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Brandify's weekly download of all the news that matters in local search. Take a few minutes to get up to speed and inform your local marketing strategy. Links to all articles in the Monday Memo at
12 Episodes
In this week’s update, learn about Apple’s new navigation features and other iOS14 updates; Google’s expansion of free product listings; changes in GMB hours updates; TripAdvisor’s attributes for health and safety; new “Black-owned” attributes from Google and Yelp; a new carousel display in Google Maps; and the beginning of CCPA enforcement.
In this week’s post, learn about Yelp and TripAdvisor’s new health and safety attributes; a major upgrade for Siri; Google’s updates to Messaging for enterprise; new one-star rich snippet results; Nextdoor’s launch of Business Posts; and a new search engine with a privacy focus.
In this week’s update, learn about new Google Maps features; the online care attribute appearing in search; GMB recommendations for online offerings; how to interpret GMB Insights; new image carousels in the local pack; and e-commerce gains during the pandemic.
In this week’s update, learn about Snapchat’s upgraded map; a new business model from Starbucks; the increased cost of dining out; an outbreak of Google listing spam; new GMB notifications for removed reviews; and the display of services and owner info in mobile search.
In this week’s update, learn about the appearance of Black Lives Matter Plaza in Google Maps; the addition of secondary hours in Google profiles; destination page highlighting for featured snippets; the role of voice tech in retailer reopenings; the value of location data during COVID-19; and signs of waning interest in local reviews.
In this week’s update, learn about Google’s support for virtual services; Foursquare’s new Recovery Index; a spike in big box store visits; consumer preferences for returning to stores, according to Salesforce; changes to the GMB COVID-19 help page; and the real deal on May’s local ranking update.
In this week’s update, Brandify’s study reveals pandemic search trends; Google offers guidelines for hotels affected by COVID-19, and adds insurance information to healthcare profiles; Google Maps makes it easier to find wheelchair accessible places; Google review attributes expand to more categories; and a new site lets you check for algorithm updates.
In this week’s update, learn about the restoration of Google reviews; Yelp’s new features in light of COVID-19; Google’s launch of secondary hours; support links in GMB for businesses in need; Facebook’s emails to businesses; and McDonald’s reopening plans.
In this week’s update, learn about Google’s May core update; a parallel update in local results; a major reopening for Starbucks; easing of restrictions in some states for restaurants; Yelp’s new virtual services category; Google’s new coronavirus testing SERP; and consumer opinion on the reopening of retail stores.
In this week's update, learn about the gradual easing of restricted business operations in several states; Foursquare’s updated study of foot traffic during the pandemic; new offerings from adapting businesses; older reviews and Q&A reappearing in GMB; Bing’s new help page for COVID-19 updates; and how to showcase your products in GMB.
In this week’s update, learn about free inventory feeds from Google Shopping; newly prominent retail attributes in Google My Business; a new multi-company initiative to help small businesses; Google’s Marketing Kit updates for COVID-19; new Quarantine Insights from MFour; and the persistent problem of fake reviews.
In this week’s update, learn about Google’s new testing center listings; COVID-19 info links for healthcare providers; updates on new attributes for shopping categories; Infogroup’s crisis response features; the good and the bad for retailers during the pandemic; and plans from Starbucks for a phased reopening.
In this week’s update, learn about Google’s restoral of service for review response and some new reviews; new GMB attributes for healthcare, dining, and shopping; a new GMB help page for retail businesses; addition of temporary closure and COVID-19 posts to the GMB API; Bing’s new COVID-19 announcement; Google’s support for telehealth; and Apple’s guidance for testing facilities. 
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