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Former Division I volleyball player and TED Talk speaker, Victoria Garrick, is a mental health and body-image advocate who sits down with all sorts of inspirational and awesome guests to bring you the REALEST conversations around success, failure, life, and challenge. New episodes every Wednesday!
120 Episodes
Elyse Resch is a nutrition therapist who co-authored the books Intuitive Eating and The Intuitive Eating Workbook, and is one of the original co-founders of the Intuitive Eating practice! With over 36 years of experience, Elyse advocates for healthy eating habits by promoting intuitive eating, which allows a person to get in touch with their true needs, rather than developing harmful diet habits that often lead to eating disorders. Elyse is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian, a Fellow of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, and a Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In this episode, Elyse shares tangible tools for anyone looking to switch to the practice of Intuitive Eating, as well as addresses ways to navigate Thanksgiving meals and the many food/body situations that come along with holiday festivities. How should you approach Thanksgiving dinner? What should you say if someone makes a toxic comment about your weight or what you're eating? What do I do if I accidentally eat too much? Elyse answers all these questions and more! Ana Luisa: I absolutely recommend checking out Ana Luisa ❤️ I LOVE them, their pieces start at $39, and they are currently running the biggest sale of the year. You can get 60% off on the second item if you go on Open: Try Open for 30 days free using my promo code REALPOD when you sign up, go to and use code REALPOD when you sign up. BetterHelp: Get 10% off your first month by visiting our sponsor at Produced by Dear Media
Corporate Natalie is a TikTok star & social media influencer with over half a million followers combined! Natalie’s corporate commentary and satirical comedy bits grew her from normal 9-5er to a full blown influencer in just one year. On this episode of Real Pod, Natalie and Victoria discuss how they go way back (they’ve been BFFs since high school!!) why personal branding is so important even if you’re not an influencer, and all of the intricacies of becoming an influencer while managing your “day job,” and why women need to stop competing with other women! (Plus, Victoria and Natalie pull back the curtain on what it’s really like to work as content creator full-time.. It’s juicy.) Follow Real Pod on Instagram!   Follow Corporate Natalie on Instagram!   Subscribe to Real Pod on Apple Podcasts & Spotify!  Raycon: Go to today to unlock exclusive deals up to 20% off your Raycon order! Produced by Dear Media
Katie Couric is founder, author, producer, and one of the most notable journalists of all time. She worked for all three major TV networks, NBC, ABC and CBS, and in 2006 was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. After leaving her long time position as co-anchor of The Today Show, Katie was historically named the first solo female anchor of CBS Evening News in 2006. Katie hosted her own talk show, served as a global news anchor for Yahoo, beame and recently became a New York Times best selling author following the debut of her memoir, “Going There.” On this episode of Real Pod, Katie opens up about her past struggles with bulimia, how she really feels about her life long career in the industry, and shares her game changing advice for all women trying to establish themselves in their respective careers. (P.S: Yes, she DOES watch The Morning Show!!) Follow Real Pod on Instagram! Follow Katie Couric on Instagram!    Purchase Katie Couric's New Book, Going There, Here!   Subscribe To Katie Couric's Newsletter, Wake Up Call! Sponsors: Open: You can try Open for 30 days free using my promo code REALPOD when you sign up, go to and use code REALPOD when you sign up. Athletic Greens: Athletic Greens is going to give you an immune supporting FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase if you visit today. BetterHelp: Get 10% off your first month by visiting our sponsor at   Produced by Dear Media
Victoria kicks this episode off by spilling all the tea on her wedding venue and the process of finding the perfect place to marry Max! Then, we hear from a very special guest Ryan Holiday. Ryan is the author of New York Times’ best seller, The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living, which has sold more than two million copies globally and has a following among NFL coaches, world-class athletes, TV personalities, and political leaders. On this episode of Real Pod, Ryan dives into the philosophies of his newest book, Courage Is Calling. He explains the different types of courage and how to live out a more fulfilling life, the four pillars of Stoicism (hint, courage is one of them!)and how to catch our ego’s in action when they seriously create imposter syndrome. To learn more about Ryan Holiday and purchase his new book, click here!  Produced by Dear Media
Francesca Mariano and Ria Ciuffo are the hosts of Barstool’s wildly popular podcast & Instagram page, Chicks In The Office! After starting out as the only two female interns at Barstool Sports, Ria & Fran became fast friends, co-created the Chicks In The Office Instagram page, and dropped out of college to pursue their love of radio and pop culture. In this episode, the girls step away from their usual celebrity banter and open up about mental health, public breakups, finding themselves, and how they stay grounded! Athletic Greens: Visit to take control of your health and give AG1 a try. Raycon: Go to today to unlock exclusive deals up to 20% off your Raycon order! Produced by Dear Media
Ella Halikas is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, social media influencer, and swimsuit designer with over half a million followers across social media! After losing her restaurant job in the pandemic, Ella turned to social media and quickly took off: She grew her following 10x the size, became a finalist in the 2021 Sports Illustrated Swim Search, and launched her own swimwear campaign line, Pebbles and Palms! Ella joins Real Pod to give us a master class in confidence… LITERALLY! She teaches us how to work on your own insecurities to gain more confidence, how to flip the switch in your mind when intrusive thoughts creep in, and how we can all embrace our sexy side (something Victoria admits she struggles with!)  If you want to radiate from the inside out and start living for YOU, this episode is a must listen. Produced by Dear Media
Dr. Margaret Rutherford is a psychologist and has been in private practice for over 25 years.  She is the author of Perfectly Hidden Depression: How to Break Free from the Perfectionism that Masks Your Depression, and host of The Selfwork Podcast In this episode, Dr. Rutherford joins Victoria for a very important conversation to explain the difference between classic depression and hidden depression, the power of self-acceptance when it comes to healing, and how to break your silence so you don’t have to struggle in secret. . Whether you or someone you love is suffering from depression, we can all benefit from a deeper understanding of this silent disease. **We would also like to note that we do discuss topics of suicide and suicidal ideation throughout this episode so please do not listen if these topics are triggering to you.** Click here to learn more about Dr. Rutherford and purchase her book entitled, Perfectly Hidden Depression: How to Break Free from the Perfectionism that Masks Your Depression Produced by Dear Media
Sierra Nielsen is a Lifestyle, Fitness, and Nutrition Coach with an online following of over 250,000 women who tune into her message of emotional resilience, inner confidence, and personal empowerment! She has been featured in USA Today, Variety, and Self Magazine, and has worked with everyone from D.C. Politicians and Hollywood Models/Actors, to Award Winning Producers and NYT best selling authors. Sierra’s relationship wisdom teaches us how to break free from toxic relationship patterns, focus on ourselves first, discover our deal breakers, and even makes Victoria question her engagement (JK, Max!). Regardless of your age and/or relationship status, this episode will teach you the importance of self work, boundary setting, & shifting your expectations.   Produced by Dear Media
In celebration of Real Pod’s 100th episode and surpassing 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS (!!!!) Victoria flips the script and sits down to be interviewed by her BFF Aubrey. Hear your favorite host like never before as she opens up and gets real about what’s actually going on in her life and with her mental health right now… Is she really happy? What are her future goals? What is she currently struggling with?? Whether you are new here or an OG Real Pod Squad member, this episode will have you laughing and crying along with Victoria! BetterHelp: Check out   Produced by Dear Media
Remi Bader is a TikTok superstar and curve model with over 2 million followers who has been featured on The Today Show, Vogue, and People magazine! Remi skyrocketed to fame after her hilarious and realistic clothing hauls went viral. She now candidly shares her mental health and body-image journey on social media every single day. On this episode, Remi gets real about her eating disorder… (she’s still in the thick of it and doing her best to navigate everything going on in her life!) On top of that, Remi shares candid details about opening up to family about your eating disorder, the different healing approaches she’s considered trying, and how sometimes it feels easier for her to open up to thousands of strangers online. If you’ve ever felt frustrated in the thick of your healing, or can relate to the difficulties of discussing mental health among family members, this episode is for you! Produced by Dear Media
Schuyler Bailar is a former NCAA D1 athlete who competed on the Harvard Men’s Swimming Team. He is also a public speaker, LGBTQ activist, and has been featured in thousands of publications globally including The Washington Post, Guardian, ABC News, and ESPN. While attending Harvard, Schuyler became the first publicly documented transgender athlete on any NCAA D1 men’s team, received Harvard’s Director’s Award (the 7th in its history,) and his final times in his event ranked him in the top 15% of all NCAA men’s swimmers! In today’s episode, Schuyler provides us with a “Harvard level education” on gender assignment and identity, his full transition story, what it was like to join a Division I Men’s team, & how the misogyny of the patriarch could possibly ruin women’s sports! If you are looking to better understand the conversation surrounding trans athletes and high level sport, this episode with Schuyler will be game changing! Click here to purchase Schuyler's new book.Follow Schuyler on Instagram! Produced by Dear Media
Erin Treloar is the Founder of Raw Beauty Co., a company whose mission is to help women live from a place of self-love. Not only does she have a social following of over 100,000 women, but she is a certified health coach and the host of Raw Beauty Talks. Erin’s  work has been highlighted in the Los Angeles Times, Marie Claire, and Elle Magazine. After battling with her own eating disorder, Erin created Raw Beauty Co’s Signature program, “The Raw Beauty Reset,” which  helps people find freedom from their battles with eating disorders and their bodies. Erin’s program has helped thousands of people let go of their limiting beliefs to create the life they crave! In this episode, Erin dives into her experiences as a teenager with an eating disorder, why Diet Culture is decreasing our mental capacity, and teaches us the four main pillars of her Raw Beauty Reset program. Whether you’re looking to breakfree from disordered eating or just get closer to reaching  your greatest potential in life, this episode is a must listen! Click Here To Join Erin Treloar’s Raw Beauty Reset Course! Follow Erin on Instagram @rawbeautytalks Follow Real Pod on Instagram @realpod Register here for live training with Raw Beauty Reset founder Erin Treloar. Sponsored by BetterHelp For 10% off, check out betterhelp.con/realpod Produced by Dear Media



Victoria & Max are finally engaged!!! Listen to the full story and hear the juicy deets on this tell all engagement episode!   Follow Real Pod on Instagram: @RealPod   Ana Luisa: I absolutely recommend checking out Ana Luisa’s sustainable jewelry. I LOVE them, their pieces start at $39, and you can get 20% off with their summer sale by visiting PayPal: To get $10 cashback on your first transaction of $20 or more, just head to your local CVS and pay using your PayPal or Venmo app.   Produced by Dear Media
Justine Wong-Orantes is a libero for the USA Women’s National Volleyball team and shocked the world when she earned the “Best Libero” award after her gold medal winning performance in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games! Justine played at the University of Nebraska where she was a two time All-American, two time Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, National Champion, AND finished her career as Nebraska's all-time career digs leader. (Yep, ICONIC!) After college she joined the United States national team where she spent three years competing vigorously for that one spot in the Tokyo 2020 games. After years of hard work and late nights in the gym, Justine was named the best libero of the 2021 FIVB Volleyball Nations League tournament and finally solidified her roster spot to be an Olympina. She led the games in serve reception percentage and helped the US Women's National Volleyball team bring home their first ever gold medal! In this episode, Justine shares her entire journey to the olympics games, covering everything from her first game as a libero in high-school to the emotional team huddle before winning gold. Whether you’re a die hard volleyball fan or just somebody trying to achieve your dreams, this episode is proof that hard work and dedication pays off! Conair: + search waver Produced by Dear Media
Kylie Katich is a photographer and influencer whose fashion, comedy, and photography content has helped her amass over 350,000 followers across social media! While her job is to create portraits and photographs online that are perfectly posed and carefully curated, Kylie is human too… In this vulnerable episode, Kylie opens up about her secret struggle with binge eating disorder, explains the three things that are helping her recover, and shares how she manages to balance her insecurities and personal struggles with her perfectly curated Instagram aesthetic. This episode is proof that regardless of what you see on social media, you never know what someone is going through! Paypal: To get $10 cashback on your first transaction of $20 or more, just head to your local CVS and pay using your PayPal or Venmo app. Produced by Dear Media
Ilona Maher is a member of the Women's U.S Rugby Team and became a viral sensation at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for her hilarious TikTok commentary. Prior to the Olympic Games, Maher earned All-American Honors, led her college team to three titles, and helped the USA finish 4th in the 2018 Women’s Rugby World Cup Sevens. In this episode, Ilona reveals what it is like to ride the roller coaster of emotions many Olympic athletes go through when the games are over, why we shouldn’t tone ourselves down for other people, and how her viral hashtag #BeastBeautyBrains is defining a new type of confidence for athletic women. If you’re one of the 800,000 people who have fallen in love with Ilona on TikTok, or you’re just curious to hear the inside scoop from someone who was just at the Tokyo games, this episode is a must listen! Conair: + search waver Produced by Dear Media
Sarah Nicole Landry, AKA @thebirdspapaya, is a writer, podcaster, mom of four, and influencer with over 2 million social media followers! Sarah started her blog The Birds Papaya over 10 years ago after feeling inspired by the comradery of stay at home moms. What started as a late night passion project turned into a massive community where Sarah has cultivated powerful social media conversations around life and our experiences in it! In this episode, Sarah reveals how women are trained to fall on the sword for everybody else, the difference between our relationship with our body versus ourselves, and why divorce is always on the table for her and her husband (we know what you’re thinking… but you have to hear the full story!)  So if you’re feeling like you put everyone else in your life first, are frustrated with not being able to crack open that “self-help” book, or you have felt like your emotions are building up inside, this episode is for you!  Ana Luisa: I absolutely recommend checking out Ana Luisa’s sustainable jewelry. I LOVE them, their pieces start at $39, and you can get 20% off with their summer sale by visiting!  Produced by Dear Media
April Ross is a two time Olympic beach volleyball medalist; she won a silver medal in London and a bronze medal in Rio. Now, she is making her third debut in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics! April has been a volleyball phenomenon her entire life: Gatorade Player of the Year out of high school, All- American, back to back national champion at USC, and now making history as one of the best female beach volleyball players ever! April discusses what her journey has been like preparing for the games, the philosophies she lives by, her mental health, the body-image pressures surrounding beach volleyball, and so much more! Produced by Dear Media
Mik Zazon is a public speaker and influencer with over 2 million social media followers who follow her  #NormalizeNormalBodies movement. After starting a fitspo blog then suffering from three different eating disorders, Mik realized she needed to make a change. Her content now centers around authenticity, mental health, and positive body-image. In this episode, Mik shares how she has learned to cope with bad body-image days, how to break the cycle of a continuous trauma response, and what it’s like to live life online. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to have a MASSIVE following, or you’re simply struggling to handle criticism in your own life, this episode is for you! Sponsors Bearaby: The Inkey List: or #ASKinkey on @theinkeylist Ana Luisa: Produced by Dear Media
Molly Carmel is an addiction and eating disorder therapist who founded Beacon by MC, which offers a variety of solutions to encourage radical change and support on your journey to overcome emotional eating, food addiction, and binge-eating. Molly, who is extensively trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, has been featured on The Today Show, Dateline NBC, Anderson 360, and is the host of podcast ‘What You’re Craving With Molly Carmel.’ In this episode, Molly shares why there is not one specific way for everyone to heal. Learn how you can identify where you're at on your personal journey and start the journey of recovery - from whatever it is you're fighting! Ana Luisa: for 20% off their summer sale, head to Inkey List: #AskInkey or Bearaby: Produced by Dear Media
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