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Sam, Richey, and Little Matt bring you all kinds of topics! They laugh, joke around, play games, and talk to AMAZING guests! From sports radio talk show hosts, reality TV contest finalists, Emmy award-winning travel TV personalities, to everything in-between, the guys talk to them all in the Lounge! So, sit back, relax, and always remember to #grabalisten!
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We step back in time and venture back to the Bronx, NY, circa 1960-64, when Freedomland USA historian & author Mike Virgintino comes back to the Lounge! They guys had some follow-up questions from the first time Mike hung out, and he did NOT disappoint! He REALLY knows his stuff, and it is always a GREAT conversation! Mike also talks about the 60th-anniversary celebration that he ran, virtually, this past summer, and how he tries to keep Freedomland USA on everyone's minds! He recently was gifted a collection from someone who had collected items from Freedomland USA every season it was open, and every year since, and he talked about the wealth of items he has discovered almost daily going through! He's also going to send a gift to the guys, and they are all VERY excited! Freedomland USA isn't the only thing Mike dabbles in, either! He is working to restore and preserve the Odell House, which is the house, in New York state, where General George Washington and French general Rochambeau met to talk about the colonists' plan of attack, during the Revolutionary War, which ultimately led to the surrender of the British at Yorktown! Mike also talks about going to Normandy and how moved he was going there, and how he thinks it is a very important place for people to visit! Lastly, Mike is working with, which is a site that you can visit while you are at certain places of historical significance and hear MORE about what took place! Mike continues to amaze the Lounge with great conversation each time he visits! Be sure to get his book, Freedomland USA: The Definitive History here! So, Loungers, sit back, relax & listen to the RETURN of Mike Virgintino! #grabablisten --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Seriously, this week's guest does not want to associate with any sort of drill! Chris Kammer D.D.S. fills the Lounge this week with the sweet sound to SO MANY people! He is trying to make a different way of handling cavities by NOT using a drill! He and the guys talk about that, BUT they start with what dental school was like, and what did he do BEFORE full-time dentistry! Who does he live with now? Well, the answer might surprise you, but he talks about how it came about! Little Matt HAD to ask about the Halloween Candy Buy-Back that Chris began at his practice! What an amazing time with Chris! He promoted boxing matches, so Chris was trying his hand at maybe promoting the "Battle of the Podcast" between Richey & Little Matt! THERE MIGHT BE SOMETHING BREWING THERE!  The energy is high, and the guys LOVED hanging out with the Founding Father of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health! He is a contributing scientific advisor for Reader's Digest magazine, and the developer of the "Gums of Steel" protocol at! SO, sit back, relax, TAKE A DEEP BREATH & HANG ON... AND #grabalisten! Want to find out more about Chris and all that he's doing go to! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This week is VERY SPECIAL! Not that ALL of our shows aren't special, BUUUUUT... this is the one-year anniversary! YES WE KNOW THIS IS EPISODE 53, BUT WE HAD A COUPLE EXTRAS GET COUNTED AS FULL EPISODES, AND WE ARE TOO LAZY TO GO BACK THROUGH AND RENUMBER THEM... ANYWHO...  ALSO, Richey couldn't make it this week, so Sam's wife, Brie, guest-hosted, and it was HER birthday too! Add our guest, David Kravetz, to the mix and this show is AMAZING! Author of the Less Beaten Paths of America Books, David talks about SO MANY things that aren't very well known because they are not on the highway! You have to go find them! That's what David does for you! He tells you about these hidden gems, and give you some ideas to add to your trip that you hadn't originally intended!  They start talking about Hell, and end with Screaming Heads! YEAH... Sam asks what's it like in Hell, and then asks about something that's just Okay! David has been to SO MANY places! Some Boring, and some SUPER! This is an extremely fun hangout, and it is SO WORTH listening! Don't be a Tightwad with your time, and sit back, relax and #grabalisten of our hangout with David Kravetz! Find out what David is up to at: AS WELL AS FIND HIS BOOKS AT! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This week's show does not stop short of entertaining! Jacob Thornton, the host of the Mentally Healthy podcast, joins the guys in the Lounge and is a treat! The guys get to know him during the show, and Jacob has a good time laughing, joking around, and just sharing with them what his interests are! Who is his biggest inspiration? The answer MIGHT surprise you, but it might not either! What does he do as a "hobby?" Sam isn't too sure he'd enjoy Jacob's hobby... but they talk it out! They talk about the Alamo, because Jacob is from San Antonio, and that leads to talking about the importance of learning history AND maybe the not so importance of Calculus! Near the end of the show, Jacob shares something, that he doesn't hide, but the guys hadn't talked about too much, that he has autism. He does not let that define who he is as a person, and that's why they guys wanted to get to know him before diving into that realm. Jacob was great! He wants to come back, and the guys would love him to come back! SO, sit back, relax & #grabalisten! The Mentally Healthy Podcast with host Jacob Thornton: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
There's no BIG EVENT hangover this week! Laura Corcoran, founder of the Miryante Orphanage in Uganda joined the guys in the Lounge this week! The topics were ALL OVER THE WORLD with Laura! First, going to Japan and doing an internship, through the same program as Sam's wife, and how it was adjusting to living there! She then lived in South Korea, and visited a place not many people can say they've been, AND RETURNED! She joined the Peace Corp and then decided to start a life of international work, on the African continent! She helped found an orphanage in Uganda, and adjusted to life in Africa! After a couple of years, she moved on and started working with a company that is charged with establishing renewable energy sources to several African nations that normally have difficulty getting electricity! There are MANY other things the guys talked about, and they REALLY enjoyed having Laura on! So sit back, relax & #grabablisten! To help the Ugandan Miryante Orphanage go to to find out ways you can donate or support this cause! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
50th EPISODE! That's what this SUPERSIZE show is, and we went OUT OF THIS WORLD for the show! Sam made the trip to Uranus (Missouri) and had Mayor Louie Keen guest host, on location, while Richey & Little Matt were back home! The guys asked Louie more pressing questions, this time to see how Uranus might be growing in the future! The Mayor talks about how he might expand the business to where there is more than one Uranus! (?) The guys had the Mayor play SHENANIGANS and Richey TRIES to win his first, OUTRIGHT, title! DID HE DO IT?! You'll have to listen! Little Matt has a Let's Chat! that COULD leave a bad taste in your mouth! If you can stand still (without the Earth taking you with it) for ONE second, where would you end up being? Louie talks about his Sideshow Museum manager, Kat, being a sword swallower, and that brought a very unexpected surprise... Louie had Kat come over for a short interview dealing with sword swallowing, and she was great! THEN, after she talked for a few minutes, she came back for a surprise SWORD SWALLOWING for the Lounge! What a great time in Uranus! We THINK there might be MORE episodes that get recorded there, in the future! There is SO MUCH MORE, so you need to sit back, relax & #grabalisten Find out what's going on in Uranus at! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This week's show is NOT what was advertised because of audio issues! Shred America Film stars Arthur Swidzinski and Anthony Michal were SUPPOSED to be the guests, but we couldn't quite get the audio to save the way we needed! WE WILL HAVE THAT HANGOUT, but it might a couple of weeks down the road!  SO, in lieu of Shred America, we decided to give you the audio of our LIVE IN THE LOUNGE! visit with the author of "Tales from the Day: Live shaping events that truth be told all happened under the heading of 'oops,'" Wayne McFarland! He was gracious enough to come back and visit LIVE while we were in Uranus (Missouri) to record our 50th episode! SO, the Mayor joins us during the live segment! We also include some Dad Jokes and a couple of "blooper" segments that will be sure to help you get your 500 Section Lounge fix! Visit to learn more about the book, AND a link to it on Amazon! ALSO, visit to find everything URANUS! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This week's show is a look back through the quarantine months! We didn't let the fact of not being able to travel get us down! We had AMAZING guests and we want to share them with you! Look below and find the various ways to find where you can learn more about these awesome guests!  Tavarus Hogans: Aaron Kleiber: Wayne McFarland: Denny Somach: Scott Sprunger: PodAskew: Chris Carosa: Greg Warren: Jordan O'Donnell: Larry Jorgensen: Mike Jobe: Karl Barth: Many more great things coming! Keep an eye out for what we do next, and always be there to #grabalisten! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
What did you accomplish before you turned 18? This isn't to make you feel bad about your life, but this week's guest, Elliot Connor, has started an international not-for-profit conservation organization (105 countries), taken AMAZING photographs, done a TedX Talk, and filmed for a documentary... and he turns 18 in October! Elliot was a great sport and taking Sam and Little Matt's jokes in stride, and just told the story of how he got to the point where he is today! He talks about the velocity of an unladen swallow (!), which references Sam's most favorite Monty Python movie! Sam and Matt tell their story of their interaction with a bat, and Elliot explained their plan of attack was SPOT-ON, but the materials used were off! Elliot talks about Nature Nexus, which is a 24-hour live documentary channel, that he is hoping to help get started and going! Sam compares it to something that Elliot hadn't heard before! What's the most unusual "capture" of an animal he was trying to help bring back to health? WELL, you have to listen! The guys enjoyed hanging out with Elliot so much, and were happy they cut off their time when they did because Elliot had to leave for somewhere that they hadn't thought about! Check it out to see where he needed to go so quickly! Sit back, relax & #grabalisten! To find out more about Elliot at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This week is a throwback to what the 500 Section Lounge was BEFORE we started having weekly guests! The guys sit in the Lounge and talk about lots of different topics! Sam brings up that he's been to the movie theater multiple times and wants to see what movies (from the past) the other guys would like to see in the theaters, again! There is a Six-pack that needs a crackin' and the guys know exactly what is needed! Sam and Matt have been doing "construction" projects, and there are gripes they have with a few things! Little Matt, like any other time, has come up with two, count em TWO, awesome Let's Chat! Never disappointing, and ONE of those was submitted by a listener! We jump into some sports talk, and talk about the NBA restart, listening to MLB on the radio, & the STUPID blackout rules! Can SOMEONE explain them to us?! ANYWHO, it's a great time... it's always nice to reminisce about how things used to be, but not to get too comfortable in living in the past because the future has SO MANY geat things in store! SO, sit back, relax & #grabalisten! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This week's show really POPS! Mechanical engineer, toy collector, and podcast host, Mike Jobe drops in and hangs out to talk Funko toys! A collector of only about 5 years, Mike has accumulated quite a large collection! Just how big are we talkin', well if you listen, you will find out! The guys are amazed at the number of different figures the Funko brand actually has produced and are available! Mike talks about why there are so many different TV shows, movies, and other topics made by Funko! As a co-host of the Talk'n Pops podcast, does he know if Funko has heard the show? Who's his favorite DuckTales character? What's the next BIG figure that he HAS TO HAVE for his collection? Does he know where Waldo is? All these are answered during our time with Mike! Does he plan on expanding his collection to other types of things or is Funko all the way? Mike has an answer for every question the guys throw out, and even though his internet got a little hairy, a couple of times, the guys LOVED chatting and hanging out with Mike, in the Lounge! What a great time! So, sit back, relax & #grabalisten! To find Mike and the Talk'n Pops podcast, go to! You can also find them on social media, just search "Talk'n Pops! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This week's guest is someone the guys have listened to and followed for large portions of their lives, and he was there to talk to them! Comedian Greg Warren dropped in the Lounge and hung out with the fellas! Greg, a long-time veteran guest of the Bob & Tom Show, has toured on the Bob & Tom Comedy All-Star Tour, along with headlining MANY fantastic venues across the country! He now has an Amazon Prime Comedy Special called, "Where the Field Corn Grows!" It is hilarious and you will love it! The guys started talking about the very OBVIOUS differences between field corn and sweet corn!  The guys were using video during their hangout and Greg, a St. Louis Cardinals fan, noticed the Chicago Cubs pennant in the background of Sam's camera, and Greg gave it to him a little bit! We believe the words "dumpster" and "fire" might have come into play! Greg tells the story behind where his iconic bit, "Fluteman," came from, and how did Hughie Baker react to finding out about the bit? Greg lists some of his favorite clubs to work, then talks about wrestling a farmer, working in front of a drunk crowd, and changing his knuter valve, along with the advice he would give starting comics, following Jerry Seinfeld, and how the cover art came about for "Where the Field Corn Grows!" Great time, great hangout, great guy, and great show! Sit back, relax & #grabalisten! You can search Amazon Prime for "Where the Field Corn Grows" OR you can go to, to find out more about where Greg is going to be, and other great stuff!  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
The guys "Have a Coke and a Smile!" this week with their guest, Larry Jorgensen! Larry is the author of, "The Coca-Cola Trail: People & Places in the History of Coca-Cola." What an amazing journey down memory lane, Larry took us! The guys asked about the origins of the iconic bottle, if the taste varied in the early days, and about the rumors of Coke contains drugs in the first recipe! Larry knocked them all out of the park with great stories and knowledge of each! Larry talked about the great times he had at the Indy 500, in the past, and links the Brickyard with Coca-Cola! He tells the guys about how a Coke bottle has recently sold at an auction. For how much, you ask? It's an AMAZING AMOUNT OF MONEY, that how much! Larry sends the guys away with the story of how Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola are connected, and let's just say it makes sense why Delta's corporate offices are in Atlanta, GA! Great hang out with Larry! Sit back, relax & #grabalisten! If you would like to find out more, go to! You find his book, and even purchase it if you would like! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Sam and Little Matt had a motivational hangout this week with Dan Williams! Dan went from heart attack to masters track athlete after having major surgery, on his heart, and the trip was NOT an easy one! Dan talked about what happened and the stressful trip to get to where he is today! He talks about many of his 21 Fitness Principles to getting to a healthy and more enjoyable lifestyle! Mesmerized by Dan's story, the guys ask about ways to keep from going down the same path Dan went down, and also Sam shares one of those moments that he needed to "decide" to make a change, and what that's meant to him, his family, and those around him! Dan was so inspiring and fun to chat with, the guys want him to return to talk about the great things he is experiencing! You can find Dan at, and you will get a link to all the links to where Dan spreads his word! SO, sit back, relax, and enjoy the guys' hangout with Dan Williams! #grabalisten!  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
This week is a family affair for one of the guys! Poet & author, Scott Sprunger hung out in the Lounge this week! Scott is the old (and less attractive) brother of Sam! Scott talked about getting started in poetry, and why did he decide to start his Poetry-On-the-Spot? What's the catch or novelty to getting people to stop and request a poem? Well, it's a certain "TYPE" of item that draws young and old! The guys enjoyed asking Scott about his most interesting request, along with his most memorable. Overall, this wasn't a great hang out because Scott is related to Sam, it's because he was just GREAT to listen to his stories, and his journey to this point, and what he hopes to accomplish! What a fabulous time, and you should sit back, relax & #grabalisten! To find Scott, you can search "Poetry on the Spot" on any social media, and find him! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
For their 40th show, the guys joined up with the PodAskew Podcast (CJ & Rico) to do a two-part CROSSOVER! Part 1 is in the Lounge where we talked grilling, favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, and other food-related banter! Rico gave a sound effect of something very intimate to a lot of us! We played SHENANIGANS! It's a longer version than usual, but it is SOOO good! CAN RICO MAKE UP FOR WHEN CJ PLAYED AND COULDN'T PULL OUT THE "W?!" CAN RICHEY BEAT ANYONE IN THIS ONE?! Find out! The PodAskew Podcast is a movie based show, so the guys did a "Let's Draft" where they all drafted movie lines from ANY movies of their choosing! The first two rounds are here in the Lounge, and then the final FOUR rounds are completed in PART 2 of the Crossover, on the PodAskew Podcast! It's always great to collaborate! HEY, that rhymes! This show was spectacular, and the guys loved having PodAskew on the show!  Catch Part 2 of the Crossover on the PodAskew Podcast: **WARNING** The PodAskew Podcast is NOT family-friendly, so please make sure you do not let audiences under a certain age listen... ya know... YOU listen, and give the younger Loungers a brief synopsis of the Draft... YOU enjoy the rest!  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
The FBI, DEA, & Secret Service couldn't get this week's guest, but the Lounge got him! Author Jordan O'Donnell comes to the Lounge and drops some GREAT knowledge of how the country is in a position that needs change. Jordan worked for two and a half years in the FBI, after being a wrestler at Virginia Tech while getting his undergrad and graduate degrees. After that, he had offers to join the FBI, DEA & Secret Service, and he TURNED THEM ALL DOWN to write his book, "Zoon Garden!" Richey came prepared and got "that's a good question" from Jordan MULTIPLE TIMES, and the guys reveal a hidden thing they try for every show!  Jordan talks about the road trip he's going on... WITH COMPLETE STRANGERS?! How "strange" are they, to Jordan? Are they coming through Indiana? Who's doing the cooking while on the road? What is the message he wants to accomplish with his bus trip around the country? ALL of these get answered!  Richey and Sam introduce Jordan to what a Pudgy Pie is, and that it MIGHT be a great addition to the bus trip, and cooking on the fire! Jordan is intrigued and talks about pizza rolls roasted on the fire?! OH, and then Sam has to tell Jordan that he prefers Hot Pockets from the oven! The guys talk about facial hair and how men love it, and their ladies... not so much!  They talked about what soured him on working with the FBI, and why he didn't want to stay inside the bureaucracy to continue his career. Jordan talks about  They are all over the place with their topics, and they loved having him hang out! Jordan talks about his book, and then talks about where you can find him and his "goings-on," which is! SO, sit back, relax, and #grabalisten! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
The guys are blown away, this week, by author Wayne McFarland! Wayne wrote his "memoirs" in the form of "Tales From the Day: Life shaping events that truth be told all happened under the heading of... oops." The book is packed full of 27 adventures that shaped his life, and the guys were amazed at the few they got to chat about during Wayne's time in the Lounge!  Sam ordered the book in hopes to be able to take it with him on vacation, but something happened to keep that from happening, and while he was looking for consolation, Wayne and Richey were having none of it! Wayne DID talk about a few of the adventures that he wrote about in the book like: Going on a road trip with a monkey, losing $10,000 at the Hollywood sign, and the day Johnny Cash hit on his wife! Did Wayne run with the bulls? There's a story about that topic! What about Shark fishing while in his underwear? YEP, he's got a story! AMAZING stories, and what an AMAZING guest! SIt back, relax, and #grabalisten! Get "Tales from the Day" here! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
If you haven't figured it out by now, the guys LOVE to laugh! This week, they were LOVING the banter when comedian, writer, and actor Aaron Kleiber came to the Lounge and hung out! Just a cool dad, Aaron has a comedy special on Amazon Prime called, "Grown @%$ Dad." You can also find it on other "audio-only" platforms (i.e. Spotify & others)! AARON WAS GREAT! He talks a lot about being a dad and the funny things that come from those times with his family! He hit close to home with Sam when Aaron talks about cargo shorts being the "dad purse" for EVERYONE ELSE'S STUFF! Aaron chats about how he toured with Harland Williams and toured with Steve-O! FIREBALLS?! Yeah... there's a story there! Aaron talks about how his family handles being the topic of his comedy, how he fleshes out a bit and hating a cartoon character! Little Matt asks Aaron about "Pam" and whether or not it was indeed the in the guys' home state! Aaron explains that "Only Pam Can Judge!" Such an incredible hang out with Aaron! How would older comics translate to today's world of comedy? How about watching "the Office?" Aaron puts his own special spin that he and his wife put onto watching the show during the pandemic! He also tells about what he HAD going on until March 2020 hit! What a great dude! Aaron talks about MAYBE coming back regularly to have some "Dad Chat" with the guys! That makes us VERY excited because the guys SO enjoyed the time with Aaron! Enough about this, sit back, relax & #grabalisten! Find out EVERYTHING about Aaron by going to his website! Search "Aaron Kleiber" on any social media site, and you find him!  He also has a podcast called, "Grown Dad Business!" (  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
The Lounge heads back to the baseball field with infielder for the Midland Rockhounds, Nate Mondou! Making his second appearance in the Lounge, Nate talks to the guys about his profession, and is absolutely great! Where is the baseball season heading? Does he think there will be any minor league baseball or is it a lost cause, for the year? What scenarios has he heard that he thinks are feasible, and what does he see as the best way to get a season in? Does the fact the other sports (NBA & NHL) are going to be completing their seasons mean MLB HAS to get something in? What is it about Memorial Day that made this season SO different than so many others? Nate answers all these with great professionalism, and is funny and personable while answering! The guys also ask him about some things that happen on the road, they ask about mound visits, and so much more! Nate is a person the guys love having come to the Lounge and talk shop! It's a great time, and you should sit back, relax & #grabalisten! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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