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Author: Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester, Drew Morgan

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Trae Crowder, Drew Morgan and Corey Ryan Forrester (Authors of The Liberal Redneck Manifesto, and comedians on The WellRed Comedy Tour) host a weekly podcast featuring guests from all walks of life. From MMA fighters, Political experts, Comedians, Television Producers... you get it.. it's diverse. We meet interesting people on the road. Sometimes they let us record our conversations.
189 Episodes
This week Trae and Corey talk old road habits, being a morning person vs. night owl, and how hard Phil Collins hits 
We didn't watch The Oscars but we talked about them anyways! Sponsors: TRYCALIPER.COM/WELLRED (Promo Code:WELLRED) Lucy.CO Promo Code RED    
Sponsors: Promo Code RED
This week the boys talk about times they were dumb, drew losing his car, and Corey wonders aloud if he is re entering the world in the right way
This week the boys pay tribute to DMX and talk some other not as important shit Sponsors: promo code RED
Trae and Drew discuss the current machination of Satanic Panic as it relates to the provocateur rapper and internet King Lil Was X's new music video - while Drew is inside a church. They also get into the Church of the Satanic Temple and the very nature of time/existence. Keeping it light!
Hey y'all, even though I've posted about it elsewhere, it was astronomically stupid of me to have not posted on this feed until now to let y'all know that THE SKEWS HAS MOVED TO ITS OWN PODCAST FEED. So please use whatever podcast service you like to subscribe to WEEKLY SKEWS, with me and Smart Mark. That is all. Love you. 
This week Trae and Drew are all alone and discussing the dangers of letting spite rob you of joy, or whatever it is Oprah says. Point is: spite don't hit. We are also joined by comedian and actor Danny Jolles to discuss his new special "6 Parts" (available on YouTube) and what it's like to open for Aaron Carter. 
On this weeks episodes the boys reminisce and have a loose, fun conversation about one of the souths greatest humorists... Marcel Ledbetter's Best friend Jerry Clower!
This week the boys talk Jack and The Beanstalk, The Princess and The Pea, Beauty and the Beast, and many other silly dumb things (and also Trump being an asshole and Vaccine stuff)
This week, among other things, the boys discuss letting go of religion and things that have almost gotten their ass whooped at comedy clubs! Sponsors: Lucy.CO Promo code RED Promo code WELLRED JOIN US EVERY FRIDAY ON THE STEREO APP
This week our Dumbasses center around the horrific implications of wilted roses and nonfunctional gas pumps (it makes sense in context...or does it?). Outside of that we dig in on the Congressional actions related to the Capitol Riot hearings as well as the legislation aimed at protecting LGBTQ Americans from discrimination. You'll never believe this but Republicans fuck up both proceedings with idiocy. All that and more on this week's Skews. Love y'all. 
On this episode the boys go over some more rap lyrics, Trae points out that many conservative talking heads are form Canada, and also predictions for how the world will be post covid! Sponsors: Stereo! Get the Stereo App for Free and join the wellred boys every friday at 3pm EST for an interactive show... you can leave messages, ask questions.. they've been a lot of fun. for 15% off the only shirt worth wearing
Well the title pretty well says it all, as this week's episodes were heavily focused on two of the Republicans' first ballot hall of fame pieces of shit: Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz. Tons of good dumbasses and some fun pappaw-style weather talk, and hell even more! Hope you like it. 
This week among other things the boys talk a little bit about Donald Trump's second impeachment trial Sponsors : promo code RED DOWNLOAD THE APP
This week me and Smart Mark had a lot of fun talking about the death of justice and other such fun topics. Some great dumbasses for yuns, believe it or not, and also a conversation on Morgan Wallen, Gina Carano, and Consequence Culture in America. Is anything real? Who's to say, but join us regardless please. 
RE-RELEASE (I was told it didn't properly upload to some platforms... so sorry!)   On this weeks episode the boys go down the 2Chains lyrical rabbit hole and also discuss business models that confuse them   Sponsors: promo code RED promo code WELLRED
A fun week this time around as we talk about the nigh-unprecedented approach to governing that Joe Biden has thus far employed: "Doing Stuff". Very controversial and not entirely popular, y'all. And on Thursday we dedicate a lot of time to the unbridled lunacy of Marjorie Taylor-Greene, and are joined by Senior Georgia Correspondent and native of MTG's district Corey Ryan Forrester. Yall will never believe this but he goes off. It's a good time; listen to it!
After asking her a million times over the years, Paige Crowder finally stops by to slather her particular brand of Red-Assery on the topics of the day! From Trump stores to people not wearing their mask in the dollar store and much much more!!   Sponsors: Promo Code RED Promo Code WELLRED
From Trae: Well first off, there was only one episode last week because AT&T sucked and couldn't get my internet fixed in what was a MORE than reasonable timeframe, leaving me scrambling at this last second and ultimately derailing our episode for Thursday. I hate it and I'm sorry, but hey, Tuesday's ep was a good un! We dove in on one of Smart Mark's favorite (and most hated, which is why it's a favorite for him) subjects: QAnon! In doing so we were joined by Marley Clements and Bayan Joonam, the makers of the new ViceTV documentary on the subject, QAnon: The Search for Q. Check it out, enjoy the episode, and we'll get er back on track next week. Thanks, love y'all.  
Comments (25)

Casey man

Fellas check out the documentary hail satan. Its excellent and will answer many questions

Mar 31st

Elizabeth Altman

hang in there. completely there with you.

Jun 6th

Muhammad Hashem Talbott

I fuckin love you guys

May 11th

fresh mannn

Andrew Yang for 2020! The best candidate I’ve seen yet

Aug 28th
Reply (1)

Muhammad Hashem Talbott

love the new logo!

Aug 28th
Reply (1)


You need to separate gender and sexuality into different categories. Makes it easier to understand.

Aug 20th

V J Forsythe

watch Inuyashiki! it's Japanese papaw Batman!

Apr 2nd

Casey man

I'm from utah polygamy porter hits

Mar 11th

Sarah Holley

I think my favorite thing about these guys is that they somehow capture the beauty of the South while pointing out how ridiculous it can be. I have used them to do my philosophy homework and passed the time at my 9-5. They are truly good old boys with a perspective that many wish would spread.

Mar 2nd

Emily Bouwel

This podcast is everything I love. it's liberal politics. it's curse words. it's food. it's music. it's twang. it's dinosaur arguments. I listen every week, and I re listen to a few of my favorites periodically. I cannot recommend this or their book enough!

Feb 23rd

Valerie Johns Manning

I love y'all. Nothing like liberal points of view coming out with a southern accent. Y'all ort to come back to Birmingham and see us!

Feb 21st

Cale Price

For some reason this won't download.

Nov 14th

kellie coffey


Jun 7th

Kim Spray

Again, the cows are NOT born with holes in their sides! They put the holes in the cows for research. Y'all crack me up!

Feb 24th

Jay Merci

you are an absolute gem

Jan 25th

Jason Smith

Sweet ear butter for my ears..

Sep 20th

Cara Cinotti

As far as manners dying in the south... Try not using manners at your own risk when you are actually in the south!! I ain't taking my chances with my elders.

Aug 15th
Reply (1)

Lori Sorkin

You mentioned that a man at the END said he was gay and people cheered, it was mainly because he was in Cleveland. We are so accepting of that community.

Aug 9th

ronin D

I'm white but I'd rather shoot myself then even think about supporting that racist, sexist dumb ass mess of man called trump.

Aug 3rd

Byron Walters

Allowing deployed military personnel to drink or not has a lot to do with the countries they are fighting in. ...or at least that's the line they feed us.

Jul 22nd
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