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Author: Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester, Drew Morgan

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Trae Crowder, Drew Morgan and Corey Ryan Forrester (Authors of The Liberal Redneck Manifesto, and comedians on The WellRed Comedy Tour) host a weekly podcast featuring guests from all walks of life. From MMA fighters, Political experts, Comedians, Television Producers... you get it.. it's diverse. We meet interesting people on the road. Sometimes they let us record our conversations.
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Well between all the unfolding COUP-SEQUENCES and SECOND IMPEACHMENT we had another big week on the Skews. Also, a wonderful discussion with Kentucky's own, author Silas House. Whole lotta hittin' this week, y'all. Check er out.
On this episode the boys talk about Corey's recent viral rant, the fact that there was a literal COUP attempt, and much more!    Sponsors: Promo Code RED Promo Code 80RED Promo code WELLRED
Well good googly-moogly, how to even put into words the level of holy-shittery that happened this week? First we get into the latest on the liberal elite's attempt to steal Georgia for Our Side, and THEN....It was a coup, y'all! The dumbest coup ever! What a wild ass week. Me and Smart Mark, and alla yall, were there for it. Enjoy!
We are so honored this week to have Waylon Payne on the podcast. A story in country music like none other and with a tremendous new record out. Go to to learn more and to pick up all his music1 Enjoy the show!
This week the boys talk about.... well, Anxiety, Georgia Elections, and Wonder Woman!     Sponsors: Lucy.Co (Promo Code RED) (Promocode WELLRED)
We close out the worst year in living memory with two good ol times, including a review of our favorite Daily Dumbasses in Evening Skews to date. It's a good time. See y'all in 2021.
We have a big ol pre-Christmas time on this episode of the Skews as we are joined by Senior Georgia Correspondent Corey Ryan Forrester for a PROPAGANDA REPORT! Y'all will never believe this but they are sayin'' some truly dumb shit in Georgia as of late, but the upside is it's fun to make fun of, so there's that. Hope you enjoy. NOTE: There is only one episode this week due to Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays yuns!
The boys reminisce, argue, and some old friends stop by to celebrate episode TWO HUNDRED!!!   guest appearances by Roy Wood Jr, Todd Glass, Elizabeth Cook, George Wallace, Hayes Carll, Tony Kamel.
This week we get into all the latest from the electoral college and Georgia and insane idiots and more! All the big COVID talk, from the vaccines rolling out to the ostensible Congressional relief package we all so desperately need, not that anyone in power gives a fuck, of course. Some great Dumbass material for you, and we also had a wonderful conversation with Mueller She Wrote's Allison Gill! Enjoy!
#199 - Brains Are Wild

#199 - Brains Are Wild


Among other things, the boys discuss the brains ability to repress memories and other sorts of witchcraft that it is capable of! Sponsors: Lucy.CO Promo Code RED Promo Code WELLRED
Well first off, ANDREW YANG JOINS THE SKEWS this week! We wasted no time getting right to the conversation and it was surely a good un, y'all! Later in the week, Senior Legal Correspondent Drew Morgan and Senior Georgia Correspondent Corey Ryan Forrester joined us to talk about their respective areas of expertise, and we had a big ol time in the spaces in between all of that. Enjoy. (NOTE from Trae: I am just sorry as hell that I'm so late getting these files posted. Last week in particular was insanely busy for me and I just lost track of it. A man will do better in the future. Love y'all.)
Hey everyone its ya boy, THE CHO... Corey Ryan Forrester and this here is a BEST OF episode of my (fairly) brand new podcast Through The Screen Door! We like to call it a pop culture podcast with a southern twist:) We talk movies, politics, music, and we even have sketches, late night style monologues, and so much more! It's a variety show starring the chubby cheeked cherub of WellRED.... what's not to love? Anyways if you are unfamiliar with the podcast, this best of episode is a great introduction... and if you like it, subscribe to it wherever you get your podcasts, or listen at (and if you REALLY like it, join our patreon at   Thanks for listening and telling your friends!!
This week the boys talk about the new normal, people that won't wear their fucking masks, and THE INTERNET SHOW WE ARE DOING ON SATURDAY DECEMBER 12 at 9pmEST THAT YOU CAN GET TICKETS FOR AT
We had a big ol time last week, laughing at Rudy Giuliani and his impenetrable squad of fartin' drunks, as well as Diaper Don, Bill Barr, and so, so much more. Just so much stupidity to go around y'all, and we get to it all. We also had a great talk with Iowa Democrat JD Scholten. And look out for our DECEMBER 8 episode, when we'll be joined by Andrew Yang! Skew? Skeeeew. 
This week The CHO gets interrogated about his "sobriety" and HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS one of our favorite bands, Shovels and Rope (Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent) drops by to talk about being an artist in the time of covid (spoiler:its not the best) get tickets to our live online show----
Me and Smart Mark have a lovely pre-turkey Skew session with the inimitable Sarah Smarsh, author and journalist extraordinaire. We talk about the goings on in Georgia, the state of the transition, and the future of poor white people everywhere. Hope you dig it. (There was no episode on Thanksgiving, so just the one hour this week. Happy Holidays, yuns.) 
#196 - Why So Miserable?

#196 - Why So Miserable?


Among other things the boys discuss the myth that in order to be a successful and funny comedian.... you must also be MISERABLE! for merch and tickets Sponsors: Promocode RED
We have just boocoodles (that is that word right? Y'all have heard that word?) of fun this week making fun of Rudy Giuliani's facepoop leak and Trump's horrific court record and the dumbest coup in history and flailing Fox News and oh so much more, including wonderful time spent with our guests, comedian BRENT TERHUNE, and singer-songwriter SG GOODMAN. Yuhhhhh.
Among other things (such as Avocado toast, ugg boots, and hiking) this week Trae poses the age old question "What if God was here but didn't like it and then just fucked off forever?" for tickets and merch and shit Sponsors: Promo Code WELLRED for 20% off some REAL DAMN GOOD MEAT promo code WELLRED for 100 bucks off your first month!
So much hilarious fallout to discuss this week, from the self-parody that is Parler all the way to the self-parody that is Newsmax TV. The Daily Dumbassery is packed to the brim this week, for obvious reasons. Hope y'all dig it.
Comments (24)

Elizabeth Altman

hang in there. completely there with you.

Jun 6th

Muhammad Hashem Talbott

I fuckin love you guys

May 11th

fresh mannn

Andrew Yang for 2020! The best candidate I’ve seen yet

Aug 28th
Reply (1)

Muhammad Hashem Talbott

love the new logo!

Aug 28th
Reply (1)


You need to separate gender and sexuality into different categories. Makes it easier to understand.

Aug 20th

V J Forsythe

watch Inuyashiki! it's Japanese papaw Batman!

Apr 2nd

Casey man

I'm from utah polygamy porter hits

Mar 11th

Sarah Holley

I think my favorite thing about these guys is that they somehow capture the beauty of the South while pointing out how ridiculous it can be. I have used them to do my philosophy homework and passed the time at my 9-5. They are truly good old boys with a perspective that many wish would spread.

Mar 2nd

Emily Bouwel

This podcast is everything I love. it's liberal politics. it's curse words. it's food. it's music. it's twang. it's dinosaur arguments. I listen every week, and I re listen to a few of my favorites periodically. I cannot recommend this or their book enough!

Feb 23rd

Valerie Johns Manning

I love y'all. Nothing like liberal points of view coming out with a southern accent. Y'all ort to come back to Birmingham and see us!

Feb 21st

Cale Price

For some reason this won't download.

Nov 14th

kellie coffey


Jun 7th

Kim Spray

Again, the cows are NOT born with holes in their sides! They put the holes in the cows for research. Y'all crack me up!

Feb 24th

Jay Merci

you are an absolute gem

Jan 25th

Jason Smith

Sweet ear butter for my ears..

Sep 20th

Cara Cinotti

As far as manners dying in the south... Try not using manners at your own risk when you are actually in the south!! I ain't taking my chances with my elders.

Aug 15th
Reply (1)

Lori Sorkin

You mentioned that a man at the END said he was gay and people cheered, it was mainly because he was in Cleveland. We are so accepting of that community.

Aug 9th

ronin D

I'm white but I'd rather shoot myself then even think about supporting that racist, sexist dumb ass mess of man called trump.

Aug 3rd

Byron Walters

Allowing deployed military personnel to drink or not has a lot to do with the countries they are fighting in. ...or at least that's the line they feed us.

Jul 22nd

Duane A Magley

fun podcast

Jun 14th
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