reveiw of the upcoming "MSTK: My Soul To Keep" a family friendly fright fest from director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad.
"Madman Steve" returns and joins your horror hosts "Chainsaw Paul" and "Wolfman Memo" as they discuss two horror comedies 2008's "The Cottage" and 2010's "Tucker and Dale VS Evil".Steve has a terrifying story to share on the "Eerie Evocations" segment and we also talk about some new upcoming flicks!
On tonight's episode horror host Paul along with permanent guest host Memo talk about two of their favorite vampire flicks. From New Zealand 2014's "What we do in the shadows" and from Sweden 2008's "Let the right one in". Also a special spoiler free review of the upcoming gorefest "Hacksaw" from writer/director Anthony Leone, a throwback to raw and gritty horror of the past. So grab your favorite beverage, sharpen those wooden stakes and enjoy the show!
We conclude our Summer of Horror series for 2019 with co host Paul's go to 4th of July movie Stephen King's 1986 film "Maximum Overdrive" we also discuss the original summer horror flick Steven Spielberg's 1975 classic "Jaws"
On this MEGA SIZED episode!! We talk more about our favorite summertime horror films in part 2 of our Summer of Horror 2019 series! Tonight we have reveiws of 1980's "Friday The 13th" and 1983's "Sleepaway Camp" Two great flicks about Summer campers and murderous mayhem! We also talk a little about horror remakes which leads up to our spoiler free reveiw of the new "Child's Play" remake! We get co-host Chris McCuin of the phone and hear about his top 5 summertime horror flicks! As always turn down the lights, grab your favorite beverage and have a gruesome good time cryptsters!
Its part 1 of our Summer of Horror series 2019!On tonight's episode Paul and guest host Memo review two vehiclular horror films from the 1970's! First up is 1977's "The Car" followed by 1971's Steven Spielberg directed "Duel". We also talk about some road rage experiences of our own and take a call from co-host Chris McCuin "Where has he been?"
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