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The AfterGLOW

Author: Julie Watson, Liz Doyle Harmer

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This podcast gives you the permission and tools to create your courageous second act.

It’s for you who has spent your past, living life according to the historic societal expectations of women. And it’s for you who is committed to a future, beyond limits, of passion, self-expression and fulfilment.

With a good dose of fun and laughter, Julie and Liz will explore everything from nutrition to career to parenting to relationship.

Your best life is still ahead of you.

We call that the Afterglow.
12 Episodes
2:15 Kate’s inspiring tweet on resiliency and overcoming resistance. Words you need to hear if you’re thinking of giving up. 4:30 Kate shares her courageous transition from school teacher in Ottawa to actor in Toronto. 5:40 When you have everything but something’s still missing 6:15 What Kate lost when she sacrificed her longing for the need to belong 8:30 Kate’s earliest supporters 9:30 How Kate found her authentic self 10:40 Kate shares how she knew it was time to shift 11:00 How Kate found the courage to listen to her inner wisdom 14:20 Kate is beautifully honest! Listening to your inner wisdom is not always easy 16:00 Kate shares how she used to hide the things she thought were once ugly 19:00 The strength of compassion and Kate’s wise words to her younger self 20:00 Kate shares how beauty can be both a help and a hindrance in acting 23:30 The freedom that comes in life after 40 25:00 Kate reveals one of her mentors 26:00 Acting and aging and what inspires Kate to be an actor 29:00 As women we often apologize for wanting more or for putting ourselves first. Kate’s inspiring words on how we work together to support women’s dreams 34:00 Why it’s ok to not always fit in 35:45 Where Kate finds inspiration 37:00 Kate’s charity work and love for animals 42:00 Kate reveals her afterglow. It’s a good one!! We want this for you Kate! 45:00 Kate’s final and super wise words of encouragement! LEARN MORE ABOUT KATE BELOW
1:00 Julie’s real life use of connected parenting 3:55 The superpower of connected parenting 5:00 Daring to be there through the connected parenting approach 6:30 The real strength in letting go of control 7:20 The honest truth about parenting + what’s hard about parenting today 11:30 Let’s get real about parenting 12:45 What is the CALM technique 17:00 Jennifer’s compassionate advice for moms 18:30 The two options available in life and parenting 20:00 Why we need more empathy and what you need to know about your frontal lobe 22:30 All about your midbrain 23:00 You are not a parent. Learn why 24:00 Learn how you help your kids regulate 26:00 How connected parenting changes the world 27:00 Kids today? You’re intuition is right. They are different 28:30 Raising gladiator kids 30:00 Raising gladiator girls 32:00 Balance between male and the female 34:00 Hope for a changing world 36:00 The big-hearted story behind Jennifer’s approach 39:45 A quick compassion-based tip to defuse any difficult situation 42:45 Consciousness, energy and heart-brain coherence 45:45 The power of repair. It’s never too late 47:36 Tips on how to use the CALM technique 48:30 Do the reverse rant! LEARN MORE ABOUT JENNIFER KOLARI
2:00 Jeff is committed to overcoming toxic masculine conditioning. He demonstrates his practice right from the start 3:50 When the conditioning starts for men 5:20 Why men need to flex their emotional muscles 8:40 Why true strength comes from being vulnerable. What is the new measure of a man? 10:40 What gets in the way of men having honest vulnerable conversations 12:00 What is the ladder to manhood. How are men conditioned and what are the differences between men of different races 14:00 The false idea of manhood and why it’s no longer working 16:00 What is the emotional toolbox 17:30 The devaluing of women in today’s world 19:00 How can we support men in developing their emotional toolbox 23:10 The power of compassion in dissolving shame and gratitude for women 24:30 Is Jeff a feminist? 26:00 Jeff shares what motivates him. How racism affected his father 29:45 Jeff shares who inspires him 33:15 How do we raise our boys to be emotionally aware 37:30 How we can get past micro-aggressions and our own expectations around how a man should be? 40:00 Baby steps to changing this world 41:00 What is Jeff’s afterglow? LEARN MORE ABOUT JEFF PERERA
00:15 Enjoy a sample track from Measha’s new jazz album! 2:00 Something is always on fire, let it be you who sets it ablaze. 3:30 The importance of burning up what no longer works. Live life as an act of service. 5:00 Measha does yoga! What she gets out of the practice 7:00 Transformation is possible for anyone 9:00 Why Measha tackled weight loss and now focusses on her health 11:00: How Measha found the courage and strength to push forward after health scares. Measha shares her powerful and empowering views on God. 15:30 Measha shares why we don’t have to be perfect. Flawed people are good people. 17:00 How Measha found the courage to speak her voice. 20:30 How Measha embraces her sensuality and why we all should. 24:00 Measha speaks about her purpose 27:30 Raising powerful and resilient children, Measha–style! 29:30 Measha shares her afterglow and inspires others to do the same 32:00 Measha’s wise and funny words to her 15 year-old-self 34:00 Measha’s inspiring words to all women. 35:30 Enjoy a sample track from Measha’s new jazz album! LEARN MORE ABOUT MEASHA HERE:
SHOW NOTES 2:10 What is war child? How war child creates real change through long-term empowerment and equality programs 5:10 With so much going on in our own backyard, why should we care about war abroad? Why altruism shouldn’t stop at our borders 6:20 How Samantha’s early underdog experience helped shift her world view into caring for others 10:20 The old international aid models had to go. Why Samantha founded War Child to disrupt old what wasn’t working 12:20 How Samantha has worked to overcome doubt. How she found courage in wanting to create a better world 16:20 Why it’s important for all of us women to be more vocal and take more risks 18:20 Achieving and loving academics and feeling comfortable in your own skin 23:05 Finding resiliency during adversity. How distance-based learning is changing education for young girls in Eastern Congo 26:20 Lifting up female leadership to change the world 28:20 Why we should “big-tent” our feminism and care about gender equality everywhere. 31:20 How can we help. Simple ways to give make a difference. Give, volunteer. Think locally and internationally. 33:20 What is Samantha’s afterglow? A world without war is possible 35:20 How does Samantha care for herself doing the work she does 38:20 What Sam does for fun. Some surprising facts you might not expect from a war doctor. 41:20 What would Samantha say to her 15-year old self? Kind, encouraging words for a less courageous Sam 44:20 Who inspires Sam? 45:50 Tap into your voice. Understand what matters to you. Speak up and share those experiences. Celebrate women who are working towards change. LEARN MORE ABOUT SAMANTHA NUTT + WAR CHILD
SHOW NOTES 1:55 Yay for yoga. Mary gets her good ideas through savasana.  4:10 Mary is inspired by her hard-working parents, small business owners, immigrants who have inspired her tenacity and work ethic. 5:15: Mary learned her business savvy and the confidence to be powerful from her mom 8:30 Despite, conflicting messaging around how women should be, Mary believes a woman can do it all-sort of 10:00 Mary dishes on hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers that make things happen.  13:30 Changes in estrogen lead to weight changes in puberty which can potentially be related to the decline in confidence that happens in some girls.  14:50 The beauty of the XX chromosome.  Women carry life. Without women humanity stops.  17:00 Our menstrual cycle is a superpower!! How can we deal with the ups and downs? Learn about the three phases of your period so you can deal with the ups and downs. 21:00 Knowledge is power. For example too much estrogen can lead to weight gain and anger. Too little can lead to depression and lack of motivation 24:00 Track your cycle.  26:00 Your gut health is important. It affects your estrogen. 30:00 What is success for a woman?  38:00 Let’s normalize menstruation. We need to share that message with both girls and boys. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MARY, VISIT
2:54: Important things to think about before starting a business  - no jargon 4:40 The brilliance behind the SHEEO model 7:43 Big goals, growth + impact 8:53 Criteria for funding. Let’s create a better world 9:50 Everything’s broken. What a great time to be alive. 11:40 The importance of purpose 13:15 Only 4% of bank loans/vc funding goes to women owned businesses. 14:30 Everything needs to be redesigned. 15:45 Vicki’s personal story about finding courage 19:00 Are we in a she-cession? How does covid-19 change entrepreneurship for women 20:40 Strong tips for starting a business 23:00 How to discover your own strengths 26:00 The audacious ask and giving + receiving 28:00 If anything was possible, what would you create 30:30 Vicki talks about her partner and self care routine 32:00 Aging and Vicki shares her age 34:00 Vicki shares what inspires her 36:00 Vicki shares her afterglow. 39:00 Advice for her 15 year old self Learn more about Vicki at
1:30: Tiffany leads us in a love-powered grounding practice 3:45: The power of breathing and letting go of perfection 4:30: Imposter syndrome, dream chasing and being happy 6:00: Tiffany opens up about creativity + childhood challenges 9:30: How Tiffany found resilience in face of adversity 13:26 Living with purpose 16:00 Using energy, spirituality + meditation 18:00 Staying connected to inner truth 20:00 Tiffany’s well-being practices 22:00 Overcoming social conditioning and being true to who you are 25:00 Self expression + creativity 30:00 Love jamming’ and spreading love 35:00 Rebranding from Gillter Pie to Tiffany Pratt 41:00 What inspires Tiffany Pratt 44:00 What would you say to your 15 year old self? 48:00 Tiffany’s advice for other creatives out there LEARN MORE about Tiffany’s design, podcast and awesome love-powered presence Insta: @thetiffanypratt Twitter: @thetiffanypratt
1:20 We love Erica Ehm! 4:00 Erica shares how she reinvents herself 5:10 Why Erica listens to her heart 8:22 A valuable lesson Erica learned at age 8 10:00 The power of asking 12:50 How to deal with rejection 15:00 Be resilient like a boxer 17:00 The secret to a good marriage 18:30 The power of community 19:55  One thing Erica will never promote on her web site 20:30 What is feminism 22:00 What pisses you off. And one thing in need of an overhaul in society 24:24 The superpower of self-esteem 26:16 Disruption, rule-breaking and innovation 29:29 The curse and blessing of being a crush 33:00 Tips on how to reinvent yourself 35:00 How to reinvent yourself through micro-innnovation 37:10 How old are you Erica? 39:00 What’s your afterglow? Learn more about Erica at
We continue to turn the mic on each other and Liz interviews Julie WE LEARN ABOUT: How old is Julie? Why Julie thinks we should be proud about our age (0:50) We see Julie as confident and brave but things aren't always as they appear. Julie reflects upon her childhood (2:30) How do you deal with the inner critical voices in your head. Hearing voices is normal! At least for us. Julie shares how she overcomes the inner voices that don't reflect who she truly is  (4:30) How do you trust yourself? Julie talks about the importance of listening to your gut and developing awareness (6:40) Shameless plug for yoga. Why extroverts still need quiet moments (7:45) Tell us about some of the challenges you encountered when you started afterglow. Julie shares her purpose and how she stayed resilient. (8:40) What inspires you now? Julie shares her love for her daughter and the importance of role modeling (11:20) What would you tell your 15-year-old self. Julie shares  the importance of compassion, resiliency and self love (13:45) What's your Afterglow? Julie shares her inspiring vision for the next 50 years! (15:27) What else do you want women to know. Julie shares what's possible for all of us! (17:15)
We turn the mic on each other, and in this first interview, Julie interviews Liz.  WE LEARN ABOUT:  How have you overcome or are you overcoming the challenges that work towards your courageous life? Liz shares her struggle with anxiety (2:05) Why were you keeping yourself small? Liz reflects on her upbringing(4:04) When did you notice that you stopped being courageous. Liz reflects on our collective cultural conditioning and how that shows up in our bodies (5:30) How has the church impacted you. Liz's views on the impact of early religious upbringing (7:10) How did you learn to step into courage. How Liz practices confidence and courage (8:00) Are you learning to trust yourself more. The impact of practice (9:15) What would you tell your 15 year old self. Liz reflects on what her 15 year old self needed to know and how yoga helped.  (10:10) Who or what inspires you to be your most courageous self. Liz shares her love for her kids (13:00) What would you like all women to know. Liz shares her views on the importance of practice (14:30) Julie asks the most powerful question - What is your afterglow? Liz shares her vision of the future. It may not be what you think! (16:00) Anything else you want listeners to know? Learn how to practice trusting yourself (19:20)
It's time.  Julie and Liz introduce themselves and The Afterglow to the world.  Why did we create it?  What does it mean?  This podcast gives you the permission and tools to create your courageous second act. It’s for you who has spent your past, living life according to the historic societal expectations of women. And it’s for you who is committed to a future, beyond limits, of passion, self-expression and fulfilment. With a good dose of fun and laughter, Julie and Liz will explore everything from nutrition to career to parenting to relationship with some inspiring + experienced guests. Your best life is still ahead of you. We call that the Afterglow.
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