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«» is a rock podcast by a group of friends living in zurich, switzerland. we set up this podcast to hang out, have a beer and share the music we think kicks ass.

we will be recording in various locations every other week, playing rock- and metal genres from punk to doom.

vinyl only.
14 Episodes
part three of the rock revolution history from argentina. with the ultimate in heavy metal from argentina like hermetica, horcas, rata blanca and more. narrated by hardcore metal head dj luciano from argentina. all episodes in spanish, because roots. saddle up and rock on.
part two of the rock revolution history from argentina. with heavy psych from cuero, thrash metal from horcas and many more. narrated by hardcore metal head dj luciano from argentina. all episodes in spanish, because roots. saddle up and rock on.
HEAVY METAL ARGENTINO – 1/3*I - APARICIÓN DE V8 Y BLOKE*1 V8 [1980-1987] Destrucción - Luchando por el Metal (1983)2 Bloke [1981-1986] Bajo el signo del terror - Demolición (1984)*II - PRE-METAL [1970-1980]*3 Los Gatos [1967-1970] Rock de la mujer perdida - Rock de la mujer perdida (1970)4 Almendra [1967-1970] Mestizo - Almendra II (1970)5 Manal [1968-1971] Hoy todo anda bien - El león (1970)6 Pappo's Blues [1970-1978] Algo ha cambiado - Vol. 1 (1971)7 Vox Dei [1970-1974] Las Guerras - La Biblia (1971)8 Billy Bond y La Pesada del Rock & Roll [1970-1974] La maldita máquina - Vol. 2 (1972)9 Señor Carnicero – Miguel Abuelo & Nada [1973]
heavy hardcore/garagerock/doom-shootout in this epic duel between bands from germany and italy. bands selected by the smooth giants of zurichs vinyl obsessed rock underground ava and rock röbi. hosted by octopus occultus' mastermind monika tintenfisch.
«that is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.» – live from the catacombs of kir royal, this is mussork sky. quote by h.p. lovecraft.
writer gion mathias cavelty plowing through his universe of philosophy and screaming metal, power metal, black metal and wtf metal with punish bassist monika tintenfisch. blasting records so tight, them turntable needles are sharper than before. gion and monika, turning crosses upside down since 1974.
dr. erich keller aka dj megawimp teaching a lesson in nwobhm, new wave of british heavy metal. heavy pounding rareties from his huge vinyl collection and stories from the underground when it all began.
dj soli's band the escalator haters
one of zurich's most dedicated rock djs punching some of his 45-ers in your face – buckle up for rock röbi live at gotthard bar, langstrasse.
mc silva and captain jb burning down the unpaved desert roads with a live dj set at gotthard bar langstrasse. no matter who you are, you'll grow a beard while listening to this.
from black sabbath to gojira, dj chorro del ferro introduces himself with «metal massacre» – a podcast even beavis and butthead would label as «huh huh, cool».
introducing mc silva and dj clod tearing down the walls and burning whats left with unlimited rock power from endless boogie to wild unknown treasures.
rock robi and ava trippin' up and down doom mountains with vinyl from the 60's to 2019.
our first show. be kind, rewind.
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