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We are all arriving at a crossroads, an intersection of faith, fear & freedom where questions abound and answers compete for our attention and agreement. In a word, we are all somewhere in the in between. If you’re ready for the deep conversations on the big issues that hold you back, fire you up or turn you sideways, now is the time to join Alyssa, Lauren and Sarah Barlow as they drop their guard, speak their hearts and try not to talk over one another. Let’s venture somewhere in the in between and embrace the uncertainty together.
5 Episodes
In this episode Alyssa, Sarah and Lauren open up the conversation and answer questions from listeners who were curious to know a little bit more about them. Conversations range from pets, to the entertainment industry, to a deeper insight into what they’ve been up to the past few years. They laugh a lot in this one, be prepared.
In this episode Alyssa, Sarah and Lauren deep dive into their individual stories of emotional healing. They talk about how they each knew they could no longer avoid all that was going on inside of them, and the steps they took to discover their journey of awakening.
In this episode Alyssa, Sarah and Lauren simply ask the question, do you only surround yourself with people that have the same beliefs as you? Or are you able to sit with anyone and listen with honor and respect and connect with people even if they don’t share your same beliefs. At the end of the day, can we choose understanding and love over our need for validation and agreement?
In this episode Alyssa, Sarah and Lauren dive into what chaos has looked like in each of their lives. They talk about the current state of the world and ask the questions-can we choose to thrive even in the midst of chaos and how do we find peace in the midst of it all?
Lauren, Sarah and Alyssa Barlow discuss their upcoming project and how it all came about.
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