DiscoverDo It With Dan!!100!! - Lynda Sunshine West - Break Your Addiction to Misery NOW!
!!100!! - Lynda Sunshine West - Break Your Addiction to Misery NOW!

!!100!! - Lynda Sunshine West - Break Your Addiction to Misery NOW!

Update: 2020-08-18


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How deep can psychological abuse ingrain itself in us? How can you change your life and stop telling yourself that you can’t? Is ‘sunshine’ actually on Lynda’s birth certificate?

Welcome Dreamers, to the 100th episode of the Do it with Dan Podcast! The place to truly dream with your eyes open. It's time to expand our experience with some more great discussion on the power of the mind in all things. Whether you want to manifest more wealth, emotional abundance or love in your life; this is the podcast for you.

In this very special episode, Dan has a beautiful chat with Lynda Sunshine West about growth, change, stepping into your own power and so much more. You absolutely ARE worthy of living your best, purposeful, joyful and abundant life! It’s up to you to choose that for yourself and not settle for anything less. Break your addiction to pain!

Lynda Sunshine West is a Mastermind/Accountability Coach who helps driven women entrepreneurs gain confidence to ask for their worth, clarity to attract clients TO them, and focus to get faster results. For an entire year, in 2015, she faced one fear every day. In doing so, she gained an exorbitant amount of confidence and teaches her clients how to do the same so they get paid what they are worth.

Her Women Action Takers Mastermind & Accountability program provides a supportive, judgment-free safe zone where her clients can share vulnerably in the strictest of confidence and not be judged. With over 35 years of experience training hundreds of people on various forms of technology, she provides training for her clients who are stuck on the tech stuff.

Lastly, she's produced more than 100 events (with up to 3,500 people in attendance) and proudly donates 10% of her profits to The Giving Angels, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to get homeless veterans off the streets and into homes.

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About your host:

Dan Mangena is a Transformational Life Coach, Public Speaker and Best Selling Author. This series of podcasts is completely free. They are intended to provide you with the tools you need to live your dreams and experience the abundance you desire right now!

“You honour me by listening in to this show and I thank you. Please allow me to serve you better by letting me know your thoughts with ratings and reviews.” - Dan Mangena


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Timestamps of interest:

01:16 - How Lynda and Dan met

04:36 - Why ‘sunshine’?

07:45 - The fear of judgement

11:54 - Observing what falls away helps us keep track of our change

16:09 - What made Lynda decide to reach out for support?

24:27 - A word to those of you who think that you might be ready to break free!

27:15 - Don’t choose to ‘can’t’!!

31:50 - Being addicted to misery

35:12 - Know your intention

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!!100!! - Lynda Sunshine West - Break Your Addiction to Misery NOW!

!!100!! - Lynda Sunshine West - Break Your Addiction to Misery NOW!

Daniel Mangena