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Author: Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester, Drew Morgan

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Trae Crowder, Drew Morgan and Corey Ryan Forrester (Authors of The Liberal Redneck Manifesto, and comedians on The WellRed Comedy Tour) host a weekly podcast featuring guests from all walks of life. From MMA fighters, Political experts, Comedians, Television Producers... you get it.. it's diverse. We meet interesting people on the road. Sometimes they let us record our conversations.
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On this weeks episode the boys all sit down to discuss how the vanishing middle class has affected TV Commercial Slogans for food, the amazing run that The Tennessee Titans made in the playoffs, Hillary Clinton’s remarks on Bernie Sanders, and also defend Adam Sandler in every thing he does.
In this weeks episode, Drew and The CHO discuss stealing shit from corporations, getting drunk in a Waffle House, and whether or not Drew could whip a Genies ass! for tickets promo code RED for your first order FREE
Today on the WellRED podcast the boys wax nostalgic about movies, music, Mamaw's beans and more! for tickets! Promocode RED10 to get 10 FREE MEALS! (including shipping!)
In the last podcast of the decade, The CHO gives his annual year end review, Drew and Andi reminisce on a road trip back home, and Trae and The CHO catch up over the phone and talk about their Christmas breaks and discuss their favorite things about 2019! Love y'all like Chicken... thanks for making 2019 the best WellRED year yet! for tickets!
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you all! If you get some down time today listen to this ludacris convo between the boys and Zanies booker/manager/getter of done shit, Lucy Sinsheimer!   we talk about russia, serial killers, lunacy, and first times!    
Justin is the star and creator of the hit Netflix original series Magic for Humans. He's a regular guest on The Tonight Show, Ellen, and Conan. His online videos have logged over a 100 million views. And one time he performed at the White House for the Obama family. The L.A. Times calls him, "A new breed of comic who's making magic cool again for grown-ups. " Playboy dubbed him, "The freshest and funniest magician working today." Time Out says his live show, "Has to be seen to be disbelieved." Justin was born in St. Louis, lives in Los Angeles, and does not own a rabbit.   SPONSORS! Promo code RED Promo Code RED
We couldn't be more pumped up to sit down with one of our all time favorite singer/songwriters BJ Barham! BJ is the frontman of American Aquarium (with whom he has released 10 albums.. all of which hit super hard) and the writer of all their tunes.  We were lucky enough to catch BJ while he was in LA working on their latest album. During this sit down we talked about growing up in the south, sobriety, some parallels between comedy and music, how BJ almost quit the industry all together, gerrymandering, how we knew Trump was going to win, people who think they are conservative but aren't, and of course... giving coffee to babies! for all our tour dates and merch for all of BJ and crew's dates, albums, march, info, yada yadda   BUY ALL HIS SHIT ITS THE BEST 
First and foremost sorry for the delay. We had to record late because we spent our normal recording time filming a brand new sketch for y'all with our friends at Comedy Central!   This week Drew fills us in on his recent basketball shenanigans, we discuss what hits and dont hit about waiters not writing your order down, we talk about how much the past sucks, and we round it out by trying to figure out why the Democratic party seems hell bent on cutting off their nose to spite their face promo code RED promo code RED 
Y'all ask us to have our better halves on ALL THE TIME so we figured since it was the holidays and we are thankful for y'all, we'd give ya what you wanted. Poor Trae was sick so on this episode Drew and Andi sit down in LA to talk about what they are thankful for, and CHO and Mrs. CHO do a Q & A in Webster City, Iowa! Promo code RED Promo Code RED  
Not much of an explanation needed here, its a best of podcast! I had SOOOO much fun compiling this that i'd love to do a volume 2 real quick so if you feel your favorite moment wasn't included, drop us a line on social media (@wellredpodcast on twitter would be the easiest)   Listen. Subscribe. Download. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. And leave us a 5 star review! Thanks in advance. we love ya! for tickets to shows!
Our most requested guest of all time DJ DJ LEWIS is back on the WellRED podcast to talk about everything from trying to give up Facebook, The Dukes of Hazard, and Dick jokes! for tickets to our shows! promo code RED for your first month FREE Promo code RED for 10% off your order!   Leave us a review and tell your friends!
Tushar Singh is one of our oldest and bestest (and worstest) buddies in comedy! In this episode he talks about growing up in Alabama as an Indian, and going back to India to do stand up comedy (which is the subject of his documentary American Hasi ) for tickets to shows promo code RED for 30% off your order and FREE shipping!   PO BOX 240 Chickamauga, GA, 30707 to send us cool stuff if YAUNT to!
Drew Morgan and WellRED fan favorite DJ Lewis have a new podcast that comes out every Tuesday. Here is their pilot episode, to give you an example of what it’s like. Subscribe to them and get the new episode TUESDAY    Wanna know what the podcast is like? Imagine if the Dukes of Hazard were philosophy school drop outs -give her a listen.
On this podcast we start off talking about how hard it is to give up Tobacco which naturally leads into a discussion of how Museums handle disenfranchised groups. Also we talk about sports teams who should give up their racist mascots!   Youtube video will be up a bit later than usual. CHO is currently sick (see:not hittin) and we apologize for the inconvenience (how much he don't hit) for tickets to shows!    
This week the boys hung out in studio with the hilarious Mia Jackson and talked about working in an office, orgasms, and the time Corey puked on Trae! Mia Jackson is a bonafide Georgia peach (that's Georgian for “native”) and self proclaimed know-it-all. After graduating from the University of Georgia she hit the local comedy scene and has thrilled audiences since day one. To her credit she has appeared on NickMom's Night Out, Viceland and was a semi-finalist on Season 9 of NBC's Last Comic Standing. She has appeared on Inside Amy Schumer and the movie Mother's Day.  In 2017, she was named a New Face at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal and Atlanta's Creative Loafing named her the city's Best Stand-Up. Smart, funny, and versatile, Mia entertains all types of crowds. Remember to leave us a 5 star review if you think we deserve it! Love ya like chicken! to WATCH THE PODCAST for tickets! for more on MIA JACKSON! Sponsors: Promo CODE RED for 30% off and Free Shipping! for your first pair of BALL HAMMOCK boxers for only 5 bucks!
Bonus story for all you WellREDDERS!     Full Disclosure: Please know that even though I’m positive that some form of these events are true, I cannot morally place this tale in the non-fiction section as it is very possible I am conflating more than one story or even more than one trip. But enjoy regardless! for tickets (and while you're there, please sign up for our newsletter!)
This weeks episode starts with a conversation about the science behind enjoying your own farts (or at least being curious about them). This tailspins into a conversation about going broke because of stupid financial decisions directly related to the deep seated insecurities of being perceived as a poor dumb southerner (this is where we figuratively smell our own farts.  Drew shares a story about working out in an exercise class provided by the hotel, Corey gets roasted for being the fat clumsy dumb fuck you all know and love, and the Bob Seger Vs. Foreigner debate is revisited.    Other topics include fancy shoes, boots, and purses, taboo words being used in cinema, and drinking Al Gore's Whiskey for tickets to shows! to WATCH the podcast Promo Code RED for your first month FREE (just pay 5 bucks shipping) Promo Code RED for 30% off and FREE Shipping   If you get the hankering, leave us a 5 star review! Thanks in advance. Love ya like Chicken!
Special unboxing episode! Thank you all for sending us sweet gifts that make us feel so loved when we are so tired and beat down from the road!   To send us cool stuff (or hate mail its a free country): PO Box 240 Chickamauga, GA 30707   Check out our Youtube Page where you can watch videos of new episodes AND hear some WellRED Podcast Classics:   CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS AND TOUR DATES
This week the boys talk about some wild ass performances they've seen at music festivals, the controversy surrounding the new Joker Movie, the Dallas cop who was just sentenced after shooting an innocent man, and Trae and Drew grill Corey once again for wanting to be a Papaw Batman! for tickets to shows to WATCH the podcast promo code RED for 30% off and free shipping 
In this episode the boys discuss Crystal Skulls, Sturgill Simpson's new anime project, how certain movies age, and Corey and Drew swap stories about shitty hotel experience! for tickets to see us LIVE for your first pair of subscription BALL HAMMOCK BOXERS for only 5 BUCKS!!
Comments (21)

fresh mannn

Andrew Yang for 2020! The best candidate I’ve seen yet

Aug 28th
Reply (1)

Muhammad Hashem Talbott

love the new logo!

Aug 28th
Reply (1)


You need to separate gender and sexuality into different categories. Makes it easier to understand.

Aug 20th

V J Forsythe

watch Inuyashiki! it's Japanese papaw Batman!

Apr 2nd

Casey man

I'm from utah polygamy porter hits

Mar 11th

Sarah Holley

I think my favorite thing about these guys is that they somehow capture the beauty of the South while pointing out how ridiculous it can be. I have used them to do my philosophy homework and passed the time at my 9-5. They are truly good old boys with a perspective that many wish would spread.

Mar 2nd

Emily Bouwel

This podcast is everything I love. it's liberal politics. it's curse words. it's food. it's music. it's twang. it's dinosaur arguments. I listen every week, and I re listen to a few of my favorites periodically. I cannot recommend this or their book enough!

Feb 23rd

Valerie Johns Manning

I love y'all. Nothing like liberal points of view coming out with a southern accent. Y'all ort to come back to Birmingham and see us!

Feb 21st

Cale Price

For some reason this won't download.

Nov 14th

kellie coffey


Jun 7th

Kim Spray

Again, the cows are NOT born with holes in their sides! They put the holes in the cows for research. Y'all crack me up!

Feb 24th

Jay Merci

you are an absolute gem

Jan 25th

Jason Smith

Sweet ear butter for my ears..

Sep 20th

Cara Cinotti

As far as manners dying in the south... Try not using manners at your own risk when you are actually in the south!! I ain't taking my chances with my elders.

Aug 15th
Reply (1)

Lori Sorkin

You mentioned that a man at the END said he was gay and people cheered, it was mainly because he was in Cleveland. We are so accepting of that community.

Aug 9th

ronin D

I'm white but I'd rather shoot myself then even think about supporting that racist, sexist dumb ass mess of man called trump.

Aug 3rd

Byron Walters

Allowing deployed military personnel to drink or not has a lot to do with the countries they are fighting in. ...or at least that's the line they feed us.

Jul 22nd

Duane A Magley

fun podcast

Jun 14th
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