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Podcast host Nannerl discusses with Devil Incarnate Shane Bugbee his told and untold history, art, and the occult.
51 Episodes
LaVey, Lucien & BugbeeA short clip featuring Stanton LaVey, grandson of Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan.Stanton reveals the true creation myth behind the Satanic Temple, a history they seem to be afraid to admit.find shane here: stanto there: 
Here we are at the close of a 3-part chapter that started this podcast.We started with Satanism and are ending with Satanism. Shane shares his views, past and present, about Satanism, and what he hopes for.  Some mantion of COS and TST, but this episode focuses mostly on Shane's own opinions and experiences with the philosophy. Some final shady questions from Nannerl about Doogie, and Nannerl gets some validation. Thank you so much for listening!
In this episode, Shane tells Nannerl about the various interviews he has had over time, all the way back from his Naked Aggression zine days.  Nannerl notices some possible influences to later inter interviewers and content creators.Some very familiar names pop up, and some interestingly controversial views Lavey had. Stick around for after the credits kids!  Nannerl gives Shane the interview no one asked for!
CHICAGO In this episode, Shane takes Nannerl to Chicago...through stories.They talk Wesley Willis, the Bucktown Pub and affiliated, Allen Ginsburg, gentrification, and much more. Shane talks about his street cred he received from being published in the Chicago Reader.Nannerl gets schooled over whats a good Chicago Pizza.  You can read the two articles we talk about here:"Shocks to the System" "The Migration of the Hipster" ontent?oid=11117198 get some good Italian, Recommended by Shane  Pizza, world class city, sausage eaters, Brut art, Wesley Willis, flat iron building, the stroll, hookers, pimps, eye to eye culture, must push back, banks change the hood, expo of the extreme, mortiis, Boyd Rice, intuitive art center, rock n roll McDonald's, wicker Park, MACABRE, bucktown pub, underground comix hall of fame, Humboldt Park, UFO talk, crazy talk, story telling, Alex Jones, white Panthers, yippies, Waco, Fred Hampton, R.Crumb, Alan Ginsberg, comix, howl, outliers are the underground, scoring heroin with righteous Bob rudnick, bill Ayers, bernardine dohrn, take courage, black Panthers, white privilege, hippie vs. boomers, gentrification, creative class, the power of the artist, Pilsen, living your politics, little Schaumburg, land of Lincoln, Chicago blues, riot city, LaVey's birthplace, antifa, alt right, the Chicago reader, Michael Hunt Publishing, Mike Hunt Comix, Kingston Mines, smashing pumpkins, Chicago hipsters, Ian Mackay, bad brains, original diy is anti-capitalist, happy birthday Marilyn Manson, Chicago bears, sports riot, Belmont and Pulaski, dark matter coffee 
Art that Kills Ever crack open a book and see your friend in it? Nannerl has! Shane Bugbee is one of the featured artists in Art that Kills! Art that Kills was a book published by George Petros that features underground art and other forms of expression from the mid 80s to the early 00's. The book challenges the definition of art and snapshots an era of pushing boundaries and a generation of artists (mostly gen x but not limited)'s responses to society. A strong recommendation of discretion is advised. The book can be quite graphic. buy art that kills here:   Hairy arms, shave your arms, underground, George Petros, Marilyn Manson, billie eilish, Mike Diana, Dana Plato, naked aggression, expo of the extreme, vomit art, Jerry Springer, angry white male tour, Jim goad, deviant acts, outlaw art, artistic expression, ugly thought, pretty flowers, pre-internet, might is right, Mike hunt comix, Michael Hunt Publishing, Edge Lord's, baby boomers rage, Satan, Satanist, satanic, courage, control, brave, fear, the abused make art, damaged people make art to damage, racist, naivete, upper class, mad scientist of academics, ok Boomer, YouTube artists, Boyd rice, Nazi imagery, rebellion, sex revolution, eat dad's hand, alt. Right, Sid vicious, fetish gear, doomsday clock, millennial, authoritarian, fuck authority, goth, fetish, gotic sluts, blue blood, revolution, Bob rudnick, hippie, artwork of prophecy, LaVey, adam parfrey, underground clown, partridge family temple, rich kids playing poor, the omen, Peter sotos, secret service, FBI, shocking, shock art, Kinko's, copy machine, Lord's of chaos, party monster, club kids, laibach, industrial music, Michael alig, death in June, art movement that kills, John Waters, Xanadu, Olivia Newton John, Syd Barrett, anarchist book convention, factsheet five, nihilists, giddle partridge, Debbie Goad, answer me, Jim goad is a narc, Knock your block off, Kidnapping, Vulnerability, feeling life, artists feel, courageous, Wilted flowers and burning churches, A punch to my father's face, art saves lives, William s. Burrows, John Waters, Neil Cassidy, poet, beat culture, Patti Smith, Zenna LaVey, Nicholas shreck, Stanton LaVey, Peter Gilmore, Church of Satan, cocaine and boobies, culture vulture, Kenneth Anger, Crowley, gay cinema, Lucifer rising, R. Crumb, Jay Lynch, Abbie Hoffman, Charles Manson, ATWA, weather underground, Bill Ayers, hr giger, genesis p orridge, John Sinclair, Harley Flannigan, howl, Alan Ginsberg, our feelings are valid, reflection of society, facist, anarchist, courageous, do what thou wilt
Dana Plato Nannerl learns from Shane in this episode about his friendship and collaboration with Dana Plato. Shane reflects about publishing book+Cd "Dana Plato's Last Breath" and Nannerl reads aloud a relevant Amazon review posted 20 years ago.  90's Shane on Nancy Grace discussing book and Dana Plato with Nancy Grace. hear the dana plato interview on howard stern:'s Shane on Nancy Grace discussing book and Dana Plato with Nancy Grace.  Dana Plato, exploitation, different strokes, sitcom, exorcist, generosity, queen latifa, Nancy Grace, artist, impulse, fame, invisible celebrity, macaulay culkin, ugly truth, tabloid culture, journalism, wondrous, pornographer, boobies, Oklahoma, mother's day, depression, love, overdose, murder, abusive boyfriend, narcissist, narcissistic, control, embarrassed, psychic vampire, virtue signal, cop killer, ice t, bikers, wrong side of the tracks, the margins, jealousy, plumber stock, San Jose, hipsters, only poor boys take a chance, Chicago, downfalls, fry cook, wasted talent, therapy, friends, toxic ego, evolve, actress, child star, doll on the shelf, hard reset, class and privilege, tragic, death, David Bowie, unicorn cock, funeral homes, mortality, great life or sad death, prince, virtue signaling, ghost
The Trenchcoat Diaries **Barking Dog WARNING! My sincerest apologies, my puppy barked and was being naughty during this recording. There are a few barks here and there, and theyre not as earsplitting as they were IRL, but they are there, and Mea Culpa if they are annoying. An imfamous zine published by Shane in 1999, complete with coverage about the Columbine shooting, details about Eric Harris/Dylan Klebold's lives, and even letters submitted by survivors of the incident.The Zine may have faded into obscurity but the shooting still resonates in today's news.While incredibly controversial, The Trenchcoat Diaries still holds pieces to the puzzle of why mass shootings occur and keep alive the question of if the shooters all have the same backgrounds or not. Nannerl and Shane also reflect about how the Columbine shooting affected them when it was news. download the trenchcoat diaries here:  Columbine, school shooters, trenchcoat diaries, trenchcoat mafia, library, bullied, bully, suicide, mass shooters, serial killers, goth, good kids, Littleton Colorado, popular kids, targeted, Marilyn Manson, Christianity, chopstick ban, hesher, scapegoat, satanist, Satanic, Satan, institutional approved bullying, all animals all one, Boomer, generation x, generation y, narcissist, narcissistic, boogie man, success, Anton LaVey, self-help books, black metal, Martyr, Eric Harris, dylan klebold, intellectuals, rammstein, incels, natural order, civil war, jihad USA, need for validation, Media sensation, confirmation bias, mental health, political fetish, American values, conspiracy theories, anarchist cookbook, atomwaffen, ferguson riot, children of the corn, white privilege, compassion, the crow, Brandon Lee, take your peace, give peace, death threat a day, seek mental health help, occultist, occult, psychiatrist, psychotherapist
On Bullies and Being Bullied Shane and Nannerl discuss how it felt to be bullied, and how sometimes we become bullies in response to our pain, and how others are just plain cruel.CW: anecdotes from Shane and Nannerl of being bullied. A prequel to the next episode. Stay tuned for next time when we reflect on Columbine, more on bullying, and Shane's publishing of "The Trenchcoat Diaries". You can download the zine for free, here:  tags:Columbine, school shooters, bullies, bullied, predator, prey, wolves, bill gates, control, guidance, might is right, might of mind, mind, opposition, sadist, sadistic, reactionary, sociopaths, fight, alpha, beta, agency, Brut, intellectual, football, sports, competition, boomers, gen x, tech, Elon musk, swirly, hinddy binddy, heads in the toilet, justice, wet t-shirt content, jocks, nerds, cruelty, cruelly, Peggy Hill, pearl harbor, tribalism, victim, survivor, Chicago, Astoria, Oregon, mediocre, stratified, stratification, art, artists, mediocrity, tipping point, Malcolm Gladwell, tall men make more money, bikers, 1%, abuse, abused, threatening, scared, fear, damaged people damage people, stop collaborate and listen, vanilla ice
Prophetic Liars Grab some chips and salsa! Its time to hear about Shane's collaborations with Dorthea Puente, John Wayne Gacy's art, and Ed Gein's gravestone. Nannerl and Shane Discuss what it was like for Shane to befriend Dorthea Puente, and how similar she was to some women he knows. Shane reflects how he felt then and now with such dealings and how it may've affected others. to purchase cooking with a serial killer: to purchase shane's true crime warped minds book:  Lemmy, Lemmy's mic, serial killers, jw gacy, fact, Dorothea Puente, Richard Ramirez, Ed Gein, Ed Geins grave stone, wokeface, VonDutch, hard childhood, bad marriage, murder, no emotions, narcissist, narcissistic, boardinghouse, last meal, covert narcissist, serial killer art, cooking with a serial killer, Andy Kahn, salsa, vosges chocolate, John Waters, woman serial killers, aileen wuornos, prison dealing, Chicago rippers, Chicago killer, victims rights, bullshit detector, gacys jacket, Plainfield Wisconsin, Wisconsin killers, sexual fetish, sexual abuse, bad mother's create good killers, finest collection of nipples, Frank Zappa, helen morrison, sadist, sadistic, zenna LaVey, Vietnam vet, ptsd, Satanist, Charles Manson, police, privilege.
Scapegoat of Love No More So here it is, the episode about how Shane's marriage ended. Nannerl learns about what it was like to end a 20 year partnership and how such a falling out could happen among two public Satanists. Some revisiting of Shane's book, "The Tangible Formula for Love and Loss, Despair and Joy, and the Triumph & Failure of the Collective Will pt. 1", and Nannerl gets some context about the book she didnt consider before. Plus a very surprising revelation from Shane at the very end: Nannerl thought they were done recording, and then this interesting detail. episode 2 of our Season 1 covers this book for the first time, and while its not a necessary listen for this episode, we'd love it if you checked it out to hear Nannerl's first impressions of this book. If you would like your own copy of Shane's book, it is available here in Soft or Hardcover: joy-and-the-triumph-failure-of-the-collective-will  tags: Scapegoat of love, love, divorce, life in peril, married, marriage, psychiatrist, crazy making, fear, afraid, paranoid, men can't have feelings, Artist value, sadist, sadistic, s&m, bondage, sex cult, abuse, abused, religious in love, flawed, pathetic nostalgia, drama, Satanic Temple, Church of Satan, Progress, Satanic, satanism, satanist, evil, knife in the back, femenism, femanist
#Metoo movement In this second part of this 3 part feature of Season 3, Shane tells Nannerl how the #metoo movement affected him, and how he realized how relatable it was, and resonated with him in regards to the women in his life. He realizes something has to change for him. Stay tuned for the final installation of this miniseries next time, when he reveals more, and what it was he needed to change and get away from. note: the story Shane was referring was Margaret Atwood's "Stone Mattress" and the podcast he mentioned while on this topic can be found here:   tags:Me too movement, human rights, woman's rights, gaslighting, generational, cultural, sexuality, affair, shadow self, joy, hidden joy, married, marriage, emancipation papers, black widow wife, sadist, sadistic, boundaries, oedipus complex, cut off the head of the snake, occult knowledge, fuck beast, woman's secrets, submissive, narcissist, narcissistic, narcissism, t.v. parents, illusion, heartwarrior, breaking a cycle, all one, love is the law, Sagan, Carl Sagan, safe, sane, consentual, Brut, toxic male, group think, gender roles
3.2 Influential WomenShane an Nannerl talk about some women from Shane's past and present who changed Shane's life, helped him and even inspired him to pursue new paths. Ex Girlfriends, co-conspirators, collaborators, and even elders are mentioned here, but not all influences are good, unfortunately. tags: Nurturing, metal head, heavy metal subculture, Italian culture, passion, underground subculture, art, regional not national, duality, goddess, black widow wife, predatory, woman, women, toxic masculinity, religion, cultural folk lore about women, pretense, artist life, Dixie, bucktown pub, underground comix hall of fame, the invisible female, play dumb or else, toxic relationship, hashtag where are my witches at
Self Help REAL QUICK:**Technical difficulty warning! I had some problems with her audio recorder jumping dimensions and so some topics and pieces of the interview skip. Rather than skip out on the pieces that are fragmented, i kept them here to help glue together to the next episodes, this episode is only the start. I hope you will stick around for the next 3 episodes, which connect to this one, they will help fill in some glitches too. apologies in advance.Thanks for listening, Nannerl Shane shares with Nannerl about his experiences with seeking counseling. Some mention of not only therapy, but also EMDR, and facing trauma. Note from Nannerl:I hope this episode helps those who may have considered seeking counseling, or any other behavioral health services. Here are some links to some places to go if you need to start somewhere: These are only a few examples, but certainly not exclusive. National Institute of Mental Health  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration  National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255  tags: EMDR therapy, ptsd, cptsd, heartbroken, heartbreak, CBT therapy, psychology, psychologist, psychotherapist, how do you feel, believe, interpretation, grounded, anxiety, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, eat my feelings, divorce, married, marriage, blind eye, canary in the coal mine, artist, artist life, have to create art, fear, love, fear is the opposite of love, pain, occultist, occult, vulnerable, body keeps the score
Especially for our listeners, A word from your hosts, Shane Bugbee and Nannerl, wishing you a Happy New Year. We got the ball rolling in 2019, and 2020 is going to be our year!  We hope to enjoy it with you all.  Thanks for listening, and Stay tuned for Season 3 ! 
The other day, in a Galaxy Far Far away….Shane and Nannerl went to see Star Wars:  The Rise of Skywalker in theatres!!**loud warning!  Nannerl gets way too extra **In this episode of Movie Magic Circle, hosts Nannerl and Shane discuss nostalgia, the pragmatic nature of the new Star Wars movies, and wonder how Shane missed the two girls kissing.Nannerl drops some knowledge on the soundtrack  and how John keeps orchestral music alive. May the Force be With you.Happy Holidays from Shane and Nannerl#starwars #skywalker #moviemagiccircle 
Gather around the fire, get cozy in your weighted blankets and a cup of cocoa, Its Story time with Shane!!This year we present, Brothers Grimm “The Elves and the Shoemaker”.Narration by Shane BugbeeSoundtrack by NannerlHappy Holidays!  holidays, brothers grimm, elves, the elves and the shoemaker
Hey you Problem Children! Put on your bowties and join Shane and Nannerl as they discuss the 1990 movie Problem Child. Shane finds some relatability to the character that is suspiciously parallel to occurrences in his own childhood, the biggest being how Junior had no Pretense.
A NEW SONG from the witch house project Shane & Nannerl have been conspiring on for some time. Produced and composed by Nannerl Featuring Shane Bugbee's lyrics and voices.Thanksgiving is no longer needed.Weed is tryptophan for the vegan...Extra butter please.Blue cheese makes my underarms itchGarlic makes my nose twitch.And yet I add them both to my mashed potatoes.    
Back again with another Bonus, This time we talk turkey.. and.. duck.. and pizza puffs as we discuss Thanksgiving, good and bad.Plus, we show off a hot thanksgiving track we recorded this month.  Enjoy "Ritual of Excess".Thank you all for listening.  what am I thankful for? all of you sticking around for whatever we bring you next.  Stay tuned for our xmas special next month! 
Movie Magic Circle 2: Doctor Sleep All work and No play makes Nannerl and Shane want to watch another movie!This Week we watched Doctor Sleep and reflect on some of the surprises we found in our reactions to the film. Come listen to us.. for ever and ever and ever.... 
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