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The Routing Table podcast is hosted by Melchior Aelmans and Rick Mur.
We talk about technology and anything related.
8 Episodes
In this episode Rick and Melchior discuss with Dino Farinacci how LISP can help solve internet challenges. We touch on FIB scaling, mobility, IPv4 runout, COVID-19 and digital voting apps, blockchain and quantum internet.
Lenny Giuliano claims multicast is so easy and ubiquitous that even your Grandma uses it. Is that true? In this episode we talk about live streaming 4K video, AMT, multicast vs CDN and we even touch on LISP and IPv4/IPv6 transition. Multicast Menu website:
Why do we need another routing protocol in the datacenter? And why not use optimised BGP or ISIS? Tony Przygienda introduced and explains a new routing protocol written with current DC needs in mind; Routing in Fat Trees or in short RIFT.
In this episode of The Routing Table Podcast Rick and Melchior ask Juniper Networks Distinguished Engineer Julian Lucek everything about Segment Routing. We start with some basics and discuss differences between SR-MPLS, SRv6 and SRm6. We also look into why choosing one over the other.
In this episode Job Snijders shares some of his perspective on the current state of the Internet.  As you can expect when talking to Job, one of the topics is BGP Routing Security. We also touch on his work in IETF, OpenBSD, transit vs peering and IPv4 address exhaustion.
In this episode we discuss with John Scudder how to drive an idea to a standard via the standards organisation IETF. John is a IETF veteran and tells us all about workgroups, chairs, drafts and RFCs.
Nathalie Trenaman is the Routing Security Programme Manager at RIPE NCC. Rick & Melchior ask her everything about what RIPE NCC does, why should we care about Routing Security, RPKI and of course we talk about if and how we can get IPv4 address space.
In this first episode of The Routing Table Podcast Rick & Melchior ask the new Juniper Networks CTO Raj about his career, why he joined Juniper and what his 100 days plan looks like.
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