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Author: Julie Watson, Liz Doyle Harmer

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This podcast gives you the permission and tools to create your courageous second act.

It’s for you who has spent your past, living life according to the historic societal expectations of women. And it’s for you who is committed to a future, beyond limits, of passion, self-expression and fulfilment.

With a good dose of fun and laughter, Julie and Liz will explore everything from nutrition to career to parenting to relationship.

Your best life is still ahead of you.

We call that the Afterglow.
25 Episodes
In this episode Julie + Liz discuss the last 24 episodes, the lessons learned, and what impacted them the most from interviewing incredible Canadian women. They celebrate their own accomplishment of starting The Afterglow and being badass women getting shit done! 
3:40 Elaine shares her early upbringing as an Indigenous woman in Canada 6:50 Intergenerational trauma - Elaine's family's experiences with residential schools in Canada 7:50 Elaine's struggle with alcoholism, addition and self-harming 8:58 Elaine reflects on the wisdom and safety of her grandmother 14:40 How did Elaine find her way back to healing through Indigenous wisdom 20:40 The inspiration behind Calling My Spirit Back 23:45 What Elaine's culture believes about alcohol - worth a listen!! 24:00 Elaine's profound experience of finding love 32:00 Why anxiety can often be unprocessed emotions 35:42 Elaine shares her experience working to end and heal the ongoing trauma of Missing + Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada LEARN MORE ABOUT ELAINE AND HER AMAZING BOOK HERE
1:30 How small-town upbringing shaped Jeni B 7:00 Losing parents. Jeni B beautifully describes how our parents are so closely woven into our personal stories. 9:50 What Jeni B learned from her hardworking mom 13:30 Jeni B and mindful awareness 15:40 The inspiration for Jeni's gorgeous podcast This is It Actually 16:30 Jeni's experience with divorce 19:00 The power of forgiveness 22:00 Modelling healthy relationships to kids post divorce  25:00 The hidden wisdom of Gilmour Girls! 28:30 Stepping outside of the "wife" role 31:30 What motivates Jeni B to push through the boundaries 34:30 The 40s are where it's at baby! 38:30 What would Jeni B say to her 15-year-old self 42:15 Body acceptance + gratitude 44:40 What is Jeni's afterglow 47:00 Jeni B's practices to cultivate mindful awareness. Yoga! Learn more about Jeni here!
2:00 What was it like for Paulette to immigrate to Canada at age 11 4:20 Did Paulette feel different/othered growing up in Canada 6:10 How Paulette overcame being streamed into a lower level at school - an experience not atypical for black children in Canada 10:20 What about the kids that get lost and Paulette's experience raising her son in the same anti-black system 15:10 What drives Paulette to stand up for herself and who she truly is 19:15 What motivates Paulette to work towards the empowerment of girls, women and minorities 22:30 The four pillars of the Canadian Women's Foundation (CWF) 23:00 How the CWF supports girls 27: 45 How can we support girls in our local neighbourhoods 31:00 How can we support women towards leadership roles 35:50 It's never too late for women to transition into greater leadership. Paulette shares stories of her inspiring friends and network 40:28 What is Paulette's Afterglow? It's a good one! 42:50 Paulette has won numerous awards. What do they mean to her 46:00 What would Paulette say to her 15-year-old self 47:05 What is resilience for Paulette and why people of colour need even more resilience. LEARN MORE ABOUT PAULETTE HERE
2:00 Leisse's child hood was perfect on the outside and incredibly painful on the inside 4:30 Leisse tells her origin story of waking up 7:25 Steps Leisse took to recover from people pleasing 11:25 Leisse shares her story likening it to the book Gotta Go about a butterfly 14:25 Leisse has zero tolerance for BS 19:00 Leisse shares how she overcame the trauma, and how she works with clients 23:14 Divorce was the worst experience of her life 26:25 The C word. Leisse talks about what getting breast cancer meant for her 29:40 Leisse reads the poem To Call Myself Beloved 34:50 What does Leisse mean by WE are the media 37:20 Leisse talks financial literacy 41:50 What's the story Leisse tells herself around wealth and success 46:00 Leisse has doubt and fear that still lingers, there's always work to do 50:00 How Covid has been a gift 55:50 What would Leisse say to her 15 year old self
SHOW NOTES 2:40 How did Kim become a sexpert! 4:15 What does sex positive mean? 5:55 Female masturbation - why is it taboo and how can it empower women? 8:45 What is the link between sexual empowerment and life empowerment 10:37 A really big takeaway. Kim’s major philosophy 11:24 Julie shares her changing views around sex 12:35 What does pleasure offer us 15:20 What are the brakes and the accelerators when it comes to sex 19:30 How do we baby step our way into sexual empowerment 24:30 The g-spot orgasm 30:17 Can things we practice in the bedroom become things that change ourselves? our world? 32:50 How can we teach sex positivity to the next gen 36:50 Quick blow job tips 44:00 Who inspires Kim 45:28 What would Kim say to her 15 year old self 49:10 A quick awesome recap 52:00 The highs + lows of relationships LEARN MORE ABOUT KIM
1:55 Does trusting herself come easy to Dr. Mary Choi 2:45 How Mary’s mom has shaped her into confidence and leadership 4:10 What does courage mean to Mary 6:10 How to feel the fear and do it anyway 7:30 How does perimenopause affect women 9:20 Why the 40s are a beautiful time for women 10:30 Is there an overlap between perimenopause and the mental, emotional shifts many people experience in midlife 12:05 The energetics of PMS – what can we learn about ourselves during this period. 14:45 What’s the link between anxiety and hormones? 17:00 What hormonal shifts happen in perimenopause 20:00 Why we have irregular periods during perimenopause? Mary shares a really fun and memorable visual 24:24 How can we support ourselves during perimenopause 26:30 Weight gain during perimenopause 29:30 Top tips for managing perimonopause 35:33 What inspires Mary 37:15 What is Mary’s afterglow LEARN MORE ABOUT MARY
SHOW NOTES 3:30 What was it like for the Francisco sisters growing up in a white, privileged neighbourhood 8:10 How were the Francisco sisters shaped by their heritage/ancestry. 11:50 Celebrating the pride in black history 12:50 Has female gender conditioning affected the Francisco sisters? 16:20 How has intersectionality between race and gender affected the Francisco sisters? 18:30 Quinn speaks about historical differences between white women and black women 19:49 What are we willing to do to make an equitable society for all? And what's needed. 22:45 Recognizing the privilege within a minority group and why all of us we need more awareness 25:15 How wealthy countries are oppressive on a global scale 25:58 Covert vs overt racism,  and overcoming micro-aggressions 28:55 The role of white allies 30:55 The insidious nature of micro-aggression 32:45 Parenting + race - great tips on speaking to your kids 40:30 The need to elevating and give voice to positive black stories, heroes, leaders 42:00 The importance of being allowed to fail. The impossible standard of perfection black people are held to 45:45 Tokenism and the changes need to hire equitably 48:48 The importance of living consciously and cooperating together to make changes 50:00 What is the afterglow for each of the Francisco sisters? Learn about the Francisco Sisters! Afiya Alia Janelle Quinn
2:30 We go way back with Pattie. What were her childhood dreams? 4:30 Pattie reflects on not going to university 6:30 What does it mean to be on the authenticity track? 7:50 Has gender conditioning affected Pattie and Pattie's favourite quote 9:45 Pattie shares some money tips 11:45 Julie shares her money mindset challenges and triumphs 3:00 Pattie shares what’s important in your relationship with your financial advisor 15:00 Pattie shares the elements of a financial plan 17:15 Some key financial takeaways!! 18:00 Why we shouldn’t compare our finances to others 19:15 We all need emergency funds and why investing is important 20:00 Why is money so challenging!? 22:30 Some tips for planning during the pandemic 24:00 One silver lining to covid-19 25:40 What motivated Pattie to master finances 28:00 Tips to develop a healthy mindset around money 31:00 The link between physical and financial health 32:00 Tips for teaching kids about  money 34:15 Tips for managing money with your spouse/partner 37:03 How does Pattie trust herself? 39:30 Pattie's four guiding principles for life 40:20 What's Pattie's afterglow? 41:30 Teeny tiny and powerful ways to save 46:10 Pattie's wise advice about money and freedom LEARN MORE ABOUT PATTI HERE
0:55 How Natasha found the courage to walk away from a 6-figure corporate job 3:00 How Natasha dealt with the discomfort of career transition 6:20 How did Natasha learn to listen to herself 8:00 What drew Natasha to psychology 10:05 What Natasha has learned from providing relationship counseling 11:30 What is important about relationships 13:50 Do you really need to have a relationship? Does that solve everything? Natasha weighs in 15:00 Do women receive different messages when it comes to relationships? 16:45 Is it possible to have equality in male/female relationships? 23:00 Why both men and women are from planet earth! How we can value diversity between us in relationships 29:00 What are the keys to success in a romantic relationship 30:20 Natasha shares s deeply profound mindset shift to support healthy romantic relationships 31:30 Do we have unrealistic expectations for our romantic relationships 35:00 How we know when it’s time to end a relationship? 37:15 What are things we should stop doing in our relationships? 40:08 Julie + Liz share one mistake they have been making in relationships 44:00 Who inspires Natasha 48:30 What is Natasha’s afterglow? 52:00 Natasha's wise words on how to live LEARN MORE ABOUT NATASHA HERE
Dive deep into nervous system regulation with Nicole Lohse. We cover how to get past your blocks and into bliss! SHOW NOTES 1:52 What is Feldenkrais 3:02 What gets stuck in the body 3:43 What is somatic experiencing 4:02 What is trauma. 4:42 What does it mean to live in survival 5:37 How yoga helps 6:52 What do we lose in survival 7:52 What takes us away from ourselves 9:52 How women can move past social conditioning 10:37 What is the autonomous nervous system and why is it important 11:40 How trauma affects our nervous system 13:22 What is nervous system regulation and dysregulation 15:22 What is the shutdown response. Are we in shutdown when we’re using our phones? 18:22 How awareness and curiosity can help us learn about our nervous system responses 20:12 Julie shares what she’s learning about her nervous system responses 21:52 How does trauma show up in our bodies 24:22 How does bottling up emotions relate to our nervous systems 25:22 One thing you may not have known about the cry response 26:22 Nicole’s longing for our world 28:22 What brought Nicole to this work 31:52 Do we all have some form of trauma? 32:22 The difference between happiness and regulation 37:22 How to digest stress 39:52 What inspires Nicole 40:22 How Nicole knows her inner truth and what supported her 41:52 Differentiating between our truth and our trauma. Both live in the body 43:22 How to recognize your deeper knowing 44:52 What is Nicole’s Afterglow 46:05 One thing Nicole wants our listeners to know LEARN MORE ABOUT THE NERVOUS SYSTEM WITH NICOLE’S FREE WEBINAR LEARN MORE ABOUT NICOLE
2:15 Kate’s inspiring tweet on resiliency and overcoming resistance. Words you need to hear if you’re thinking of giving up. 4:30 Kate shares her courageous transition from school teacher in Ottawa to actor in Toronto. 5:40 When you have everything but something’s still missing 6:15 What Kate lost when she sacrificed her longing for the need to belong 8:30 Kate’s earliest supporters 9:30 How Kate found her authentic self 10:40 Kate shares how she knew it was time to shift 11:00 How Kate found the courage to listen to her inner wisdom 14:20 Kate is beautifully honest! Listening to your inner wisdom is not always easy 16:00 Kate shares how she used to hide the things she thought were once ugly 19:00 The strength of compassion and Kate’s wise words to her younger self 20:00 Kate shares how beauty can be both a help and a hindrance in acting 23:30 The freedom that comes in life after 40 25:00 Kate reveals one of her mentors 26:00 Acting and aging and what inspires Kate to be an actor 29:00 As women we often apologize for wanting more or for putting ourselves first. Kate’s inspiring words on how we work together to support women’s dreams 34:00 Why it’s ok to not always fit in 35:45 Where Kate finds inspiration 37:00 Kate’s charity work and love for animals 42:00 Kate reveals her afterglow. It’s a good one!! We want this for you Kate! 45:00 Kate’s final and super wise words of encouragement! LEARN MORE ABOUT KATE BELOW
1:00 Julie’s real life use of connected parenting 3:55 The superpower of connected parenting 5:00 Daring to be there through the connected parenting approach 6:30 The real strength in letting go of control 7:20 The honest truth about parenting + what’s hard about parenting today 11:30 Let’s get real about parenting 12:45 What is the CALM technique 17:00 Jennifer’s compassionate advice for moms 18:30 The two options available in life and parenting 20:00 Why we need more empathy and what you need to know about your frontal lobe 22:30 All about your midbrain 23:00 You are not a parent. Learn why 24:00 Learn how you help your kids regulate 26:00 How connected parenting changes the world 27:00 Kids today? You’re intuition is right. They are different 28:30 Raising gladiator kids 30:00 Raising gladiator girls 32:00 Balance between male and the female 34:00 Hope for a changing world 36:00 The big-hearted story behind Jennifer’s approach 39:45 A quick compassion-based tip to defuse any difficult situation 42:45 Consciousness, energy and heart-brain coherence 45:45 The power of repair. It’s never too late 47:36 Tips on how to use the CALM technique 48:30 Do the reverse rant! LEARN MORE ABOUT JENNIFER KOLARI
2:00 Jeff is committed to overcoming toxic masculine conditioning. He demonstrates his practice right from the start 3:50 When the conditioning starts for men 5:20 Why men need to flex their emotional muscles 8:40 Why true strength comes from being vulnerable. What is the new measure of a man? 10:40 What gets in the way of men having honest vulnerable conversations 12:00 What is the ladder to manhood. How are men conditioned and what are the differences between men of different races 14:00 The false idea of manhood and why it’s no longer working 16:00 What is the emotional toolbox 17:30 The devaluing of women in today’s world 19:00 How can we support men in developing their emotional toolbox 23:10 The power of compassion in dissolving shame and gratitude for women 24:30 Is Jeff a feminist? 26:00 Jeff shares what motivates him. How racism affected his father 29:45 Jeff shares who inspires him 33:15 How do we raise our boys to be emotionally aware 37:30 How we can get past micro-aggressions and our own expectations around how a man should be? 40:00 Baby steps to changing this world 41:00 What is Jeff’s afterglow? LEARN MORE ABOUT JEFF PERERA
00:15 Enjoy a sample track from Measha’s new jazz album! 2:00 Something is always on fire, let it be you who sets it ablaze. 3:30 The importance of burning up what no longer works. Live life as an act of service. 5:00 Measha does yoga! What she gets out of the practice 7:00 Transformation is possible for anyone 9:00 Why Measha tackled weight loss and now focusses on her health 11:00: How Measha found the courage and strength to push forward after health scares. Measha shares her powerful and empowering views on God. 15:30 Measha shares why we don’t have to be perfect. Flawed people are good people. 17:00 How Measha found the courage to speak her voice. 20:30 How Measha embraces her sensuality and why we all should. 24:00 Measha speaks about her purpose 27:30 Raising powerful and resilient children, Measha–style! 29:30 Measha shares her afterglow and inspires others to do the same 32:00 Measha’s wise and funny words to her 15 year-old-self 34:00 Measha’s inspiring words to all women. 35:30 Enjoy a sample track from Measha’s new jazz album! LEARN MORE ABOUT MEASHA HERE:
SHOW NOTES 2:10 What is war child? How war child creates real change through long-term empowerment and equality programs 5:10 With so much going on in our own backyard, why should we care about war abroad? Why altruism shouldn’t stop at our borders 6:20 How Samantha’s early underdog experience helped shift her world view into caring for others 10:20 The old international aid models had to go. Why Samantha founded War Child to disrupt old what wasn’t working 12:20 How Samantha has worked to overcome doubt. How she found courage in wanting to create a better world 16:20 Why it’s important for all of us women to be more vocal and take more risks 18:20 Achieving and loving academics and feeling comfortable in your own skin 23:05 Finding resiliency during adversity. How distance-based learning is changing education for young girls in Eastern Congo 26:20 Lifting up female leadership to change the world 28:20 Why we should “big-tent” our feminism and care about gender equality everywhere. 31:20 How can we help. Simple ways to give make a difference. Give, volunteer. Think locally and internationally. 33:20 What is Samantha’s afterglow? A world without war is possible 35:20 How does Samantha care for herself doing the work she does 38:20 What Sam does for fun. Some surprising facts you might not expect from a war doctor. 41:20 What would Samantha say to her 15-year old self? Kind, encouraging words for a less courageous Sam 44:20 Who inspires Sam? 45:50 Tap into your voice. Understand what matters to you. Speak up and share those experiences. Celebrate women who are working towards change. LEARN MORE ABOUT SAMANTHA NUTT + WAR CHILD
SHOW NOTES 1:55 Yay for yoga. Mary gets her good ideas through savasana.  4:10 Mary is inspired by her hard-working parents, small business owners, immigrants who have inspired her tenacity and work ethic. 5:15: Mary learned her business savvy and the confidence to be powerful from her mom 8:30 Despite, conflicting messaging around how women should be, Mary believes a woman can do it all-sort of 10:00 Mary dishes on hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers that make things happen.  13:30 Changes in estrogen lead to weight changes in puberty which can potentially be related to the decline in confidence that happens in some girls.  14:50 The beauty of the XX chromosome.  Women carry life. Without women humanity stops.  17:00 Our menstrual cycle is a superpower!! How can we deal with the ups and downs? Learn about the three phases of your period so you can deal with the ups and downs. 21:00 Knowledge is power. For example too much estrogen can lead to weight gain and anger. Too little can lead to depression and lack of motivation 24:00 Track your cycle.  26:00 Your gut health is important. It affects your estrogen. 30:00 What is success for a woman?  38:00 Let’s normalize menstruation. We need to share that message with both girls and boys. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MARY, VISIT
2:54: Important things to think about before starting a business  - no jargon 4:40 The brilliance behind the SHEEO model 7:43 Big goals, growth + impact 8:53 Criteria for funding. Let’s create a better world 9:50 Everything’s broken. What a great time to be alive. 11:40 The importance of purpose 13:15 Only 4% of bank loans/vc funding goes to women owned businesses. 14:30 Everything needs to be redesigned. 15:45 Vicki’s personal story about finding courage 19:00 Are we in a she-cession? How does covid-19 change entrepreneurship for women 20:40 Strong tips for starting a business 23:00 How to discover your own strengths 26:00 The audacious ask and giving + receiving 28:00 If anything was possible, what would you create 30:30 Vicki talks about her partner and self care routine 32:00 Aging and Vicki shares her age 34:00 Vicki shares what inspires her 36:00 Vicki shares her afterglow. 39:00 Advice for her 15 year old self Learn more about Vicki at
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