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Author: Ashley, Eric, & Ty

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We're best pals. There's nothing better than hangin' out with your pals. Support this podcast:
14 Episodes
We're a political podcast now. Ha ha, just kidding, that would be terrible, am I right?? Today, the pals try giving the best intro,  debate if companies can be moral, and throw in some tasteful Ashley-bashing. Look out for some Doug Matthews business cards down the line! --- Support this podcast:
(13) A Chillaxst

(13) A Chillaxst


Tyler and Eric start up a random podcast that's mostly just shitting on Ashley (@VFEXrt) the entire time, will he ever get us back? We love him ha ha ha. He's a good champ. The best pals also talk about sports sort of, Eric whispers too loudly into the mic, and Tyler takes his shirt off obviously. Check out the video portion of the podcast (which is just called a video) at: --- Support this podcast:
Donald Trump debates Donald Trump, Dirt Road Dan pays a visit, and the pals are suh embarrassed --- Support this podcast:
The pals are back with another episode. Eric takes his shirt off, Tyler tells some poetry, and everyone poops their pants. --- Support this podcast:
(10) dun even matter

(10) dun even matter


The pals have a heated rant about things that don't matter with special guest business man Jake Ehrlich. --- Support this podcast:
(9) Everyone Hates Geese

(9) Everyone Hates Geese


The pals spit "million dollars, but..." questions until we finally talk about animals again. We dork around with some cards, and Tyler talks about his butt smell. --- Support this podcast:
The guys are back. Eric calls Ashley a hair dolphin. Tyler flexes and farts on the mic. Ashley breaks from laughter and also gets s'angry. Tyler farts some more. And there is a girl, she yells into the mic. --- Support this podcast:
(7) Holdin' It In

(7) Holdin' It In


The pals talk about becoming transformers, and everyone has to poop. --- Support this podcast:
(6) A Real Life Actual Girl

(6) A Real Life Actual Girl


The guys have a real life, actual, for real, not fake, real girl on the show. She gives us some perspective. --- Support this podcast:
What would you do with Death Stats, your own religion, and a limitation to 100 words a day? Find out what we think on this weeks podcast. --- Support this podcast:
The gang explores important questions that are vital to the importance of humanity. --- Support this podcast:
(3) Everyone is Gay

(3) Everyone is Gay


In this episode we talk about stuff... scary stuff. With special guest, Jeffrey the Train. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, we talk about working in the computer industry, psychology, and some epic Tinder bios. --- Support this podcast:
This podcast covers a range of topics from killing pandas with bear hands, death, tinder, and building computers with minecraft! There is literally something here for everyone. --- Support this podcast:
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