Discover10ish Podcast"BEST OF" 2-PACK: Best-Selling Video Game Consoles + Nintendo Games
"BEST OF" 2-PACK: Best-Selling Video Game Consoles + Nintendo Games

"BEST OF" 2-PACK: Best-Selling Video Game Consoles + Nintendo Games

Update: 2022-09-28


In this 10ish Podcast "BEST OF" 2-Pack, put down that Cheeto-dust-covered video game controller, because we're revisiting two video game-themed episodes from our archives.

First, Nick and Brandon recap the Top 10 Best-Selling Video Game Consoles of All Time (Episode 27). Then, immediately following that, we'll look specifically at Nintendo to discuss their Top 10 Best-Selling Nintendo Games of All Time (Episode 88).


Summary of Episode 27: Best-Selling Video Game Consoles of All Time, originally released February 2019

Nintendo. Sony PlayStation. Xbox. Sega. Atari. What video game consoles have sold more than all the rest? This list is sure to surprise you...Join us on a trip down memory lane as we revisit every single video game console ever released, and reveal the Top 25 Best-Selling of All Time.

PLUS...the launch price for each console, fun historical facts about each console, standout games, Nick & Brandon discuss their personal favorites, Brandon's inflatable family, ranking the Seinfeld 4, what game console developer dominates the Top 10, Godzilla on steroids, having sexual relations with one's game console, today's games vs. the games of old, fighting with family members, rage quitting, which console is a "party machine," Ovaltine, video game repair men, Peach going behind Mario's back, Nick's past as a Skateboarding Pro, and MUCH more!


Summary of Episode 88: Best-Selling Nintendo Video Games of All Time, originally released June 2020

Mario. Kirby. Donkey Kong. Zelda. What are the best-selling Nintendo video games ever made? Nick brings the Top 10ish of all time, and Brandon puts on his nostalgia pants to guess the whole list.

PLUS...Our favorite games, the best Nintendo consoles, which consoles had ZERO games show up in the Top 10, which franchises dominate the Top 10?, how did Ninteno lead to Brandon taking his first punch, which games have stood the test of time, Nintendo Power Pad, creating memes on the internet, Wii controversy, America's Founding Fathers witnessing video games through time travel, Brandon struggles to understand Pokémon basics, video game music, Bowser reincarnation, 10ish Podcast Theme Park, licking cartridges, and MUCH more.







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"BEST OF" 2-PACK: Best-Selling Video Game Consoles + Nintendo Games

"BEST OF" 2-PACK: Best-Selling Video Game Consoles + Nintendo Games

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